T. Rex

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1993 (The 1994 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1994 (ranked #72) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Electric Warrior (1971)
Slider (1972)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Bang A Gong (Get It On) (1971)
Jeepster (1971)
Telegram Sam (1972)
20th Century Boy (1973)

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Will T. Rex be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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T.REX Unbelievable!! Marc Bolan is the most important Rock artist to be left out. He was true Rock and Roll. He was as important as Lennon, Bowie, etc.From 1971-1973 Marc was the most popular performer in the world(outside of the USA) Other notables left out:

Donovan ???? what the Hell!!

Neil Diamond ??? Good God!!

ELO !!!!!

Small Faces ?!?!?!

How can you guys worry about the newer artists that haven't made it when some of the absolute most important contributors in Rock history are being ignored??

Posted by Starsinmybeard on Wednesday, 10.18.06 @ 21:51pm

Marc Bolan was and is still a major influence to British Rock'n'Roll not to mention a number of innovative US bands such as Rammones and G&R and Prince. Look at the key groups of 80's and 90's and now in the 0's look at the 'influences' (Smiths, Oasis,Supergrass, Culture Club, Adam & the Ants,Duran Duran, Soft Cell, Kasabien, Muse, Fratellis). Marc Bolan and T.REX had a greater long term influence on popular music than the sex pistols. Creating a genre of their own that was then jumped on by many lesser artists.

Marc Bolan must be considerd as a true 'timeless' artist - poet, singer songwriter, entertainer and icon!

Posted by Andrew on Monday, 12.18.06 @ 07:42am

Along with Alice Cooper, and eben moreso, Marc Bolan is THE MOST OVERLOOKED UNDERRATED and UNHERALDED figures in the history of rock. There can be no true rock hall of Fame without Marc, since rock since the late 70s would not have been the same had he not come before...DO IT NOW

Posted by Frank on Tuesday, 01.30.07 @ 12:59pm

T-REX introduced GLAM ROCK and NOT David Bowie as many are led to believe. Marc introduced Bowie to his producer Tony Visconti, and persuaded Bowie to do "Space Oddity". Many ROCK performers in the early 1970's began to copy Marc such as Mick Jagger, The Sweet, Gary Glitter, Slade, ect..

Marc Bolan was dubbed "The Godfather of PUNK" with his weekly television show MARC which featured new and upcoming artists such as The Damned.

So, let's give credit where credit is due.

Posted by Chuck (Child of RARN) on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 19:38pm

pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)

Posted by bikini on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:37am

Absolutely agree with others that to induct David Bowie and not T.Rex is a travesty. That's like inducting The Monkees and not The Beatles. Bowie stole from T.Rex and his guitarist Mick Ronson will tell you this. T.Rex invented glam rock not Bowie. T.Rex's rock songs beat the crap out of any of Bowie's, and I'm a Bowie fan as well. But let's give Bolan his due.

Posted by Lawrence Webb on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 06:53am

T-Rex not being in is a major oversight. For all intents and purposes Bolan invented what would be known as glam rock in 1970, and no one else can truly lay claim otherwise. I know that the bamd was not around for a long time, but what they did do was quite good. His moves from folk to glam to soul showed Bolan could handle just about anything he set his mind to.

Favorite songs:

Elemental Child
Bang A Gong
Planet Queen
Solid Gold Easy Action
20th Century Boy

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 09.16.08 @ 19:07pm

another underrated band

I hope they'll get in one day

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 19:23pm

T.Rex outside of "Get it On" and "Jeepster" (to a smaller degree)T.Rex wasn't appreciated that much in the the U.S sadly.
I remember getting The Slider upon orig. release in 1972.
I liked it then,and still like it now.
Own almost their entire catalog.
Basic rock dressed up with Marc Bolan's eccentric lyrics,charasmatic precense influenced many then and now from glam-punk.

Posted by Gary James CA on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 11:13am

Elemental Child
Bang A Gong
Planet Queen
Solid Gold Easy Action
20th Century Boy

Posted by Cheesecrop

A few of my faves would be-

Ballrooms of Mars
Dandy in the Underworld
Metal Guru
Teen Riot Structure

Posted by Gary James CA on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 11:16am

.Rex outside of "Get it On" and "Jeepster" (to a smaller degree)T.Rex wasn't appreciated that much in the the U.S sadly.
I remember getting The Slider upon orig. release in 1972.
I liked it then,and still like it now.
Own almost their entire catalog.
Basic rock dressed up with Marc Bolan's eccentric lyrics,charasmatic precense influenced many then and now from glam-punk.

Great band true rock and roll..

Posted by mrxyx on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 11:16am

marc was a true star,great songwriter and performer.undoubtedly a genius!!

Posted by bobby conway on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 06:36am

Love this band..They are true genius..

Posted by melatman on Wednesday, 10.8.08 @ 10:35am

I became a T.Rex fan at 14 when I heard "Get it on" AKA "Bang a gong". from there I bought Electric Warrior probably the best rock album by any artist at any time, and then I bought everything else.

Marc mixed & merged songs of Love, fantastic worlds, fantasy, Cool People, and his range of musically styles went from Folkish to soft and Hard rock, soul & funk

He always looked great, he loved the music makers and so although he thoroughly believed (rightly in my opinion) that he was the best, he also helped many other groups and individuals get success, So many owe so much to Marc Bolan and T.rex and some have already been named above so I don't want to repeat what you've already read but what about
Alison Goldfrapp ""Ooh La La" was probably inspired by T.Rex"
Lily Allen - on her myspace/lilymusic she says of T.rex "T REX (possibly the best band ever , ever ! )"
The Boom Town Rats fronted by Bob Geldof also got their first Break on Marcs 70's TV show

Marc's songs are much covered too although rarely if ever better than the original - but youtube "20th century boy" "Children of the revolution" "Jeepster" and more, and you'll see what I mean.

Modern day popular music wouldn't be the same without the greatest Rock artist of my life time - Marc Bolan!

Posted by Tony Hiscox HISAT on Thursday, 10.9.08 @ 02:25am

marc bolan was one of the major influences of so many other artists which foloowed and the best perfomer this country has ever produced. i cannot actually believe t.rex are not in the hall of fame already

Posted by steve moon on Thursday, 10.9.08 @ 10:39am

marc bolan is undoubtedly the most genius musician/ poet of all time!!! being a fan for the past 37 years i really do think he should be recognised for his contribution to the music industry!look at how many young people are wearing t shirts with his beautiful face on today!!never will he be forgotten......

Posted by bolanbabe on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 06:12am

Marc Bolan's T.Rex Changed the face of music and fashion of the seventies..a true pioneer that made people want to enjoy music again and opened the doors to bands that caught on to the sounds of the Electric Warrior and thus followed in his footsteps..Bowie a good friend of Marc's picked up the vibe thus the brilliant Ziggy Stardust was born. Lady Stardust Bowie wrote about Marc with a few hoodwinks in other songs Bowie wrote as Bowie had done so with Dylan and Warhole ..And Bowie would be the first to give Marc's accalaide..and throughout the last 3/4 decades Marc has been a major influence and source of inspiration to many artists from the chessy Glam bands that exploited Marc's adroginous looks to the over exploited sounds of the T.Rex sound to the admiration of the Punk movement that Marc embrassed as Marc had declared back in 73/74 'Glam rock is Dead'' Marc was always in a league of his own and thus a pioneer and motivator..
Surely Marc Bolan and T.Rex more then other British band other then the Beatles deserve to be inducted into the hall of fame anyway...

Posted by spike on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 08:50am

It is long over due for Marc he not only changed the 70s he changed music forever.
If The Beatles can see he was bigger than them why can't anyone else.
Trouble is people just remembers the GLAM days of the 70s Marc was more than this and many celebs today who are in our charts & already in Hall of Fame started only because of Marc Bolan.
Even Bowie use to constantly watch Marc to keep up with what he done for music.
Come on give him what he deserves.

Posted by MegaRex on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 09:17am

I cannot believe Marc Bolan is not in the hall of fame. Overlooked and underated comes to mind. How can this be?
Get him in the hall of fame, NOW!

Posted by catherine on Friday, 10.17.08 @ 17:29pm

"She's faster than most and she lives on the coast"

Posted by Firebrick on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 14:16pm

Is it a joke? is he still not there??? Madonna is in, and Marc Bolan is not......that's just big pile of bullcrap....T-REX-4eva!!!

Posted by Ronnie J. Malmsteen on Monday, 12.15.08 @ 02:59am

Dude, Marc Bolan is one hell of a musician, and for him to be left out is just rediculous. He is just as talented as Bowie and the lyrics are just radical. I just bought the vinyl of Electric warrior and I cannot estimate how many times I've listened to it. T-Rex is a very important band and should definately be inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame!

Posted by Karma on Monday, 03.9.09 @ 09:26am

You can see the infuences Electric Warrior had on the entire music scene of the early 70s. I am hard pressed to find any top album from 72 - 75 that dont demonstrate infuences from Electric Warrior.

Marc changed everything.

Posted by Down on Thursday, 04.30.09 @ 11:03am

So many good songs ("Bang a Gong, Get It On" and "Hot Love" to name two), so much influence, and yet so little recognition

Posted by Mongoose on Wednesday, 06.10.09 @ 17:48pm

They should be in!!!
Glad to see 57% induction chances though :D

Posted by QuestKenneth on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 11:38am

One of the pioneers of glam rock. They didn't have many hits in America, but they hall isn't about hits. It's about influence and innovation which T.Rex have. They desereve it.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 07.24.09 @ 15:46pm

I meant the hall not they hall and deserve not desereve....

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 07.24.09 @ 15:48pm

T.Rex most definately deserves to be inducted into the RnR hall of fame!

Posted by La Dama Demente on Wednesday, 09.2.09 @ 15:49pm

You know what would be awesome? If T. Rex was nominated

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 14:56pm

Will they get in this year? Or at least nominated?

Posted by Milestones on Saturday, 09.12.09 @ 13:21pm

T. Rex
The Slider = Nasty Grinding Rock

Posted by Francesco Di Pacelli on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 19:08pm

Nasty Grinding Rock

Posted by Francesco Di Pacelli on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 19:08pm

What's that exactly?

Posted by Bassmaster on Saturday, 12.19.09 @ 20:47pm

What is nasty grinding rock?? :)

Posted by Child in Time 27 on Monday, 12.28.09 @ 19:37pm

CiT 27...I once heard someone refer to disco as "butt slammin' music"...I'm still trying to figure out what that means...

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 12.28.09 @ 20:33pm

I don't know what those terms mean; I just know that Marc absolutely fits the bill. Godfather of glam with the ostrich feathers, big hair, fancy shiny clothes and high heals=Innovation. Bowie was apparently good friends with Marc, and the androgynous look rubbed off on him=Influence. Other bands who were already finding their niche began to adopt their own versions of the look (Slade, Queen, Sweet.) Over in the U.S. the New York Dolls parodied the look by dressing even more androgynously, and their look rubbed off on the hair bands=even more Influence. I know that Morrisey has spoken highly of seeing T.Rex, and when he and Bowie toured together they covered "Cosmic Dancer." Johnny Marr also said on Seven Ages of Rock that T.Rex were his and Morrisey's "heroes." Noel Gallagher has spoken fondly of listening to T. Rex and Slade on the radio, and stole the "Get It On" riff for "Cigarettes and Alcohol." Thus, they have influenced hard rock/metal and indie acts, and All-Music Guide also credits them with influencing punk artists. How many bands can claim all of that? Ultimately, what's prevented them from getting inducted is the U.S. lack of success: "Bang A Gong (Get It On)" was their only top 10 hit, and they had only 3 other hits in the U.S. the highest getting to #67. Only 3 albums charted in the U.S. the highest getting to #32. However, consider their U.K. success: Including compilation albums, 13 charting albums, all of which were within the top 50, and only one of those didn't reach the top 40. 8 of those were top 20, 4 of those were top 10 and 2 of those were #1's. Also, they had a hell of a run with singles on the other side of the Atlantic: 24 charting singles (out of 28). All of these 24 cracked the top 50, 20 cracked the top 40, and 11 of these were top 10, including 4 #1's. They also did well in Ireland: 10 charting singles, all of which were Top 20. 8 of these were Top 10, including 6 #1's! Some wonderful songs in that bunch of hits. I'll do a Keltner analysis another time, but all things considered there's no excuse for them not to be in. I believe if another U.K. Hall of Fame or a European Music Hall of Fame they'd be a shoo-in.

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 02.20.10 @ 14:17pm

Actually, I think Bowie pretty much fronted the whole "glam rock" movement, although the timeline to their musical origins are pretty close...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 02.20.10 @ 16:19pm

People began to notice Marc in 1970-71 due to his androgynous looks, and both he and Bowie were trying to find their niche at that point (Bowie was struggling at that point, they were about the same age, both started out at the same point, both were friends and they both played together briefly in a group called Hype.) I'm pretty sure Bolan was putting on glitter first, but it could go other way...

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 02.21.10 @ 17:14pm

I just posted an interview with Tony Kelly, lead vocalist for the 80's Hair Metal band MASQUE who sited T.Rex and David Bowie as influences at RockChoice.com You should check it out, it's really good.


Posted by SpaceTrucker on Sunday, 02.21.10 @ 18:19pm

Okay, to set the record straight, the Keltner analysis.

1. Were T. Rex ever regarded as the best artist in rock (Did anyone ever seriously suggest this?) I have not heard any critics or musicians seriously suggest this (anyone know about that?), and from a playing ability standpoint certainly not. However, most of the artists who are probably considered better are either in the Hall or likely will be in. They rank highly on some album polls in the U.K. (I'll post these later)

2. Were T. Rex ever the best artist in rock music in their genre? Subjective question. Most people could probably call them the best glam act in 1971, but then in '72 Bowie broke out with his glam persona and '73 Queen emerged, and both are generally considered better. They're probably in a close battle with Alice Cooper, KISS, Roxy Music and the NY Dolls to be considered the best glam act not in the Hall (T. Rex are generally considered to be head and shoulders above their other contemporaries such as Slade, Sweet...)

3. Were T. Rex ever considered the best at their instruments? No. Marc Bolan's guitar playing would come closest. Either they couldn't become virtuosos or they didn't want to (a bit of both is my guess.)

4. Did T. Rex have an impact on a number of other bands? Bowie, Queen and their contemporaries in the U.K. all had their own adaptations of the glitter and fancy costumes, and the hair bands took the look to even more over the top levels (though it was partially copied from NY Dolls, who parodied the British glam look.) Noel Gallagher was raised on them and has praised them (and stole the "Get It On" riff for "Cigarettes and Alcohol"); ditto for Joe Elliott. All-Music Guide says: "The music of T. Rex has proven quite influential on hard rock, punk, new wave and alternative rock" and also says that Bowie "borrowed heavily from Marc Bolan's glam rock". Johnny Marr called them his and Morrisey's "heroes." Some also called Marc the godfather of punk, and he had Billy Idol's first band on his TV show and the Damned opened for him.

5. Were T. Rex good enough that they could play after their prime? Obviously they never got there, but drummer Micky Finn started a tribute band in '97 (which still goes today, though Finn died in '03.)

6. Are T. Rex the best artist in history not in the HOF? I have to listen to the albums rather than the singles (which are great) to decide. From a playing ability stand-point not even close, but they could be the best glam artist not in. They came in at #84 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists, and 8 of the 84 artists ahead of them are eligible but not in, and the other one not in is Nirvana, who will for sure be in. 95th Greatest Artist on Acclaimed Music, and only 16 artists ranked ahead are eligible but not in. So very close.

7. Are most bands who have a comparable recording history and impact in the Hall of Fame? Well, there are some snubs that can equal or beat them in impact and influence but most of them are in. Recording history, possibly some of those acts beat them.

8. Is there any evidence to suggest that they were significantly better or worse than stats suggest? No.

9. Are T. Rex the best artist in it's genre eligible for the Hall of Fame? It wouldn't be a stretch to call them the best glam artist not in the Hall of Fame; the only glam artists not in generally considered better are Roxy Music, KISS and Alice Cooper.

10. How many #1 singles/gold records did T. Rex have? Did they ever win or get nominated for a Grammy award and how many nominations? I covered the charts already. No Grammy nominations.

11. How many Grammy-level songs/albums? How long did they dominate the music scene? How many Rolling Stone covers did they appear on? Did most artists with this kind of impact go to the HOF? Some material better than some Grammy-nominated/winning material. One of the biggest bands in the U.K. in the early to mid 70's and apparently big in Europe. No RS covers that I know of (hopefully when Marc died.) Most of the artists with this impact did go to the HOF and some with less.

12. If T. Rex were the best band at a concert, would the concert rock? Judging by live clips I think you'd have fun (the girls are always a bonus, even if they are screaming.)

13. What impact did T. Rex have on rock history? Were they responsible for any stylistic changes? Did they introduce any new equipment? Did they change history? No new equipment or techniques. Marc was practically the godfather of glam, and lots of people borrowed his look to great success. I think you could say they changed history.

14. Did T. Rex uphold the standards of sportsmanship & character that the HOF in it's written guidelines instructs us to consider? Marc engaged in some excesses and had some affairs while married but cleaned up his act in time for his son (with Gloria Jones) to be born.

I think this definitely warrants an induction, possibly 1st ballot.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 15:07pm

Okay, to set the record straight, the Keltner analysis.

etc., etc.,

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 15:07pm
I totally agree w/you that T-Rex deserves to be in the Hall.

The Keltner model (whoever he/she is) is horribly flawed, however.

3. Were they the best at their instruments? - This analysis wipes out every punk band, period. Feel like throwing the Ramones/Clash/Pistols out?

5. Were they good enough to play after their prime? - Any band can play after their prime, technically. Nothing here, really.

The comments on statistics/sportmanship/ethics crap is just that - crap. Tell me Jim Morrison was upholding ethics when he got naked in Miami. Want sportmanship & ethics? I suggest nominating Ty Cobb - the whole panel will cringe in fear.

#1's/Grammy's - Already proven you don't need 'em - you know who I mean.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 21:06pm

Some good players in this band

Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 03.1.10 @ 19:26pm

If you ever get the chance, listen to Buckethead's version of "20th Century Boy"...it's a little "busy", but very interesting...!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 03.1.10 @ 20:32pm

The Grammy's are indeed a horrible analysis when you look at some of the things that have happened there; over in the U.K. we have the Brits which have also made some major mistakes. I don't give a damn about the singles charts at all, and I agree with your point about technical ability, as three or four chords is the foundation of Rock 'n' Roll. The character bit rarely affects the analysis much, as Bon Jovi are upstanding citizens but that doesn't increase their standing to anything more than should be considered. I'm pretty sure Morrison was acquitted. I believe that's the analysis they use for the Baseball Hall of Fame (different questions of course) and someone adapted it for this Hall, and I decided to go along with it. The Grammys are irrelevant though, you're right. Basically if you pass the innovation, influence or impact tests then a logical case can be made for your induction. If you pass two of those you're on solid ground, and if you pass all three then you're an easy/no-brainer choice.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 03.1.10 @ 20:52pm


T. Rex - Get It On with Elton John on Piano

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.15.10 @ 19:33pm


This is better

T. Rex - Get It On with Elton John on Piano

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.15.10 @ 19:55pm

Whoever thinks T Rex is a great guitar player is wong in my opinion. Listening to his most famous songs his guitar playing seems pretty siplistic.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 09.22.10 @ 10:08am

The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame is a bunch of bull.
Let's face it, what does it matter. Their criteria is just record sales,and rolling Stone out of touch opinion. The Crock and roll Hall of fame is lame.

Posted by joewah on Sunday, 02.27.11 @ 01:00am

Whoever thinks T Rex is a great guitar player is wong in my opinion. Listening to his most famous songs his guitar playing seems pretty siplistic.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 09.22.10 @ 10:08am

GFW, nobody in the band T. Rex was called "T Rex"...

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 03.13.11 @ 04:21am

T Rex didnt play guitar. Marc Bolan played guitar. And he was great. He might not have been technical, but he could groove better than anyone. He made love to the guitar, which is how it should be played.

Posted by Charlie on Friday, 06.10.11 @ 13:49pm

TRex belongs in the hall. I am not usually one of those people whom goes are playing nazi fan for widely unrecognized bands, but these guys left a legacy that few know is their's. Although they don't have the fans or posters or tshirts of some of the more 'successful' bands, their talent and innovation created a sound very strongly implemented in popular music since. For as little credit they get, they couldn't deserve it more.

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 06.26.11 @ 10:05am

I've been watching T. Rex on youtube lately. I'm a huge Bowie fan but Bolan seems even more impressive in a lot of the performances I've seen. He was very good. Just saying.

Posted by astrodog on Wednesday, 08.24.11 @ 00:01am

I always used to think of the Hall of Fame as some kind of holy institution, where the rock stars are honoured as saints, but the more I am looking at who's actually in and who isn't I'm beginning to see that whoever decides upon who gets in has no idea has no idea what he's doing and knows nothing about music whatsoever! Seriously I could name a long list of people that I think should be in, but so far I've kept my mouth shut, but not introducing T.Rex is just a bad joke! Come on they pioneered a whole genre, if that doesn't count for something I don't know what does! I'm only 17 and I don't claim to know everything about music but hell I could make better decisions than that! So from now on I'm just gonna completley disregard the RaRhof 'cause if just lost all my faith in it! We don't need some stupid club anyway to remember great musicians! That's it, T.Rex rules!

Posted by Tammy on Friday, 09.16.11 @ 17:12pm

Using the GFW formula:

Innovation: Started out as a folk rock act, T. Rex basically invented glam rock. That's big. I'll give them 30 for that but since glam rock isn't all that respected/isn't very popular anymore I'll subtract 5 for a total of 25 here.

Influence: Since they basically invented glam rock they proved influential to every glam rock, glam metal, gothic rock, etc act that followed. They've also been an influence to Britpop, post-punk and even modern day Indie. Hey, there are even prog acts who cite them. 30

Commercial success: They've had plenty of hits, way more popular in the UK than the US, however so I'll give them a 10 here to balance the UK/US difference out.

Critical acclaim: They're usually considered the quintessential glam rock act, Electric Warrior is considered one of the greatest albums of all time, The Slider and their self-titled are also well loved, some call Electric Warrior and the Slider both mega classics. 30

Bonus: 10. (for Electric Warrior, the Slider and "Bang a Gong (Get It On)")

Total: 105

Conclusion: T. Rex should be inducted right away.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 10.11.11 @ 08:35am

Bong a Gong get T Rex in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame NOW!!!!

Posted by Stephen Ferguson on Saturday, 06.2.12 @ 21:39pm

The RRHOF's prejudice against glam rock acts (except David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Queen, and to a lesser extent, Elton John) is sickening. How Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry, T. Rex/Marc Bolan, The Sweet, and The New York Dolls are still not in the hall is a mystery that historians have been trying to solve since these acts were first eligible.

I don't need to outline the reasons why T. Rex is a worthy candidate. They've been discussed both here by other posters and elsewhere. T. Rex would have to be in the top 10 snubs in RRHOF history.

Posted by Zach on Tuesday, 06.19.12 @ 22:06pm

I agree Zach
they should be IN!

Posted by Happy on Wednesday, 06.20.12 @ 14:38pm

Objectively, T.Rex deserves induction. [Marc Bolan,Steve Currie,Steve Peregrin Took,Bill Legend,Mickey Finn] They were a pioneering force in glam, a genre that dominated the 1970's and 1980's. They should've been in a long time ago. They're absent because they didn't make in America.

Posted by Mr.Stone on Monday, 12.10.12 @ 16:57pm

One of the bigger snubs in my book, too, Mr. Stone.

Posted by DarinRG on Monday, 12.10.12 @ 17:03pm

I'll say it like this: if David Bowie can get in, if Deep Purple gets in (which to me is really likely at this moment), then T. Rex needs to get in. The pioneers of modern day glam rock.

Posted by Tim on Monday, 12.10.12 @ 17:10pm

Legendary bands are those that other imitate and have either lyrics, arrangements, engineering or instruments that are innovative. From that aspect T-Rex should be inducted.

Posted by Will on Tuesday, 12.11.12 @ 23:14pm

I enjoyed reading the comments. I doubt there is much more I can say about Marc Bolan's music that hasn't already been discussed; I will admit he was much bigger in his native UK than in the USA. So were the Sex Pistols for that matter, and they were inducted in the RHOF.

I believe we can all agree that T. Rex and Marc Bolan deserve a spot. If only Bolan were alive to see it.

Posted by John Cady on Tuesday, 05.21.13 @ 17:12pm

Place it on your forehead and baby, she ain't no witch, but I may call you jaguar 'cause you won't fool you know pollution machine. I want to be your Toy Boy, will be as easy as being a space age cowboy, unzip my winter poetry, give me 3D vision in the Revolution and I'll groove right in. . . to the. . . In the name of Zeus they shall not cop on!

This group got Robin Hood into the top 10 at least twice in the 20th century; in wild, poetic, Rock 'n' Roll records.

Posted by Geroo on Sunday, 04.20.14 @ 22:28pm

Oh, c'mon, INDUCT THEM!!!

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 23:46pm

He should definitely be in the Rock Hall; I'm more shocked that they've never been nominated. I have a feeling he will be nominated within the next couple of years. A pioneering and highly influential group from the 1970s. Akin to Deep Purple, T. Rex was more popular in the U.K. and they're really only known here for "Bang a Bong (Get it On)" but there's so much more then that one iconic song: "Jeepster," "Children of the Revolution," "Cosmic Dancer," and "20-Century Boy." A Shame he's not in the Rock Hall yet.

Posted by Nick on Tuesday, 03.17.15 @ 21:39pm

I know what this should be named. American Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Why would you not bring in T. Rex? What kind of a blatant wormhole of absurdity did we just open here? Hey, we brought in the Small Faces, but I guess they had to because they were technically the Faces. It's like Jefferson Airplane coming down to Starship in a way. Hey! If the faces are in, think about these guys! T. Rex! Marc Bolan! England cooked up another treat for America and exploded in the US later with Bowie and other stuff! What the hell is this?? Those people up there should definitely know their rock history! What idiots do we have up there?? Are they debating taste?? What kind of idiocy is going on up there?? If you are arguing who should get in, it should be OBVIOUS INFLUENCE IN MUSIC HISTORY! And I think your rule of where such and such years have to pass after your bands last album comes out and when the mark has passed, they wont be going back to that, see, that kind of thinking has to stop. There's nothing more idiotic than that LOL and I think many people will agree with me. You already put in Donovan, and the Small Faces even though the Small Faces got in BECAUSE of the Faces. You bring in older acts every year. There shouldn't be a mark.

Posted by John on Monday, 04.6.15 @ 16:30pm

For all of you who don't know your rock history, Glam started in 1970 when Bolan brushed glitter on his face before singing "Ride a White Swan" on Top of the Pops. Bowie adopted the glam image for Ziggy Stardust which was totally inspired by T.rex. The song "Starman" is about Marc. Elton's song "I'm going to be a teenage idol" off the "Don't shoot me" LP was about Marc. T.Rex is mentioned in the songs "All the Young Dudes" by Mott the Hoople (written by Bowie), in "You Better you Bet" by the Who and in songs by Kate Bush and Slade. As for sales, according to a documentary done after Marc's death in 1977, they said T.Rex sold 40 million records - I'd say that's enough to satisfy voters. In 1971 Electric Warrior was the biggest selling LP in the UK. Hot Love, Get it On and Jeepster were among the top 100 songs of the decade in Britain. As for influence, in the early 70's Marc was known as "The Face" in Britain as he was everywhere pitching products - kind of like Peyton Manning today. When Duran Duran split and some members formed Power Station, they auditioned singers and had tem sing Get it on -which they went on to record for a Top ten hit. 20th Century Boy is still being used in commercials today. The Hall has artists in who made like 2 hits or who were only together for couple years like Buffalo Springfield or the Yardbirds. Yes I know the Yardbirds had 3 of the greatest guitarists go thru them but King Crimson had Fripp, Greg Lake, John Wetton among others start with them and THEY are not in. I say let the artists nominate other artists and vote them in and tell Jan Wenner to retire.

Posted by David on Thursday, 04.16.15 @ 00:26am

Over rated rubbish!!! By the time of his death Bolan had become a Has Been. He had his own show "Marc" and was playing out to almost 3m to 4m viewers. During the show he released the single Celebrate Summer. It sold less than 6000 copies in the UK, so say no more!

Posted by Dave Waton on Sunday, 06.14.15 @ 18:45pm

So because Bolan's last single barely broke 5000 sales, the fact that T. Rex invented a genre that influenced Bowie, Sweet, Mott the Hoople, and Roxy Music and was an admitted influence of the Smiths and Oasis (twenty years removed from Bolan's peak) should immediately perish? Besides, Marc (the show) helped get exposure for Generation X (and Billy Idol, by extension) and the Jam, so even if his own sales were bunk, the rub can be used to argue against it.

Even if T. Rex's music hasn't aged at all (my opinion: it has aged decently enough) and looked pure 70s, they'd still be a massive snub simply for the line of artists they influenced. Bolan's final sales mean nothing much in the face of that.

Posted by SotN on Sunday, 06.14.15 @ 19:18pm

T. Rex are very much over rated. Bolan did nothing in the States. Why do Bolan fans not accept that T.rex had become a has been after 73. The record sales had dipped to the point of less sales of his Tyrannosaurus Rex days by time of his sad death. Bowie was steps ahead of Bolan by far. It was David who advised Bolan in 76 to go back to his roots and to make grate albums again rather than keep pumping out singles. Maybe that would have happened who knows. He had a lot to make up first though. That silly T.V show was not a good start. Most of his fans would have been at work and the fact that the school kids who tuned in had no interest in investing pocket money in the single Celebrate Summer. Less then 6000 sales is dam bad.Anyway having said all that, Bolan did influence many. However it means nothing!! Bolan his remembered for opening the door for silly glam rock. He never moved on from it really.

Posted by Danny on Friday, 06.26.15 @ 11:52am

Bolan was years ahead with ideas. Way ahead of Bowie in many ways. I have worked with both in the US, Bolan in 73 and Bowie in 76. I did lighting. Marc Bolan was taking about using electronic sounds mixing with a rock formation in 73. Everyone in the bar thought he was off his tits. What happen in the 80s???? Give the guy credit people!!!! If you check out a album Bolan's Zip Gun / The Light Of Love USA mostly recorded 74 you can hear the ideas on Bowie's Low album 1977. Bolan is under rated man!!!

Posted by Colin Simmons on Monday, 06.29.15 @ 13:49pm

One of the most influential yet most underrated rock groups of all time. The same can be said for Cheap Trick.

Posted by Mitch Colburn on Sunday, 07.26.15 @ 18:07pm

Bowie, Bolan???? We are in 2015 not 1972. Marc was a outstanding writer. He lost his way in 74 and 75. However David Bowie acknowledged in a USA t.v interview in the mid 90s that Marc spoke about some fanatic ideas in 1977 that he believed would have put him back on the right track to gaining respect again. Sadly that was not to happen. So come on get off this competition thing. Marc is my main man and I got into the business because of the Bolan way. So thanks for that Boly. Underrated for me!! Best album Dandy by far. What would havebeen NEXT. The Next Day

Posted by Jack on Monday, 07.27.15 @ 16:05pm

Cheap Trick over T. REX?

The 2016 nominees came out last week and I feel that they went for a power-pop group in nominating Cheap Trick. I tried getting into them, the Budokon album is good. I also downloaded some of their stuff from their first four albums...But man, they were just simply mediocre.

T. Rex is the (glam) power-pop band that should be recognized. Their music is still great and exciting. I truly believe though, that with this year especially, the rock hall wants to induct people who are still alive. I think that that is great, however it seems to becoming at the expense of worth artist who have passed (Bolan, Nilsson, Nina Simone, Captain Beefheart?). They made right last year by inducting Lou Reed right after passing, I was sure they were gonna do the same thing for Joe Cocker this year, but I guess it makes for a better ceremony when the inductees are alive to attend.

Posted by PLUTO on Wednesday, 10.21.15 @ 17:16pm

it is quite blasphemous that Marc Bolan and Trex are not at all represented in the rock hall. Along with David Bowie and the New York Dolls who are also sadly absent from the hall are the forerunners of the inception of glam rock. Many artists several of which are in the hall and many others who have sold millions of records shamelessly stole from these artists. And the ones who had the intuition and the insight to create this image are shunned. Truly tragic

Posted by jdog on Friday, 01.15.16 @ 13:42pm

A potential induction should include the classic line-up:

Marc Bolan (vocals, guitars)
Mickey Finn (percussion)
Steve Currie (bass)
Bill Legend (drums)

Posted by Joseph on Wednesday, 01.25.17 @ 04:32am

T-Rex should absolutely be inducted into the Hall of Fame, especially since they are on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Rock and Roll.

Posted by Brendan on Tuesday, 03.21.17 @ 22:56pm


Posted by Darrin A on Thursday, 08.31.17 @ 05:28am

... and why not ALREADY ??

Posted by Darrin A on Thursday, 08.31.17 @ 05:31am

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