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Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 (1988)

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Handle with Care (1988)
End Of The Line (1988)

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Will Traveling Wilburys be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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The best band ever, period!

Posted by T Bone on Sunday, 08.13.06 @ 10:40am

How can anyone deny a band that features George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty? It's just impossible.

Posted by Mo on Monday, 11.13.06 @ 22:02pm

I can almost guarantee that they will be inducted the year they are eligible.

Posted by david on Monday, 12.4.06 @ 10:01am

I cannot even imagine denying hall of fame to a group boasting of membars who are one of the greatest artist everlike harrison(my fab) and dylan

Posted by Pranjal on Friday, 12.8.06 @ 01:19am

supergroup...thats all i can say

Posted by adam on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 22:55pm

I can almost guarantee that they will NEVER be inducted - because 4/5 of them are already in!

Posted by A-Killa on Friday, 05.11.07 @ 15:28pm

A-Killa made my point--that all but Jeff Lynne are already in (and the Electric Light Orchestra is likely to be inducted at some future date), and three of the five as soloists (and Tom Petty might as well be in as a soloist, since his band is NAMED AFTER HIM!)!

This band is in a similar category as the Firm and Asia--a group made up of stars from other groups (though none so blatantly as this one), but IMHO not worthy of induction on its own.

Posted by Joe on Sunday, 12.30.07 @ 19:10pm

They should be inducted, they are one of the very few bands that actually knowhow to paly music, bands now-a-days don't even know how to play instruments. Theses guys deserve it, and I know that 4/5 people were already inducted, so what, they are rock and roll.

Posted by ......... on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 15:45pm

they are a supergroup. but i dont think they will make it.

as far as influencing others, the artists did, not this band however

Posted by Blades on Saturday, 04.5.08 @ 13:20pm

If Roy hadn't died when he did & they had released 1 more album that was at least as good as their first I would say 'done deal', they are in.

As it stands now, I doubt they will be inducted and fact that most of them are already in (and hopefully Jeff Lynne will be in by then, too) sorta works against them, IMO.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.17.08 @ 11:28am

they were great but come on only made 2 albums and only 1 was any good

Posted by sal on Saturday, 12.27.08 @ 14:59pm

3 albums salvatore....and all three were great....just one of them got airplay though....nonetheless, this band will not be's that bureaucracy thing

Posted by mike on Monday, 08.3.09 @ 22:31pm

Supergroup! The Rock Hall eats that stuff up! They will eventually be inducted!

The Traveling Wilburys

01. Roy Orbison (vocals; guitar)
02. Bob Dylan (vocals; guitar)
03. George Harrison (The Beatles; vocals; guitar)
04. Tom Petty (The Heartbreakers; vocals; guitar)
05. Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra; vocals; guitar)
06. Jim Keltner (drums; sideman; long resume)

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 09.6.11 @ 19:47pm

hmm . . . let's see now . . .

Roy Orbison . . . George Harrison . . . Jeff Lynne . . . Tom Petty . . . and who's that other guy? . . . oh, yeah . . . Robert Zimmerman . . .

not a bad lineup . . . if you're into oldies and such . . . :)

just kidding . . . the personnel alone qualify them for the HOF . . . hell, most of them are already inductees in their own right . . . and they really did some great music . . .

I vote "Yes!" . . .

Posted by Michael on Saturday, 04.14.12 @ 13:06pm

But they only had one worthwhile album!
and it's not like Television or Sex Pistols where it was earth shattering, it was just.... good.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 04.14.12 @ 14:34pm

Seriously, ask yourself....
If this group wasn't made up of these musical icons, would you still think their musical output would justify their induction???
Excellent LP or not, if it wasn't for the pedigree of the members, this question would be a no-brainer

Posted by Grok on Friday, 01.11.13 @ 16:17pm

The Traveling Wilburys

01. Roy Orbison (vocals; guitar)
02. Bob Dylan (vocals; guitar)
03. George Harrison (The Beatles; vocals; guitar)
04. Tom Petty (The Heartbreakers; vocals; guitar)
05. Jeff Lynne (The Idle Race, The Move, Electric Light Orchestra; vocals; guitar)
06. Jim Keltner (drums)

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.20.13 @ 23:58pm


Posted by Dan on Tuesday, 08.6.13 @ 05:01am

If The Traveling Wilburys are inducted before Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne would join this group, and it could possibly happen. He could be next.


01. Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills and Nash inducted in 1997; The Hollies inducted in 2010)
02. Sammy Strain (The O'Jays inducted in 2005; Little Anthony and the Imperials inducted in 2009)

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 08.6.13 @ 08:10am

Actually though, Electric Light Orchestra was Jeff Lynne's third band and the Traveling Wilburys was his fourth band, but The Idle Race and The Move have absolutely no chance of being inducted.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 08.6.13 @ 12:14pm

People saying they won't make it because of Supergroup status, then The Yardbirds, CSN, Led Zeppelin, Cream, should not be there already. The arguments over multiple inductions is also moot. Eric Clapton has been inducted multiple times. Also, being a Petty and Heartbreakers fan, don't like them being accused of being just another Petty solo effort. They only are named what they are, because of the record executives wanting more of a focus on Tom Petty.

Posted by Frobowski on Tuesday, 10.15.13 @ 16:11pm

No, the main argument against them is that their work is not hall worthy. The line-up is insignificant to the argument. Their work was enjoyable, but that is all.

Posted by dezmond on Tuesday, 10.15.13 @ 17:07pm

Member of the Traveling Wilburys Who Is Not In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

1. Jeff Lynne
2. Jim Keltner

Members of the Traveling Wilburys Who Are In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

1. Roy Orbison
2. George Harrison
3. Bob Dylan
4. Tom Petty

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 05.15.14 @ 03:58am

Love both albums! Wonderful songwriting, harmonies, and musicianship!

Posted by Michael Norman on Sunday, 12.4.16 @ 15:18pm

Well, it's allllright...Wikipedia reminded me on the RRHOF's page that the Traveling Wilburys is now the only group that has all of its members in from different projects (mostly solo). This is of course with Jeff Lynne now getting in. However, the Wilburys as a group is not in, so the Beatles hold the record with all of their members in individually, in addition to the band being inducted.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Tuesday, 01.3.17 @ 20:25pm

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