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Will Pete Townshend be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Posted by Garrett on Wednesday, 11.1.06 @ 14:57pm

Pete Townshend has been in the top 20 of this poll:
for over 2 years.
There's no doubt that Paul McCartney's work with the Beatles and Wings, and George Harrison's work with The Beatles and Traveling Wilbury's helped get them inducted as solo artists. So, I think the fact that Townshend was the main songwriter and only guitarist and also a vocalist for the The Who should "count" towards him deserving to be inducted as a solo artist. He had 4 strong solo albums in a row: "Rough Mix", "Empty Glass", "Chinese Eyes" and "White City". Songs that still get played today: "My Baby Gives It Away", "Let My Love Open the Door", "Rough Boys", "Slit Skirts", "Give Blood".
How many artists would you like to see where it's just the artist on stage alone with an acoustic guitar? McCartney, Clapton and Townshend. So, I do think Townshend deserves a solo induction.

Posted by Jen on Wednesday, 11.29.06 @ 16:24pm

his solo career was not great at all. i think hes just fine being in with the who

Posted by curt on Sunday, 12.10.06 @ 09:34am

El oh el. I'd love for him to get in on his own, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Posted by bleedin' quadrophenic on Thursday, 01.4.07 @ 20:43pm

the who are fucking brilliant enough. c'moooon, no way.

Posted by b on Friday, 11.2.07 @ 15:45pm

Put Townshend in!!!!!!

Posted by Donald on Monday, 01.14.08 @ 17:15pm

Just as many, if not more, people think 'Pete Townshend' before frontman 'Roger Daltrey' when they think The Who. He may not be the best guitarist of all time, but after Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck (both of who are in), you've got almost no other worthy solo guitarists except SRV. He had a mildly successful solo career, but the fact that he was so important for just The Who is deserving of a second induction in itself. I'd rather see Stevie Ray Vaughn get in first though as far as guitarists go and see Ozzy get in before we get any other double entries in the Clyde McPhatter Club.

Posted by Paul Kagebein on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 10:58am

Paul - I am the biggest Who fan and I own all of Townsends solo work. And compared to Paul, John and George, it certainly is just as worthy. I am not sure that the Hall will give him a 2nd induction.

He may not be the best guitarist of all time, but after Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck (both of who are in), you've got almost no other worthy solo guitarists except SRV. (Paul)

When you say solo guitarist, I am assuming you mean artists that released albums under their own name and not as part of an entity. Let's start with Hendrix, Page, George Lynch, Buckethead, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and a host of others. However, I will agree that is was Townsend who made the guitar more than just an instrument. He made it part of the whole scene because of the physicality he and the guitar represented.

Posted by Dameon on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 11:31am

When you say solo guitarist, I am assuming you mean artists that released albums under their own name and not as part of an entity. (Dameon)

That's exactly what I had meant; after I had posted I wanted that cleared up. If that were the case then so many that you mentioned that should get in. But the deserving ones who have released albums (such as Joe Satriani and Buckethead) are not eligible yet so I did not include them in my post except for SRV, who is.

But The Who is amazing and they could not have done it without Townshend. Like you say, he was one with the guitar, and at some point down the road he deserves an induction in some way for his individual contributions to rock and roll.

Posted by Paul Kagebein on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 12:12pm

Townshend really doesn't deserve solo induction at all. All his relevant notable contributions were made with the Who. His solo discog is solid (note: not great), but that isn't warranting an induction.

Posted by Jack H. on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 12:46pm

Pete Townshend was the perfect guitar player for The Who, just like Roger Daltrey was the perfect singer, Keith Moon was the perfect drummer and John Entwistle was the perfect bass player. But the reason he should be inducted to the R&R HoF isn't just because of great guitar work, but his songwriting and singing.
How many artists in the R&R HoF never wrote any of their songs (i.e. Elvis), or play an instrument (i.e. Rod Stewart), or sing (i.e. Jeff Beck). Nothing against these artists, but when you watch Townshend perform on stage alone with an acoustic guitar singing a song he wrote like this performance of "Drowned" on YouTube:
I think you will agree that he needs a special nod by the Hall.
He released 3 albums in a row in the early 80's that received and still receive consistent airplay - "Empty Glass", "Chinese Eyes", "White City", but his best solo material can be found on some lesser known albums like "Rough Mix" and select songs from "Psychoderelict" and "Iron Man".
Townshend is at the top of my "overlooked but deserving of the Hall" list.

Posted by Mike McNicholas on Friday, 05.22.09 @ 15:51pm

He's in with the Who. I think that's enough. His solo material isn't really all that influencial.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 07.22.09 @ 09:24am

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