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Will The Melvins be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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One of the most integral bands in the mid-to-late '80s Seattle scene and currently its longest surviving member. They've heavily influenced loads of grunge, stoner metal, and drone bands, and worked with tons of names. Buzz Osborne is a great guitarist, but Dale Crover is an absolutely amazing drummer, and possibly the best currently in the business.

Most bands after twenty years are reduced to either writing boring soundalike crap or covering their own old material for crusty, middle-aged fans. Doesn't seem like that will happen to them anytime soon.

Posted by William on Wednesday, 01.17.07 @ 20:16pm

I think they have to get in, and I reckon they might have a chance because Nirvana (who are first ballot for sure) and the rest of the grunge bands were so heavily influenced by them. As well as Tool (who are also likely first year inductees) and the rest of the modern sludge/stoner metal scene, Mastodon and the like.

Posted by Ash on Saturday, 06.13.09 @ 18:19pm

With hindsight, it would be difficult to see the Melvins getting in. Although they certainly influenced Nirvana heavily (Dale Crover played on Bleach) they never actually dented the Billboard Top 200 even when they signed with a major label.

Whilst it might be possible for a very few artists who never dented the Top 200 (the Velvets and Stooges did briefly do so) to have a slim chance of induction, the Melvins have never received the slaving from influential critics that is almost essential for a non-commercial artist to have a chance.

Posted by Julien Peter Benney on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 21:25pm

Will they? As noted, they've never come anywhere near success and didn't have the critical acclaim to match up with it, so probably not. Should they? I'm not too familiar with them, but absolutely they should since influence is part of the criteria.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 06.17.10 @ 10:41am

Upon further review, I went and listened to the album "Bullhead." There is clearly a connection to what Nirvana did on "Bleach", and also some connections to Soundgarden's first two albums, and maybe even some connections to "Facelift." That said, I found it interesting but ultimately underwhelming, with "Boris" in particular having a cool riff but not really going anywhere over the course of 8 minutes. I'll try it again soon, but in the meantime could someone who's familiar with them give me a reccomendation as to what album to check out next? Thanks.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 08.4.10 @ 19:49pm

Sam, check these out:

Stoner Witch
A Senile Animal

Posted by tim on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 19:58pm

Thank you very much, tim. I'll get back to you when I've processed them fully (a bit late now.)

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 10.13.10 @ 15:54pm

If the Melvins do not make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it will just further erode its credibility as a foundation. This band is what the Hall should be based on, not what the Hall should be excluding. This is one of the most important bands to have existed for the last three decades and for it not to be enshrined would be a total travesty. It would give prove the Hall worthy or our attention and at the same time honoring a band who probalby doesn't give a damn anyway.

Posted by DC on Wednesday, 10.20.10 @ 21:16pm

What kiss! They have been around for almost 40 years.they had to put up with drunk and drug addict.Then one of two of their best drummers die.but they keep going.I think they have one of best frontman paul stanley.I think it took guts to take makeup off

Posted by lori on Friday, 10.14.11 @ 14:32pm

Saw this band at Voodoo Music Fest. Really hard core punk band. I saw Slayer before them, and except for the weird lyrics, this band is as heavy as Slayer, IMO.

Lead guitarist/vocalist looks like Robert Smith's older fat brother.

Glad I saw them.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 11.7.14 @ 09:51am

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