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This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
Break Like the Wind (1992)

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Will Spinal Tap be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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They should get in for Stonehenge alone. Nigel Tufnel is a guitar god. Marti DeBergi tried to sabatoge their career with that vicious documentary, but Tap has survived and perservered.....long live Spinal Tap!!!

Posted by Ryan on Sunday, 09.10.06 @ 18:31pm

I'm a little worried that reality would implode if they were inducted. And I'm such a fan of reality, y'know? With the girls and stuff.

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 08:05am

There is such a fine line between stupid and clever, but Spinal Tap deserves entry in the Rock Hall for its comedic and musical contributions. When phrases like "goes to 11" are in the Oxford English Dictionary, you are influential. Tap into America!

Posted by William Tell on Friday, 01.26.07 @ 08:05am

Spinal Tap must get in, just so Derek Smalls can shout "Hello, Cleveland!" in Cleveland.

Posted by Ian on Saturday, 04.7.07 @ 01:32am

they could, and in my opinion they should, but in all likely hood they wont

Posted by Hummer on Wednesday, 04.11.07 @ 15:47pm

Smell the Glove, hall of fame, smell the glove!

Posted by shawn on Sunday, 05.6.07 @ 23:40pm

wtf...Can the hall of fame be this desperate?

Posted by PJ on Wednesday, 05.16.07 @ 19:45pm

If the Hall wasn't currently so deep in debt to about 25 real bands, this would be a fucking hoot of an induction and show a commendable ability of the Hall to have a sense of humor and perspective about itself.

Wouldn't you love to see Tap emerge from their pods and rip into "Big Bottom"? Or how gloriously awkward would it be to see King Crimson follow Tap's production of "Stonehenge"?

But as I say, there are many too many legitimate bands waiting for their number to be called right now, and inducting Spinal Tap would be a slap.
How epically appropriate though would it be to see them get in a year or two before KISS?
Gloriously perfect!

Posted by shawn mc on Monday, 06.25.07 @ 11:35am


it beats RHCP

Posted by liam on Wednesday, 09.5.07 @ 13:03pm

Not that they're influential but their movie, that's something else.

Posted by MaulYoda on Monday, 09.10.07 @ 20:50pm

While it would be funny to see, I can't really see this happening.

Posted by Richie Riot on Friday, 10.12.07 @ 18:56pm


Posted by b on Friday, 11.2.07 @ 15:49pm

Spinal Tap made great music and an awesome movie, but most importantly, they taught us how to laugh at the music we love so much. They deserve their own Hall of Fame.

Posted by Metalsmith on Tuesday, 01.15.08 @ 16:53pm

Let me think...NO!!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 01.27.08 @ 10:06am

Nice comeback. Clever.

Posted by Metalsmith on Thursday, 02.7.08 @ 13:16pm

Now that is a combo. Spinal Tap, Cleveland and the Rock Hall of Fame. The only one I'd like to see is Spinal Tap, and they aren't really a band.

Now that I think about it. Cleveland is really a city, and the Rock Hall of Fame isn't much more than a pyramid.

Posted by subhuman on Wednesday, 02.27.08 @ 22:27pm

Oh God, I'd love to see them inducted! That would be something else.

However, my gut says it won't happen, so I voted no.

Posted by K-Money on Sunday, 04.13.08 @ 11:08am

Spinal tap?
They seemed like a joke to me.
I dont think they're HOF worthy.

Posted by justin on Thursday, 05.22.08 @ 08:45am

Spinal Tap should definitely be inducted. Even if they weren't a real band, they were definitely a part of rock music as a whole. They made us all laugh at some of the absurdities of the music we love so much.

Posted by Mountaineer on Tuesday, 07.15.08 @ 13:03pm

My head, of course, knows they have a snowball's chance in hell. But my heart knows how effing hilarious it would be to witness Spinal Tap in the Hall...

Posted by Trey on Wednesday, 08.13.08 @ 15:07pm

Vote Yes The perfect basnd for RHOF !!!

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 08.13.08 @ 15:13pm

From one Justin to another, it's the hall of fame that's a joke.

Posted by Justin Case on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 09:37am

Spinal Tap were the best!
They nailed it.
RRHOF worthy

Posted by Denise on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 17:57pm

The RRHOF really has become a joke. So it seems entirely appropriate that Spinal Tap be enshrined therein. That's nitpicking, isn't it? You know, you know.

Posted by Mosey A. Long on Thursday, 09.25.08 @ 12:29pm

My head, of course, knows they have a snowball's chance in hell. But my heart knows how effing hilarious it would be to witness Spinal Tap in the Hall...
Posted by Trey on Wednesday, 08.13.08 @ 15:07pm

Yeah,it would be hysterical.
Considering some of the talent that's even being considered I'll go with The Tap!

Posted by Cal on Thursday, 09.25.08 @ 12:50pm

Let's not forget, Spinal Tap is actually a real band. They were a joke, yeah, but Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean wrote all their own songs and played all their own instruments. They went on tour a couple of times to promote the movie and actually released a couple of albums.

They were created for the purpose of mocking rock bands, but they were performers. The only reall 'fake' thing about them was that they created aliases and characters for themselves.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 00:31am

They Should, But That Doesnt Mean They Will. I Mean, Were Talkin about the same hall of fame that snubbed Alice Cooper, KISS, Rush, but is considering Run-DMC.

Posted by Ty on Wednesday, 11.5.08 @ 07:08am

They can go in after all the deserving artists go in. And that's not going to happen.

Posted by communicator on Friday, 12.26.08 @ 14:42pm

Question: Why is "W" pronounced "Double U" when it clearly looks like a "Double V" not a "Double U"

Seriously, what looks more like W?




Posted by Patrick on Friday, 12.26.08 @ 14:45pm

Induct them as contributors, not as an act.

Then the pop acts that don't deserve to be there in the first place can get their undserved day in the spotlight.

If Tap ever make it, I just hope they find a drummer that won't spontaneously combust. That might burn Cleveland to the ground... after all the Cuyahoga River caught fire a couple times back in the 70s.... it could happen again.

Posted by Arnold Jay on Thursday, 01.29.09 @ 00:26am

Hello Cleveland!

Of course Tap belongs in the Hall. In fact, they may be the most worthy group ever. There is a little bit of every great rock band that ever existed lurking within Spinal Tap.

And musically, yes, they Go to Eleven.

(as to the drummer thing - have they ever considered hiring one of the Ramones' drummers? Might break the curse.)

Posted by Taylor on Wednesday, 02.18.09 @ 07:04am

If anyone voted yes for them,it makes me wonder,Great movie,though.

Posted by S.R on Wednesday, 03.11.09 @ 18:27pm

"Hello Cleveland!"

Posted by Andy on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 22:24pm

You know what, Spinal Tap played on thier albums and wrote thier own songs.

They should be inducted with thier 22 dead drummers.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 06.24.09 @ 12:11pm

Wow. Are they up to 22 already? That's doubley eleven.

Actually, Spinal Tap is one of the few heavy metal bands I actually enjoy listening to. There's a certain melodic component to much of their material that is lacking in the works of their contemporaries.

And the lyrics! Big Bottom. Need I say more?

'ello Cleveland, indeed.

Posted by CLL on Wednesday, 06.24.09 @ 12:43pm

"The bigger the cushion/the sweeter the pushin'"
- David St. Hubbins

Spinal Tap for class of 2010!

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 06.24.09 @ 13:17pm

Spinial Tap deserved to be Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, If the Blues Brothers get inducted in the hall, Spinial Tap will do it.

Posted by Dan Windler on Sunday, 02.12.12 @ 00:30am

Spinal Tap rules! I certainly hope they make it into the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Dean Hoover on Tuesday, 04.10.12 @ 15:13pm

I know these guys are mostly fictional, but the Ramones & KISS (not to mention several rap groups) were mostly fictional too & they got in. I think they deserve to be in the hall of fame.

Posted by Timothy Horrigan on Saturday, 12.9.17 @ 11:51am

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