2007 Induction Ceremony Updates

The 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is streaming live (and on demand afterwards) at the AOL Music website. Keep checking back to Future Rock Hall for updates during the show.

8:30 p.m. ET - Jann Wenner making introductory statements. The Ronettes induction will be up first.

8:35 - Wenner gets emotional dedicating the evening to Ahmet Ertegun. The "In Memoriam" video montage follows. Scattered applause for the more recognizable names.

8:40 - Video tribute to Rock Hall Founder Ahmet Ertegun. Aretha Franklin's tribute performance to follow.

8:45 - Stephen Stills comes out to say a few words about Ahmet. "He was a true and great original." Stills then introduces Franklin. (In case you were wondering, those weren't his only words.)

8:51 - It's always a bit disconcerting to see Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra as the backing band for such legends. Aren't these the guys that write the "Will it Float?" jingle?

8:58 - Here's the show rundown (from Cleveland.com):
  • The Ronettes will be inducted by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards

  • Patti Smith will inducted by Rage Against the Machine's Zach de la Rocha.

  • Van Halen gets its due, inducted by Velvet Revolver.

  • Hip-hop enters the Rock Hall courtesy of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, inducted by rap mogul Jay-Z.

  • And R.E.M. will be the finale, inducted by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.

  • On the menu at the Waldorf-Astoria: Smoked salmon appetizer, tournedo of beef, chocolate cake.
And Sammy Hagar will perform.

9:05 - Keith Richards, with cigarette dangling from mouth, makes his entrance to induct the Ronettes.

9:08 - The Ronettes approach the podium to a standing ovation. "We've waited so long!"

9:12 - Ronnie Spector reads off a list of "thank you's", including Eddie Money. I wonder if Phil Spector is watching and hurling things at the TV screen right now.

9:16 - Ronnie concludes with an exuberant "Let's rock!" Estelle Bennett and Nedra Talley make brief remarks and accept their trophies.

9:20 - The Ronettes transition over to the performance area to sing a few songs.

9:30 - The Ronettes conclude their set with their biggest hit, "Be My Baby." Paul Shaffer then reads a nice note from Phil Spector congratulating the Ronettes. Quick break to set up for Patti Smith, so they show highlights from past ceremonies.

9:40 - More highlights...

9:46 - Patti Smith segment getting started with a video retrospective.

9:49 - Zack de la Rocha introduced to honor Patti.

9:52 - They keep cutting to a split screen showing an antsy Patti Smith backstage.

9:53 - Patti arrives onstage to a rousing ovation and accepts her trophy.

10:01 - Michael Anthony in the house. We'll see if he'll perform with Sammy Hagar later.

10:03 - Patti Smith wraps up her speech and takes to the performance stage.

10:17 - Smith ends her performance with a song that repeatedly screams out the N-word. Not sure how the audience reacted to that one (our inside source says the audience was ecstatic about the performance). It's safe to say she used it in an entirely non-racist way though.

10:19 - More old Rock Hall clips while setting up for Van Halen / Velvet Revolver.

10:22 - Great old clip of Led Zeppelin jamming with Neil Young.

10:26 - Briefly showing Patti Smith in the press room, must be stalling. Al Sharpton comes on to talk about the late, great James Brown.

10:31 - Al Sharpton makes the obligatory Strom Thurmand joke.

10:32 - "James Brown will never die!" On to the video retrospective.

10:37 - Time for Van Halen. Eddie, Alex and Dave really should be there. It's a shame we're denied that moment of them on stage together again.

10:39 - Odd. The video retrospective makes no mention of the Gary Cherone era.

10:41 - Velvet Revolver apparently were asked to induct the Sex Pistols last year. They're two for two in controversy. Weiland leading the induction.

10:44 - Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar on stage to accept the award.

10:45 - It's really weird having Anthony and Hagar accept the award when Eddie and Alex Van Halen aren't speaking to either of them right now. Michael thanks Gary Cherone!

10:47 - Sammy is truly honored to be there. Thanks the Hall of Fame for including him when they didn't have to. Sammy introduces "the best rock and roll band left on the planet, Velvet Revolver!"

10:50 - VR start off with "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love." Dave is missed.

10:56 - Sammy and Mike join the house band for "Why Can't This Be Love?"

11:01 - Another classic clip. Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five are up next.

11:09 - Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar in the press room with their trophies.

11:14 - Arguably the most famous artist in the room, Jay-Z, up to induct Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five -- the first hip-hop artists ever to be inducted.

11:16 - Kid Rock in the house.

11:17 - Short but sweet speech from Jay-Z. Grandmaster Flash takes to the mic.

11:21 - Melle Mel with a plea for anti-violence in the hip-hop community.

11:24 - Keith Richards in the press room, channeling Johnny Depp in Pirates.

11:25 - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five take the stage with three DJ's and kick it like it's 1979.

11:33 - The Furious Five end their set and implore the crowd to "drive safe." They do know R.E.M. is next, right?

11:34 - More classic moments from years past.

11:40 - Another classic performance -- this one of U2 with Bruce from 2005.

11:44 - R.E.M.'s video montage begins. We'll see if Eddie Vedder has a special haircut for the occasion.

12:01 - Vedder gives a long, but appropriate speech. There's a reason the Hall of Fame keeps asking him to do this. R.E.M. is truly humbled.

12:07 - Michael Stipe thanks nearly everyone in the room personally. But he apologizes for it.

12:09 - Over for their performance... Starting with "Begin the Begin" appropriately enough.

12:14 - Stipe dedicates "Gardening at Night" to his father.

12:18 - Time for "Man on the Moon." It's great to have Bill Berry back behind the drums. Eddie Vedder joins in for a verse. The all-star jam comes early...

12:24 - Patti joins in for "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by the Stooges, who of course didn't get inducted this year.

12:27 - Everyone takes the stage for the final jam -- "People Have The Power." Even Sammy takes a verse.

12:37 - The jam ends. Hugs all around and Paul Shaffer shuts it down.
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