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Eligible in: 2019 (The 2020 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Papa Roach be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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I sure hope so! What they did mixing rap and rock was so original and I just think they're great!

Posted by Superman on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:22pm

I like papa roach but rap and rock have been there way way way b4 papa roach. DO NOT Forget about Limp Bizkit. I think they should get in over Papa Roach

Posted by 52627 on Tuesday, 05.8.07 @ 06:39am

Limp Bizkit was not only way, way too late to be credited with mixing rap and rock, they blew. So does Papa Roach.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 05.8.07 @ 13:39pm

geek music, i reckon

not getting in

Posted by liam on Wednesday, 08.29.07 @ 12:36pm

not in the same year as Oasis anyway

Posted by liam on Thursday, 08.30.07 @ 15:26pm

Wow. Honestly, there should not even be a listing for Papa Roach.

Come on.

Posted by Jonathan on Friday, 09.28.07 @ 11:14am

They're actually one of the best bands today. It's heavy but also has good lyrics and music. I say yes.

Posted by SSR on Saturday, 10.27.07 @ 15:51pm

What a horrible cover of the Pixies.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 13:51pm

i think papa roach should get in he kinf=d of mixed punk and rap

Posted by the pac on Sunday, 06.1.08 @ 17:27pm

Papa Roach have very importance... To Be Loved it's a song that opens wwe, Jacoby on scarred, it's a lot of things and blablabla
Papa Roach need to be there

Posted by TioZOR on Monday, 02.2.09 @ 11:53am

Papa Roach is one of my favorite "newer" bands. GETING AWAY WITH MURDER!!!!!!

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 02.3.09 @ 15:59pm

papa roach has to get in i love them they are awsome =P

Posted by your mom D=< on Wednesday, 01.13.10 @ 16:21pm

Whoever honesty thinks they mixed rap and rock (by the way, it's called nu-metal) has no idea whatsoever. Cmon people, ever heard of Korn?! Linkin park? Even though this says they were around this long their first album wasn't till 2000 I think. they aren't original in any way, and only have a few singles that are hits. I have yet to hear of a recent band that has cited them as an influence in any way. They will be forgotten fairly soon unless they are able to make something amazing, which most likely won't happen.

Posted by Alex on Wednesday, 04.14.10 @ 19:25pm

I think Lovehatetragedy is a damned good album. 4 or 5 great songs on it.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 04.15.10 @ 06:30am

Papa Roach should get in. And there first album was in 1994. They are a household name everyone knows who they are.

Posted by Zach on Tuesday, 07.6.10 @ 00:33am

Papa Roach should get in. And there first album was in 1994. They are a household name everyone knows who they are.

Posted by Zach on Tuesday, 07.6.10 @ 00:33am

Being a household name isn't criteria for induction. And how do you know they're a household name? Did you go to every house in America and personally interview every single person? In addition, I've never met "Everyone," what kind of a person is he/she?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 07.6.10 @ 02:51am

Also, does "Everyone" happen to be a close-relative, and/or business partner of Jann Wenner?

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 07.6.10 @ 02:59am

Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga are all also "alleged" household names aren't they? Does this mean they should be inducted? You're going down a slippery slope my friend

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 07.6.10 @ 03:01am

They're from my hometown, and I like their style, so I'd be very happy if they did. However, I feel like they were a one-hit wonder for a lot of people, and I really don't know how many kids and teens today really know who they are. I'm thinking that the music world isn't going to remember them by the time they can get in. Love them though, and hope for the best.

Posted by NixtonV on Saturday, 07.5.14 @ 19:04pm

Saw these guys for 2nd time at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH. Very wet weekend, so I was lucky to see them. They played before The Offspring & set a high bar to cross. I had seen them at Louder Than Life a couple of years ago & this set was waaaay better.

Mostly the hits, interspersed with 3 songs of new album. Jacoby looked as goos as I've ever seen him. Has lost weight, etc. During set he played a song & had a guy walking around in a giant rabbit costume (quite dirty, too). They guy had a nonplussed expression on face as he wandered around the stage & kept chewing on carrots, before throwing them to audience. Was funnier than Hell.

They finished up by having the drum/brass section of a local HS band join them on stage. Those kids looked pretty stoked as I think there were probably 35,000 in attendance.

I don't think they are Hall caliber yet, but boy was that a badass set.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 05.26.17 @ 20:23pm

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