Matchbox Twenty

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2021 (The 2022 Induction Ceremony)

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Yourself Or Someone Like You (1996)

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Push (1996)
Unwell (2002)

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Will Matchbox Twenty be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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This band rocks, a shue in for Rocn & Roll Hall of Fame.
I aslo think that Rob Thomas as a solo artist should also be in as well.

Posted by Anthony Long on Saturday, 04.7.07 @ 17:08pm

This band sucks arse

Maybe including new tracks on the ironically-named Best Of collection Exile On Mainstream was a bit of a giveaway

Posted by liam on Friday, 11.16.07 @ 11:48am

To me, these guys are the epitome of watered-down, radio-überfriendly, mainstream-ized "Alternative" Rock, "fridge buzz", as Thom Yorke once called it.

"Exile on Mainstream", yeah, you got that right. At least you're honest about yourselves. Let's keep it that way.

Sorry, but no Hall of Fame for you guys, I'm afraid. Your platinum records should be enough for you.

Posted by denyo on Friday, 11.16.07 @ 17:10pm

liam- is there a band that you actually like?

Matchbox 20 are good- not sure if they're good enough for the hall of fame

Posted by Luke Sandle on Sunday, 01.27.08 @ 15:32pm

Just a few, Luke. Few hundred, maybe?

Matchbox Twenty isn't among them.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 02.10.08 @ 09:24am


Posted by Luke on Wednesday, 02.13.08 @ 14:59pm

Well, Mr Luke, heres my speshally designed list of fave artists:


David Bowie
Rolling Stones
Kinks (> Beatles)
The Who
Talking Heads
Led Zeppelin
The Doors
The Clash

Eligible but not Inducted:

The Buzzcocks
Cocteau Twins
Echo & The Bunnymen
The Cure
Gang Of Four (but the first 2/3 are sooo good!)
Joy Division
New Order
Beastie Boys

Eligible within the next ten years:

The Smiths
Pearl Jam
My Bloody Valentine
Happy Mondays/Black Grape (basically Shaun Ryder)
The Verve
Flaming Lips

Contemporary (bands marked 2023-2033 on our handy chart)

Arcade Fire
The Go! Team
Bloc Party
Franz Ferdinand
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The New Pornographers
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Streets


Posted by Liam on Wednesday, 02.13.08 @ 15:34pm

indeed, although i think we'll have to agree to disagree on musical taste- with the exception of Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire & Blur.

Posted by Luke on Tuesday, 02.19.08 @ 15:33pm

oh my gosh liam, you're all over the community dragging yourself out and making bad comments! LOL i agree with Luke, is there really a band that you like? or have you taken your medication? LOL =P

Posted by Aira on Friday, 06.27.08 @ 11:07am

Rob Thomas-one of the great singers and songwriters in recent memory-deserves in for his body of work INCLUDING Matchbox 20, but the band itself, no...

Posted by Chris on Saturday, 11.14.09 @ 12:54pm

Rob Thomas-one of the great singers and songwriters in recent memory-deserves in for his body of work INCLUDING Matchbox 20, but the band itself, no...
Posted by Chris on Saturday, 11.14.09 @ 12:54pm

I think they're going to look at them seperately actually. The band itself does not deserve it as of right now (though I kind of like them), and unless they emerge from their hiatus there's no way that'll change.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 02.23.10 @ 12:40pm

do any of you fans or non-fans know what songs were on the very first, first released album (an LP for you who don't know better known as a record) it was out as a maxell sampler given away at promotional shows in 1982 aroundabouts?

Posted by kim on Wednesday, 10.20.10 @ 02:23am

I would say Rob Thomas but not Matchbox Twenty, save it.

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 11.1.10 @ 10:00am

Good, if unoriginal, straight up 90s rock. No gimmicks, no BS, no pretensions. Sometimes that ain't so bad. About 5 or so radio staples (at least) get played on my favorite radio station and thats just their older stuff. Rob Thomas knows how to write a good hook. Pretty much inescapable for people of my age, all though they may be a little short of being a "defining band".(But they do stick in your head) I'd say no for now, but they have time to prove themselves, and it would help if they got out of that hiatus.

Posted by Jim on Thursday, 06.23.11 @ 20:09pm

Whoever it was that labeled Matchbox Twenty watered-down "alternative rock" doesn't have a great understanding of what alternative rock actually is.

Matchbox Twenty never has and never will be, by their choice, or anyone else's, alternative rock. They are contemporary rock, through and through.

That said, they are a great band and they make music for the radio, because that's their choice. There aren't very many bands that got together in the 90s and made it into this era, still making new music and not just recycling old BS.

They are a shoe in for the hall of fame and I would say an induction is likely, within the next 10 years.

Posted by demio on Thursday, 01.19.12 @ 13:58pm

Pretty good, chances of getting in are probable, but I think Rob Thomas is better as a solo artist.

Posted by Troy on Tuesday, 03.6.12 @ 17:32pm

I'd like to know who the idiot was that told Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20 that Chicago doesn't do session work for other bands. Chicago could have performed and been in the music video for If You're Gone! Damn it!

5: MATCHBOX 20, “IF YOU’RE GONE”(MAD SEASON, 2000): There’s a story that Rob Thomas wanted Chicago to do the horns for this song but didn’t approach them to do so because he’d been misinformed that they didn’t do sessions for other bands. The Chicago horns have indicated that, had they been approached, they would gladly have performed on this track.

Either way, the horn chart is trademark Chicago: This is what a Chicago ballad should sound like. It’s almost ironic that Chicago’s horns are conspicuously absent on their three biggest hits (“If You Leave Me Now,” “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” and “Look Away”), yet one of Matchbox 20′s biggest hits has a horn chart that would not have sounded out of place on a Chicago album.

This was the Chicago hit ballad that wasn’t. It sounds more like Chicago than some of their own hit songs.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.11.13 @ 11:55am

Matchbox 20 CD Yourself Or Someone Like You was a smash album. It's difficult to find a CD with that many outstanding songs. Every track could have been released as a hit. 3AM, Back To Good,Push,Real World,etc.

Rob Thomas is an excellent songwriter & his collaboration with Santana on Smooth was pure magic. One of the best songs of the late 90's. Maybe ever.

Matchbox 20 has some work to do in order to make the HOF but they have some years to build their resume. I like listening to their songs. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 01.29.14 @ 19:05pm

Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 will induct Chicago.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 01.29.16 @ 17:44pm

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