Charles Crossley, Jr. breaks down the 2013 Rock Hall Nominees

Here is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame expert Charles Crossley, Jr’s detailed breakdown of the 2013 nominees (reposted here with permission from his message board):

As always, please let me know if I have made any mistakes below.

First, the nominee ballot itself:

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Deep Purple
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Albert King
The Marvelettes
The Meters
Randy Newman
Procol Harum
Public Enemy
Donna Summer

So, let's break up these nominees and examine them based on different criteria, with an emphasis on the criteria people have claimed in the past made a difference about who gets nominated.

First, by subgenre:

1 - blues
1 - blues rock
2 - disco
1 - electronica
1 - hard rock
1 - hard rock/folk rock
1 - hard rock/metal
1 - Motown
1 - New Orleans R&B
2 - prog
2 - rap
1 - singer/songwriter

Next, by members, including birthplaces. Asterisks (*) indicates members that did not appear on an "important" recording. Any members not listed did not appear on a major recording. ??? indicates unknown birthplace:

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - 16 - Paul Butterfield (Chicago, Illinois), Mike Bloomfield (Chicago, Illinois), Sam Lay (Birmingham, Alabama), Jerome Arnold (Chicago, Illinois), Elvin Bishop (Tulsa, Oklahoma), Mark Naftalin (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Billy Davenport (Chicago, Illinois), Bugsy Maugh (Omaha, Nebraska), Phil Wilson (St. Louis, Missouri), Gene Dinwiddie (Louisville, Kentucky), David Sanborn (Tampa, Florida), Keith "Whistlin' Willie" Johnson (???), Buzzy Feiton (Centerpoint, New York), Rod Hicks (Detroit, MI), Steve Medaio (New York, New York), Trevor Lawrence (???)

Chic - 6 - Bernard Edwards (Greenville, North Carolina), Nile Rodgers (New York, New York), Tony Thompson (Queens, New York, New York), Norma Jean Wright (Elyria, Ohio), Luci Martin (New York, New York), Alfa Anderson (New York, New York)

Deep Purple - 10 - Rod Evans (Edinburgh, Scotland), Ritchie Blackmore (Weston-super-Mare, England), Jon Lord (Leicester, England), Nicky Simper (London, England), Ian Paice (Nottingham, England), Ian Gillan (London, England), Roger Glover (Brecon, South Wales), David Coverdale (Saltburn, England), Glenn Hughes (Penkridge, England), *Tommy Bolin (Sioux City, Iowa)

Heart - 10 - Ann Wilson (San Diego, California), Nancy Wilson (San Francisco, California), Roger Fisher (Seattle, Washington), Steve Fossen (???), Michael DeRosier (Lake City, Washington), Howard Leese (Hollywood, California), Mark Andes (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Dennis Carmassi (California), *Fernando Saunders (Detroit, Michigan), *Denny Fongheiser (Alameda, California)

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - 6 - Joan Jett (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Ricky Byrd (Bronx, New York), Gary Ryan (???), Lee Crystal (Brooklyn, New York), Kasim Sulton (Staten Island, New York), Thommy Price (Brooklyn, New York)

Albert King - himself - Indianola, MS.

Kraftwerk - 13 - Ralf Hutter (Krefeld, Germany), Florian Schneider-Esleben (Dusseldorf, Germany), *Klaus Dinger (Scherfede, Germany), *Thomas Lohmann (???), *Andreas Hohmann (???), *Michael Rother (Hamburg, Germany), *Eberhart Kranemann (Wismar, Germany), Klaus Roeder (Stuttgart, Germany), Wolfgang Flur (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), Karl Bartos (Berchtesgaden, Germany), Fritz Hilbert (Amberg, Germany), Henning Schmitz (Dusseldorf, Germany), Stefan Pfaffe (Erfurt, Germany)

The Marvelettes - 5 - Gladys Horton (Inkster, MI), Georgeanna Tillman (Detroit, MI), Wanda Rogers (Inkster, MI), Katherine Anderson (Ann Arbor, MI), Juanita Cowart (Inkster, MI)

The Meters - 7 - Art Neville (New Orleans, LA), Leo Nocentelli (New Orleans, LA), Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste (New Orleans, LA), George Porter, Jr. (New Orleans, LA), Cyril Neville (New Orleans, LA), *Russell Batiste (New Orleans, LA), *Brian Stoltz (New Orleans, LA)

Randy Newman – himself – New Orleans, LA

N.W.A - 6 (Ice Cube (Los Angeles, CA), Easy-E (Compton, CA), Dr. Dre (Compton, CA), Yella (Compton, CA), the Arabian Prince (Compton, CA), MC Ren (Los Angeles, CA))

Procol Harum – 13 (Gary Brooker (Hackney, England), Keith Reid (Hertfordshire, England), Matthew Fisher (Croydon, England), Ray Royer (Essex, England), Dave Knights (Islington, England), Bobby Harrison (London, England), Robin Trower (London, England), B.J. Wilson (Edmonton, England), Chris Copping (Middleton, England), Dave Ball (Birmingham, England), Alan Cartwright (London England), Mick Grabham (Sunderland, England), Pete Solley* (London, England)

Public Enemy - 4 (Carlton Ridenhour (aka Chuck D)(Queens, New York, New York), William Drayton, Jr. (aka Flavor Flav)(Roosevelt, NY), Norman Rogers (aka "Terminator X")(New York, New York), William Griffin (aka "Professor Griff")(Roosevelt, NY)

Rush - 4 (Alex Lifeson (Fernie, British Colombia, Canada), Geddy Lee (North York (now Toronto), Ontario, Canada), *John Rutsey (Toronto, Ontario), Neil Peart (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada))

Donna Summer – herself (Boston, Massachusetts)

Next, by previous inductions. Clyde McPhatter was the first person to be inducted more than once into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as a soloist and as a member of the first incarnation of the Drifters. So, when someone is inducted more than once, we say he has joined the Clyde McPhatter club.  This year, no one is poised to join the Clyde McPhatter Club.

Next, by race:

White: 7
Deep Purple, Heart, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Kraftwerk, Randy Newman, Procol Harum, Rush

Black: 6
Chic, Albert King, The Marvelettes, N.W.A, Public Enemy, Donna Summer*

Mixed:  2
Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Meters**

*Although Donna Summer’s mother is from Nova Scotia, her mother is still black.
**As for the Meters being mixed race, this depends on whether they induct Brian Stoltz or not.

Next, by gender*:

Male: 91

Women: 12.

*These numbers depend on which members are eventually inducted.

Next, by nationality based on place of birth*:

Canada - 4

West Germany, now Germany - 13

United Kingdom – 22
1 – Scotland, 1 – Wales, 20 - England

United States - 64
1 – Alabama, 11 – California, 1 – Florida, 1 – Kentucky, 4 – Illinois, 1 – Oklahoma, 8 – Louisiana, 1 – Massachusetts, 7 – Michigan, 1 – Minnesota, 1 – Mississippi, 1 – Missouri, 1 – Nebraska, 13 – New York, 1 – North Carolina, 1 – Ohio, 2 – Pennsylvania, 2 – Washington

*These numbers depend on which members are eventually inducted.

Next, by the number of top 40 hits on the Billboard 100*, including noteworthy tracks:

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – None
Other noteworthy tracks - "Born In Chicago", "Driftin' And Driftin'", "Drivin' Wheel", "Double Trouble", "East-West", "Get Out Of My Life, Woman", "I Got My Mojo Working", "Last Hope's Gone", "Love March", "Losin' Hand", "Mary Mary", "Mellow Down Easy", "Shake Your Money-Maker", "Screamin'", "Spoonful", "Thank You Mr. Poobah", "Walkin' Blues", "Walking By Myself" and "Work Song"

Chic - 5 (1977 #6 "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)", 1978 #38 "Everybody Dance", 1978 #1 "Le Freak", 1979 #7 "I Want Your Love", #1979 #1 "Good Times")
Other noteworthy tracks - "At Last I Am Free", "My Feet Keep Dancing", "My Forbidden Lover", "Real People" "Rebels Are We", "Savoir Faire" and "Soup For One"

Deep Purple - 3 (1968 #4 "Hush", 1968 #38 "Kentucky Woman", 1973 #4 "Smoke On The Water"
Other noteworthy tracks - "Anthem", "Black Night", "Burn", "Fireball", "Child In Time", "Hard Road (Wring That Neck)", "Highway Star", "Knocking At Your Back Door", "Lady Double Dealer", "Lalena", "Lazy", "Mandrake Root", "Maybe I'm A Lee", "Mistreated", "Never Before", "Perfect Strangers", "Pictures Of Home", "Soldier Of Fortune", "Space Truckin'", "Speed Demon", "Stormbringer", "Strange Kind Of Woman “and "Woman From Tokyo"

Heart - 20 (1976 #35 "Crazy On You", 1976 #9 "Magic Man", 1978 #24 "Heartless", 1977 #11 "Barracuda", 1978 #15 "Straight On", 1979 #34 "Dog & Butterfly", 1979 #33 "Even It Up", 1980 #9 "Tell It Like It Is", 1982 #33 "This Man Is Mine", 1985 #10 "What About Love?", 1985 #4 "Never", 1986 #1 "These Dreams", 1986 #10 "Nothin' At All", 1987 #1 "Alone", 1987 #7 "Who Will You Run To", 1987/8 #12 "There's The Girl", 1990 #2 "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You", 1990 #23 "I Didn't Want To Need You", 1990 #13 "Stranded", 1993/4 #39 "Will You Be There (In The Morning)"
Other noteworthy tracks - "Bebe Le Strange", "Dreamboat Annie", "If Looks Could Kill", "Kick It Out", "Little Queen", "Magazine", "Mistral Wind", "Silver Wheels", "Wild Child"

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - 9 (1982 #1 "I Love Rock 'N Roll", 1982 #7 "Crimson And Clover", 1982 #20 "Do You Wanna Touch Me There", 1983 #35 "Fake Friends", 1983 #37 "Everyday People", 1987 #33 "Light Of Day" (as the Barbusters), 1988 #8 "I Hate Myself For Loving You", 1988/9 #19 "Little Liar", 1990 #36 "Dirty Deed" (as Joan Jett)
Other noteworthy songs - "AC/DC", "Cherry Bomb", "Bad Reputation" (as Joan Jett), "I Love You Love Me Love", "Victim Of Circumstance" and "You Don't Know What You've Got" (as Joan Jett)

Albert King – none
Other noteworthy songs - "Angel Of Mercy", "As The Years Go Passing By", "Born Under A Bad Sign", "Breaking Up Somebody's Home", "Cadillac Assembly Line", "Can't You See What You're Doing To Me", "Cold Feet", "Crosscut Saw", "Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong", "Drowning On Dry Land", "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven", "The Hunter", "I'll Play The Blues For You", "Laundromat Blues", "Let's Have A Natural Ball", "Oh, Pretty Woman", "Personal Manager" and "That's What The Blues Is All About"

Kraftwerk - 1 (1975 #25 "Autobahn")
Other noteworthy tracks - "Antenna", "Boing Boom Tschak", "Computer Love", "Hall Of Mirrors", "Home Computer", "It's More Fun To Compute", "The Man Machine", "Metal On Metal", "The Model", "Musique Non Stop", "Numbers", "Ohm Sweet Ohm", "Pocket Calculator", "Radio-Activity", "The Robots", "Showroom Dummies", "Techno Pop", "Tour De France" and "Trans-Europe Express"

The Marvelettes - 8 (1961 #1 "Please Mr. Postman", 1962 #34 "Twistin' Postman", 1962 #7 "Playboy", 1962 #17 "Beechwood 4-5789", 1964/5 #25 "Too Many Fish In The Sea", 1965 #34 "I'll Keep Holding On", 1966 #7 "Don't Mess With Bill", 1967 #13 "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game", 1967 #23 "When You're Young And In Love", 1967/8 #17 "My Baby Must Be A Magician")
Other noteworthy songs - "As Long As I Know He's Mine", "Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead", "Someday, Someway", "Strange I Know". "You're My Remedy" and "Destination: Anywhere"

The Meters - 2 (1969 #34 "Sophisticated Cissy", 1969 #23 "Cissy Strut")
Other noteworthy songs - "Chicken Strut", "Dry Spell", "Ease Back", "Good Old Funky Music", "Handclapping Song", "Here Comes The Meter Man", "Just Kissed My Baby", "Look-Ka Py Py", "A Message From The Meters" and "Same Old Thing"

Randy Newman 1 (1977/8 #2 "Short People")
Other noteworthy songs - "Baltimore", "Every Time It Rains", "God's Song (That's Why I Like Mankind)", "Gone Dead Train", "Have You Seen My Baby?", "If I Didn't Have You", "I Love L.A.", "In Germany Before The War", "I Think It's Gonna Rain Today", "It's Money That I Love", "Let's Burn Down The Cornfield", "Lonely At The Top", "Louisiana 1927", "Mama Told Me Not To Come", "Marie", "My Old Kentucky Home", "Political Science", "Rednecks", "Real Emotional Girl", "Sail Away", "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and "You've Got A Friend In Me"

N.W.A – none
Other noteworthy tracks - "Alwayz Into Somethin'", "Appetite For Destruction", "A B**** Is A B****", "Boyz-n-the Hood", "Chin Check", "Dopeman", "8 Ball", "Express Yourself", "Findum, F***um & Flee", "F*** Tha Police", "Gangsta Gangsta", "N***az 4 Life", "100 Miles And Runnin'", "Real N***az Don't Die", "Something 2 Dance 2", "Straight Outta Compton"

Procol Harum - 3 (1967 #5 "A Whiter Shade Of Pale", 1967 #34 "Hornburg", 1972 #16 "Conquistador" w/Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)
Other noteworthy songs - "As Strong As Sampson", "Grand Hotel", "Kaleidoscope", "Nothing But The Truth", "Nothing That I Didn't Know", "Pandora's Box", "Pilgrims Progress", "Playmate Of The Mouth", "Power Failure", "Repent Walpurgis", "Salad Days (Are Here Again)", "A Salty Dog", "She Wandered Through The Garden Fence", "Shine On Brightly", "Skip Softly (My Moonbeams)", "Whisky Train" and "Wish Me Well"

Public Enemy - 1 (1994 #33 "Give It Up")
Other noteworthy tracks - "Anti-N****r Machine", "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos", "Bring Tha Noise", "Brothers Gonna Work It Out", "B Side Wins Again", "Burn Hollywood Burn", "By The Time I Get To Arizona", "Can't Truss It", "Can You Hear Me Now", "Caught, Can I Get A Witness?", "Cold Lampin' With Flavor", "Don't Believe The Hype", "Fight The Power", "Give It Up", "Hazy Shade Of Criminal", "He Got Game", "Louder Than A Bomb", "Miuzi Weighs A Ton", "Night Of The Living Baseheads", "Night Train", "911 Is A Joke", "Party For Your Right To Fight", "Prophets Of Rage", "Public Enemy No. 1", "Rebel Without A Pause", "Sex, Drugs & Violence", "Shut Em Down", "Terminator X Speaks With His Hands", "Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic", "Timebomb", "Welcome To The Terrordome", "Who Stole The Soul?", "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" and "You're Gonna Get Yours"

Rush - 1 (1982 #21 "New World Man")
Other noteworthy tracks - "Anthem", "Bastille Day", "The Big Money", "Closer To The Heart", "Distant Early Warning", "Dreamline", "Far Cry", "Fly By Night", "Force Ten", "Freewill", "Headlong Flight", "La Villa Strangiato", "Limelight", "Red Barcetta", "Red Sector A", "Roll The Bones", "Show Don't Tell", "The Spirit Of Radio", "Stick It Out", "Subdivisions", "Test For Echo", "Time Stand Still", "Tom Sawyer", "The Trees", "Working Man", "Xanadu" and "Yyz”

Donna Summer 20 (1975 #2 "Love To Love You Baby", 1977 #6 "I Feel Love", 1977/8 #37 "I Love You", 1978 #3 "Last Dance", 1978 #1 "MacArthur Park", 1979 #4 "Heaven Knows", 1979 #1 "Hot Stuff", 1979 #1 "Bad Girls", 1979 #2 "Dim All The Lights", 1979 #1 "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)", 1980 #5 "On The Radio", 1980 #36 "Walk Away", 1980 #3 "The Wanderer", 1980/1 #33 "Cold Love", 1981 #40 "Who Do You Think You're Foolin'", 1982 #10 "Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)", 1982/3 "The Woman In Me", 1983 #3 "She Works Hard For The Money", 1984 #21 "There Goes My Baby", 1989 #7 "This Time I Know It's For Real")
Other noteworthy tracks, "Carry On", "Could It Be Magic", "Dinner With Gershwin", "Fame (The Game)", "I'm A Fire", "I Remember Yesterday", "I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro)", "Protection", "Spring Affair", "Stamp Your Feet", "State Of Independence", "Sunset People", "Unconditional Love" and "Try Me I Know We Can Make It"

*Billboard Hot 100 chart positions come from Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles

Next, by dead members:
Currently, there are 17 possible*.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – 5 (Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield, Billy Davenport, Phil Wilson and Gene Dinwiddie)
Chic -2 (Bernard Edwards, Tony Thompson)
Deep Purple -2 (Jon Lord, Tommy Bolin)
Albert King – himself
Kraftwerk – 1 (Klaus Dinger)
The Marvelettes – 2 (Gladys Horton, Georgeanna Tillman)
N.W.A – 1 (Eazy-E)
Procol Harum – 1 (B.J. Wilson)
Rush – 1 (John Rutsey)
Donna Summer - herself

*These numbers depend on which members are eventually inducted.

Next, by number of years eligible:
An act becomes eligible 25 years after its first national release (in parentheses).

Paul Butterfield Blues Band, 23rd year of eligibility (1965 - "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band")
Chic, 11th year of eligibility (1977 - "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)")
Deep Purple, 20th year of eligibility (1968 - "Shades Of Deep Purple")
Heart, 13th year of eligibility (1975 - "Dreamboat Annie")
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, 8th year of eligibility (1980 - "Joan Jett" (solo only, with the Blackhearts, (1981) "I Love Rock-N-Roll")
Albert King, 45th year of eligibility (1953 - "Be On Your Merry Way"/"Bad Luck Blues")
Kraftwerk, 18th year of eligibility (1970 - "Kraftwerk")
The Marvelettes, 27th year of eligibility (1961 - "Please Mr. Postman"/"So Long Baby")
The Meters, 19th year of eligibility (1969 - "Sophisticated Cissy")
Randy Newman, 20th year of eligibility (1968 - "Randy Newman")
N.W.A, 1st year of eligibility (1987 - "Panic Zone")
Procol Harum, 21st year of eligibility (1967 - "A Whiter Shade Of Pale/Lime Street Blues")
Public Enemy, 1st year of eligibility (1987 - "Rebel Without A Pause" (excludes the regional "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" and its single "Public Enemy #1"))
Rush, 15th year of eligibility (1973 - "Not Fade Away")
Donna Summer, 13th year of eligibility (1975 - "Love To Love You Baby" (excludes 1974's "Lady Of The Night", only released in the Netherlands, as well as any singles released as Donna Gaines))

Next, number of times nominated, including years nominated:
Years reflect the year the nominee ballot came out only and not the year for which a nominee could be inducted if voted in.  For example, a nomination this year would be indicated as “2012” instead of “2013”.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – twice, 2005 and 2012
Chic – seven times, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012
Deep Purple – once, 2012
Heart – twice, 2011 and 2012
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - twice, 2011 and 2012
Albert King – once, 2012
Kraftwerk – twice, 2002 and 2012
The Marvelettes – once, 2012
The Meters – twice, 1996 and 2012
Randy Newman – twice, 2005 and 2012
N.W.A – once, 2012
Procol Harum – once, 2012
Public Enemy – once, 2012
Rush – once, 2012
Donna Summer  - five times, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Thank you, Charles. You can read more from Charles Crossley, Jr. on his Rock Hall forum and follow him on Twitter.
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