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Eligible since: 2000 (The 2001 Induction Ceremony)

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Stranglehold (1975)
Cat Scratch Fever (1977)

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Will Ted Nugent be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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do we even need to question this?

Posted by Anna on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 18:28pm


Posted by Anthony Long on Saturday, 04.7.07 @ 18:53pm

"do we even need to question this?"

Is there anyone who cares to make a case for Mr. Wango Tango?

Posted by shawn mc on Tuesday, 07.3.07 @ 11:08am

I am flabbergasted that no one believes Ted should be in the R&RHOF! This man has been playing guitar since the mid-late 50's. Professionally since 1965. But I see the HOF as an attempt of one entity to have his personal buddies on the wall instead of the real influencers of Rock and Roll. In the beginning the HOF did great things and there are great definers of Rock and Roll there. But now has become a political battle for the real Rock Heroes to be instilled with honor among the greats. They want Madonna and pretty soon they will waiver all the bad ones in like Britney and I believe William Hung will grace their walls soon. Go here for a list of real honors http://www.tednugent.com/hunting/biography/ that Ted has received! I no longer listen to anything but good God honoring Christian Music but I grew up on Kiss, Ted, Judas Priest, and am amazed that they are not in yet!

Posted by John on Tuesday, 10.2.07 @ 05:40am

Ted's politics is what is keeping him from being nominated. Everyone says they are not for political correctness, but never actually follow up on what they say. Ted really only had 3-4 great years in the late 70's anyway, which doesn't help. Maybe "they" are afraid he'll show up at the induction ceremonies in a loin cloth.

Posted by qoz on Saturday, 11.17.07 @ 21:15pm

I think on the basis of perpetuation of Rock-n-Roll alone Ted Nugent should be in the hall of fame. Look at how visible he is today and "Rock-n-Roll" is always part of the story no matter what the reason for the visibility. But additionally, you have his prominence in the Amboy Dukes from back in the 60's, a band with a top 20 hit in "Journey to the Center of the Mind" in 1968. In the 1970's he had a few years where his band was the top grossing entertainment act in the entire world. His influence on Rock-n-Roll was evident in VH1's "Supergroup" when both Sebastian Bach and Scott Ian were falling all over themselves about being in a band with Ted Nugent. Short of Gene Simmons, you tell me who is a more recognizable face for 1970's power guitar Rock? Who has done more to perpetuate Rock-n-Roll without first dying by a tragic, untimely or self-inflicted death? Like his politics or not, Ted Nugent should be in the R&RHoF.

Seriously folks, the Rock-n-Roll HoF Committee just doesn't recognize the great power rock bands of the 70's. There seems to be an avoidance of the "big guitar" bands and artists. And I for one don't like it as it was my generation that listened to and loved that music ... and there is NO mistaking that it WAS and still is ROCK-N-ROLL of the highest order.

Posted by UD Flyer on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 15:56pm

How can Madonna be consided for the Rock and Roll HOF when she is a pop bubble gum artist. If she gets in then there is no way Ted Nugent shouldn't be in as well.

Posted by Richard on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 17:41pm

Ol' Ted has been around for a while, has some pretty good material under his belt, and showed us that you could control feedback and play rock on a jazz guitar (Gibson Byrdland, to be exact). Don't know that its enough for the ROF, though. This is an artist that I'd have to say genuinely doesn't care, though. I'd put about anyone in before the "media creation" Madonna, who has a whole book full of people that she can thank for her career...maybe they should go in with her.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 18:08pm

The Motor City Madman

He deserves to be in the hall for the badass nickname alone.

Posted by Ryan on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 20:07pm

Truer words were never spoken.

Posted by Metalsmith on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 16:54pm

"Small Town" is not the greatest song of all time(contrary to some belief). Somebody do something-I mean really.Jack and Diane, Little Pink Houses-this stuff gets you in? What garbage-The Motor City Madman rocks. He should have been considered waayyy before the new Chevy Truck salesman. C'mon RRHOF -get it together!

Posted by Mark M on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 13:54pm

Before anyone makes their final decision on Terrible Ted in the Hall, they need to listen to Double Live Gonzo. There is not a more energetic guitar oriented hard rock live album out there!

Posted by John on Friday, 03.14.08 @ 21:28pm

I'd be afraid not to induct Ted Nugent into the Hall of Fame. Animals see him coming and they kill themselves.

Posted by Metalsmith on Wednesday, 04.16.08 @ 09:39am

F~@K YEAH he will!!!!

Posted by 64564 on Friday, 04.25.08 @ 08:39am

I hate the piece of crap who is Ted Nugent. Happily, he has no chance at all of ever making the HOF.

The Cowsills will be in the hall before he is.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.10.08 @ 13:42pm

Well Paul, to use your own argument you made about Hall & Oates and "One On One":

Why don't you try (before your self-lobotomy) to play guitar like Ted Nugent. I'm certainly not saying that he's the best guitarist ever (far from it), but try & play some yourself to get an idea of how easy it is.

Posted by joker on Thursday, 07.10.08 @ 13:51pm

Touche, joker, touche.

He's still a piece of crap, though.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 07.14.08 @ 13:47pm

Ok, politics aside, Ted Nugent is one of the most recognizable rock and roll artists around. "Stranglehold" has been voted as one of the number one guitar licks of all time on many lists. Many of those list's also include "Cat Scratch Fever". To snub a man who clearly has more talent then say, Grandmaster Flash, Madonna, John Mellancamp, The Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen, the Pretenders and a few others that I'll leave unnamed, is rather disturbing to say the least. I just love liberal acceptance. Side note: Rush, Boston and Alice Cooper also need to be in.

Posted by SOTAW on Thursday, 07.17.08 @ 10:50am

Ted's antics are a little tough to swallow for some, but there is no denying........ his guitar sounds better than any other when he just plays it. He deserves to be in the Hall for that alone.

Posted by Mark on Tuesday, 07.22.08 @ 18:08pm

Ted Nugent is by far one of the greatest guitarist of all time. His guitar playing alone is enough to induct him into the hall of fame ,but if you look at his musical career you really got to ask yourself why he isnt in the hall of fame is simply because the peopole who are in charge of inducting true "rock" legends are really not looking out for the artist accomplishments they are looking out for themselves and some corporate influence. Enough said if Ted is never inducted I dont think he will care one way or the other he knows who he is and god bless him for his contributions in rock and in life as a real workin hard playin hard human being not some plastic piece of shit from Hollywood.

Posted by Anthony V on Thursday, 08.28.08 @ 21:03pm

Very well put, Anthony V. I think that SOTAW has touched on an important in this case: politics. The Nuge is way too conservative and uncompromising for consideration by a Nominating Committee who obviously prefer Madonna and Grandmaster Flash to anything that could be truly identified as Rock & Roll.

Posted by Metalsmith on Tuesday, 09.2.08 @ 16:51pm

Ted should be in the HOF, it's just a joke he isn't. He is the true definition of rock and roll. I'm sure commander Teddy could care less though if the candy a**es ever put him in. But if he ever was inducted into the HOF I'm sure he'd get on stage and scare the bjesus out of the whole bunch of em. The hip hoppers would be hoppin, hippin and yippin. While others like maddona or Britany might get turned on by the Motor City madman, I'm sure Uncle Ted could take are of them too, backstage. HAHA Keep rockin Ted, you're the man!!!!!! I've been listenin to Ted since the 70s and I'm still listening to him. Ted rocks Sweden kicks A**.

Posted by Gonzo on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 08:56am

Just a correction on the previous comment. It's Ted could take *care* of them. But why would he want to take care of them with a wife like he's got waitin for him at home. God Bless America and God bless Ted Nugent.

Posted by Gonzo on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 19:45pm

Ted Nugent's guitar playing and stage presence symbolize what rock & roll is all about. Even most of the douchebags running the Hall will tell you that his right-wing political views (which, as crazy as they may be, are at least a nice break from the socialist drivel we get from most entertainers) are what is keeping him out.

Posted by Randy on Sunday, 11.2.08 @ 17:43pm

Come in, Mr. Nugent, your time is up.

Posted by denyo on Tuesday, 11.18.08 @ 15:14pm

Rock N Roll has been a freedom of expression for over 50 years, it touches the depths of every soul that listens. From the depths of the mississippi delta where it all began to the artist like Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Jimmi hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, Led Zepplin and The Beatles who helped take the blues, classical and country music forms and mold them together into what we call Rock N Roll. From the 1950 and 60's artists emerged the 1970's which gave us artists like Black Sabath, Ted Nugent, Heart, Cheap Trick, Boston, Foreiner, Kiss, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, The Clash and the list goes on and on. From the 1970's we went into the 80's with heavy metal hair bands, punk rock, pop, dance, teeny bopper and rap. So when you look at the whole picture, the only people who have it screwed up is the Rock N Roll HOF voting commitee for not recognizing Ted F'n Nugent as a big contributor to Rock N Roll which the last time I looked is what it say's on the f'n building! If you listen to the artists who are currently on the fast track in Rock N Roll, look who were there influences are and you will see most of the people and bands I mentioned. The hall of fame was set up to honor those who have influenced music and other musicians, and that is what is missing, it has become political and that is a shame.

Posted by Jeff on Tuesday, 11.25.08 @ 20:07pm

Great Gonzos! Ted Nugent should already be there. Just a thought... who created "Baby Please Don't Go" first? AC/DC or Ted Nugent?

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 12:59pm

Mike...the Amboy Dukes (with Ted Nugent) did it in 1967, some 7 years before AC/DC.

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 13:07pm

Regardless of his Founding Fathers-like stance on our republic and the 2nd amendment:

1. Ted Nugent has been playing professionally since 1958.

2. He has recorded 31 albums, selling over 20 million albums and several of those went multi-platinum.

3. He was the largest grossing rock act during the 1970s.

4. EVH, Jeff Beck, and Robin Trower, he has been and continues to inspire millions of guitar players.

5. He formed the supergroup Damn Yankees with Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw, and drummer Michael Cartellone who's album sales also seen gold/platinum.

6. In 2008, Nugent racked up his 6,000 live concert.

He should've been inducted YEARS ago and it's a shame his traditionalistic views of America and personal responsibility (which by the way mirror the Founding Fathers') apparently have been held against him.

Posted by Steve on Thursday, 01.15.09 @ 13:54pm

When it comes down to it, these people who vote for the inductees could care less about good music, great guitarist and years of battle tested rock and roll. It's all about politics!

Put uncle Ted in the H.O.F!

Posted by Randy on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 21:57pm

Uncle ted is the man. Not only is he an awesome guitarist, but is a great ro model to young kids because of his non drug and alcohol abuse. for the people that say he isnt talked about anymore, he is on the highly played guitar hero 4 as a character, along with his masterpiece stranglehold, not to mention the nuge is a great performer. he keeps his fans entertained. The wackmaster is a guitar god and should be honored for the rock he has given us!

Posted by Chad on Monday, 03.16.09 @ 19:08pm


Angus Young or Ted Nugent

Eddie Van Halen or Slash

Kirk Hammett or Adrain Smith

and finally...

Jimmy Page or David Gilmour

Posted by Mike on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 18:33pm

Cocked,Locked, and ready to " Rock Doc "
This man has been taking it up the you know where for years now on this issue. Who the HELL is in charge of this " NO BRAINER " decision ? It makes me wanna PUCK. As it is said.. " When The Going Gets Tough, They Can K.M.A." The very OXYGEN you enjoy Breathing comes from the Millions of Trees Ted and Family have HAND PLANTED. Get your hands dirty and join us "DOWN ON EARTH." Next inductie, The Honorable, " TED NUGENT ".

Posted by Dave on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 12:48pm

"The Honorable Ted Nugent"? That's kind of a stretch and at worst an oxymoron. Now, if you would've said the "Says what he thinks, usually off the top of his head Ted Nugent", then I could agree with it.

As far as his music goes, he really wasn't all that influential or innovative (unless you want to include playing a Gibson Byrdland and controlling the feedback, but Alvin Lee played a Gibson ES-330 and did the same thing). He's known more for his environmental and political views now...which hardly has much to do with music. Not saying he didn't put out some good stuff, though. I just don't know about Hall of Fame material...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 13:36pm

In case anybody is wondering, A Gibson Byrdland and ES-330 are hollow-body guitars and difficult to play at high volume. A Gibson ES-335 (identical body style of a 330) is a semi-hollow body...no feedback problems.

Thus ends my "Guitar 101" class for today...!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 13:45pm

Gitarzan,, YOU must be Anti Gun To. This is the very reason why Mr. Nugent hasn't been selected.
Cut the crap. Ted has Earned it. Next.

Posted by Dave on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 18:50pm

Or is it that Ted has mastered the SKULL CRUSHING DECIBILES that Offends. No need for a words war.
YOU ALREADY LOOSE. Knowing how difficult a Byrdland can be to play it's self,is testiment to Teds uncanny control to make such a note worthy instrument capitate or decapitate the listeners ear. TURN IT UP... my friends.

Posted by Dave on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 19:08pm

I'll just say as a Michigander, I love my crazy Uncle Ted. He's the Gary Busey of Rock'n'roll, and we Michiganders abso-f***ing-lutely love him for it. We just get him. When he flies off the handle, we just shake our heads and laugh, cuz we know how much he means, and how much is hyperbole. So I'm all for Uncle Ted making it.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 19:13pm

Gee Dave, I guess since most of my family are hunters, that makes you pretty much clueless. I don't have anything against him, I've covered tons of his material (starting with "Journey To The Center Of The Mind") over the last 40 years or so. My thought is simply this...I don't really know what dictates induction anymore, but if you go strictly by the criteria, I'd have to say he's probably borderline (which isn't a bad thing, is it?). As for what he says, he's good friends with the hosts of a popular morning show, so I hear him all the time...and he does have a tendency to ramble occasionally.

As for a war of words, who started that, Dave? I'm glad you're a fan...I've always liked him too. Does your word have to be the see all/end all of Ted Nugent? I gave my opinion, you talk like your word is "gospel".

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 20:38pm

Gitarzan wrote:
"As far as his music goes, he really wasn't all that influential or innovative..."

With all due respect, you don't know what you're talking about. I was playing guitar in the '60s/'70s and Nugent was NOTORIOUS for guitar duels with all the guitarists in the '60s/'70s - including Jimi Hendrix.

NOONE performed like this:

Here he leaves Joe Perry in the dust swapping leads:

He was truly an innovator, inspired millions of guitar players like myself, and was (and still is), and electric performer.

Posted by Steve on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 16:09pm

Okay, Steve...watched your video. There was very good playing from both Nugent and Perry. Do I think Nugent outplayed Perry...no. Have I heard better jam sessions...yes (see below) You are obviously biased to Nugent, so there's no sense in arguing with you.I also started playing in the mid 60's, and have developed a great respect for a large number of players in several genres. I've said on this site before that the thing that makes great players is the ability to be unique. Perry and Nugent were giving two different takes on the same song at the same time...and I think that's great.


One thing that I've never done, though, is to tell a fellow player with a different point of view that he didn't know what he was talking about...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 16:46pm

An innovator or pioneer (pronounced /ˌpаɪəˈnɪər/) in a general sense is a person or an organisation who is one of the first to do something and often opens up a new area for others and achieves an innovation.

How, exactly, is Nugent an "innovator"...just curious.

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 17:03pm

Well Gitarzan, when you tout Ted "really wasn't all that influential or innovative" as fact, that's just wrong. He's influenced MILLIONS of guitar players - including me.

As for innovation, he's innovative from the standpoint that he's the first to completely harness feedback and not only makes incredible animal sounds but routinely incorporates it into his music.

50 years of playing professionally and 6,000 concerts later, he wouldn't be around if he wasn't influential and innovative. PERIOD.

Posted by on Monday, 04.13.09 @ 17:28pm

Well Gitarzan, when you tout Ted "really wasn't all that influential or innovative" as fact, that's just wrong. He's influenced MILLIONS of guitar players - including me.

As for innovation, he's innovative from the standpoint that he's the first to completely harness feedback and not only makes incredible animal sounds but routinely incorporates it into his music.

50 years of playing professionally and 6,000 concerts later, he wouldn't be around if he wasn't influential and innovative. PERIOD.

Posted by Steve on Monday, 04.13.09 @ 17:28pm

He wasn't necessarily the first to harness feedback, but he did do it effectively, and I've...never...denied...THAT!!! There are a lot of guitarists who have influenced tons of others, Nugent notwithstanding. What would make him stand out above all the others to John Q. Public? It's great that he influenced you, but how does he appeal to the masses? What would make someone listen and learn from Nugent above all the other greats who would be influential to a beginner?

As Dameon quoted earlier, Deep Purple (who featured one of the best players ever) isn't considered influential enough by a very prominent member of the nominating committee. The list of players (with or without their band) who are considered "great" but not yet even considered is pretty long. Longevity and the amount of concerts one has played doesn't seem to have a lot of bearing on the committee.

Don't get me wrong...he's a great player and a dynamic performer. I've played "Stranglehold" Hey, Baby", and "Cat Scratch Fever" more times than I care to remember (as part of a playlist, not because I just HAD to learn them), but I was influenced by a whole LOT of players...some who'll never get a sniff of the HoF, but are every bit as good as Nugent. As for the HoF, I'm as stumped as anyone (including you) as to what the criteria really is. Nugent has been eligible for a while now, and the way things are going, I just don't see it...along with a lot of other players and influential bands who maybe should be considered.

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 04.13.09 @ 20:47pm

Another thing, my point of view on Nugent being "influential and innovative" is my OPINION. You can feel free to disagree all you want. My OPINION is based on years of playing and exposure to numerous players in several genres. He's a good player but just never stood head and shoulders above the rest. I've played his material but never wanted to "play just like him". If I were stuck on one style or were influenced just one player, I probably would've either quit playing or went insane from sheer boredom...

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 04.13.09 @ 21:27pm

I've always been a fan of Nugent's work. Starting with The Amboy Dukes.

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 04.14.09 @ 10:44am

Ted Nugent, in my opinion, is one of the greatest guitar heroes of all time. He had countless riff-rocking, wild man, chest beating rock songs. "Stranglehold", "Cat Scrath Fever", "Motor City Madhouse", "Free-for-all", "Weekend Warriors", "Need You Bad", "Great White Buffalo" and need I go on. Even in his early days in The Amboy Dukes he showed his ability to turn what would have been a psychelic song, in "Journey to the Center of the Mind" into blistering hard rock when he breaks in those solos. And I hate it when people bring his politics into the equation. Just because someone has a different political view doesn't mean you can take a away from the credibilty of thier music( which the hall is most likely doing, being that some of the commitee is from Rolling Stone Magazine). I still love the music of Don Henley and Pearl Jam despite thier left-wing politics. Like some of the people said earlier on this page, bands like Anthrax and Skid Row have been influenced by The Nuge. He still gets radio play and is one of the most reconizable faces in hard rock. I just want to say thanks to James Hetfield of Metallica, who are one of the greatest metal bands ever and just got inducted themselves, for including him in his list of artists that he felt should be inducted speech. Along with Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Rush, Motorhead, Kiss, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest. Someone had to do it and I'm gald it was James because a I'm a huge Metallica fan. Ted Nugent, hard rock innovator, who should have been inducted.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 05.1.09 @ 17:05pm

Ted is a giant crap!

Posted by TED SUCKS on Monday, 08.3.09 @ 17:30pm

Ted belongs in the *sshole hall of fame!

Posted by TED IS A HOMO on Monday, 08.3.09 @ 17:32pm

I assume TED SUCKS and TED IS A HOMO are the same person. Official cyberpunk designation trophy awarded to you!

Posted by lame on Monday, 08.3.09 @ 17:43pm

I'm just looking over old comments of mine. I don't know why I call Ted Nugent innovative? He has some influencial, but nothing in that department.

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 09.17.09 @ 13:01pm

Ted won't be considered due to his views on America and guns, drugs, etc., but if there ever was someone whose consideration is long overdue, it's him. He is more popular than half the hall, and more influential than another half. As a matter of fact, when I started to write this comment, it was going to say something like, "well, he doesn't deserve to be in, but he'll never be considered because represents everything the hall hates," but after thinking about it a minute, he deserves to be in, hands down. It's ridiculous, to tell you the truth. Put him in a band with more talented musicians around him (and better songwriting), and you're talking about one of the greatest hard rock bands ever. Ted will never get his due though, and that's OK. He doesn't care. He'd rather piss off a bunch of a-holes than get in your crappy political hall anyway, believe me. All it does is motivate him to write more "offensive" right-wing songs and books that beat the you-know-what out of Green Day and John Lennon and the like. His views screwed his popularity, his visibility to numbnuts like Rolling Stone magazine, and his future in Cleveland, but he is and always will be one of the founders of hard rock and best musicians of the 70s. He doesn't need your hall to know this. He is the ultimate rock star. I know somebody who told me Ted Nugent sucks. He said Cat Scratch fever was all he had. Turns out thats all he'd heard, I busted out the greatest hits, and now he's got him on his iPod all over the place. I don't care if he ever is even nominated. All I know is he's all over my iTunes, busting out some of the best riffs I've ever heard, right next to Aerosmith, GNR, and AC/DC where he belongs.

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 09.20.09 @ 21:49pm

. . . and Gitarzan, at least Deep Purple has been NOMINATED. . . can't we just give Ted one of THOSE nods???

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 09.20.09 @ 21:53pm

". . and Gitarzan, at least Deep Purple has been NOMINATED. . ."

No they haven't

Posted by Jonny on Monday, 09.21.09 @ 02:40am

Yeah, they've been considered, not nominated. There's a difference

Posted by Keebord on Monday, 09.21.09 @ 06:45am

My bad, that's what I meant. . .

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 10.4.09 @ 15:58pm

A lot of people can't seem to look past Nuge's political views and hunting. The guy is an amazing musician. His guitar playing is amazing and he is still a great live act. You don't get much better than his first three albums.

Posted by Tina on Saturday, 12.26.09 @ 16:18pm

Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Category: If They Collaborated

If Ted Nugent were to write a song with Al Stewart, it would be called...

What is "Year Of The Cat Scratch Fever?"

Posted by joker on Saturday, 02.13.10 @ 15:37pm

Great musician? Yes, absolutely awesome guitar player, but then there's plenty of those not yet in (Gary Moore, Ritchie Blackmore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, various others.) Influence? Some. I don't think James would've mentioned Ted in his speech if he hadn't been influenced by him, and yeah I know Scott Ian was really happy to be in a group with him. However, he's not really innovative, and thus there's nothing to seperate him from your average 70's hard rock act. Plus, there are more deserving acts waiting, so I'll call this a judgement call; won't bother me if he is inducted, but I certainly won't lose sleep over it either. Neither will Ted :)

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 02.20.10 @ 13:13pm

".....absolutely awesome guitar player...."

".....there's nothing to seperate him from your average 70's hard rock act."

Duh, isn't the fact that he's an "absolutely awesome guitar player" exactly what WOULD "seperate him from your average 70's hard rock act."


Posted by joker on Saturday, 02.20.10 @ 13:21pm

Rofl my waffle

Posted by Joker on Saturday, 02.20.10 @ 13:48pm

Can you read? I already wrote that there were lots of other awesome hard rock guitarists that were in acts that were more important than Ted (Ritchie Blackmore, Glenn Tipton/KK Downing, Brian Robertson/Scott Gorham, Bernard Sumner [okay, Joy Division weren't really Hard Rock, and New Order definitely aren't, but just using an example], Randy Rhoads, Dave Murray/Adrian Smith, "Fast Eddie" Clarke, Gary Moore, Dave Mustaine, and I'd say Glen Buxton was pretty good.) That was what I was saying: Just being an awesome guitarist isn't going to make you a slam-dunk induction in my eyes, because there's lots of great guitarists who haven't been inducted and were more important in their own ways.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 02.21.10 @ 17:07pm

The Nudge is a star of more than just Rock.

He brings the young rockers along on his military tours and gives way more than he takes.

i'd love to see him debate any single artist in the HOF on current events!!!

Posted by danny on Tuesday, 03.9.10 @ 15:32pm

Beyond the definition of "YES"!

I was a concert kid of the great 70's. Ted Nugent on stage blew the doors off almost every act out there. Two nights ago I caught a 62 year old Ted at the Hollywood House of Blues. He blew the stage apart. In fact he gave tribute that night to the blues and black musicians whom gave birth to Rock & Roll. This man is Motor City music. has a better understanding than most on all things music and can play a guitar like so few.

How does Gibson name a and make a guitar after you yet you are not a legend? WTF?

Like the political minds that run music, magazines like Rolling Stone, it is strictly bias against ones personal beliefs. Sad. The night before the Hollywood show Ted threw a recognition party for two families of local men whom were recently killed in the middle east. You should have seen it. Stand up

Ted will be inducted. Period.

Posted by Jeff on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 15:41pm

I'm not sure whether he should be inducted, but he is a great guitarist. I wouldn't throw too much of a fit if he was, but he won't be inducted, in part because of the political thing you mentioned. Rolling Stone wasn't that fond of him back in the day either.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 08.23.10 @ 20:22pm

F!#* the HOF, lets elect him president and I don't mean of Rock&Roll

Posted by oldass on Wednesday, 12.15.10 @ 21:28pm

"Short of Gene Simmons, you tell me who is a more recognizable face for 1970's power guitar Rock? Who has done more to perpetuate Rock-n-Roll without first dying by a tragic, untimely or self-inflicted death?"

Ozzy (pre-MTV). Alice Cooper. David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Page and Plant. Mercury and May. Daltrey and Townshend. Angus Young. Judas Priest.

Like I said, I greatly admire Ted, but some of you are giving him too much credit here. He's a great guitarist and has pumped out some great Hard Rock tunes, but there were lots of both around in his heyday.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 12.30.10 @ 14:57pm

I agree that Ted is perhaps not that original, but when it comes to the PERPETUATION of rock 'n roll there is no one ahead of him. KISS weren't that original either, but it was their showmanship and status as icons that got them a nomination. Nugent deserves no less. He's an icon of his era and they just don't get any larger than life. Also, no one is more energetic live. Notice I said IS not WAS. I saw him both in the '70s and recently and it's almost like he hasn't changed.

Of course, the committee will probably neer even consider him because of his ultra-conservative politics and his firm stand against drugs. Hmm...could the not drinking and doing drugs be WHY he's still energetic in his '60s?

There are few acts that I would argue deserve the Hall on showmanship alone but Ted heads the list.
It is a travesty that he hasn't at least been considered!

Posted by Mike Scott on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 13:43pm

Mike, have you ever listened to the Amboy Dukes? They have an instrumental I really like called "Scottish Tea."

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 13:46pm

Mike, have you ever listened to the Amboy Dukes? They have an instrumental I really like called "Scottish Tea."

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 13:46pm

I know I have. Tremendous number. One of the most awesome instrumentals ever.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 18:05pm

I agree

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 02.3.11 @ 12:15pm

I'd like to think this was one of those happy accidents that sometimes occur...

At the top of the page, there is a prompt that leads you to consider voting for another band, as we all know.

On this page, after you get done voting for Ted, it prompts you to cast a vote for the band Deerhunter...

Gotta wonder?!

Posted by Cheesecrop on Monday, 02.28.11 @ 18:22pm

God what a great rant, thanks FRH for putting that up. I dont agree with the whole "let's throw x out" thing, but the first half where is rips Jann Wenner is hilarious and true.

Posted by Jim on Friday, 07.8.11 @ 18:26pm

Haha, he thinks he should be in the Hall of Fame, lol!

Posted by Gassman on Friday, 07.8.11 @ 19:23pm

Awesome rant!

He's got a point. If you're really going to talk musically, they should at least think about considering him, instead of completely stonewalling him due to political views.

This little Hall in Cleveland is supposed to be about music first and foremost.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 07.8.11 @ 19:59pm


Ted Nugent wants to throw Grandmaster Flash, ABBA, Patti Smith and Madonna out of the Rock Hall and he doesn't want to be in with them. Epic Ted Nugent rant on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Claims Jann Wenner will never let him in over his gun stance.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 07.8.11 @ 22:02pm

I have two views on it. One: I agree with him partially. If Wenner was to keep him out because he doesn't feel he fits the criteria that's fine (though I think you could make a case for it), but you can bet it's political, and that's the wrong reason for doing it. I also applaud him for wanting to not be in, not because of certain people being in there (that's the part I disagree with, though it depends on how you define Rock and Roll), but because you could make a decent Hall Of Fame out of the list of snubs.

It should also be noted that Chuck Berry is still alive, and a man who's dedicated his life to what Chuck helped create should know better than to use him as part of his rant without checking his mortality status first. Good rant though.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 07.9.11 @ 04:46am

The Damn Yankees aren't on here yet!

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 07.9.11 @ 22:22pm

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent
Derek St. Holmes
Rob Grange
Cliff Davies

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 07.10.11 @ 06:52am

Ted doesn't want to be in a Hall of Fame with Grandmaster Flash, ABBA, Patti Smith and Madonna? That can certainly be arranged!

Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, 07.10.11 @ 16:05pm

Pfft, I'll listen to those four over Ted anyday.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 07.10.11 @ 16:25pm

"Ted doesn't want to be in a Hall of Fame with Grandmaster Flash, ABBA, Patti Smith and Madonna? That can certainly be arranged!" - Chalkie

Is that an endorsement for his induction or you agreeing with him being kept out? I don't care either way, I'm just curious.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 07.12.11 @ 12:34pm


I agree with him being kept out. Like GFW said, I'll take any of those 4 over Nugent any day.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 07.14.11 @ 20:33pm

The real candidate for the HOF is Derek St. Holmes. Although Ted seldom gives Derek any credit..Derek wrote and co-wrote his biggest hits. Derek is also the real lead singer. The combination of Ted and Derek's talents are epic and very much worthy of a HOF nod!

Posted by stella on Sunday, 07.17.11 @ 23:13pm

Eligible since 1992 with The Amboy Dukes.Eligible since 2000 as a solo artist.Eligible in 2015 with Damn Yankees and Damnocracy in 2031.I don't see how he couldn't get in.

Posted by tlh on Thursday, 08.18.11 @ 10:37am

tlh, watch him not get in.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 08.18.11 @ 15:25pm

Just as I suspected, all sorts of people on here whining about Ted Nugent's political views. Give me a break. It's his music we're discussing here. The Music. If it's true that Ted is being kept out of the Hall for political reasons, that's a shame. (I don't necessarily think he should be inducted, but keeping out for political reasons is just wrong. Accepting someone even though you don't necessarily agree with them, what's that called again? Oh yeah, democracy.)

"Ted Nugent wants to throw Grandmaster Flash, ABBA, Patti Smith and Madonna out of the Rock Hall and he doesn't want to be in with them."

Well first of all he has yet to even be considered so he's jumping the gun a little bit there. Anyway, with the exception of ABBA I'd rather listen to Ted (especially the Amboy Dukes) over that group any day.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 11.16.11 @ 14:58pm

"but keeping out for political reasons"

There should be "him" between "keeping" and "out"

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 11.16.11 @ 15:00pm

Ted's guitar playing was state of the art from 1971-78 so it isn't lack of musical excellence.His politics are pretty out there compared to the average person.I've heard him talk on his radio show in Detroit for years and he has said he was in favor of allowing gay marriage,industrial hemp and medical marijuana,a woman's right to choose abortion, hunters rights,gun owners rights,etc.But is that really any different than most other musicians/famous people?I've also heard him use his fame to help charities,make a wish,flood relief,poor children,let homeless people put trailers on his land etc. and that isn't really any different than other rock stars/Hollywood people so it must be something else.I doubt it is hunting or gun ownership because that would have stopped Metallica,Aerosmith,CCR,ZZ Top, and probably a few others.

Posted by tlh on Thursday, 02.16.12 @ 12:32pm

Ted's music is crap and he's a piece of shit. He talks big but if you were to slap him in the mouth he'd cry like a baby and pull out a gun. He's a terrible musician and will NEVER get into the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Ted is a pussy on Wednesday, 04.18.12 @ 09:19am

^Why don't you tell us how you really feel?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 04.18.12 @ 09:33am

We should also consider Teds contributions to music and all the people he influenced.Listen to the recording techniques that no one used before Ted like the faded in harmony guitars throughout "Stranglehold" or the fact that he is the grandfather of country metal music like "Great White Buffalo".All of the bands and guitarists that cite him as an influence or have praised his playing like Slash,Billy Gibbons,Paul Reed Smith,Steve Vai,Gary Hoey,Jake E Lee,Metallica,Korn,Motorhead,Judas Priest,The Ramones,STP,Tool,Biz Markee,Nickelback,Danzig,Anthrax,Skid Row,Kid Rock and even Madonna.And if that isn't good enough what about all of the fans that would like to see him in the hall?Like this one
Hetfield's got an entire list of hard-rock acts that he believes should be joining Metallica in the Hall
"Motörhead for sure, Deep Purple, Rush, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and even stuff before that ... Steppenwolf. It's crazy that Ted Nugent is not there; that dude is about as rock and roll as it gets. Alice Cooper, Kiss ... that's a pretty good list," he said. "These are bands that represent history and mean a lot to so many people. I think that alone means they should be in there too." Metallica's James Hetfield.

Posted by tlh on Wednesday, 04.18.12 @ 23:50pm

His whole band should be inducted as Ted Nugent, the same way Alice Cooper was inducted. Some of the album covers said Ted Nugent and showed all the members.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent (vocals; guitar)
Derek St. Holmes (vocals; guitar)
Rob Grange (bass guitar)
Cliff Davies (drums)

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 04.19.12 @ 00:40am

Solid gold pigs singing 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' will fly out of my ass before Ted makes it into the Hall.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 04.19.12 @ 07:54am

Metallica wants Ted Nugent inducted!

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 04.19.12 @ 08:16am

The problem with Nugent is that you have Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, and then what? Far be it from me to challenge the Metallica seal of approval, but that Nugent greatest hits album I used to own was a very disappointing affair.

Posted by astrodog on Thursday, 04.19.12 @ 13:40pm

Ted has had at least 4 best of albums but I wouldn't judge his whole career on any of them because none of them cover the whole period from 1967-2012.astrodog,I assume you were referring to Great Gonzos which only covers the period from 1975-80 a very narrow period that excludes the Amboy Dukes era and doesn't include music from all of his albums from that time either.And what about his newer music which saw a shift in style,Damn Yankees,and some of his most mature music.Starting with 1989's "Fred Bear",1990's "Come Again" 1992's "Someone to Believe" and "Sunrize" 1995's "Tooth, Fang & Claw" the list goes on and as far as I'm concerned
Ted's career didn't end with Great Gonzos and the best music was yet to come.

Posted by tlh on Thursday, 04.19.12 @ 18:02pm

The problem is that none of those songs are recognizable outside of hardcore Nugent fans. Even assuming that the Amboy Dukes era should be included, Journey to the Center of the Mind is really the only recognizable song. And should High Enough count for or against him?

Posted by astrodog on Friday, 04.20.12 @ 00:26am

Fred Bear has been on the radio continuously since 1989 the single released in 1989 was Ted's fastest selling single of all time.Damn Yankees went double platinum and on that tour most concerts sold out and they played Fred bear frequently so millions of people have heard it live and on the radio.I still hear Come Again on the radio all the time and Damn Yankees also played it every night on tour.But let's say that only hardcore fans knew his music would that really be so few people that it wouldn't even count considering Ted Nugent's 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 tours set attendance records at venues worldwide with his 6000th live performance in 2008 and the completion of his 52nd tour in 2011.That's millions of hardcore fans to overlook.

Posted by tlh on Friday, 04.20.12 @ 04:03am

Not sure I would want to hang my career hat on Fred Bear, but people can go on YT and judge for themselves. Nugent is a commercially successful artist in a commercial genre whose had a long career. He has an audience and his albums sell. That's significant, but he's mixed in with quite a few commercially successful artist standing in line.

Posted by astrodog on Friday, 04.20.12 @ 12:53pm

Secret Service Concludes 'Solid' Meeting With Ted Nugent. Questioned over incendiary political comments.

By Rolling Stone
April 20, 2012 10:35 AM ET

Following his incendiary comments towards Democrats and President Obama over the weekend, Ted Nugent has met with the Secret Service to clear their issues, Reuters reports. The meeting, which happened yesterday in Oklahoma, went without incident and appeased both parties.

"Good, solid, professional meeting concluding that I have never made any threats of violence towards anyone," said the Motor City Madman. "The meeting could not have gone better."

The Secret Service was also positive, affirming that both sides had smoothed things over. "The Secret Service interview of Ted Nugent has also been completed. The issue has been resolved," said agency spokesman Brian Leary. "The Secret Service does not anticipate any further action."

The Nuge had recently come under fire over controversial statements he made at last weekend's National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis. Among his comments was a rally cry in which he said, "We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November." Nugent has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the November elections.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 04.21.12 @ 19:44pm

Ted Nugent agrees to plead guilty in illegal kill
By RACHEL D'ORO | Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Rocker and wildlife hunter Ted Nugent has agreed to plead guilty to transporting a black bear he illegally killed in southeast Alaska.

Nugent made the admission in signing a plea agreement with federal prosecutors that was filed Friday in U.S. District Court.

Calls seeking comment from Nugent, his Anchorage attorney, Wayne Anthony Ross, and assistant U.S. Attorney Jack Schmidt were not immediately returned.

The plea agreement says Nugent illegally shot and killed the bear in May 2009 on Sukkwan Island days after wounding a bear in a bow hunt, which counted toward a state seasonal limit of one bear.

According to the agreement, first reported by the Anchorage Daily News, the six-day hunt was filmed for his Outdoor Channel television show, "Spirit of the Wild." In the hunt, Nugent used a number of bear-baiting sites on U.S. Forest Service property, according to the agreement.

The document says Nugent knowingly possessed and transported the bear in misdemeanor violation of the federal Lacey Act.

Nugent, identified in the agreement as Theodore A. Nugent, agreed to pay a $10,000 fine, according to the agreement, which says he also agreed with a two-year probation, including a special condition that he not hunt or fish in Alaska or Forest Service properties for one year. He also agreed to create a public service announcement that would be broadcast on his show every second week for one year, the document states.

"This PSA will discuss the importance of a hunter's responsibility in knowing the rules and regulations of the hunting activities that they engage in, which is subject to the review and final approval, prior to any broadcast, by a representative of the United States Attorney's Office in the District of Alaska," the agreement says.

Nugent, who signed the document April 14, also agreed to pay the state $600 for the bear that was taken illegally, according to the agreement. He would still need to enter the plea in court and have the plea be approved by a judge.

Nugent — a conservative activist famed for his 1977 hit "Cat Scratch Fever" — drew the attention of the Secret Service after he rallied support last weekend for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and said of the Obama administration: "We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November." His comments were made during a National Rifle Association meeting in St. Louis.

Nugent said on his website Thursday that he discussed the matter with two agents on Thursday while in Oklahoma.

"The meeting could not have gone better," he said. "I thanked them for their service, we shook hands and went about our business. God bless the good federal agents wherever they may be."

Nugent said he was just speaking figuratively and that he didn't threaten anyone's life or advocate violence.

"Metaphors needn't be explained to educated people," he said.

A Secret Service spokesman has said the issue has been resolved.

With hunting, Nugent has run afoul of the law before.

In August 2010, California revoked Nugent's deer hunting license after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of deer-baiting and not having a properly signed tag.

Nugent's loss of that deer hunting license through June 2012 allows 34 other states to revoke the same privilege under the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. Each state, however, can interpret and enforce the agreement differently.

Posted by joker on Saturday, 04.21.12 @ 19:53pm

Go back and listen to "Hammerdown" besides introducing the world to Meatloaf,compare the solos to what Kirk played in "One" and quite a few other songs.Listen to Ted's singing in "Motor City Madhouse" and compare that to James' singing style and guitar playing.Bands like Metallica and Pantera wouldn't have existed the same way if it weren't for Ted's influence.

Posted by tlh on Monday, 05.21.12 @ 02:46am

Ted Nugent's music is generic at best with juvenile lyrics. There's no reason he should be inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame.

Posted by Clyde Frogge on Wednesday, 08.22.12 @ 18:58pm

If Ted's music had been released as new music in 2012 by today's standards it would be generic but look at the music available in the years his music was new his music actually helped set the standard for newer bands.Some of his songs have juvenile lyrics but what band doesn't have a few fun rock songs?And you can't say most of his music is juvenile or generic who else has songs like "Great White Buffalo","Tooth,Fang,&Claw","Sunrize","Hibernation","Fred Bear",those are just a few of his songs that are unique and nowhere near juvenile.

Posted by tlh on Sunday, 08.26.12 @ 09:45am

An audio clip of people talking about Ted including Slash mentioning that Ted's music was one of his biggest influences and a big reason he became a guitar player


In the clip Paul Reed Smith talks about seeing Ted live and how he could tune his guitar without the tuners or by changing guitars just by bending the strings which he does at the beginning of this video


Posted by tlh on Saturday, 09.29.12 @ 21:51pm

He should never be inducted into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. Never. I don't care what kind of guitarist he is.

Posted by Jerry Guest on Sunday, 01.13.13 @ 18:21pm

If you google "Ted Nugent Discography" you'll note he has 8 albums in the USA that were highly succesful: 1 platinum, 3 double paltinum, 2 triple platinum, 2 gold. In Canada, he had 2 platinum and 5 gold albums. He has at least 11 top 100 hits chart entries and this doesn't even mention the guitar masterpiece "Stranglehold."

Posted by J Coppen on Monday, 04.22.13 @ 18:46pm

Just when you thought that this guy couldn't be any more of a scumbag...

Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 07.15.13 @ 22:01pm

Chalkie -I never make the mistake of thinking that Nugent is incapable of becoming more of a scumbag. It's all he's got. He's much better at one upping himself on scumbaggery than he ever was at one upping himself on musical ideas.

Posted by DarinRG on Tuesday, 07.16.13 @ 00:15am

Anyone who thinks ted nugent is worth a damn, has to be a complete douchebag themselves!! if you admire a cowardly draft dodging asshole a child molester a racist punk ass JERKOFF, then that should say something about YOUR character

Posted by knight4444 on Saturday, 08.16.14 @ 13:05pm

Didn't Zach like him?

Posted by Paul in KY on Sunday, 08.17.14 @ 12:25pm

Ill make the case...top grossing act in 77-79 in the world. Multi Platinum album creator, ridiculous guitar skills...keep the politics out of it

Posted by KGM on Thursday, 10.9.14 @ 20:23pm

Happened to come upon FRL while searching Muddy Waters and decided to browse some of the artist pages for old time's sake. Then I discovered this bile spewed by the eternally pathetic Paul in KY (who disgraces the fine state of Kentucky by using its initials in his user name):

Didn't Zach like him?

Posted by Paul in KY on Sunday, 08.17.14 @ 12:25pm

The answer is an emphatic no. Once upon a time I did enjoy Stranglehold and Cat Scratch Fever, but his music does not hold up well on repeated listenings. Too much macho cock-rock for my liking. That Nugent feels compelled to comment on current affairs (like a lot of other uninformed rawk musicians who think they are uniquely qualified to do suo) only heightens my dislike for him.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must resume my listening to James Booker's Classified, an outstanding album from one of the masters of New Orleans R&B and a multitude of other styles (stride piano, light classical, piano blues, and others too countless to name).

Posted by Zach on Thursday, 11.27.14 @ 23:06pm

Zach! Please don't change...

Posted by Paul in KY on Saturday, 11.29.14 @ 10:18am

Well, Paul, I still rigidly believe that the 1950s are the greatest decade for music and have a strong preference for music recorded prior to my birth, but I must regretfully inform you that my musical tastes have changed slightly. I've grown to appreciate the music of Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane, both of whom I had previously maligned. I've also discovered and developed an appreciation for the work of Django Reinhardt, Johnny Hartmann, Little Walter, Jelly Roll Morton, The Paladins, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, James Booker, and The Four Freshmen. As you can see, my tastes continue to diversify and mature. I have little time for contemporary music, outside of the stuff I hear from the iTunes Radio Alternative Station that my supervisor plays. I realized about a year ago that as one starts to focus on a career and plan his/her life following college graduation, it becomes utteraly pointless to stay abreast of current pop culture. I'd much rather pursue more active hobbies, like exercising and shooting pool, and continue to hone my craft in the line of work I have chosen.

My life has also taken a turn for the better, as I recently started a new job in September of this year. Thus, I have become even more selective about the message boards and sites I frequent, so don't expect too many future postings from me here.

Posted by Zach on Tuesday, 12.2.14 @ 21:00pm



Posted by tlh on Friday, 01.2.15 @ 22:30pm

To keep Uncle Ted out of the Rock and Roll HOF and induct many acts that opened for him is a load of crap

Posted by Mike on Monday, 03.16.15 @ 22:40pm

Ted should be in, but never will due to his conservative politics. Top grossing live act of the 1970's. Sustained success. Original sound and vastly underrated as a guitarist. No question he should be in.

Posted by homey16 on Monday, 06.15.15 @ 15:23pm

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