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Will Slade be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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When considering SLADE for induction, their influence, record sales and just being an incredible live act make them better qualified than some already inducted. In the UK in the 70's, they were second only to ABBA in record sales and hits. Their style of glam-rock influenced many bands and their music is still heard regularly today. If MTV had been around in the early 70's, they would have been more easily visible to America and inducted in a shot. It's still not too late. Ask David Bowie, Paul McCartney, or any member of Def Leppard or Kiss (just to name a few) if they know who SLADE is and whether they should be in the Hall of Fame.
Thank you for your time.

Posted by Jim A. on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 21:44pm

Noddy Holder and the boys deserve a place in the Hall Of Fame. One of the BEST LIVE GROUPS, I've ever seen !
It's not fair that "QUIET RIOT" got so much respect, from ripping off "SLADE'S MUSIC" .


Posted by Rey C. on Thursday, 09.27.07 @ 20:22pm

All I can say is that they produced loads of muck once they hit the skids

Posted by liam on Friday, 10.26.07 @ 09:53am

Slade has to be inducted!!!

Posted by Sladest! on Monday, 12.15.08 @ 08:20am

Haha! OF COURSE,YES! They have all key factors: popluarity, tons of influence, talent, and amazing songs!

Posted by Child in Time 27 on Sunday, 12.21.08 @ 13:52pm

The Hall is underestimating the influence this band had back in the 70's.

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 06.18.09 @ 19:41pm

Yes, a very influencial glam rock band. They have been covered by Quiet Riot, Oasis, The Runaways, and many other groups. KISS was heavily influenced by Slade. They always said "Rock and Roll all Nite" was inspired by "Cum on Feel the Noize".

Posted by Dude Man on Thursday, 06.18.09 @ 19:56pm

It's a slam dunk. SLADE belongs in the R&R Hall of Fame. You Tube "SLADE" and you'll get a quick lesson on their history, music and style. SIX number one hits and comparisons like being second to the BEATLES in the UK more than qualifies them to be in the HAll.

Posted by John/MIX 106.7 RADIO on Wednesday, 09.23.09 @ 13:48pm

Does Slade deserve to get into the Hall of Fame? With all their top selling hits in the 70's and their over the top performance at Reading - no doubt!Sadly no chance with Slade being little more than a footnote in the States.

Posted by NIck on Monday, 10.12.09 @ 19:05pm

This top-selling singles rock band of the 1970's in Britain get no respect these days. They had the guts to go against image with their film In Flame which despite some terrible editing still stands as one of the best rock films ever made. Their reputation as one of the most tightest live acts is well-deserved. Never made it in the States, so no chance (ho-hum).

Posted by Tom on Tuesday, 12.22.09 @ 20:13pm

Slade had a couple of American hits AFTER Quiet Riot went Top 5 with "Cum on Feel The Noize" Their hits in America were "Run Runaway" (which borrows a guitar line from BTO's "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and the ballad "My Oh My" Spencer Proffer, Quiet Riot's producer said that Kevin DuBrow's voice reminded him of Noddy Holder's, but DuBrow never heard of Slade until Proffer mentioned them. That's how "Cum On Feel The Noize" came to be recorded by Quiet Riot.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 12.22.09 @ 21:51pm

bearing in mind they were the top selling singles band of 1973 -top 5 singles sales for that whole decade top indoor crowd in the world 1973 (still the record for earls court) plus 4 number1 albums -slade alive in chart for over 60 weeks-plus 6 0ther gold albums plus play it load went silver without entering the chart due toso many loyal fans reg buying the album year after year - then look at the covers of their songs -(because of this cum on feel the noise is their biggest record and not merry christmas and what about merry christmas ? everyone knows it thet should be in for that alone-add in 4 records straight in at no.1 -only bettered by beatles- plus the thousands of billiant live gigs, when you think about it ,it is kamakazingly amazing that they are not in it yet

Posted by oive bin slayed on Monday, 01.4.10 @ 09:05am

Some good hits. I know Noel Gallagher has talked about the impact listening to them as a kid had on him (he just namedropped them in an interview, so they might have influenced him.) Joan Jett's roots are in glam and punk, so the Runaways' "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" cover might've been a sign of influence. I wouldn't mind them getting in, but I certainly wouldn't lose sleep over it either. T.Rex first, then maybe...

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 17:13pm

without a doubt slade should be in the rock n roll hall of fame .they have always ben my no1 band . ihave all their music and still listen to it today as much as ever . however it seems that its not cool to play slade on the radio in any way any more. the other day i heard europes countdown 4 times on the radio in one day on different stations . i last heard slade on radio 2 at 4am 6 months ago with far far away ,the show was about bands at the movies in the seventies. give them more air play . they re unsung heroes in my opinion

Posted by graham on Sunday, 11.7.10 @ 01:56am

Well, as a fellow Brit, I know that "Merry Xmas Everybody" gets heavy rotation around Christmas. I've just lived in the US for awhile... I suppose they didn't get much airplay there because of the lack of hits (all I know about is "Run Run Away" occasionally gets some CRR play.) Since returning to the UK I haven't really listened to the radio, so I reserve comment on that.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 11.7.10 @ 10:31am

They may never make it but I certainly wouldn't complain if they did. I know they were influential as some have already pointed it so maybe it's not that much of a long shot. Who knows.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 03.15.11 @ 12:57pm

Yes they absolutely should be in.
Noddy is one of the great rock singers.
Listen if a minor act like martha and the vandellas is in I mean ,really?
Slade sold way way more albums and influenced tons of people. Come on!

Posted by jimmy on Thursday, 04.7.11 @ 15:11pm

The hall has a massive hard on for minor soul acts.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 04.7.11 @ 16:15pm

Its not really till later when people look back they realise how good things were. Slade were leaders and generated a sound different from others and captured a place and time many of us will never forget.Many future bands have been influenced by them. If you look deeper than there commercial success you see a band with a variety of musical abilities and a depth of sound that makes the earth shudder. With a career of 25 years they have spanned generations, something which few bands have achieved. Those who know far more than me will/should see past the glam cheeky side of Slade and see the legendary Rock layed down on many of there Albums over 3 decades.

Posted by Big Col on Monday, 07.18.11 @ 17:12pm

Of course, SLADE deserves to be in a rock 'n roll hall of fame. But, not one that includes the likes of Madonna,Prince,The Police,The Talking He ads, and Jackson Browne. There is no comparison. I've always had a love/hate relationship with SLADE.I love everything about them.But, I hate them because ever since I heard them, nothing or anyone else measures up. They were great song writers. They played with a passion and a tightness in their live performances that I have not heard since. And as Cobain said, They didn't bend over for anybody.

Posted by terry on Sunday, 03.25.12 @ 23:46pm

"But, not one that includes the likes of Madonna,Prince,The Police,The Talking He ads, and Jackson Browne."

So, did you just pick these random names out of a hat? I like Slade, and think that a case could be made for them, but every act that you mentioned is infinitely more important than Slade by any criteria.

Posted by DarinRG on Monday, 03.26.12 @ 00:18am

Dave Hill has cancer, so lets make his day and get Slade in the Hall of fame before he die's. SLADE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SLADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Joey on Monday, 06.18.12 @ 19:46pm

why Kinks and not Slade? cum and feel the Noize - Oasis style is amazing. totally underapreciated and disrespected

Posted by BigP on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 20:10pm

no disrespect but wtf - lovin spoonful and the hollies in the HoF and not Slade? I am getting angrier by each song I am listening to.

Posted by bigP on Saturday, 12.19.15 @ 20:17pm

Staggering that they aren't in. Slade Alive is still on high rotation in my CD player. One of the great albums of all time.

Posted by Max Emery on Friday, 04.8.16 @ 18:34pm

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