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Flood (1990)

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Birdhouse In Your Soul (1989)
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (1990)

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Will They Might Be Giants be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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These guys MUST be voted in...they've been making some of the coolest 'geeky' songs for so long, they're awesome live, and NO ONE else shows thier combination of originality and talent. Many acts in the RnRHoF can only wish that they could write songs and melodies like John and John. Plus, they (along with the Pixies) helped open the door for the alt-rock boom in the 90's. They may not be first-ballot, but I think time will be on thier side.

Posted by DaveYes on Tuesday, 08.22.06 @ 14:36pm

Yes. I agree with DaveYes. They should be in the HOF. One of my favorite bands. John and John's lyrics are good and the two man band for most of the band's career has to be at least a vote in. Plus, they somewhat gave the MTV- gen an idea of Alternative rock, with hits like Don't, Let's Start to say a few I can't wait for 2011.

Sorry for not saying anything that really is convincing.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.10.06 @ 18:49pm

These two guys are terrible. What a waste of electricity to even play anything they ever did. The only thing worse than their albums were their videos. What a joke. A really bad joke. They shouldn't even get a vote... unless their landlord is on the Hall Committee.

Posted by mark on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 00:09am

mark, your a complete dunce. TMBG, along with REM and the Pixies, were huge in the late 80's on college campuses. Sure their video's maybe random, but they're great and timeless. Go listen to your pathetic emo-shit you call music. TMBG forever

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 04.21.07 @ 13:56pm

Mark, you could be more articulate in your opinion. WHY do you think they suck? I like them a great deal and can think of quite a few good reasons...

Pretty important (one of the first indie groups on MTV), but not so much so as their influences. The Residents, The B-52s, Captain Beefheart... And at their core, aren't they just a happy, articulate, sane version of Suicide?

Posted by J.H.M. on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 20:47pm

These guys totally deserve it, and were innovators in the the birth of Alt-Rock.

Posted by Duece on Saturday, 05.12.07 @ 12:52pm

Oh, they'll get in along with the Pixies.

Posted by Ryan Gibbs on Sunday, 05.20.07 @ 05:12am

Without a Shadow of a doubt,they rock.

Posted by Shawn on Sunday, 05.20.07 @ 05:14am

No way these guys aren't going to get in. They were early supporters of online music, releasing the first online album. They embraced the podcast long before most. They had Dial-A-Song. They've been releasing albums of cultish quality at a steady rate for well into 20 years and will probably continue through their induction. They're a renowned live act. Their music videos were pioneering. They've written several theme songs for both film and television, including The Daily Show and Malcolm in the Middle. They've released 2 childrens albums good enough for their regular fans to enjoy and have a third on the way. And all this comes on the heels of whats possibly their strongest album in years due out the day I am typing this. I got an early copy, and if you like the Giants, you'll love their new CD. Actually I'd say anyone who doesnt like "The Mesopotamians" from their new CD probably doesn't have a soul.

Posted by flansy on Tuesday, 07.10.07 @ 00:47am

Most under-rated band ever.

Posted by Jason on Thursday, 04.3.08 @ 13:43pm

What's wrong with being random? These guys are awesome! Maybe not quite as awesome as some, but very cool in their own quirky, funny way... I guess I'm kinda biased, growing up watching Tiny Toons lol

Posted by BakerBoy86 on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 23:44pm

They Might Be Giants

They Might Also Suck

Posted by joker on Saturday, 11.15.08 @ 19:35pm

They might be whoever the f they want to be, but the DO NOT HAVE ANY PLACE IN THE ROCK HALL!

Go Deep Purple, Nazareth, ELP, Yes, ELO, KISS, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Cars, Uriah Heep, Slade, Sweet, T.Rex, Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, Mannfred Mann, Manowar, Helloween, Europe, Motley Crue, Ratt, Whitesnake, Cinderella, White Lion, Quiet Riot, DIO, Rainbow, Buzzcocks, The Pogues!!!

Posted by Classic Rocker on Saturday, 12.26.09 @ 01:08am

The Pogues!!!

Posted by Classic Rocker on Saturday, 12.26.09 @ 01:08am

Nice to see someone giving Shane and the Boys some credit

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 12.26.09 @ 07:57am

Does anyone really care as to whether or not they actually are giants?

Posted by Joker on Tuesday, 03.30.10 @ 17:29pm

I love TMBG, and think they should be in... but they won't. For one, after their initial late-80s boom, their career cooled off from a "popularity" standpoint (certainly not from a creativity or productivity standpoint) and it's not till recent that they kinda came back into the mainstream limelight with their children's records and the two Grammys. Secondly, you know some of the HOF voters would have a hard time "getting" the Giants' music and lyrics. Third, the claim will be made that they haven't inspired as many artists and bands as, say, Aerosmith or Iron Maiden has. (Although Barenaked Ladies, Blink 182 and Moxy Fruvous have made it clear TMBG was a big influence on their careers.) So while it'd be great to see TMBG inshrined one day, I don't see it happening.

Posted by Nick on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 07:23am

The Giants are the most interesting band to come out of the States in the last 30 years. Fact. The only way they'd be in the Hall of Fame was if they'd broke up ten years ago.

The real question is, would you want to be in the Hall of Fame? It's a graveyard where bands go and die. I want the Giants to continue to make music for the next twenty years, and I kind of think they will.

Ultimately their music will be judged more kindly in retrospect that it was in the time. I have a hard time understanding why they weren't massive and REM were. Too arty I guess.

Posted by Dave on Sunday, 08.29.10 @ 02:51am

They Might Be Nerds.

Posted by Mary Land on Tuesday, 10.5.10 @ 12:45pm

Did that stop REM?

Posted by interviewer on Tuesday, 10.5.10 @ 12:47pm

These guys have always been fun to listen to!

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 18:09pm

They definitely should make their way in. You have to realize that they have put out more original music than most bands have. Literally hundreds of songs, thanks to the Dial-a-Song thing they did a while back, which had them putting out a new song every day. They are original, creative, talented, and deserve to be in the HoF.

Posted by Will on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 18:31pm

An amazing all-around band. I dare you to find a band that can be this much fun and clever without coming off as downright quirky. These guys truly take their music to another level of creativity. Plus they have 4 absolutely solid albums. That is more than many on this site.

Lincoln, Apollo 18, Flood, The Spine. Bam.

Posted by Thomas on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 19:02pm

I first found TMBG on Tiny Toons and have been hooked ever since. What other artists out there have reached such a broad and wide-sweeping audience as John and John?! They continue to re-invent themselves and charter new territory. In an industry of one-hit-wonders, They Might Be Giants have released numerous albums which I listen to from beginning to end. To some they may be an acquired taste, but most everyone I know has heard of "Istanbul, Not Constantinople" or "Particle Man". A band for all ages!

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 19:59pm

Will they be in the Hall? Sadly, probably not.

Should they be? Absolutely.

Posted by Alex on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 20:07pm

Of course they should be included! How many bands make albums for years upon years. Not only do they have us parents still rocking with new music, they're providing our kids with some of the best Children's music around!
These guys will never stop making new music, it's in their blood and thank goodness for that. :)

Posted by Christine on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 20:54pm

Undoubtedly brilliant. My single most favorite band of all time! They offer such great poetics in lyricism coupled with material that touches on initiation rites into the further parts of your imagination and sentiments. When it washes over you in its daring cross genre way, you can't help but fall in love. They seriously push the envelope in what it means to be inovative in sound, not to mention delivery.
From dial-a-song to their wonderfully creative and captivating kids albums, how could they not be the best candidate for the Rock n' Roll hall of fame?
"THEY MUST!", I say... even as THEY MIGHT.

Posted by JoshuaPearce on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 20:58pm

Prolific, brilliant, timeless musical pioneers. Go, TMBG!

Posted by Rebecca on Wednesday, 02.23.11 @ 10:55am

In all seriousness: the melodies are just good and consistent. And that word, consistent, is the most important one. These guys legitimately put out 10 albums with only a handful of songs that WEREN'T that good. We're talking an easy 10:1 ratio of Solid songs to Weak songs. Think about your favorite band; now what's their ratio? I can only equate it to The Beatles & U2.

NOTE: TMBG are not The Beatles or U2. I'm just saying the consistent nature and prolific amount of "listenable" songs they produce is worthy of a comparison.

Due to this, there is no doubt that they deserve induction. That said, I fear that they will merely be judged as 'Nerd Rock' as opposed to being judged on the quality of material produced. And this, my friends, is a tragedy.

Posted by Seany G on Thursday, 02.24.11 @ 14:40pm

only show when i when i wasn't expecting the greatness i recieved they are a show not to miss if you get the chance to see them they are the only band that totally blew me away live!!!!!

Posted by stephssnapshots on Sunday, 02.27.11 @ 23:41pm

Saw these guys a couple weeks ago up in Covington. They played for almost 2 hours (2 sets with 20 minute break). Great show, I thought. 2 main guys switched off on vocals, though the keyboard player sang the most (he also played clarinet, bass clarinet, and accordion). Had some funny banter. Crowd was a sellout at this small venue (Madison Theater). They were just starting encore when I had to leave, due to 90 mile drive home.

Don't think they'll ever make the Hall. Close, but no cigar (IMO).

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 03.31.16 @ 07:46am

Go to youtube & search for

"Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns"

(a 2002 documentary about the band)

Posted by LaustCawz on Thursday, 12.28.17 @ 15:13pm

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