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Operation: Mindcrime (1988)
Empire (1990)

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Silent Lucidity (1990)

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Will Queensr˙che be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Can you please induct Queensryche into your Hall of Fame this year. I know that it's a little early for them...but they just rock SO HARD. Also, please indict Eddie from Iron Maiden in real soon. He's cool. I have a picture of him on both my bong and my drum set.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 12.12.06 @ 08:27am

Ha...Mike's funny

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 08:00am

Queensryche is absolutely one of the best progressive rock bands of all time. Just the idea and execution of Operation: Mindcrime I&II was awe-inspiring. that,, plus the fact that they have been able to change with the time but still have a unique sound makes me believe that Queensryche should have been inducted into the R&R hall of Fame Years sgo

Posted by Steve on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:00am

Another group with hits I can number on one hand after a tragic hunting accident leaves me with 3 less digits. Anybody who voted Yes for these guys (or RATT or NOFX of Billy Bragg) please tell me why KISS, RUSH, BILLY IDOL, JIM CROCE AND RUFUS ARE LEFT OUT???

Posted by Jason on Saturday, 05.26.07 @ 14:14pm

Queensryche should be inducted. Their first 5 albums were albums you could listen to from start to finish without skipping a song. They were huge, right up there with Metallica (even touring with them a couple of times) And I agree with Rush, Kiss and maybe Billy Idol. The rest I'm not sure. Queensryche is still going strong, maybe not as strong as the Mindcrime/Empire era, but those two albums are classics. VH1 needs to do a Classic Albums show for Mindcrime. Mindcrime II wasn't Mindcrime I, but it wasn't supposed to be. How could a band who are all almost 20 years older recreate that masterpiece?? I think they were one of the most influential bands of the late 80's/early 90's, along with Metallica, Pantera, Rush, SRV, Nirvana, and Guns N Roses (Who I don't think will make it in for a long time, even after they become eligible). I've seen QR 5 times since 1997 and they are all still as good musicians as they were in their prime. Tate's voice isn't what it used to be, but give him a break, he is almost 50 (if he isn't already)!! QR is my 2nd favorite behind Metallica. Induct them!!!

Posted by Jared on Monday, 06.11.07 @ 09:07am

I don't understand this backwards thinking when someone says, "these guys can't get in of so-and-so isn't in". That's B.S. Why not judge the band on their own merit? Why should we say that Queensryche can't get in if Kiss (yes), Rush (no), Billy Idol (close but no cigar), Jim Croce (maybe), and Rufus (who?) get in?

Instead, make an argument for why those others are getting screwed. Queensryche had some awesome songs and Geoff Tate has one of the best singing voices ever.

Posted by Dave on Monday, 08.27.07 @ 04:29am

Oh, Queensryche should get in, but not Rush, despite the fact that Rush was an influence for QR - idiot! The same can be said for many other bands too (i.e. Metallica).

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, 08.27.07 @ 06:03am

I saw Queensryche live 9-30-07, (along with Alice Cooper). This was probably the 20th time I've seen them live since 1984, and one thing is obvious, they deserve induction NOW. If anything, they are tighter musically than they ever have been, and the music definitely stands the test of time. The HOF has no huevos if they don't induct them.

Posted by Ryan on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 10:54am

Any band with an umlaut above a vowel in their name is immediately disqualified and assessed a fine for goofy posturing.

Posted by Blue on Tuesday, 01.22.08 @ 11:19am

Good band..."Silent Lucidity" was a good track. But hall of fame credentials I think require more than having one hit. Theres a lot of good bands who will never make the hall, either because they just don't make the grade or political bias (which is a travesty...see Chicago). They're very fortunate to have loyal fans who think they are great, though.

Like I said, good band, but I don't think they are HOF caliber.

Posted by Terry on Monday, 01.28.08 @ 18:19pm

This is the best example in the Hall of a missing segment of rock music - progressive arena rock. Rush, King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Genesis, J Tull, Supertramp, etc. have not yet been inducted. Evidently there is some bias against the genre by the voters. I hope that Queensryche can break the glass ceiling and at least become the first representative. While it would seem odd that QR would become the first to get in, maybe that will loosen the voters up for future bands that are also deserving. I, personally, would like to see this type of rock well represented when I return to the museum in Cleveland someday. In fact, I might not return until I know that it is.

Posted by Mark P on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 00:32am

Queensryche should be considered, no doubt! Calling Silent Lucidity their one hit, just continues to make the song an albatross around their neck, and would suggest there's a lot of passive listeners out there thinking they have enough to go on -- there were five other heavy-play singles and videos from the same album; it just seems like ballads have a longer after-life. If counting hits on fingers is the point, then that explains why Madonna gets in; she's had tonnes of hits, most of them vacuous and hardly rock of any genre, proto-, or post-. If it is about the MUSIC and something ARTISTICALLY relevant being contributed, QUEENSRYCHE are a sure thing. Listen to songs like NM 156, No Santcuary, Suite Sister Mary, The Needle Lies, Real World, I Am I, sPooL, Right Side of My Mind, Burning Man, Murderer, and tell me the band is only about one ballad and they don't have some justification for being inducted on the basis of their unique contribution to rock...

I love RUSH too, but I would never say they are summed up by Closer To The Heart, or The Pass! Nor would I say that Hold On To My Heart sums up WASP either!

If it's all about hits for you, then it's all about radio or music channels, and if it's all about them, then it's all about you putting your mind on idle and being fed what to like by bought-off programmers. Not sorry.

Posted by dave on Wednesday, 04.23.08 @ 12:26pm

FYI, Terry, Hall of Fame credentials don't require having ANY hits. If they did, the Velvet Underground, the Sex Pistols, and Leonard Cohen would not have been possible, and if a hit on the Hot 100 was required, we wouldn't have Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, or Miles Davis in either.

That said, it'd be a shame if "Silent Lucidity" was the only song they were remembered for. Empire and Anybody Listening are two more of their really great songs.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 04.24.08 @ 08:55am

The Sex Pistols had hits.

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 04.24.08 @ 09:02am

In the Cashbox charts? 'Cause they didn't have any on Billboard's singles charts.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 04.24.08 @ 09:36am

"Anarchy in the UK" # 38 UK
"God Save the Queen" # 2 UK
"Pretty Vacant" # 6 UK
"Holidays in the Sun" # 8 UK

You were saying?

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 04.24.08 @ 09:42am

I'm referring to American chart hits. A bit narrow-minded perhaps, but considering the UK has its own music hall of fame now, I think a solely American perspective isn't entirely inappropriate.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 04.24.08 @ 09:44am

This is probably the most talented band of their genre. And that is if you are going to pigeonhole them. I personally don't think you can.

The arguement of hits is ridiculous; Cohen, Smith and a number of other bands did not chart all that much. They could be as bombastic as any of the hair bands, yet be as strong and powerful as any metal band. They certainly continued in the Prog Rock ways. Basically, this band could do anything, cross any genre. And Geoff Tate can certainly be ranked as one of the great voices of the decade.

They should definitely be considered. When I don't know because I am a believer in getting it right and this Hall can't figure out what they are supposed to be about.

Posted by Dameon on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 10:18am

Geoff Tate has one of the best voices around. 4 Octave? Silent Lucidity was not their only hit and they deserve consideration.
There are other bands already in the Rock Hall with only a few "hits". I think longevity should factor in......
GO QUEENSRYCHE - living only 30 minutes from the Rock Hall..... Would love to see you inducted...

Posted by Queensryche_20+ year fan! on Saturday, 11.1.08 @ 22:09pm

GO QUEENSRYCHE - living only 30 minutes from the Rock Hall..... Would love to see you inducted...

Gosh makes it right 4 sho... think "Green" just on the saving of gas they should be RHOF..!!

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 11.1.08 @ 23:00pm

can anybody say one hit wonder!?

Posted by king floyd on Friday, 11.21.08 @ 19:29pm

They may have had only 1 hit on the pop charts but you know nothing of this band and I can't believe Geoff Tate wasn't in the Top 100 singers of all time list.My favorite album of theirs is Empire but I also like Mindcrime 1.

Posted by Brian on Friday, 11.21.08 @ 19:43pm

Queensryche has always changed their music style,most times successfully!They have the best singer ever on rock/metal compared only to freddie mercury(R.I.P.),an unsurpassed guitar duo and a very solid rhythm section(including one of the best drummers in the business having a style similar to Neil Part).Chris Degarmo is one of the most unique composers in metal music and as for the lyrics...well queensryche is the reason why metal does not keep itself busy with dragons,buttles,unfulfilled love issues and stuff like that.Nowadays their lyrics are more well-timed than ever!listen to songs like child of fire,deliverance,speak,empire,screaming in digital and you will see what i mean.In addition,the five albums released by them from the warning(1984)till promised land(1994) are all classics that gave birth to us power metal in the early years and progressive metal later...everyone who says they have only one hit,should check out their discography and study them(because their music can not be easily appreciated with one listen)-then, they will see that these guys have written some of the most intelligent and deep piece of music the world has ever seen!i could easily mention tons of songs but that is without purpose cause,in their prime,each album can only be heard from start to finish!After all these, it is obvious that the hall of fame should accept some real musicians and not only rubbish like madonna etc.finally,never forget that this band has released the best concept album ever(O.M.1 of course)and the best metal album ever(O.M.1 or rage for order-you choose which one you prefer-they are both from another universe)sorry for this long text but respect is the only thing that this huge band deserves-greetings from greece-D.L

Posted by john papadopoulos on Tuesday, 12.9.08 @ 15:26pm

Influnced every prog-metal band together with Savatage! had one of the first epic metal album! YESSSS!

Posted by Child in Time 27 on Friday, 12.19.08 @ 04:11am

HAHAHAHAHA Operation Mindcrime= best concept album of all time
Empire----Epic Greatness (silent lucidity, jet city woman, best i can, empire, another rainy night)

pre Mindcrime~~~~ Queen of the reich, lady wore black, take hold of the flame, warning, infrared, screaming in dig.,

I've already heard American Soldier WOW wait to yo hear this one best album since Empire no joke

Posted by jake on Tuesday, 02.24.09 @ 18:27pm

Queensryche - Yes! but probably not on first eligibility. Will take a few years but one of the best in their genre. Rush has been overlooked for far too long. Rush influenced many bands listed in posts above. Rush ranks second I believe for most gold albums. All three of its members are considered some of the best at their respective instruments with Neil and Geddy considered top 5 for their instruments. They continue to sell out large arenas and the last tour was one of the higher grossing tours at the time. These guys have been cranking out great music with extraordinary musicianship and they've influenced so many over the years. How can they be ignored?

Posted by anonymous on Thursday, 02.26.09 @ 21:04pm

Anon - I agree with Queensryche being inducted but couldn't you hae saved the Rush diatribe for the Rush board?

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 02.27.09 @ 04:44am

These guys deserve 100% to be in the hall of fame. Empire and Operation Mindcrime were albums you could listen to and then listen to over and over again without getting tired of the music.

Posted by Dustin on Thursday, 05.14.09 @ 15:53pm


Enough Said!

Geoff Tate along with Sebastian Bach were easily the best voices of the 80's and early 90's.

Simple enough, QR had everything you could ask for from a Rock and Roll Band. There was nothing they could not do.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 06.19.09 @ 06:20am

Queenstyche are pioneering in progressive-metal. I heard that Operation: Mindcrime might hit Broadway.

Other good '80s singers: Freddy Mercury, Axl Rose, David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner, Ronnie James Dio, Steven Tyler, etc.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 06.19.09 @ 08:57am

"can anybody say one hit wonder!?"

you know who else are one hit wonders? Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Patti Smith, and Jimi Hendrix!!!!!

Judging bands by top 40 hits is a terrible way to judge how good and influential they are. Otherwise, Brittany Spears with her 16 hits is better than Bob Dylan who only had 12.

Posted by Justin on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 17:06pm

Jimi Hendrix isn't a one hit wonder Justin, nor is Janis Joplin or the Grateful Dead or Patti Smith

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 17:26pm

Actually they are. A one-hit wonder means that an artist only has one top 40 hit(though Joplin's had another hit with BB&tHC). Here's some more one-hit wonders here in the U.S. that may surpise you:
-Ted Nugent
-Ten Years After
-J.J. Cale
-T. Rex
-Uriah Heep
-Roxy Music
-Thin Lizzy
-Warren Zevon
-Frank Zappa

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 17:42pm

Well if you apply that definition of one hit wonder then yes, but technically there's more than one definition of a one hit wonder. For further reading...


Also, I'm assuming Justin based "one hit wonder" on chart position s in the U.S.

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 17:49pm

A lot of those are British bands Dude Man

Posted by Milestones on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 17:50pm

Let's see...Jimi Hendrix = Rock Guitar Virtuoso. If I had my choice of being that or having "Top 40" hits...let me think...!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 17:54pm

Let's see...Jimi Hendrix = Rock Guitar Virtuoso. If I had my choice of being that or having "Top 40" hits...let me think...!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 17:54pm

Good point. Let's not forget that Jimi Hendrix didn't have a top ten hit whereas the Village People went #1 on the Dance Charts lol (I think). That's one thing that satisfies me about the RRHOF is that they don't take into account how many big hits you had or else some "band" like the Backstreet Boys would be front runners for induction.

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 18:37pm

"A lot of those are British bands Dude Man"

which does not negate the fact that they each have had only one top 40 hit state side.

Posted by Justin on Friday, 10.2.09 @ 01:33am

I love music, have memorized the RRHOF list, and read about the artists. Queensryche should be in. they are quietly great. I listen to Chuck Berry, The Animals, as well as the popular bands in the RRHOF, Queensryche is to their genre what metallica is to theirs. they should be in.

Posted by Bill on Wednesday, 05.19.10 @ 21:43pm

I voted yes in the poll but I don't think they will be voted in and they'll be overlooked by the committe because if you're simply judging by "criteria includes the influence and significance of the artist's contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll" then it's hard to say what contributions Queensryche has made and it's also hard to calculate what the significance of Queensryche is. And I mean that as a compliment cause these guys always did what they felt they should do, not what anybody was telling them to do.

I'm a huge fan of this band and it strikes me that the music industry and, let's face it, a lot of rock fans just never got what they were doing. They're not metal and they've never claimed to be, but that's okay. The world only caught up to them once through "Silent Lucidity" and maybe MindCrime. But MindCrime had to be seen as a total head-scratcher when it was released in '88 at the height of hair metal.

I want these for that reason, that they dare to be themselves. Not because they changed the rules or developed a new sound or set a standard, Def Leppard should get in for all of those reasons. They should get in for forging their own path.

Posted by Anon on Thursday, 09.16.10 @ 02:19am

Innovating unique and a no compromise approach of the now intelligently put into music. Powerful and as close to perfect musically live! Queensryche could and should be in RRHOF! One of the best ever without a doubt.! New interpretations by many with the discovery of Queensryche music through this induction. Fair minded and intelligent is Queensryche music!

Posted by mike and sandy on Saturday, 12.25.10 @ 13:33pm

The lady wore black , queen of the Reich , no sanctuary, roads to madness , take hold of the flame , all of rage, all of mindcrime, best I can empire jet city woman the thin line anybody listening I am I damaged out of mind one more time hit the black spool right side sacred ground art of life open and I'm tired of typing on my iPod

Posted by Joel on Monday, 02.14.11 @ 16:11pm

Queensryche one of those bands that causes much discussion on RRHOF. I feel myself torn on Queensryche. They recorded 1 of the best CD's of the early 90's with Empire. 5 star CD. No flaws in the album & had a monster hit with Silent Lucidity. My FAV off Empire would probably be Jet City Woman.

The other albums were good but never moved me like Empire.I think the best thing in Queensryche's FAV is they helped open the Seattle music scene with their success.Many bands AIC, Nirvana,Pearl Jam etc followed & were noticed.Becoming mega stars. Queenryche is 1 of those bands you had to see live as they were all fantastic musicians. I'm a big fan of singers & I've had a love/hate relationship with Geoff Tate's voice. Sometimes,it seemed too operatic for my.taste. My opinion on Queensryche:They fall short of RRHOF induction. KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 01.28.14 @ 18:39pm

I think Queensryche reminds me of Rush in the intelligent song writing and talent of musicians. Queensryche is tough to classify. Prog metal heavy metal with an operatic type singer in Geoff Tate. One of the posters brought up a strong point about it's tough to classify Queensryche significance in who they influenced and their innovations. I'm still leaning towards NO after listening to Operation Mindcrime 2. But it would not surprise me if they get a heavy push in next 10 years. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 05.16.15 @ 13:14pm

I think Queensryche is one of the most intriguing candidates for RRHOF. They are a group that might benefit from these new changes in the Hall committee. Say Deep Purple inducted in 2016 and Judas Priest in 2017. Queensryche would suddenly rise to the top of the hard rock/heavy metal candidates not inducted. Motorhead and Iron Maiden would be nice inductees around the 2020 year. Empire has to be 1 of the best 10 albums I've listened to start to finish. I also enjoyed the concept album Operation Mindcrime. Maybe, Queensryche were music visionaries similar to Al Gore years back on the environment and climate change. Starting to walk back that Queensryche won't be inducted. Could see them inducted in the 2023 or 2024 year. KING

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 08.18.15 @ 15:45pm

As much as I love Queensryche, I have to say that they most likely will NOT be inducted into the Hall, much less nominated.

While there are some artists who RIGHTLY cite them as an influence, I don't think they're as significant as some others who came before them.

Personally, a greater accolade for Queensryche in my opinion would be the permanent registry of three benchmark albums:'Rage For Order'(1986), 'Operation: Mindcrime'(1988),and 'Promised Land' (1994)into the Library Of Congress.

Posted by V.F.T. on Monday, 11.21.16 @ 21:38pm

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