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Will Melanie be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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That's an easy question...YES!!!

Melanie far exceeds the criteria to be inducted in to The Rock Hall...Here's a couple:

* Melanie has sold more than 80 million records !
* Melanie was the first solo Pop/Rock/Folk Artist to perform at Carnegie Hall, The Sydney Opera House, The General Assembly of The United Nations and The Metropolitan Opera House !
* UNICEF appointed Melanie as their Official spokesperson and Ambassador in 1972 !
* Melanie was the Top-Selling recording Artist in THE WORLD in 1971 !
* Melanie was BillBoard's #1 Top Female Vocalist in 1972 !
* Melanie won an EMMY for TV's 'Beauty and the Beast' in 1989 !
* Melanie has been awarded two Gold albums !
* Melanie's "Brand New Key" (the Roller Skates song) was #1 in the U.S.A., Canada, South Africa and Australia !

(This is just a partial listing.....)


Posted by Bill Herrick on Saturday, 07.28.07 @ 10:37am

Who the Hell did she influence???

Posted by Joe-Skee on Saturday, 07.28.07 @ 11:15am

Before Melanie, there was Joan Baez and Leslie Gore and no one else, no women singers who wrote their own music. Suddenly there was Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins and Carly Simon and Roberta Flack and a host of female singer-songwriters. Even Carole King didn't haave much success as a singer until Melanie broke through.
Melanie also helped merge folk, rock, jazz and pop, along with highlights of soul, in her music. She proved she could efortlessly cross musical boundaries. She also wrote and recorded some anthems of protest music, including "Lay Down," "Peace Will Come" and "Penny Evans."
Finally, the custom of holding candles (or lit matches or lighters or lit-up cell phones) at the end of a concert started following Melanie's performance at Woodstock. That's an influence that lasts till today.

Posted by MikeTheBear on Saturday, 07.28.07 @ 12:09pm

This is a tough one. Certainly, for a brief time, Melanie made her mark. I think she is one of the best songwriters of any generation. However, her image, will be a negative factor. She was viewed by serious critics as nothing more than " fluff". A dated artist whose date has passed. But, if you examine her songs on their own merit; she deserves to be in the hall of fame. But, I doubt if she will. The critics don't like her; business insiders dislike her, but hey, you never know. I think she should be considered a serious contender, but who am I?

Posted by Keith on Wednesday, 08.1.07 @ 21:11pm

Melanie deserves this honor for being one of the founders of the flower power movement as well as her deep spiritual belief in peace and love which reflects so much in her high energy voice and music she has given to us her entire life of performing.

Posted by mary jane nolen on Thursday, 08.2.07 @ 16:06pm



Posted by Pablo on Thursday, 08.16.07 @ 12:46pm



Posted by Pablo on Friday, 08.17.07 @ 15:39pm

When you view the list of signatories on the "Induct Melanie" petition, you will see the HUGE influence she has had throughout the entire WORLD.

Not many other Artists can garner such positive comments from all 50 U.S. States AND over 45 (YES...45) other Nations!!!

Take a look and see...Russia, Tiawan, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Canada, Scotland, England, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Switzerland, Hungary, Portugal, Chile, Ireland, Austria, Bangladesh, Sweden, Iceland, Turkey, Philippines, Mexico, Israel, Brazil, Tunisia, Japan, South Korea, Greece, Finland, Latvia, Venezuela, Thialand, Ukraine......and the list keeps growing every single day!

Talk about making an impact on the WORLD OF MUSIC!!!

Posted by Bill Herrick on Thursday, 01.3.08 @ 18:53pm

In her heyday Melanie's image was not one serious rock critics or the rock world wanted to be associated with. She was seriously misunderstood. Beneath the hippy image was a brilliant songwriter. In the 80s and 90s she struggled with a number of come backs. All failures. Not because she lacked the talent because she didn't, it was a case of poor direction and bad choices. If she does get this honor, which I doubt, will she perform live? I hope not. In the 70s and 80s she had a voice; sadly today she does not. It is painful to hear her today.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 02.11.08 @ 20:36pm

Wow...I don't think I've heard anything about her for a very long time, not even any airplay.

Posted by Terry on Monday, 02.11.08 @ 21:03pm

^^^Sabotage. That isn't me.

Posted by The Real Liam You All Know And Love on Tuesday, 02.12.08 @ 09:29am

...On the contrary Liam. I'm sure that Melanie would perform at her induction ceremony. She still tours extensively to this day, and her voice is superb. It's better than ever!!!

Check out her tribute page on My-Space:
"Induct Melanie"

Posted by Bill Herrick on Sunday, 03.9.08 @ 19:40pm

OK, I'll admit, Melanie is a little crazy and has the worst management in the history of rock music (Is there an award for that?).

With all the negatives, Melanie is a gem and made a big mark in music history.

Give the old bitch a break and let her in.

Posted by James Baldwin on Tuesday, 04.29.08 @ 11:21am

Melanie? Her chances? Slim to none. Although Melanie is an extremely talented artist who helped define a generation, her chances are zero. There's an old saying, " don't burn your bridges", Melanie and her mangement have burned many. Too many enemies in the business. If she was, by some miracle, nominated, there would be an "insider" revolt.

Posted by Reese on Sunday, 07.13.08 @ 10:34am

She was so adorable at the original and to my opinion the only Woodstock. She was so good and what a voice. My favorite song of her's is Candles in the Rain but all her songs are so beautiful. She should have been inducted long ago. She was the voice of a generation. I know her songs were inspiration to myself. INDUCED MELONANIE!

Posted by Genevieve on Thursday, 01.15.09 @ 11:08am


Posted by OKTOBERFEST on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 19:08pm

The "Random Artist Page" button took me to Melanie's page where I was able to observe a comment by none other than "OKTOBERFEST" who claims he/she/it "Loves Hanoi Jane Fonda"

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 09.5.09 @ 13:23pm

She deserves induction but there were great female singer-songwriters before her. Janis Ian Bobbie Gentry and Buffy St. Marie were even before Joni Mitchell's debut in 1968. Lay Down( Candles In the Rain) is as potent today as ever. Too bad 'Brand New Key' will alway be on her resume. To this day when I think of a Flower Child, Melanie always come to mind. Wish I could have see her at Woodstock, it seems like almost all artists on that historic venue have already been inducted.

Posted by skytorch on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 03:13am

It is true that the "powers that be" don't like her. But then again who do they like? Not a single one of Melanie's peers are favored by anyone on the inside. She did her own thing - her way - she left corporate music to form her own label way, way before it was popular to do so. She was the first in so many ways - and she never sold out for the almighty buck. Listen to her resite what happened to her when she turned down Barry Manilow and Clive Davis on a "sexy" attempt at marketing her (single would have been "somewhere in the night). When she said no she was blacklisted in America and never had another top 40 hit. Guess you could say they are enemies of hers! They have all tried to take her down but she is still out there singing and entertaining to her hearts desire. I admire her for that - and so should anyone who "knows anything" about popular music. She deserves to be let in on so many levels that it makes your head spin. She won't get in though (at least not while she is alive) because no one deserving on a level that describes her credentials for inclusion - ever do.

Posted by Dwayne on Friday, 12.31.10 @ 20:46pm

Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)
We were so close,
There was no room,
We bled inside each others' wounds,
We all had caught the same disease,
And we all sang the songs of peace.

Profound - a description of both Woodstock, where I believe it was written AND American or any soldiers in Vietnam or anywhere.

Posted by Carole W on Monday, 01.23.12 @ 13:26pm

I had heard she had been blacklisted by the industry but didn't know why till I read your post Dwayne.

Is it just me or does the affected style of singing that is so popular now sound a lot like the way Melanie sang?

Posted by Zuzu on Saturday, 10.18.14 @ 23:24pm

Dear Melanie is in a recovery room right at this moment after having emergency surgery. She has performed here locally twice in the last week. Here spirit is the same all of these years but her heart is heavy for never being accepted my the RRHOF. It is her time. Let's get her in!

Posted by Jim Lange on Tuesday, 12.20.16 @ 22:27pm

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