The J. Geils Band

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1995 (The 1996 Induction Ceremony)

Nominated in: 2005   2006   2011   2017   

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

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Freeze Frame (1981)

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Whammer Jammer (1971)
Love Stinks (1980)
Centerfold (1981)
Freeze-Frame (1981)

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Will The J. Geils Band be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Sorry, but Freeze Frame and Centerfold aren't enough to get Jann Wenner's buddies inducted.

Posted by c.w. on Monday, 11.27.06 @ 13:56pm

How about Whammer Jammer, Give it To Me, and a solid blues-rock legacy before hitting it big with novelty songs in the 80s?

Not sure if they should be in now ahead of so many others, but they don't deserve to be written off quite so quickly.

Posted by Kit on Monday, 11.27.06 @ 14:47pm

The J. Geils Band was influencing the music scene long before their commercial success. They wrote the book on live shows and have brought forward the music of the great blues legends in a sweaty, powerful, funky rock and roll way. They are the original "Bad Boys From Boston".
Members of the Geils band are still putting out albums and touring. They definitley belong in the R&R HOF. However, the credibility of the people representing the HOF is questioned each year and maybe they could care less about the status. I know the fans want them there. Look them up on line.

Posted by JerryG on Tuesday, 12.19.06 @ 11:47am

What No J.Geils Again.... WTF is wrong with you people man... van halen and rem. okey hers who you should be looking at insted... THE J.GEILS BAND,RORY GALLAGHER, RUSH, TEN YEARS AFTER, WISHBONE ASH, URIAH HEEP, HUMBLE PIE, MOUNTAIN...I could go on but I'm Not gonna.. this is the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME right. so what does GRANDMASTER FLASH have to do with rock n roll... talk about a bunch of straight up loosers... OMG. oh and MOTERHEAD is probley too good for ya too... heres to real rock n roll. Scott VanCampen...AKA dirty hippie

Posted by Scott VanCampen on Wednesday, 01.10.07 @ 03:14am

What the hell? What is WRONG with this so called Hall of Fame? You will not meet another band that has paid their dues like The Mighty J. Gils Band have! Yeah OK, REM well I simply don't think they should be in right now (even thought I was a big fan back in the day). I know it's not just based on paying your dues. God knows you can thell that just by looking at some of the inductees that already there. What more do we need to do to get this band the inducted? Suck your toes? Get with the program and put them in! I will vote for them until I'm crippled with carpel tunnel syndrome.


Posted by Susan B on Wednesday, 01.10.07 @ 12:41pm

A journalist once wrote about the (music of) The J. Geils Band: they have their ankles in the blues, their hips in the rock and roll, their hearts with the rhythm & blues and their heads towards the soul. These words say it all and for me there's no doubt about it that they were the best white rhythm & blues Band ever. That just proves how intelligent our friends at the R&RHOF are...Sleep on people.

Posted by JakesSteaks on Friday, 01.12.07 @ 11:27am

look man the j.geils band represent what is good about rock and roll, blues ,r&b and soul. peter wolf has more soul in him than more than half the ####ing metal heads and the pop crazed britney fans who sit on their fat asses and watch american idol... omg get with it if it was only based on hits like frezze frame and centerfold that would be one thing, but man its so much more than that.. have the basterds ever stop to think that the j.geils band are the adopted sons of detroit city... and is it not true we ARE the home of rock and roll... on behalf of ALL detroit and the surounding places LET THEM IN DAMMMMMM IT.... thank you and rock on my peoples...

Posted by Scott VanCampen on Tuesday, 01.16.07 @ 02:30am

What can I say that everbody eles didn't already say.
I just wonder what the ages of the people who do the voting,who decided who's in the H/F. I bet none of them are older than 45. REM you got to be kidding,now I know the H/F is BULLSHIT!


Posted by yammagamma on Thursday, 01.18.07 @ 10:36am

geils ,, in thr hall of fame ???? DEFINATELY !!!!!!1 ive seen them countless times in the past and they ALWAYS DELIVERED TEN FOLD !one of the best "live " albums ever was ans always will be FULL HOUSE ! These guys would burn the stage down w/ every performance , iI saw them completley blow a little british band off the stage in jacksonville , fla , even thoug the limeys were supposed to be one of the best ,,, THE ROLLING BONES ..... maybe thats why Jagger and co. waited almost 2 hrs before theyd take the stage , so j geils ,,,,,, BLOW YOUR FACE OUT !!!!!!!

Posted by marty on Monday, 03.5.07 @ 16:32pm

If any of the members of the hof had ever seen the J. Geils band in concert...The J. Geils Band would be inducted immediately! They were a 100% more than just the sale of albums...they are the best American band EVER!

Posted by Larry on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 04:45am

The R&R HOF is a joke - forget about Freeze Frame and Centerfold. The J. Geils Band lead by the incomprable Peter Wolf were the definition of Rock'n'roll. Soul, blues and blow your face out live preformances. Listen to their first nine studio albums and two live ablums from 1970 to 1980. They were simply respecting and honoring the founding fathers of rock'n'roll on the way to me becoming one of the great American rock'n'roll bands on the way. I could list their albums and all their great songs but that is not necessary for music lovers and critics because they know the score that the rest of the so called critics "Must of Got Lost!". Anything sentence or club or designated that starts out with "Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame" and doesn't list The J. Geils Band as a member is a sham.

FYI, Peter Wolf's solo career and especially last three incredible studio efforts should also get strong consideration whether he is good friends with Jann Wenner or not. Really, REM and Grandmaster Flash........please, why not The Good Rats. You are really lowering the bar. No Cheap Trick, Doobie Brothers, Chicago, J. Geils Band................give me Magic on harmonica, J on gituar and Peter doing the Southside Shuffle any day.

Posted by John Aquino on Thursday, 04.19.07 @ 11:08am

WTF!!! No J. Giels Band induction again!!! Who are these Rock n Roll Hall of Fame nominating committee members? And the 500 so called rock experts who vote on the selected nominees...please....Ignorant putz's. Obviously none of them have ever experienced a J.Geils show or have a real grasp on what comprises true rock n roll. I agree with Scot VanCampen, anyone who has ignored Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, Rory Gallagher, Ten Years After, and the J. Geils Band while inducting Grandmaster Flash and Madonna....frigin' c%#@** man!! WTF!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rich Martin on Thursday, 12.27.07 @ 20:25pm

Geils added to the collage of musical knowledge, it's a shame their music can't be appreciated by the younger generation the way us 40somethings appreciated the rock that was before our time. they deserve to be in a hall of fame but sadly will be overlooked. I'll never for get them and neither will everyone who ditty bopped to their music.

Posted by joe on Friday, 12.28.07 @ 23:48pm

anyone doubting their worth only needs give 'blow your face out' a listen-these guys reach back to the roots

Posted by spike on Monday, 03.10.08 @ 11:33am

This was the greatest 'Live' band I have ever seen. 'Full House' is the greatest live record ever. These are not opinions...they are facts.

Posted by Steve Potocin on Friday, 03.14.08 @ 08:29am

I own every LP the bad boys from Boston ever recorded. I first saw them at William and Mary College in 1973, two months after my ammo ship returned from Viet Nam. The USO actually ran a bus from Norfolk to the college to see Geils, with the Marshall Tuker Band opening for them, with 35 recent Nam vets on it. You could cut the smoke with a knife. It was a festival seating concert and I was able to worm my way to the stage to watch, in awe, Magic Dick play that tin horn! The next day I purchased my first harp and still try to be Magic Dick, "Wammer Jammer, let me hear ya Dickie!" Until they are in the RnRHoF, the Cleveland "hall" is a fraud.

Posted by Rocken Robert = Bobby Flynn on Friday, 03.28.08 @ 22:56pm

I just picked up some $1 J. Geils vinyl at Goodwill, mostly because I know and like "Centerfold." What I got was a late-70s Best Of compilation, and I was surprised at how much fun the record was and how much it rocked. I just knew the 80s novelty business; none of the feelgood swaggerin' blues rock. I dunno if they're hall worthy, but I've been converted as a fan.

Posted by Matt. on Thursday, 04.17.08 @ 22:04pm

The story here in Western Mass is that sometime in the early 70's they played a show at the University of Massachusetts that left the building structurally unsound. Supposedly vibrations from the crowd dancing created vibrations that cracked the supports for the balcony, forcing massive repairs. I wish I had been there.....

Posted by Matt W on Saturday, 04.26.08 @ 21:34pm

Why the J. Geils Band is not in the Hall is one of life's bigger mysteries. If a band can be given a nod strictly because of the quality of their live shows then JGB gets in without a problem. When considering J. Geils Band had two live albums both deemed as at least superlative live records and a third one that is pretty good in its own right. How about Bill Graham saying that they were his most favorite band during the heyday of the East Fillmore? Does that mean anything at all? Sure, the all important album sales may not have picked up until Love Stinks and Freeze Frame but in terms of influence and importance JGB's resume I think is very solid. Is Peter Wolf and Jann Wenner really buddies? You think that would be enough to push them towards getting serious consideration for nomination.

Posted by Mike S on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 18:19pm

Where can I get a tour schedule for J.Geils?? Any chance of Peter hooking up??

Posted by Tom on Tuesday, 06.10.08 @ 08:50am

The Mighy J Geils Band is more than just Freeze Frame and Centerfold. How about Houseparty,Give It To Me,Serve You Right To Suffer, Homework, One Last Kiss, Santuary, Teresa,Looking for Love,I Do, Back To Get Ya,Start All Over,Deitroit Breakdown,Love Stinks, Come Back, Nightime,Walls come Tumbling down,Chimes,Tryin Not to Think About It,Whammer Jammer, and a hundred other songs........Not to mention 3 hour concerts back in the day, That were second to none! Until they are in, The HOF is a sham.

Posted by Dave G on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 09:46am

Tell you what. If you people don't want them in the RnR Hall of Fame then we'll gladly take them up here in Canada. The "Great White North RnR Igloo of Fame" proudly accepts the J. Geils Band as Canada's favorite Rock Band. Their smokin' live performances started Global Warming. Who needs Icebergs?

Posted by Canucklehead on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 08:47am

The Mighy J Geils Band is more than just Freeze Frame and Centerfold
Posted by Dave G

I jumped ship around the Freeze Frame era though.
I liked them more as blusey hard edged rockin band.
But they were always a well oiled machine live.
Always delivering the goods.
I was just watching a dvd from them live at Rockpalast 1979 Germany and they were great.
Add to the list of cool songs they did my fave.
Their cover of First I Look At The Purse.

Posted by Gary James CA on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 09:12am

Don't forget "first I look at the purse" and woober goober's "i musta got lost" ("this next songs got a little introduction to it..."). This band was HOF worthy back in the "70's".

Posted by cheverons on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 09:16am

There was no better party band in the 70s or 80 than the J Geils Band. They were the essance of Rock and Roll back then when the music scene was more bubblegum pop than anything. They knew how to get an audience out of their seat and part of the big party. Just listen to their live album "Blow Your Face Out". And as the album suggest, it was made loud to play loud.

They deserve to be in the HOF.

Posted by Barry Stanky on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 10:31am

Good group with some real catchy hits in the day..."Flamethrower" is my personal favorite...I also respect J. Geils as a player. They were also one of those groups with a "colorful" front man.

Hall of Fame, though? I'm not so sure...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 13:41pm

A "colorful" front man???? DUDE, Mr. Peter Wolf is flat out the best front man in the history of rock n roll. That this band is not in the RnR Hall of Fame illustrates why the whole thing is a sham. Madonna is in the Hall and she doesn't even play r 'n' r, same could be said for Grand Master Flash. J Geils Band has played rock, blues, rnb, all the ingredients of rock, many when no one else was playing them, burning down club after hall after stadium with the stompingest rock n roll around, and they're not in the Hall, but Madonna is? Farce.

Posted by easy e on Thursday, 05.7.09 @ 01:55am

The J. Geils band were a great group. Just a very fun, upbeat band. I don't know how influencial they were because the only major group I know of who has covered them was Thin Lizzy(live) once. As far as innovation, they did combine new wave with blues rock, so that might count for something. I don't see them having much of a chance of induction, but you never know.

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 07.12.09 @ 19:43pm

I have seen some 1500 live shows in my time and no one left me in a cold cold sweat as did the j. geils band the 25 times i seen them live. peter wolf was one of the best front men of the seventies decade bar none. just ask the 20000 plus that left their shows reved up and ready to rock. without a doubt they should already be in.

Posted by spur on Wednesday, 12.9.09 @ 19:31pm

RRHOF has no legitimacy if ABBA is in and JGB is not.

Posted by frank on Friday, 01.22.10 @ 00:45am

Rock 'n' Roll is not strictly white guitar music. The reason that the inductions of Grandmaster Flash, ABBA and Madonna (over Deep Purple, T.Rex and New Order) haven't made me blow up the Hall is because they were all highly influential. I'm not sure if J.Geils deserves it or not, but you lot aren't doing very well in terms of arguing for them. What new ground did they break? What was their impact? Who did they influence? And who argued against the inductions of R.E.M. and Van Halen? Good God, someone fetch me a gun.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 02.20.10 @ 13:39pm

Become a Fan of this page!!/pages/The-J-Geils-Band-should-be-in-the-Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame/108073195887921?ref=nf

Posted by Tim on Saturday, 03.27.10 @ 12:34pm

Become a Fan of this page!!/pages/The-J-Geils-Band-should-be-in-the-Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Fame/108073195887921?ref=nf

Posted by Tim on Saturday, 03.27.10 @ 12:53pm

Sorry Tim but 1) I don't have facebook and 2) I'm not a fan of the J. Geils Band

Posted by Milestones on Saturday, 03.27.10 @ 13:24pm

"REM you got to be kidding,now I know the H/F is BULLSHIT!"

I hate fanboys.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 04.2.10 @ 15:23pm

If you consider The J. Geils Band to be in the same boat as The Talking Heads, The Pretenders, The Police and Blondie, then yes, they should be inducted!

Love Stinks, Freeze Frame, Centerfold

Posted by Asif on Tuesday, 04.27.10 @ 14:15pm

"If you consider The J. Geils Band to be in the same boat as The Talking Heads, The Pretenders, The Police and Blondie, then yes, they should be inducted!"

That might be the single worst arguement for their induction ever.

J. Geils Band were an absolutely lethal live blues-rock band with a gritty east-coast-bar-band vibe back in the 70s, long before they became pops flavor of the week.

Why you would compare them to such pretentious shit makes no sense to me.

I'm not sure they belong in The Hall - but that doesn't mean they're not a kickass band.

Posted by Ralph on Tuesday, 04.27.10 @ 14:20pm

And don't forget "Flamethrower".

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 04.27.10 @ 17:38pm

"If you consider The J. Geils Band to be in the same boat as The Talking Heads, The Pretenders, The Police and Blondie, then yes, they should be inducted!"

Yes, let's try to put just another blues-rock/bar band on the same level as a band that put ska back on the map with some incredible chops (The Police.) I believe J. Geils had some good music, but no, they don't belong in the Hall. In fact, it's a travesty that they were nominated over more deserving rockers. Thanks for being biased, Jann.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 04.27.10 @ 19:26pm

"Yes, let's try to put just another blues-rock/bar band on the same level as a band that put ska back on the map with some incredible chops (The Police.) I believe J. Geils had some good music, but no, they don't belong in the Hall. In fact, it's a travesty that they were nominated over more deserving rockers. Thanks for being biased, Jann."

Screw that. I'd MUCH rather listen to some old school J. Geils than suffer through a bunch of whiny, arrogant Police songs.

And yes, Joe-Skee, Flamethrower smoked.

Posted by Ralph on Wednesday, 04.28.10 @ 06:49am

"Screw that. I'd MUCH rather listen to some old school J. Geils than suffer through a bunch of whiny, arrogant Police songs." - Ralph

Fair enough. I'd take Thin Lizzy over J. Geils, but since Robertson and Gorham aren't buddies with Wenner they can't even get considered. (No, I don't hate J. Geils, I just hate the way the Hall chooses to run things.) Bon Jovi will inevitably get in because Jon and Jann are buddies but Deep Purple won't? F*ck that.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 04.28.10 @ 18:43pm

"peter wolf has more soul in him than more than half the ####ing metal heads and the pop crazed britney fans who sit on their fat asses and watch american idol..."

I don't dispute the idea that he does, but the idea that we metal heads watch American Idol is laughable, bordering on insulting.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 04.28.10 @ 18:45pm

"And yes, Joe-Skee, Flamethrower smoked." - Ralph

Pun intended or unintended?

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 05.4.10 @ 21:16pm

It's all been said here. Truly have to wonder whoTF is voting! Have the people voting ever seen J Geils Band live?...they ripped the place apart every time they set foot on stage! Forget Centerfold etc from 80's...go back to their roots. They should be a no-brainer for induction. Ask the people already in the hall if J Geils Band belongs in there with would be 100% YES!

Posted by Tom McGee on Tuesday, 05.11.10 @ 15:37pm

"Ask the people already in the hall if J Geils Band belongs in there with would be 100% YES!"

With all due respect, I don't know how you plan to confirm that.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 05.11.10 @ 19:07pm

As with a lot of other good bands, J. Geils is another example of "you can't induct everyone". They were pretty good, I liked some of their stuff and have great respect for Geils as a guitarist, but their influence and innovation was minimal at best...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 05.11.10 @ 19:17pm

"What No J.Geils Again.... WTF is wrong with you people man... van halen and rem." - Some random idiot

Every day fanboys find new and uncreative ways to make me hate them even more. If you don't understand why Van Halen and R.E.M. got in you're probably on the wrong site. I don't hate J. Geils for the record, I just find most of you really annoying.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 05.29.10 @ 17:12pm

"And yes, Joe-Skee, Flamethrower smoked." - Ralph

Pun intended or unintended?

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 05.4.10 @ 21:16pm

The worst puns are unintentional.

Posted by Ralph on Thursday, 06.10.10 @ 08:42am

True. Lots of guitar players "tapped into" the Eddie Van Halen style. I just say it straight, Slash ruins by saying no pun intended.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 06.11.10 @ 19:58pm

"These words say it all and for me there's no doubt about it that they were the best white rhythm & blues Band ever."

Really? You're quite certain that AC/DC or Aerosmith couldn't take that title? I do like J. Geils by the way, but that just seems like a dubious comment.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 06.30.10 @ 17:07pm

J Geils Band should be in for the smoking live shows and albums such as Bloodshot, Blow Your Face Out, and yes Freeze Frame. They were charsmatic band with Peter Wolf working a crowd at least as good as Mick Jagger. Ask HOF member Tom Petty who was quoted in a 2009 Rolling Stone article as saying Peter Wolf could work a crowd better than anyone he ever saw.

Posted by Gumby on Thursday, 07.15.10 @ 22:43pm

I don't know if the J. Geils Band quite cut it but Whammer Jammer is just great, here you go:

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 08.21.10 @ 12:41pm


J. Geils Band

An interesting case study - a bar band whose repertoire included a large amount of covers gets a record contract and become a respected live act, primarily because they revive the spirit of the artists they revere, eventually breaking through with two huge original hits of their own, but whose output before and after that brief period never made much of an impact. They have no influence to speak of, no enduring image, but in frontman Peter Wolf they boast one of the most ubiquitous figures in modern rock, a friend to other artists and critics, namely committee members Steve Van Zandt and Dave Marsh, who seem to have pushed through another nomination for the group. Considering the sheer numbers of far bigger, more unique and influential artists spanning sixty years of rock history, many of whom were more successful prototypes for the J. Geils Band themselves, it is curious that they receive a nomination with simply a workmanlike career as their calling card.

Qualifications: 4 - Modest Accomplishments

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 19:51pm

New Jersey supports the mighty J. Geils Band!! DO YA WANNA DANCE? YEAH!!!!!

Posted by Brendan Dunphy on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 22:10pm

Unfortunately, those who think of The J Geils Band in terms of "Centerfold" or "Freeze Frame" have the musical scope of vision akin to a bat in the daytime.

The Band was banging it out since 67 and was recognized by Rolling Stone as the Best New Band in 1971.

They bent musical styles and genres like no rock band before and their live performances were the events that inspired guys like the E Street Band to leave no prisinoers standing when the final curtain fell.

These guys were the epitome of a Touring Rock Band and never failed to deliver the goods; night after night after night...down the long, long line.

Posted by smitty on Monday, 10.11.10 @ 13:03pm

Geils is and will always be the # 1 Party Band. Once they came on stage, a HUGE party always followed. Non-stop stomping and dancing in the isles. They knew how to work the crowd and everyone sang along for each song from HOMEWORK and PACK FAIR & SQUARE thru CENTERFOLD..

Posted by DENNIS MOORE on Wednesday, 11.3.10 @ 08:55am

I'll start by saying that there's nothing wrong with Centerfold, Freeze Frame or Love Stinks. In fact, for SOME BANDS, just 3 songs like that would get them in. These guys however always were and still are when reunited a live force that even can blow the mighty Aerosmith (who I happen to be a huge fan of) off a stage. Fact is, J. Geils band featuring one of rocks all time great frontmen (as well as a great solo artist) Peter Wolf, Seth Justman on keys, and co-writes, Geils on Guitar, Maagic Dick, etc... have a quality that is very Hall of Fame, from the pop hits down to the early, more bluesier efforts. Listen to Houseparty, Must Have Got Lost, Give it To Me, and later smaller hits Angel in Blue, Just Can't Waitdown the line and the music speaks for itself. These guys belong! By the way, in an age when live performance is so dominated by lip synching, these guys manage to put on a high energy show without any of that garbage, and manage to not only execute well, but Blow our Collective Faces Out. A little something to think about voters...

Posted by David Balzano on Saturday, 11.13.10 @ 08:47am

They covered a LOT of tunes from classic 60's R&B artists, such as The Marvelows' "I Do",The Contours'"First I Look At The Purse",The Valentinos' "Looking For A Love", The Show Stoppers'"Ain't Nothing But A House Party"
and Chris Kenner's (and Wilson Pickett's)"Land of A Thousand Dances".

It's a SHAME that the original artists didn't get the same level of fame and attention for those songs that they did.

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 12.9.10 @ 00:09am

I don't see the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame considering any of THEM.

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 12.9.10 @ 00:10am

The J. Geils band just likes to see their name on the nominees lists. They will never be inducted before they die!

Posted by Xcd1 on Monday, 12.13.10 @ 09:00am

I was lucky enough to be around the Boston music scene from 1969 on...first saw them at Bridgewater State Collee, 1970 (Canned Heat opened). I immediately was a fan because they delivered what was promised, they blew the roof off. If you never saw a J. Geils live show, you missed one of the best live acts ever. Forget the 80's stuff. They are still the original bad boys from Boston. It is still cool to see Peter Wolf walking the streets of Boston, or catching a new act at the Middle East in Cambridge. They deserve to be in the hall, but the people that run it seem to know less about rock and roll than political correctness. The band does occassional tours or catch Peter Wolf solo, you will not be sorry. Who else had Mick Jagger and Keith Richards help out on the same album. My musical tastes run from Gram Parsons, Stones, Tom Waits, Emmy Lou Harris, John band ever put on a better live show than the Geils band!!. Ahmet would be embarrassed that they are not in the hall yet. The shows in the old Garden are a bit of Boston History. "On Borrowed Time."

Posted by TomLac on Wednesday, 02.16.11 @ 23:33pm

I don't care who you are, I wouldn't want to follow them. Somebody's got a hair across the ass for them not to be in.

Posted by bill curt on Friday, 06.10.11 @ 16:29pm

If you've never seen J. Geils have no idea what you are saying. Centerfold?? Freeze Frame?? Please. If that's the extent of your knowledge of this outstanding band then really...say nothing. These guys are one of the BEST concerts you will ever see. They ruled the day back in the 70's with their live shows. No way these guys aren't already in the hall.

Posted by KO on Monday, 08.15.11 @ 12:43pm

Saw them back around 1980, and again last week, just amazing! I'm 46 and this band made me feel 80 the way they wailed. They seemed like they hadn't lost a single step in 30 years, and played until the last minute the law would allow. Great band, songs, delivery, shows, let them in!!!

Posted by Shealude on Monday, 08.15.11 @ 23:18pm

WTF? Boy, cw is a loser that no comprende Rock n Roll; these guys put on such a high intendity show they shooulda been in 20 years ago.

Posted by Scott G on Saturday, 07.21.12 @ 07:30am

of all the bands to bend the halls rules for, the J Giels Band?

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 07.21.12 @ 11:51am


Posted by spur on Saturday, 12.8.12 @ 10:40am

I am also disappointed in the J Geils snub this year. Take Freeze Frame and Centerfold out of the equation and you still have a solid catalogue of greet blues driven Rock. Give their live album, Blow a Your Face Out a listen and don't forget to crank up the sound. This was America's Rock Party Band in the 70s.
I do know that nomination committee member Meg Griffin put them up this year, but apparently didn't have the support from others. Very disappointing.
Personally, from Massachusetts myself, I favor J Geils over any other national band from the region including Aerosmith.

Posted by Barry S on Sunday, 11.10.13 @ 12:02pm

I'm leaning towards J. Geils Band Induction. Always enjoyed their hits including Centerfold ,Freeze Frame, Love Stinks etc. I think Peter Wolf puts J. Geils Band over the top.He's very talented & respected in the music industry especially among the RRHOFers.

They were outstanding live band. Loved Peter Wolf's singing voice & these guys look like they were having fun in their music & videos. I want them to get inducted...J Geils induction might help The Cars,Foreigner & the late 70's early 80's bands that had successful careers. KING

Posted by KING on Friday, 01.31.14 @ 13:18pm

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