Using Rolling Stone's 100 Best Guitar Songs as a Predictor for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rolling Stone magazine recently came up with a list of the "100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time." Despite the name, the list isn't really indicative of the best guitar songs, but more of a rundown of the greatest artists of all-time with tracks selected from each.

These types of lists are generally good indicators of who Rolling Stone thinks the important artists are. And because of the overlap between the Rolling Stone writers and the members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, it might show who could be headed for future induction.

Here is the list of artists in order, with their Hall of Fame status in parentheses. The guitar song can be found on Rolling Stone's website -- it's irrelevant here.

  1. Chuck Berry (yes)
  2. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (yes)
  3. Cream (yes)
  4. The Kinks (yes)
  5. The Rolling Stones (yes)
  6. Van Halen (yes)
  7. The Beatles (yes)
  8. Led Zeppelin (yes)
  9. The Allman Brothers Band (yes)
  10. Nirvana (eligible in 2013)
  11. Led Zeppelin (yes)
  12. The Jimi Hendrix Experience (yes)
  13. Derek and the Dominos (eligible since 1995)
  14. Bruce Springsteen (yes)
  15. The Who (yes)
  16. Neil Young With Crazy Horse (yes)
  17. Black Sabbath (yes)
  18. Ramones (yes)
  19. Prince and the Revolution (yes)
  20. The Impressions (yes)
  21. The White Stripes (eligible in 2024)
  22. The Beatles (yes)
  23. The Yardbirds (yes)
  24. Rage Against the Machine (eligible in 2017)
  25. The Rolling Stone (yes)
  26. B.B. King (yes)
  27. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (eligible since 1988)
  28. U2 (yes)
  29. AC/DC (yes)
  30. Bill Haley and His Comets (yes)
  31. Queen (yes)
  32. Dire Straits (eligible since 2003)
  33. Metallica (eligible since 2007)
  34. Aerosmith (yes)
  35. The Stooges (eligible since 1994)
  36. Pink Floyd (yes)
  37. Elvis Presley (yes)
  38. The Faces (eligible since 1995)
  39. Santana (yes)
  40. The Who (yes)
  41. Television (eligible since 2002)
  42. John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers (eligible since 1990)
  43. The Sex Pistols (yes)
  44. Sleater-Kinney (eligible in 2020)
  45. The Beatles (yes)
  46. Dick Dale and the Del-Tones (eligible since 1987)
  47. Van Halen (yes)
  48. The Clash (yes)
  49. Jimi Hendrix (yes)
  50. Pixies (eligible in 2012)
  51. Ozzy Osbourne (eligible since 2005)
  52. Radiohead (eligible in 2017)
  53. Creedance Clearwater Revival (yes)
  54. Stevie Ray Vaughan (eligible in 2008)
  55. Cream (yes)
  56. The Byrds (yes)
  57. Grateful Dead (yes)
  58. Link Wray (eligible since 1985)
  59. Jeff Beck (eligible since 1992)
  60. Funkadelic (yes)
  61. Sam and Dave (yes)
  62. Albert King (eligible since 1987)
  63. Guns n' Roses (eligible in 2011)
  64. Lynyrd Skynyrd (yes)
  65. The Police (yes)
  66. Stevie Ray Vaughan (eligible in 2008)
  67. Bruce Springsteen (yes)
  68. B.B. King (yes)
  69. Pink Floyd (yes)
  70. Smashing Pumpkins (eligible in 2015)
  71. The Strokes (eligible in 2026)
  72. Weezer (eligible in 2019)
  73. Blue Cheer (eligible since 1993)
  74. ZZ Top (yes)
  75. Frank Zappa (yes)
  76. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (yes)
  77. Pearl Jam (eligible in 2016)
  78. Buddy Guy (yes)
  79. Sonic Youth (eligible since 2007)
  80. Steely Dan (yes)
  81. Michael Jackson (yes)
  82. The Ventures (yes)
  83. Sublime (eligible in 2017)
  84. John Mayer (eligible in 2024)
  85. Phish (eligible in 2013)
  86. Jeff Beck (eligible since 1992)
  87. King Crimson (eligible since 1994)
  88. Quicksilver Messenger Service (eligible since 1993)
  89. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (eligible since 2005)
  90. The Smiths (eligible in 2008)
  91. The Mars Volta (eligible in 2027)
  92. Mick Jagger (eligible in 1995)
  93. My Bloody Valentine (eligible in 2010)
  94. Dire Straits (eligible since 2003)
  95. Moby Grape (eligible since 1992)
  96. Hüsker Dü (eligible since 2006)
  97. Queens of the Stone Age (eligible in 2023)
  98. Red Hot Chili Peppers (eligible in 2009)
  99. My Morning Jacket (eligible in 2024)
  100. Tool (eligible in 2017)

There are 46 songs from non-Hall of Famers by 43 different artists. Of these artists, 20 are already eligible for induction, with at least seven having been "previously considered" by the Nominating Committee (Albert King, Jeff Beck, Dick Dale, The Faces, The Stooges, Metallica, and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band).

As for the artists that aren't eligible yet, many of them are very likely future Hall of Famers. Bands like Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, and Radiohead are almost certainly going to be inducted. As for the Mars Volta, the Strokes, and My Morning Jacket, it's probably a little too soon to know if they'll make it, but making this list is a sign they're on Rolling Stone's radar.

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