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Eligible in: 2027 (The 2028 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Simple Plan be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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no way!
they are stupid posers who should be on disney channel!
they suck

the end.

Posted by alex on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 14:30pm


F*ck off the haters _|_

Posted by Sara on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:07am


Screw the haters

Posted by Goldie on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:41am

simple plan forever.
they are the best ####ing guys in the world !

Posted by Elly on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 11:31am

OMG i thing im goin to slap your face! (theguy/girl i dont know the that wrote befor me) simple plan i like one of the BEST bands out there dude and plus I LOVE their music..

Posted by nadia on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 12:14pm

F*** the haters.Simple Plans awesome and they deserve better than disney channel.they rock!

Posted by Jenny on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 13:05pm


Posted by NATALIE DESROISERS on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 14:23pm

Simple Plan is awesome! they are my life! i would absolutely love to see them in the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame!! =]

Posted by Katie Bouvier on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 14:35pm

yeah that gurl at the top who jus told them they werer posers u can go screw yourself simple plan r the greatesT band everrr and no1 gives a crap what u think. so back off. YES SP SHOOD DEFF B IN IT!

Posted by Courtney Desrosiers on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 14:43pm

SIMPLE PLAN ROX MY MULTI-COLORED TOE SOX OFF MAN!!!! These Canadians are the best ones out there!!! They don't care about labels and they don't care about what's "punk" or isn't! That's the way it should be! I love these guys more than words can express!!! Their music has helped me so much in my life!!! And i've been and SP fan since the very beginning!...Even if i don't live in Canada..i still love them more than anyone else! Their band is so awesome and they need to be in this hall of fame! They deserve it so much!!! They are just a bunch of goofy guys that love music and want to be on that stage playing their insterments! They love their fans and would do ANYTHING for them! They always take the time to sign autographs and take pictures with them! They rock! And they DEFINATELY deserve to be in the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in 2027! ROCK ON SIMPLE PLAN!!!! AND NEVER FORGET THT I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS!!!!!

Posted by Johanna on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 16:13pm

Simple Plan should definitely be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! They deserve it! They are the best band ever. They care so much about the fans and screw you haters. There's nothing you can do that will stop the guys what they love to do. They've been playing music since they were just teenagers. And now their biggest dream of becoming a band, which is widely famous all over the world, has finally come true. And I know that they really appreciate all the fans' support and appreciation to them. So let's say thank you for writing wonderful songs which had inspired me and helped me dealt with problems in life. I love them all so much. I wish them all the best and god bless them all.

Posted by Romy Bouvier on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 06:41am

if they make it you can go ahead and shoot me

Posted by tyler on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 19:16pm

The best will always be the best.SIMPLE PLAN ROCKS!!!!!!

Posted by HaDa on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 06:16am

I LOVE SIMPLE PLAN!! They should soo be in it! oh and first girl up there...why did you even come on here if you don't like them? if you don't why bother and take the time to leave a comment? you must have no life at all!


Posted by Angie on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 17:04pm

They are so Amazing<33 they diserve it

Posted by Marissa on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 13:26pm

If it wasn't for these guys, I wouldn't be here today.
They deserve everything they got, get, and even more.
They should be recognized as Heroes to this whole world. Right now, they are recognized as heroes to many thousands of people in this world.
Who, Like me, wouldnt be alive if it wasn't for them.
I'll vote SP for everything and Anything.
Especially this.
I wouldn't consider them rock n roll, but maybe that will change by the time it gets to that 2027 or whatever, hopefully not, but yeah. They deserved to be recognized like this.

Posted by Sacha, mylifebelongstoSP. on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 15:08pm

simpleplan is a good group but i dont here about them anymore i can understand if there music and stuff is bad or they havent had music album out like in a year

you should still here about them like having fun or crashing parties and living the life how they want to the fun way but nobodys home

Posted by ashley on Tuesday, 04.3.07 @ 20:20pm

They shouldn't go in. Green Day should, since they influenced these pop punkers.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 04.6.07 @ 12:41pm

Simple Plan is one of the best bands in the world
yes the WORLD they are flipping awsome !

Posted by PERSON on Sunday, 05.13.07 @ 10:56am

Also, other than just doing their pop punk thing, nothing else stands out.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 05.25.07 @ 11:54am

they rock

Posted by brandon on Tuesday, 04.1.08 @ 16:15pm


Posted by joe on Saturday, 04.26.08 @ 15:56pm

well Joe's right shut the hell u annoying whiny fags

Posted by 6 on Friday, 08.22.08 @ 19:36pm

"well Joe's right shut the hell u annoying whiny fags"-6

Holy Cow...the ability to come across with a good argument, the overall intelligence shown on this site this evening overwhelms me!!

6-we look forward look forward to your next profound statement with great anticipation!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 08.22.08 @ 22:47pm

They right catchy songs, tho similar to Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte types, but they are for sure in a different league then those guys.

What's more is they seem to be absolutley unashamed of their status as, well, complete losers. I mean, I can't really describe their attitude towards things. Listen to "I'm Just a Kid"...he's like tormented, because he's in the position he's in...but at the same time, he's like not. Or he's ok with it. Or he's not ok with it, but is ok with the fact there's nothing he can do about it. I don't know.

Posted by jksimmons on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 22:51pm

"I'd do anything to fall asleep with you"

At least have the balls to say "I'd do anything to sleep with you"

Simple Pussy Plan


Posted by Azrig on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 10:28am

Like nails on the chalkboard. I think all of their songs should cite Roget's Thesaurus as a co-writer, since every song is just some synonym for angst. I laughed so much when I saw an interview, where they claimed to be growing and pushing themselves musically. Then I heard their new song, and was amazed at how much it sounded like the other songs.

Posted by J. B. on Saturday, 11.8.08 @ 23:40pm

They're okay, but nothing of induction worth.

They're very unoriginal, and it's noticeable.

Posted by Steven Stalker on Saturday, 11.29.08 @ 05:16am

Here's a simple plan, keep these dumbasses out!

Posted by Jorge on Tuesday, 12.23.08 @ 10:04am

Just as bad as yellowcard, maybe even worse.
Terrible mindless pop crap. Never even should of existed. Simple Plan SUCKS balls.

Posted by Jim on Thursday, 06.11.09 @ 17:26pm


Posted by on Saturday, 06.27.09 @ 12:21pm

I vote no, part of the movement with Yellowcard, Sum 41, Offspring, and Green Day. Pop punk has no place in the hall.

Posted by lame on Saturday, 06.27.09 @ 12:22pm

i like them but they wont make it

Posted by tron on Monday, 01.18.10 @ 18:55pm

When all these teenie boppers turn 14, they're going to really look back with embarassment at their taste in music.

You don't know it yet, but your favorite band sucks.

Posted by Jonah on Wednesday, 07.7.10 @ 11:03am

They got influenced by one of the most influential punk rock bands in history which is Green Day but because they suck soo bad, NO!

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:12am

Hell no, these whiny bitches don't deserve to be included among the greats in the hall.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 02.25.11 @ 06:56am

HELL YEAHHHHHHHH THEY WILL!! there music helped so many people to get thru tough times!!,, they even helped me!! there music has meaning,,,,, i have been seeing alot of comments that says that simple plan are copying blink 182 and some other bands,, and i think this is messed upppp!! Pop-punk music is founded before blink 182,, so anyone and any other band can come and make music in that genre!!! you cant call all bands that came after blink 182 a copyier i mean it's stupid,,,,,,!!!!! every band has it's hitts,, so please stop judging people and please watch your mouth Cuz all the commennts were so disrespectful!!!!!! STOP THE HATE! if you don't think they will not be music legend,, just say "no" no need for the other crap!

Posted by SPastronaut! on Tuesday, 02.7.12 @ 21:12pm


Posted by SP FAN 4 LIFE! on Tuesday, 02.7.12 @ 22:00pm

HELL YEAHH!! screw haters! they can hate all they want no one gives a shit about them! they are just stupid bullies! 
SIMPLE PLAN ARE MY HERO'S!!! and people who say that simple plan are whiners, i mean haters are the biggest whiners right????!!  i'm sure you get through all the things that they sang about!! and if you just listen to there lyrics you'll fall in love with them!! and you shouldn't care about gossip and rumors and other shit! they make music, not name! get to know the person before you judge him!

Posted by SP<3 on Tuesday, 02.7.12 @ 22:02pm

yes, no doubt!!!!!<3 i will be supporting SIMPLE PLAN for the rest of my life!

Posted by SUPPORTING SP on Tuesday, 02.7.12 @ 22:04pm

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!<3

Posted by SP ROCKS on Tuesday, 02.7.12 @ 22:07pm

i've listened to their lyrics, darling. they're hardly the next Cohen.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 02.8.12 @ 11:53am

GFW, be careful!!! You're going to upset the Jejune Gang of Simple Plan, they'll do terrible things to you like call you the most dreaded insult of all time.... A HATER!!!! and then they'll post "YES YES" 100x and make statements like "Simple Plan rawks y'all, ya haterz can shuvit upurs!!! LOL LOL LOL u jst got sirvd suckahz"

Oh and they'll probably use screen names like "SP 4Eva," "SP rulz" "haterz suk-I Heart SP" etc

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 02.8.12 @ 12:37pm

tahvo parvianen ; i'm not gonna call anyone a hater, but can you tell what should i call someone who says about SP or any other band, "whinie bitches" or any other insult??? this is a site for voting, not for insulting and cursing,, you're supposed to vote and get the hell out!!! and if you wanna comment,, say something good or never speak! and i dont have to say that just Cuz i'm a SP fan!

Posted by ashlee mat on Wednesday, 02.8.12 @ 18:06pm

yes i think they will, they have such a great songs!

Posted by john on Wednesday, 02.8.12 @ 18:20pm

yea!,,,, because simple plan don't make music just for money and fame, they make music to help people, and to make them get throught tough times!,, and they recently realesd their new album, Get Your Heart On, they have a song called this song saved my life, they co-write it WITH the fans on twitter! here is the video!>> ,, this why i have alot of respect for these guys!:)

Posted by luke blink-182 fan on Wednesday, 02.8.12 @ 18:43pm

yes they will!:3

Posted by bieleber! on Wednesday, 02.8.12 @ 19:27pm

i vote yes!

Posted by BOYA! on Wednesday, 02.8.12 @ 23:04pm

"this is a site for voting, not for insulting and cursing"

Well, yeah, that and discussion.

"you're supposed to vote and get the hell out!!! and if you wanna comment,, say something good or never speak!"

Actually you're wrong here. This site is meant for discussing whether or not artists are worthy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This is not a fan site. If you don't believe me check out the "About Us" section.

Anyway, good day to all you SP fans.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 02.9.12 @ 03:26am

Damnit, Tahvo, don't you listen? You're just supposed to vote, mention how Simple Plan should be in the hall of Fame cuz "there" awesome and helped you get over your first crush and then leave.

When are you ever going to learn how to use this site? Jeez.

Posted by DarinRG on Friday, 02.10.12 @ 02:51am

the same way that covens page is for claiming they invented chords and time signatures and are therefore the most influential band ever.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 02.10.12 @ 16:01pm

i agree with everything darinRG have said,,,,,,,,,, Dear tahvo ; yes i respect your "discussing" and of course it's better to discuss,, but does this "discussing" have to include : "whinie bitches" and other curses?

Posted by ashlee on Friday, 02.10.12 @ 18:13pm

ashlee... um, you do realize Darin was being sarcastic right? Anyway, regarding "whinie b*tches," of course I don't endorse that type of commentary and you'll notice I never said anything like that on here. Now, if OTHER people want to start cursing in their commentary that's not my problem.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 02.11.12 @ 03:07am

dear Tahvo Parvianen, either DarinRG was being sarcastic or not what he said was kinda true :p, and no one said it was your problem, but when some people were trying to defend simple plan you were being "sarcastic" to them! and i'm gonna respond again to what you said before ;;who ever curses someone and judge him is stated as a hater! or do you have another name to call them?! simple plan really work hard for their fans, they are so caring if you get know them you're gonna really like! them!

Posted by ashlee on Sunday, 03.4.12 @ 11:50am

If someone just curses artists for the sake of cursing and insulting then I consider them to be more of a troll, really. Look, there are plenty of artists I don't like but you won't hear saying things like "they f*cking SUCK!!!" or anything like that simply because it's unproductive to any argument. Not to mention that insulting others is a bad way to get someone on your side of an argument.

And you're absolutely right no one said it was my problem, I just made it my problem by commenting, lol. The only reason I commented in the first place was because it was a bit annoying to see fans massaging their pet project without providing any rational commentary or anything else of substance, just mindless "OMG I love them" comments.

I would be lying if I said I liked Simple Plan but I certainly don't have anything against them or their fans. If people enjoy listening to Simple Plan it's their right and more power to them.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 03.4.12 @ 12:41pm

Small correction:

"you won't hear saying things like"

Should be:

"you won't hear ME saying things like"

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 03.4.12 @ 12:43pm

tahvo i agree with everything you said!,,,and it's really nice to talk to someone so nice! 'very hard to find'!:)
but y'know, the fans are just trying to express their love towards the band! they don't mean to annoy anyone!

Posted by ashlee on Friday, 03.9.12 @ 02:54am

GFW ; i bet you only heard one song and you judge them by it!!!!!! it's so stupid to be here and to comment when you don't even listen to their songs or even like them, what brought you here????????-.- if you don't like their music just vote no and get the hell out!!! and watch you words this not a site for disrespectful people like you!!!!!! and btw i think that haters ARE the biggest winnie bitches, don't you think that too-.-!!!??? people like you really reallyyy make me feel disgusted!!!!

Posted by SP<3 on Friday, 03.9.12 @ 14:56pm

I know, I disgust myself every day.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 03.9.12 @ 15:38pm

well then change your self!
it really hurt to see these bad comments about your favorite band! their music are the only thing that was here for me when no body else was!!

Posted by SP<3 on Saturday, 03.10.12 @ 04:14am

simple plan is a life changing band! i'm glad i know them!

Posted by sara on Sunday, 03.11.12 @ 12:09pm

voted yes! they deserve it : ) plus i have a huge crush on pierre bouvier LOL!

Posted by katie on Saturday, 03.17.12 @ 13:11pm

they are amazing! :')

Posted by joan on Wednesday, 04.11.12 @ 09:32am


Posted by joan on Wednesday, 04.11.12 @ 09:33am

i love simple plan but they dont deserve to be in it. thier last album was trash like it was alright. but it did terrible they had success for few years but they lost it they need to make somthing big. in green day terms they neeed to make an american idiot to save their asses haha

Posted by Joseph nohelty on Wednesday, 05.9.12 @ 23:58pm

they're a great band. they write their own music, play their own instruments and they work their asses off to be where they are now
is you don't like them, don't listen to them, simple. you're not a music fan if you go round dissing something just because it's not your taste. 
and it's shame your brain can't think of something more constructive to say about them than "they're sh*t"

Posted by ryan on Wednesday, 06.6.12 @ 16:23pm

this is for all simple plan haters

Posted by matt on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 17:48pm

Are Simple Plan fans capable of constructing intelligible, compelling arguments? I doubt it. Using words like "haters" to refer to those who don't like Simple Plan makes you sound like prepubescent children.

Like all '90s/'00s pop punk, SP is just more of the same: wimpy vocals/lyrics, sugar-coated, and a lack of any attitude.

Why is it that some of the worst acts attract the most idiotic fans on FRL (Insane Clown Posse, Simple Plan, Senses Fail, etc.)? Can anyone explain that to me

Posted by Zach on Saturday, 06.16.12 @ 17:42pm

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