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Will The Osmonds be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Did you know Joseph "Joe" Jackson made his family, the singing Jacksons watch "The Andy Williams Show" to study the Osmonds' moves. Also the song "One Bad Apple" was offered to the jackson 5 FIRST, but Berry Gordy turned it down. "One Bad Apple" prevented the J5's "Mama's Pearl" from becoming their fifth consecutive No. 1. Also, Jimmy Osmond made it possible for Michael to tour Japan during the "Bad" tour.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 06.5.08 @ 13:59pm

Jimmy Osmond made it possible for Michael to tour Japan during the "Bad" tour???. Please explain. Also, what is the source of the Joe Jackson story. It is a good one.

Posted by Maddison Helicopter on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 16:08pm

The British Invasion took a shit and the Osmonds were formed.

Posted by D-Stroy on Monday, 06.8.09 @ 21:05pm

Jimmy Osmond was a star in Japan by age 3-- he had a number one record there and sang it in Japanese. He has always been a favorite of the Japanese, but it can be a very closed country--as far as musical influence and western culture is concerned (esp back in 1984). I think that fact must have factored into why Jimmy helped get Michael to tour in Japan. Also, as far Mr. Jackson and the Osmonds, it was written in a teen mag back then that the Osmonds were watched by the Jacksons when they were on the Andy Williams show. A brief reference to the Osmonds is even made in the made for tv movie-- the JAcksons, An AMerican Dream. As the J5 were getting popular, one of the boys complains about being tired and Mr. J says something like, do you think the Osmonds ever complain that they get tired?

Posted by marie greene on Friday, 08.7.09 @ 20:56pm

It is passed time that the Osmonds get this honor. The Osmonds have been around for 50 years and they deserve this honor. They have done over 140 plus albums. In 2003, they got their star on the walk of fame.. How much longer to we haVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS INJUSTICE.It is past time that they were honored.

Posted by Rene Kreps on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 19:32pm

They've been around 50 years...too long!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 19:55pm

I'll say this for The Osmonds-they could rock if they wanted to!
Just listen to their song "Crazy Horses." I remember hearing it on the radio awhile back, and then the DJ came on and was really amazed that the Osmonds could sound that way. He said: "I guess daddy was out in the parking lot of the recording studio catching a smoke when the boys cut that track."

Posted by classicrocker on Monday, 09.7.09 @ 10:43am

Crazy Horses...I remember that song. It sounded like someone was strangling a cat...ROFL!!!! I think daddy stepped out and the boys were smokin' something IN the studio...!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 09.7.09 @ 12:09pm

The Osmonds are derided as a white ripoff of the Jacksons. but actually the Osmonds came first. Their music actually does stand up well to the test of time. In some ways the Osmonds were better than the Jacksons. They were more involved in the production of their records (e.g., they could play their own instruments and they were stronger songwriters.) The Osmonds all went on to have very successful careers as working musicians after their teen idol days ended; whereas only Michael, Jermaine and maybe Tito did much after the J5 broke up. (Marlon is a very successful businessman, but he is not in the music business.) Even Donny turned out much better than Michael: Donny is still alive and well, he looks and sounds great, and he is still performing. I think the Osmonds belong in the Hall of Fame, although I doubt this will happen.

Posted by Timothy Horrigan on Sunday, 04.4.10 @ 13:39pm

The Osmonds

Donny Osmond
Alan Osmond
Jimmy Osmond
Wayne Osmond
Jay Osmond
Merrill Osmond

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 08.7.10 @ 11:10am

Can the people voting yes to the Osmonds please explain why?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 04.20.11 @ 14:31pm

Ok, who actually believes the nominating committee picks artists based on given criteria? The Osmonds should be in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but they won't. It is more about politics and popularity than anything else.

Posted by Sandy on Monday, 01.2.12 @ 00:07am

The Osmonds were derided as a bubblegum band when in truth they were one of the most talented groups to exist in the 70's. They could sing in any genre, expertly play multiple instruments, and write their own songs. If you want to judge for yourself the level of talent you need to listen to 2 albums, Crazy Horses and The Plan. Both were written entirely by the brothers and they played their own instruments on all tracks. If they had a flaw it was that they were too talented and creative and didn't limit themselves to one sound or style of music. They explored different styles and sounds. They didn't write to make money. They CREATED, as any true artist does.

Posted by jen on Monday, 06.11.12 @ 19:07pm

Yes, I believe that they should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Josephine on Tuesday, 06.19.12 @ 13:13pm

Can you POSSIBLY give one reason WHY??? #helltotheno

Posted by JDS on Tuesday, 06.19.12 @ 15:50pm

Did you know back in 1972, while Neil Young was riding high on the charts with his #1 album "Harvest" and #1 single "Heart of Gold" the Osmonds released two singles with titles derivative of Neil Young: "Down By The Lazy River" and "Crazy Horses" If you subtract the "lazy" from the Osmonds song, you get "Down By The River" one of Neil Young's acknowledged classics, and if you take the final 's' out of "Crazy Horses" you get "Crazy Horse" Neil Young's perennial backing band.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Sunday, 06.24.12 @ 22:39pm

Interesting anecdote there, Aaron. Of course, as anyone who knows me well enough will tell you, I loathe The Osmonds and Neil Young equally.

Posted by Zach on Monday, 06.25.12 @ 21:44pm

i have been searching for a clip of, i think it was donny and marie show, maybe 1973 or 74, when all the osmonds were playing on stage and they took turns like musical chairs, each on playing, drums, keyboards, lead, bass, trumpets, and on and on. what amazing talents, all of them. if anyone knows what show songs or clips this was please let me know. ive been searching but cant narrow it down.

Posted by vince on Sunday, 09.16.12 @ 21:24pm

Having musical talent was not the Osmond's issue as being labeled "Bubble Gum". It was their goody image and the fact that they are devout Mormons. Marie Osmond turned down
Olivia_Newton-John's role in Grease as Sandy because Marie's mother said the role was too suggestive and not one of morality. Think of how different things would have been if Marie took that role? The Osmond's can sing, dance, and play every musical instrument on the planet...well! I suggest to get a real idea of their diversity, listen to their album "The Plan". The can, and do rock hard...very hard.

Posted by Rou on Wednesday, 10.16.13 @ 14:48pm

If Marie Osmond had taken the role of Sandy in "Grease," the songs "Hopelessly Devoted To You" and "You're The One That I Want" would not have been in the movie or existed at all, because both were written by Olivia Newton-John's producer, John Farrar.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 01.13.14 @ 19:41pm

The Osmonds are still performing. Donny and Marie were to play 6 weeks at the Flamingo in Vegas and that was 8 years ago. They have been voted best show in Vegas 4 years in a row. There are still 3 of the original brothers performing(Alan and Wayne had to retire for medical reasons) How many groups in the HOF are still performing? They have recorded over 200 albums and Donny has recorded 60 himself. 4 of them have been on Broadway. Come on this family is more talented than half of the people inducted.

Posted by Geri Howrey-Robinson on Friday, 07.15.16 @ 11:21am

Hey, Vince, I think this is the video you have been searching for:

It shows the Osmonds playing a bunch of instruments while performing a song that I think i called "I Got The Music In Me". I hope this helps.

Posted by A Black Kid on Wednesday, 08.23.17 @ 14:32pm

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