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Social Distortion (1990)

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Story of My Life (1990)
I Was Wrong (1996)

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Will Social Distortion be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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they should be in class of 2009 since their first cd was released in 1984.

Posted by jerry on Wednesday, 07.19.06 @ 10:15am

they are one of my favorite bands and early influences. they brought me into the world of guys like johnny cash and deserve to be inducted. Mike ness and social d. have influenced countless people all over the world and make people blast there radio when story of my life or ball and chain are played.

Posted by luis on Saturday, 12.9.06 @ 11:44am

Truly amazing band, stood out in the punk scene, when everyone else was drawing X's on there hands and screaming, they kept to good old fashion rock and roll with lyrics from the heart. Truly amazing band, the deserve this so much

Posted by Sam on Friday, 02.16.07 @ 15:29pm

One of the most influential bands ever!!! Mike Ness should have his own nomination apart from the band also.

Posted by jeremy on Friday, 06.1.07 @ 10:37am


Posted by PETEE BOY on Wednesday, 06.6.07 @ 11:56am

Awesome band, would love to see them in.

Posted by Starr on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 12:57pm

One of my favorite bands ever and one of the most overlooked bands of the last 25 years. I hope they get in

Social D. is all heart, god bless ya Mike

Posted by Jaysix on Wednesday, 08.1.07 @ 21:15pm

Definitely the most important rock and roll band in my life! I owe so much to them. They have influenced almost every punk rock/rockabilly band after them. They define rock and roll every time that they play!

Posted by Glenn Cole on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 16:43pm

I just see it like this. My mom is in her 60's and likes Social D., I am 34 and I grew up to Social D., My son is now 5 and he also loves them and is growing up to them. One of the most overlooked bands in history, that talks to any generation.

Posted by Richie Riot on Friday, 10.12.07 @ 18:38pm

One of the greatest punk bands of all time

Posted by karl on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 03:55am

The first person on here to post a comment is a jackass. Mommy's Little Monster came out in 1982 on Vinyl. It did'nt come out on CD until 1989 on Triple X Records. Not to mention Mainliner-Playpen, 1945 all on 45's. Anyway the greatest band alive today. By far no one can touch them you know why? I'll tell you why because they are influences are Chuck Berry (Father Of Rock N Roll), Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, The Clash, Rolling Stones, Ramones, Country,Blues,Rock, everything that was and still is great. And thats good music. Most of these bands have come and gone and new one's will come and go. Social Fuckin' Distortion has always and will always be there till the end. We need to Vote them in.

Posted by TERK on Wednesday, 10.31.07 @ 15:57pm

social distortion is the best band on earth. I vote for them to be inducted. VOTE FOR SOCIAL D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Julian Palacios on Wednesday, 10.31.07 @ 22:46pm

Social Distortion has staying power. For over 25 years, they have kept the music true. The music is distinctive. In their initial years, this band lead the early SoCal punk revolution. Over the years, Social D. has evolved. Pulling from their influences, Social D has evolved and helped many to better appreciate various other styles of music (roots rock, alt country, punk, etc.). Whatever it is Social D. has made it their own and were never afraid to be criticized for drawing from artists like Johnny Cash or Kitty Wells. As leader, Mike Ness plays from the heart. He pours out his soul and lives his message. He has gained respect within the music industry and after all these years, Social D. is still rocking stronger than ever.

Posted by Lisa H. on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 05:54am

Itīs incredible how this band influenced a whole genre of music.

Posted by Peter on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 09:30am


Posted by patrick on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 12:29pm

One of the greatest Rock N Roll bands to come out the last 30 years who haven't needed mainstream success or world domination to keep going, getting stronger each album. Their frontman Mike Ness is one of the greatest singer-songwriters in Punk Rock history. They're a band that make me feel a way no other band can.

They've influenced a lot of the biggest rock bands out there today ie. The Offspring, Foo Fighters.. even The Boss Bruce Springsteen is a big fan and has recorded with Ness on a solo album.

If there's only one band that matter today, it has to be Social Distortion.

Posted by Luke Spickler on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 23:05pm

Actually their 1st album came out in 1983 and was recorded in 1982 not 1984..but anyway this band has changed the way i listen to punk rock and music in general..mike ness's vocals,riffs and lyrics are like no other and next year i am flying all the way to the States to see them live...i had this idea long before they decided to come to Australia and then cancelled..Social D bring you straight to the point bluesy punk rock sound that no one can match or even try to be like..truely one of the greatest bands of our time and of all time.

Posted by DONNY DOLLAR on Friday, 11.2.07 @ 00:56am

Hell Yeah! Mike Ness is one of the best songwriters music..great shows...loves the fans....that's why I work with an SD tribute band called Another State Of Mind...!!!Mike would be proud!!!

Posted by Tracey on Saturday, 11.3.07 @ 12:32pm

I have been a fan of Social D. for a long time, mid-80's till now. They know how to put on a show and have been my favorite band since day 1, probably have seen them 50 times over the last 18 years. The Ramones, The Clash, and Social Distortion, the 3 best punk rock bands of all time.

Posted by Patrick on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 20:10pm

Social Distortion deserve to be inducted due to their influence on music over these 29 years. They have also been able to introduce the world to some new bands that are going to be just as good. There are still scores of youth today just finding out about Mike and the boys. Even though the lineup has changed over the years, the music and wonderful lyrical writings have remained true. I expect to see Social Distortion inducted in the class of 2009.

Posted by Joe Rechlicz on Friday, 01.18.08 @ 12:56pm

SoCiAl D deserves to be in the rock n roll hall of fame... they have inspired many people to change for the good... their music fits to every person in general what they have been through in life... have played since 1978... and still playing making new cd makes shows for the fans they have been through alot... they should deserve a spot at the hall...

Posted by Ricky on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 11:00am

Social Distortion is one of the greatest bands. They never disappoint with their records or live shows. They have been around for almost or about 30 years. One of the most over looked bands in my opinion. They should have been there a while ago. Their music just talks about how life really is and thats why i stay true to this band very influential for my generation. Social Distortion till the day i die.

Posted by Arlene on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 03:08am

one of the most over looked bands in all of ROCK HISTORY man. the best punk rock band out there.

Posted by Dominic on Saturday, 08.2.08 @ 22:28pm

They suck.....only their fans have heard of can ask about anyone who they are and the answer you get will be "who?"

Posted by Me on Tuesday, 09.16.08 @ 23:14pm

good, good band. Classic stuff right there

Posted by Me on Wednesday, 10.1.08 @ 13:17pm

"They suck.....only their fans have heard of can ask about anyone who they are and the answer you get will be "who?"

Yeah, but those same people who haven't heard of Social Distortion are very likely fans of bands they had a huge, direct and distinct influence on.

That's how rock works man.

Posted by Chris on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 18:01pm

Hugely influential punk band. I think originality should count big time in inducting into the HOF. Social D. has a distinct sound that draws from 1950's rockabilly and fuses it with raw punk. Mike Ness has a knack for writing memorable songs that are simple but catchy as hell. Sometimes simplicity is what makes songs great. Just ask guys like Tom Petty how simple songs with catchy hooks are HOF material. Social D. should be in hands down.

Posted by Billy Hud on Monday, 10.13.08 @ 00:38am

Best band in America. Period.

Posted by on Saturday, 09.26.09 @ 14:13pm

That is your opinion! Exclamation point!

Posted by Brian on Saturday, 09.26.09 @ 14:19pm

they should have been first ballot too, they are the best of the 2nd wave and are the reason half the players are around now.

Posted by mc on Tuesday, 12.15.09 @ 17:06pm

Authentic, and always poignant. No one I know cannot identify with Ness's lyrics. The best and the fans as you can see will tell you so.

Posted by Kyle on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 11:34am

Social D, "X", The Blasters all get my nod!

Posted by Jeff on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 17:55pm

they shoul be in because the influenced numerous bands and kept punk alive even after the proclaimed "Death of Punk" by Kurt Cobain they did what everyone thought was impossible they kept a genera from death by bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco they should be in no doubt

Posted by Phil on Wednesday, 08.17.11 @ 00:27am

Saw them open at Madison Square Garden for Foo Fighters in November. They were pretty good.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 12.30.11 @ 17:44pm

Glaring omission because they don't play a genre that the big wigs in Cleveland understand.

Posted by Neckbeard on Sunday, 10.7.12 @ 10:57am

Maybe they will get in someday

Posted by Happy on Friday, 11.30.12 @ 15:17pm

The son of Los Lobos' David Hidalgo is David Hidalgo, Jr., drummer for Social Distortion.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 11.17.15 @ 08:58am

I would probably vote for Social Distortion into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. They have a great punk and rock sound. Ness is authentic in his lyrics and singing. Sounds like a man who has seen plenty of this world and lived his life and survived while others did not. Probably my FAV Social Distortion song is I Was Wrong. Hope they get inducted one day. KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 01.18.16 @ 23:51pm

Saw these punk titans at Bogarts in Cincinnati last night. Sold out show. Had the 'front of line' option & ended up 2nd row center. Opening act was a lady named Jade Jackson, Americana/Country singer/songwriter from somewhere in Central CA. When she started out, I was surprised. It would be like Paramore opening for Korn. Anyway, Mike Ness produced her album & is very high on her. She has talent & audience was polite.

Show was a rollicking affair. Band has been to the Queen City alot & the feeling is mutual from the fans. Got squished a few times by zealous, drunks trying to get up closer. They played for at least 1 1/2 hours. Think this band has influence in spades. Been around 38 years. To me, serious candidate for inclusion in our Future Rock Hall.

They are on tour now, so if you get a chance to see them...Do It!!!

Posted by Paul in KY on Sunday, 07.30.17 @ 19:39pm

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