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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2025 (ranked #229) .

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Reign In Blood (1986)
South Of Heaven (1988)
World Painted Blood (2009)

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Raining Blood (1986)
Angel of Death (1986)

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Will Slayer be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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they are the best damn thrash band ever

Posted by zach iuliucci on Wednesday, 07.19.06 @ 23:22pm

Should they get in? Yes.
Will they get in? Not likely. If it took Black Sabbath however many years it took to get in, Slayer will probably have a tougher time. Kerry King said something along the lines of if they were chosen, they would have to get Satan to induct them.

Posted by Matt on Friday, 08.18.06 @ 10:24am

Will Slayer be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? the name of Thrash.

Posted by Edgar on Friday, 09.1.06 @ 19:23pm

Slayer really does deserve to be in the rock hall of fame.But will they? like Matt pointed out probably not, unless the Rock board shapes up and has other members deciding who gets in. It took them forever to induct the innovators of the metal genre, Black Sabbath. But do they honestly have the testicle fortitude to induct one of the most brutal and controversial rock bands of all time? Pretty sure they dont. One of the most brutal and controversial rock groups of all time. Why do they deserve to get in? Aside from being a great thrash metal band and giving birth to black/death metal (which of course the Hall of Fame will overlook), it is withouth a question their album Reign in Blood. Not only is it very influential but the fact that it tends to get a top 10 spot in lists of the heaviest albums ever and best thash metal albums of all time. Kerry King was right in his statement about their chances of being inducted, but if they do, well lets just say it will be raining blood.

Posted by hellspawn007 on Saturday, 09.2.06 @ 16:34pm

to be honest i dont really like slayer but i would rather them be there than any rapper

Posted by joey on Thursday, 01.4.07 @ 17:21pm

As a longtime Slayer fan, I really beleive they were as influential as Metallica. However until earlier late 70's early 80's metal bands such as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden get in, Slayer has no chance.

Posted by Irondell on Thursday, 02.15.07 @ 21:53pm

Slayer is nominated !!!
Excellent !!!
Where the #### is EXODUS then ??? !!!

Posted by Nate McLeod on Friday, 02.16.07 @ 03:09am

siiiiiiiiiiiiii slayer la lleba grande tom araya el maestro conchetumadre son lo mejor hisjos de puta la lleban siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Posted by simon on Tuesday, 02.20.07 @ 11:50am

If it is anything to do with the ebing of influential then slayer should hands down get it. They had influenced an entire 20 years of Heavy Metal and basically "gave birth" to thrash rock. SLAYER FOR HALL OF FAME 08!!!!!!!!

Posted by ChrisPink on Wednesday, 03.7.07 @ 12:14pm

Well...Slayer did influence death metal in a way...but I doubt they will be noticed on 2 factors. 1). As pointed out, it's already tough for metal/hard rock acts to get in and 2). the style of Slayer's music...will it really be accepted by the public?

And Nate, Slayer is not's just the first year they are eligible.

Posted by maplejet on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 13:49pm

The only reson it took Black Sabbath so long to get in was because Ozzy kept taking there name off the bill, because the public had no say on who gets in

Slayer probobly wont get in the first year they are elegable, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Judas Preist would have to get in first, but they arent to contravesial to get in, The Sex Pistols got in and they were considered extreamly contraversial at the time

Posted by Shadow Of Oblivion on Thursday, 03.22.07 @ 21:33pm

Do they deserve to get in? Hell yes!
will they get in? Probably not
The guys who decide don't seem to understand good music

Posted by Aaron on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 05:38am

So I'm curious...Where the hell is Voivod?

Posted by William on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 22:24pm

The greatest thrash band ever...period!! I've seen them live 14 times and you will never see a better show. You'll probably see Snoop Dogg get in before Slayer. Just goes to show the folks at the Hall Of fame just don't get it. Slayer has been doing this for 25 years and they stayed true the whole time. Ozzfest should have been renamed Slayerfest!!!!

Posted by Danny on Thursday, 05.31.07 @ 23:10pm

"zzfest should have been renamed Slayerfest!!!!"-Danny

I don't think that would make it suck any less.

Also, Voivod > Slayer.

Posted by William on Friday, 06.1.07 @ 04:22am


Posted by SaveTHEanimals on Sunday, 09.16.07 @ 12:15pm

Yes I think they belong in the hall. The influence they have had on the music world is not in question. Just look at the inovation of Double Bass drums by Lombardo.

I think that the issue will be the accusations of devil worship and nazi-ism. It's a shame that people don't realize sometimes that it's just a band... not the devil himself.

Posted by Richie Riot on Friday, 10.12.07 @ 18:43pm

Should they be? HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will they be? I doubt it. The HOF's hatred of metal and their satanic overtones will probably combine to keep them out

Posted by karl on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 04:12am

Considering that Reign in Blood is pretty much "Year 0" for every form of extreme metal, they deserve induction for their influence and legacy alone. Their complete loyalty to their genre also stands out as an important factor to their credibility (especially in comparison to the embarassingly commerical leanings later on in the careers of Megadeth, Anthrax, and Metallica).

Posted by Issy on Sunday, 12.30.07 @ 10:05am

Slayer is an amazing group, and their influence on heavy music of all genres grows daily. I think there is a good chance they will be inducted, but it will probably take years. As of right now, there are several eligible artists with priority over Slayer who have yet to be inducted. Something that also hurts Slayer's chances is their statistics. For their continuing longevity and the number of releases they have, they have not sold an overwhelming number of records and concert tickets, which is something voters unfortunately consider. I think Slayer will suffer from the Richie Valens syndrome. They deserve it, but the long list of eligibles ahead of them, coupled with their stats, will keep them out for a long while.

Posted by Chris M on Thursday, 01.10.08 @ 18:04pm

I think not playing their music on radio will hurt their chances,but it's great listening to them on XM. If the judges see them in concert,they will truly have to consider them.Ther the loudest and the most evil band I ever saw!

Posted by frank on Monday, 03.24.08 @ 05:46am

Do I think Slayer should be inducted? Hell Yeah! But as some have said, probably not before Motorhead, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The three most popular bands from the late 70's and early 80's who had a direct impact on the development of thrash metal and the other later extreme genres.

I naturally also expect Metallica will get the nod from RRH judges first, due mainly to their much more mainstream appeal post The Black Album, but also the fact they had out the first defintive thrash album (Kill 'Em All), along with metal writers and critics the world over continuing to sing praises for Master of Puppets, even if the band haven't remained true to the thrash metal genre over the years and decades.

Thats not to say Slayer's own contributions to metal haven't been as huge, as they almost single-handedly inspired the creation of the whole death metal genre, or at least brought it massively into form with Reign In Blood, which continues to occupy most top 10 best or most influential lists of metal albums everywhere.

Posted by Dan on Friday, 08.1.08 @ 03:48am

Hell no!

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 18:34pm

Slayer sucks

Posted by Sum Ting Wong on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 11:06am

Rick Rubin should get in for Slayer's Reign In Blood, the best metal album ever, and for his Johnny Cash CDs, which resurrected Cash's career.

Posted by Bruce Helmick on Saturday, 10.25.08 @ 12:33pm

The WORST thrash metal band ever.

I will make sure they do not get inducted. Man, what a bunch of idiots who would even consider it.

Posted by Steven Stalker on Saturday, 11.29.08 @ 05:06am

Slayer is terrible. Metal at it's worst

Posted by zygote on Monday, 12.22.08 @ 16:13pm

oh really? SLAYER OWNS!

Posted by Metalheart on Saturday, 12.27.08 @ 19:34pm

my name is michael from texas i know and believe slayer will get intducted into the rock n roll hall of fame they desrve it .thier the best speed metal thrash band ive eever heard to me they put speed in metal i grew up listening to slayer they rock im forming my own speed metal band later slayer is a big influence on me.i watch one of thier videoes.tom araya and all of them are the best.hell yeah they deserve to be in thier

Posted by michael ingram on Monday, 01.12.09 @ 20:34pm

They better get in before nirvana,that's all. I like pie.

Posted by S.R on Friday, 02.6.09 @ 19:00pm

''Slayer is terrible.Metal at its worst'' No,you're just a pussy my friend.Slayer is freaking awesome.

Posted by S.R on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 16:37pm

I'm a big Slayer fan but they probably won't get in.
And Slayer>Voivod
See William I can do that to it's not hard.

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 03.15.09 @ 11:14am

Slayer is the only band this heavy which is capable of developing such well structured and musically inclined songs. Slayer should and must be inducted into any and all level's of musical recognition. 20 years of pure hell on earth and still reigning. SLAYERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Posted by Adam on Tuesday, 03.31.09 @ 23:29pm

Why NOT? Slayer NEEDS to be in there! They'd be stupid to leave them out!

Posted by Antonio on Friday, 04.3.09 @ 04:30am

They will be in there because they are partially responsible for the explosion of speed metal, thrash metal, death metal, gothic metal, thrash-core, grind-core, etc.

Posted by pablo on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 13:32pm

These guys are crap. All Kerry King does it write the same riff over and over again and hope that people go out and buy it

Posted by Dustin on Thursday, 05.14.09 @ 15:47pm

i agree with Dustin, same riffs & same style of singing over the years. someone better tell them that only playing fast is not everything. these guys can't be like Metallica or Megadeth

Posted by ASR on Wednesday, 06.17.09 @ 22:54pm

I've seen them several times and owned all their CDs. Reign in Blood is one of the greatest CDs ever. However, they're mediocre at best after that. Many more heavy bands come first.

Posted by on Saturday, 09.26.09 @ 15:02pm

They're like most any other metal band...They're gonna have a tough time getting in...But Abba(Not Rock) gets in fine...Slayer is the best thrash metal ever...better then Metallica

Posted by Jay on Thursday, 12.31.09 @ 13:57pm

I find the comparisons between Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax pointless. Yes, their roots are the same, but they all went in completely different directions. Also, I think "Year O" for black metal and extreme metal would be Venom. However, it's true Slayer have some excellent work, Dave Lombardo is a phenomenal (spell?) drummer and influential, and the band is probably "Year 0" for death metal, and lots of death metal and other metal bands cite them as an influence. Plus, they kicked playing fast into a whole new gear. They should absolutely be in. However, Deep Purple, Venom, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Motorhead all deserve to be in first (plus a couple others), and probably all of them except Venom will have to get in for Slayer to have a real chance, though non-metal critics do have good things to say about Slayer these days (see Classic Rock Magazine). The hall doesn't think highly of metal, Venom's too obscure to be noticed, Purple's been eligibile since '93, Priest since '99, Maiden since '04, and Motorhead since the early 2000's, and none of them have even been nominated yet, so don't expect to see Slayer considered any time soon.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 02.5.10 @ 12:50pm

Slayer should be in. They are a big influence on today's big modern metal bands like Slipknot, Hatebreed, etc.

Posted by Edgar on Friday, 03.5.10 @ 00:37am

YES! Considering how they kickstarted the extreme metal genres or had a hand in helping inspire the extreme metal pioneers!

Posted by Antonio on Monday, 03.22.10 @ 08:57am

Kickstarted death metal. The fathers of extreme metal would probably be Venom (who influenced Slayer, Metallica and Megadeth, and may have been the first black metal band because they came up with the term. Yes to Venom, Slayer and Megadeth.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 03.22.10 @ 17:03pm

Keltner analysis:
1. Were Slayer ever regarded as the best artist in rock (Did anyone ever seriously suggest this?) In my opinion no, and probably only die-hard fans would say this. However, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed and wrestler Chuck Lidell both called them the greatest metal band of all time, so maybe they think it, and you could do much worse when it comes to rock bands.

2. Were Slayer ever the best artist in rock music in their genre? Not to me. However, they're often ranked as being close to it. The 8th greatest metal band of all time according to Dave Mustaine, the 6th greatest according to MTV News, and the 15th greatest according to VH1. And they're certainly near the top in the thrash world as far as overall impact is conecerned. Reign in Blood often ranks high on greatest metal albums lists, and some of the other first five albums make it on to most of them as well.

3. Were Slayer ever considered the best at their instruments? No, and I don't think it. Dave Lombardo would rank near the top in the metal drummers world, and he drives the music so Araya doesn't have to get fancy with his bass. Hanneman and King are occasionally ranked near the top in the metal guitarists world, and are excellent rhythm players and riff writers, but I'm not much of a fan of their lead playing.

4. Did Slayer have an impact on a number of other bands? Yes. They're definitely an influential metal band, particularly on death metal. MTV News sums it up best: "Their downtuned rhythms, infectious guitar licks, graphically violent lyrics and grisly artwork set the standard for dozens of emerging thrash bands, and Slayer's music was directly responsible for the rise of death metal." Says Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse: "The innovators create building blocks for new bands. You can hear Slayer's influence in all kinds of bands, and without them, extreme metal would be quite a bit different. They added a lot to the musical vocabulary of death metal and extreme metal in general."

5. Were Slayer good enough that they could play after their prime? They're still releasing new music, and their live shows are still full of energy. Lots of touring.

6. Are Slayer the very best artist in history not in the HOF? To me, they're not even the best metal band not in the HOF. Acclaimed Music, which has all the critical rankings gathered up, ranks them as the 325th greatest artists of all time. Of the ones above them, 108 (give or take) are eligible but not in. Some of those 108 are more legendary, some are not.

7. Are most bands who have a comparable recording history and impact in the HOF? This is a mixed bag. There are some less important artists (some who are remembered for only a song or two) inducted, but by the same token there are some who are equally or more important that aren't in.

8. Is there any evidence to suggest that Slayer were any better or worse than suggested by the stats? No.

9. Are Slayer the best artist int it's genre eligible for the HOF? No, not in my mind. I believe Priest, Maiden and Motorhead to all be better. If you believe Acclaimed Music, there are only 12 artists who could possibly be considered metal better than them not in (4 not yet eligible). The only band that could be considered thrash ranked above them that isn't in is Motorhead. No death metal acts ranked above them.

10. How many #1 singles/gold records did Slayer have? How many Grammy wins/nominations? 2 Grammy wins, 2 other nominations. 4 Gold albums in the US, 3 in Canada, 1 in Poland and 1 Silver album (60,000 copies) in the UK.

The rest later...

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 05.4.10 @ 19:54pm

11. How many Grammy-level songs/albums did Slayer have? For how long of a period did Slayer dominate the music scene? How many Rolling Stone covers did Slayer appear on?? Did most of the bands with this kind of impact go into the Hall of Fame? They have plenty of music which I think is better than some stuff that's won Grammys, but that's subjective. Slayer got some MTV play in the early to mid 90's but never dominated the music scene in terms of popularity. I'd say for a while they were one of the best thrash bands around, but again that's subjective. No Rolling Stone covers. Plenty of bands who created something new and/or were massively influential within their genres were inducted. There are some more bands waiting to be inducted who did at least one of the two, both in and out of metal.

12. If Slayer were the best band at a concert, would it be likely that the concert would rock? Hell yeah. I haven't got to see them live yet, but I can see from clips that they are a force to be reckoned with; I hear that most bands are afraid to open for them. The mosh pits are crazy, and I've heard from people who have gone to their shows (no, not people I know) that they are one of the most powerful live bands out there, and that you are emotionally and physically drained by the time the show's over. They're very tight as well.

13. What impact did Slayer have on rock history? Were they responsible for any stylistic changes? Did they introduce new equipment? Did Slayer change history in any way? To cover parts one and two, they basically started death metal, and have been very influential on the metal musicians that followed them (particularly Dave Lombardo.) Venom had already taken metal to darker lyrical subjects and created black metal, and Motorhead cranked up the tempo, but Slayer pulled all that together, and nobody had seen a metal band that dark and violence-depicting before. They and Anthrax were the first thrash/speed metal bands to introduce hardcore punk influences into the music, thus making it even faster than before. Did they change rock history on the whole? Not really, but there's no doubt they changed metal history. No new equipment.

14. Did Slayer uphold the standards of sportsmanship and character that the Hall of Fame, in it's written guidelines, instructs us to consider? For the most part yes (I'm skipping over the Satanism and Nazism controversies because anybody who's done a bit of research knows that's nonsense.) They do seem like the type of guys it would be cool to hang out with.

So yes, Slayer belongs, no doubt.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 21:12pm


Posted by bob on Monday, 05.31.10 @ 08:47am

''Slayer is terrible.Metal at its worst'' No,you're just a pussy my friend.Slayer is freaking awesome.

Posted by S.R on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 16:37pm

Wow what a comment. Such class! Such insight! Such substance!

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 06:21am

"Wow what a comment. Such class! Such insight! Such substance!"

SR may not have phrased his rebuttal in the most erudite way, but he's not wrong.

You, on the other hand, added even less to the thread, and if you're disagreeing (your observation is so worthless that you don't even make the point whether Slayer should or should not get in), then you most definitely ARE wrong.

Posted by Ralph on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 08:38am

Quite the contrary, Ralph, I happen to think Slayer should be in (see Sam's excellent comments) and I had already had made that clear prior (not in that post). Hate to disappoint you but you're not getting an argument from me today!

If you're looking for a real fight on the other hand, I suggest you get off the internet

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 09:46am

"I had already had made that clear prior "

I don't see any other posts from you above. If it was in a different thread, I missed it.

As for a fight, is their anything stupider than fighting on the internet? On the other hand, I'm damn sure gonna stand up for a band like Slayer!

Posted by ralph on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 10:47am

"I don't see any other posts from you above. If it was in a different thread, I missed it."

Yeah it was on a different page, should've clarified that.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 10:55am

Join this group to petition metal in the Rock Hall of Fame!

Posted by Kyle on Tuesday, 11.22.11 @ 17:44pm

RIP, Jeff Hanneman

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 05.2.13 @ 19:10pm

First Year Eligibility material.

The stuff from Show No Mercy until Seasons in the Abyss is essential metal.

Perhaps the untimely passing of Hanneman gets them in 10 years from now. Once again they are victims of the Hall snubbing bands like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest and anything resembling heavy metal.

Posted by Hunter Morrow on Wednesday, 08.28.13 @ 14:31pm

Of course, eventually.

I can't imagine what would have happened if Tom Araya stayed in Valparaiso and started a band here, haha!

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 22:37pm

"They better get in before nirvana,that's all. I like pie.

Posted by S.R on Friday, 02.6.09 @ 19:00pm"

Dave Grohl was so happy because his mom let him listen to Slayer when he was a child, he said in his Nirvana induction speech.

I don't get how Nirvana is inducted before than Sonic Youth and Pixies (maybe because Kurt is dead and we all where so shocked back then?), but I'm pretty sure the people that runs RHOF are gonna pay attention to Slayer's name now.

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 22:41pm

Slayer has produced more music than most of the crappy rap groups that are in. I live in Akron, and will never go there until Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and many more metal bands get the respect they rightly deserve.

Posted by Dan on Tuesday, 07.28.15 @ 12:08pm

Even though they're not the easiest band to listen to, Slayer is one of the most influential bands in any sub-genre of rock music; besides, they made "Reign in Blood" for crying out loud. They deserve it!

Posted by Luke Madigan on Monday, 05.8.17 @ 14:22pm

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