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Cum On Feel The Noize (1983)
Metal Health (Bang Your Head) (1983)

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Will Quiet Riot be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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May Kevin R.I.P. and no they do not belong in the HoF, but mention of how their cover of Slade's "Cum On feel The Noise" changed some thinking on FM radio stations should be at least noted.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 11.26.07 @ 13:25pm

I'm no Quiet Riot fan, but Metal Health was the 1st metal album be #1 on the pop chart. Metal Health sold more than 6 million copies. It also was the album that knocked Michael Jackson's Thriller out of #1 for a while.

Posted by prosopagnosiac on Saturday, 12.1.07 @ 21:25pm

Not to worry. The Hall of Fame will feel the noize soon enough.

Posted by Metalsmith on Thursday, 02.14.08 @ 16:22pm

Yeah, Slade will get in sometime.

Posted by Liam on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 12:28pm

I doubt it although they were a great band as well.

Posted by Metalsmith on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 15:10pm

everyone needs to put them in the rockhall. if you dont think so you need to "bang your head" off a wall "cum on feel the noize" or youll be attacked by "the wild and the young" if you dont no those songs your stuppid

Posted by Ozzy666 on Monday, 03.31.08 @ 08:11am

Awesome band! Cum on feel the noize!!! They deserve to be in!!

Posted by Child in Time 27 on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 21:38pm

Already should be in! That Metal Health is driving me mad.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 13:08pm

Mike...can you imagine how great they would've been if Randy Rhoads would've stayed with them???

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 13:13pm

I've heard that before he died, Randy had been planning to leave Ozzy's band and try to become a classical guitar instructor, or something completely different from rock and roll. Now I love Randy to death (bad choice of words), but I notice he seemed a little inconsistent as far as staying with his bands.

Posted by Metalsmith on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 15:13pm

Randy was just trying to find his way around. Maybe he would have become a guitar teacher of some sort, but he would've needed some kind of stake to set himself up with. I'm willing to bet Rhoads would have either done a solo album or put together a band of his own for at least two albums. Once he made enough he could've easily turned it over to the rest of the ladies or gents w/his blessings. Whether this would change how we perceive him today is anybody's guess.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 15:30pm

I don't know but I hate the thought of him leaving show business and becoming an obscure one-time rockstar like Syd Barrett. Maybe he would have started his own "Blackmore's Night" type project. God help us.

Posted by Metalsmith on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 15:55pm

Since today is an '80s metal day, I had to mention these guys. I won't say they are HoF worthy, but they have some historical significance. They put out the first hair metal album in 1977(even before Van Halen's first album). They were also the first of the hair bands to have a number album. And they are responsible for Randy Rhoads first getting noticed and moving on with Ozzy Osbourne.

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 08.2.09 @ 13:50pm

Opps, #1 album I meant.

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 08.2.09 @ 13:52pm

I agree with Dude Man. I wouldn't have too much of a problem with it, but I don't think they're Hall worthy either. Unfortunately they were kind of a flash in the pan (Metal Health was huge, and then the cover of "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" was a hit, but nothing beyond that) and they're probably going to be remembered as just a footnote in rock history. They couldn't recapture their success and didn't have the critical acclaim to counter it. No chance of induction (at least not under this regime) but they had some great music. R.I.P. Kevin and Randy.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 05.2.10 @ 17:52pm

For a short time in 1983, Quiet Riot were a rock and roll sensation as their album "Metal Health" was the first heavy metal album to top the charts. Despite their quick rise to the top, it came crashing down just as fast when frontman, Kevin DuBrow couldn't keep his mouth shut when it came to attacking the band's peers and he further alienated fans and in the face of falling record sales, he was thrown out of the group in 1985, just two after their best song "Come On, Feel the Nose" hit number one. While DuBrow refromed the group in the 1990s, they would forever be musical outcasts who only had a short time in the spotlight.

If they were to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I would pick Bert Michaels of Poison to induct them.

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 03.20.13 @ 23:10pm

I'm probably going to get a lot of hate, but had Randy left Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio would probably try to beg him to join Dio instead of Vivian Campbell. Even though Randy wanted to do classical music as teacher and solo artist, I would think he'd fit Ronnie's style of metal going back to Dio's days with Blackmore's Rainbow.
But in all seriousness, I don't think Randy has a chance of getting into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame with Quiet Riot (nor will the band, due to lack of influence), but if Ozzy gets in, Randy will be inducted as a side musician (or Lifetime Achievement Award, whatever you call it) since he has a better chance of being so.

Posted by DioFan on Tuesday, 05.27.14 @ 23:09pm

Should be best remembered as a Slade cover band. So, no.

Posted by Max Emery on Friday, 04.8.16 @ 18:29pm

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