Rickie Lee Jones

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2004 (The 2005 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Will Rickie Lee Jones be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Unbelievable to see such low confidence in an artist that never fails to amaze since the 70's. A truly gifted singer and songwriter with a trademark voice.

Posted by Kalani Chong on Friday, 01.12.07 @ 01:06am

Chuckie's in love

Posted by Roy on Monday, 10.24.11 @ 22:43pm

She looks like Joni Mitchell

Posted by Roy on Monday, 10.24.11 @ 22:43pm

I'm not saying there isn't anything entertaining about Rickie Lee Jones, but I her music is not really 'rock and roll'. It's more like folk-pop. She's made a lot of money off of imitating Laura Nyro and Betty Carter. Nirvana's producer Steve Albini completely nailed it:
"Rickie Lee Jones [is] more talked about than heard, a persona completely unrooted in substance, and a f***king chore to listen to". (http://www1.chicagoreader.com/hitsville/pander.html)

Posted by Joey on Friday, 12.16.11 @ 20:52pm

She can't sing and her voice sounds too precious and pretentious for rock and roll mannerisms. Also there's too much theatre in her music and not enough music in her theatre. Sorry. She stole very heavily from Laura Nyro and she's just not that interesting or original enough.

Posted by Emily Rodgers on Saturday, 02.18.12 @ 21:37pm

I have no real opinion about her but one thing I can say is that her Wikipedia page is hilarious. It's a hagiography. And the reason, as became clear on the discussion page, was that Ms. Jones herself wrote it. I know Wikipedia is never the best source, but that is taking propaganda to an entirely new level.

Posted by astrodog on Sunday, 02.19.12 @ 22:20pm

Let's be fair: Donna Summmer had some good tunes, but her influence on music pales in comparison to Chic. Chic was so innovated, elegant, and superb musicians and sonic craftsmen. Yet both acts were nominated this year and they chose Donna Summer. Rickie Lee Jones is also as influencial as Chic, so is it suprising that she is being overlooked too? No, not at all.

Posted by Gene Skala on Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 17:24pm

Thanks for reminding me of Rickie Lee Jones and her epic Wikipedia page. I don't think the Beatles have a write up like that. She has no realistic chance to be nominated. It does say something though that Rolling Stone loved her back then, although more about Rolling Stone than anything else.

Posted by astrodog on Thursday, 12.13.12 @ 23:37pm

Few artists can create such musical visualization with her voice which in the songs she writes becomes but another intricate instrument that happens to paint such visual and emotional stories in song... she has created her own musical genre which no other artist has created before her nor has been able to capture since... the closest I can call it is a fusion on jazz, beatnik, and barrio soul with hints of western thrown in on occasion...

Posted by Tom on Wednesday, 11.1.17 @ 00:00am

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