Marilyn Manson

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2019 (The 2020 Induction Ceremony)

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Antichrist Superstar (1996)
Mechanical Animals (1998)

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The Beautiful People (1996)

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Will Marilyn Manson be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Nobody can be as scary as Marilyn Manson in their music and that whats so amazing about him. It innovative and crazy and that just what the hall needs.

Posted by Anna on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 17:12pm

MM should definetly be added. their music is just amazing and they deserve it.

Posted by alix on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 06:59am

Marilyn Manson is so amazing. There are so many industrial bands nowadays that look up to Marilyn Manson. He truly is a genius.

Posted by Haley on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 08:52am

i think i just vomited a little. Manson in the Hall of Fame.

uhh NO

Posted by nice on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 12:59pm

like it or not, manson is a true ARTIST and deserves to be in the hall of fame. everything he does is art, not some commercial, money-making bullsh*t.


Posted by josepfine on Tuesday, 03.27.07 @ 13:58pm

Despite the fact that Manson has gained much of his recognition as a visual artist, he actually is a pretty damn good musician as well. He has experimented with goth (superstar), glam (mechanical animals) and cabaret (golden age) and other moods, and always manged to keep it fresh and interesting. He may seem gimmicky to some, but I think he has earned a spot.

Posted by Jamie on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 21:26pm

Heck Yeah, of course! MM rocks!!!!

Posted by Natalie on Wednesday, 06.13.07 @ 20:32pm

I think Manson has a legitimate shot. But man, if the Sex Pistols were controversial... just wait till the Antichrist Superstar gets on the ballot.

Posted by c.w. on Thursday, 06.28.07 @ 08:24am

People often look at how he acts instead of his music.And he should get it in if people actually take time to listen and stop using him as a scapegoat.

Posted by Orion on Sunday, 08.5.07 @ 20:44pm

Weather you like Manson or not, he is a great artist and has influenced and changed many other bands in music so deserves a spot in the rock and roll hall of fame.

Posted by AcidTripMan on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 22:12pm

"But man, if the Sex Pistols were controversial... just wait till the Antichrist Superstar gets on the ballot."

This man is in no ways controversial. The Sex Pistols were. What is, to the adept ear, a weak 'singing' voice has been badly covered up to make it appear as if this is somehow on purpose.

I don't remeber Antichrist Superstar being banned from radio airplay and not allowed to #1

Posted by liam on Friday, 08.31.07 @ 11:51am

If Alice Cooper is having a hard time being nominated, Marilyn really has no chance.

Since the shock wore off, he's faded to near-irrelevance.

He's an interesting character of the 90's, but the music just isn't there.

He seems more obscure with each passing year.

Posted by Matt. on Friday, 08.31.07 @ 18:37pm

I agree it will be difficult to get him in, but there is no question that they were and still are one of the most controversial bands since the 1960s.

The negative attention received from the religious (especially devoted [fanatical at some points] christians) community is definitely a strong reason by itself.

Liam, sex pistols were absolutely not even close to as publicly controversial. If you don't understand that, then go do some research.

How would it be banned from being number one when the FCC does not even allow songs on the radio in the first place that are blatantly hateful toward a group of people (the main religion of our country)

The controversial nature of their music, specifically his lyrics clearly never even allowed the music to progress to a point of public display like the sex pistols had.

Also, same situation with Alice Cooper. Schools out for summer. Yeah, thats controversial.

I feel that Marilyn Manson as a band has a very good chance of making it, but by 2019, I think it may just be too late by then.

Certainly not hopeful thinking, but if Warner was to pass away before then, I think their chances would be better.

Posted by Jonathan on Friday, 09.28.07 @ 10:50am

"Liam, sex pistols were absolutely not even close to as publicly controversial. If you don't understand that, then go do some research."

yeah, i already have. Is the fact that John Lydon was battered by a mob of rightwingers and stabbed in the hand not enough evidence to prove his controversy?

Seems like you're the one in need of research.

"The negative attention received from the religious (especially devoted [fanatical at some points] christians) community is definitely a strong reason by itself."

Yeah, wow. If we're at a controversy contest now, shall i mention that God Save the Queen managed to piss off pretty much an entire country. and the church. well, lets just say that old Father Reg wasn't getting his green hair dye out at SUnday mass.

In my opinion, its all an act to draw the attenntion away from what is, most of the time, half rate music, especially his recent outing 'Heart Shaped Glasses'. And yes, it was on the radio. UK radio.

Posted by liam on Thursday, 10.18.07 @ 16:27pm

The "essential albums" on this site are so bizarre. I don't know how anyone could possibly think Golden Age of Grotesque is more essential than Antichrist Superstar or Mechanical Animals.

Posted by DanyaRomulus on Saturday, 11.17.07 @ 23:48pm

of course marlyn manson he kind of took what ozzy started and took it further

Posted by the pac on Sunday, 06.1.08 @ 17:25pm

Marilyn Manson is cool.But, kind of scary at the same time.

Posted by David on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 12:48pm

Nobody can be as scary as Marilyn Manson in their music and that whats so amazing about him. It innovative and crazy and that just what the hall needs.

Posted by Anna on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 17:12pm

KELIS looks scarier than Marilyn Manson

Posted by akeem on Thursday, 01.8.09 @ 21:55pm

I enjoy Marilyn Manson, but he needs a couple more great records to really be considered to have a shot at the hall.

Posted by John on Tuesday, 01.27.09 @ 19:49pm

...and thinks Marilyn Manson is a "she" (which might be the case by now for all we know).

A real "Rock & Roll Guru"!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan (the real one) on Monday, 04.20.09 @ 23:39pm

whether or not you're a fan of MM-- lest you forget-- the band created quite a stir amongst american culture mid-ninetees to early 00's ... columbine to name the least. manson himself may be lacking in artistic creativity but that which inspires him and the people he surrounds himself with have created a VERY memorable rock icon. his public persona that is.. and it's ability to induce fear and ultimately annoy people.

after nirvana-- MM is the only really controversial band to date-- though not so much lately-- however-- most other/newer bands are fairly bland----

personally, i'd feel that there's something definately wrong if MARILYN MANSON never gets inducted.

Posted by gildagra on Monday, 05.4.09 @ 23:50pm

Ugh, whenever I hear Marilyn Manson I recall all of the so called teenage "outsiders" of the late 90s/early 00s parading around middle school and high school with fishnets and black Manson tees with those ridiculous jynco (or similar brand) pants. Only the Insane Clown Posse crowd was worse.

His music is mostly geared to the folks with that immature kind of rebellious mindset. That's not an accomplishment to be proud of.

gildagra - "after nirvana-- MM is the only really controversial band to date-- though not so much lately-- however-- most other/newer bands are fairly bland----"

Eh, everything about that comment is wrong. Nirvana and Manson have nothing artistically or socially in common. Modern music is only really bland if you're listening to the modern hard rock format (Disturbed, Trapt, Nickelback, Seether, Hinder, etc.) I'm surprised this radio format is still popular after ten years; it hasn't changed at all.

Posted by Elastic Man on Tuesday, 05.5.09 @ 01:16am

Modern music is only really bland if you're listening to the modern hard rock format (Disturbed, Trapt, Nickelback, Seether, Hinder, etc.) I'm surprised this radio format is still popular after ten years; it hasn't changed at all.

Posted by Elastic Man on Tuesday, 05.5.09 @ 01:16am
Interesting. We can only wonder just what that says about these bands and today's audiences.

Anybody feel like weighing in on that?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 05.5.09 @ 05:07am

One thing I've noticed about rock music is that its peak of maturity (and I don't mean that in the bad sense) with the popular audience seems to have been the early seventies. David Bowie, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell were popular with the younger crowd. It seems every successive generation is regressing. It really began during the post-grunge era, the direct predecessor to the above bands, and has continued with the rise of pop-punk and emo. Compare what Neil Young wrote to any of today's artists; the kids just want simple angst or aggro.

Posted by Elastic Man on Wednesday, 05.6.09 @ 03:59am

Actually, let me expand that comment about peak of maturity to the late sixties/early seventies.

Posted by Elastic Man on Wednesday, 05.6.09 @ 04:25am

i didn't say they had anything in common.. ?? i just thappen to think they're the only two bands in the last couple decades to really cause a commotion.. i mean who else has inspired such fashion trends amongst teenagers these days.....

"His music is mostly geared to the folks with that immature kind of rebellious mindset. That's not an accomplishment to be proud of.."

.............forgive me if i'm wrong but couldn't the same be said for some of the greatest rock bands???? elvis.. beatles.. ramones.....

"His music is mostly geared to the folks with that immature kind of rebellious mindset. That's not an accomplishment to be proud of."'s sounds to me you're ashamed of being an ex-mansonite yourself..... hahh..

and by bland modern music i meant bands like 'my chemical romance' ... 'red jumpsuit apparatus' and such.....

Posted by gildagra on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 04:21am

Sorry if I touched a nerve but I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Nirvana brought underground music to the masses which was then, because of people who didn't understand the content and lineage of Nirvana's music, transformed into the earnest, leaden post-grunge music that still plagues hard rock airwaves. Nirvana's death signaled the end of rock god-hood; there will never be another "it" band in the way Nirvana was. I thank them for it; no more manipulation of legitimate artists.

All Marilyn Manson really did was create an unnecessary cause celebre for the right-wing to manipulate.

Manson isn't an idiot but his fans don't seem to pick up much from his music beyond simple anti-religious screeds and nihilism. They adopt the most superficial way (garish clothing/music) to differentiate themselves from everyone at a time when it needs to be made clear that they are indeed just like everyone else and need to learn how to function consciously within the real world. Not all Manson fans are like this, of course, but most of the people I knew weren't heading down a fulfilling path.

There's a difference between youthful music and immature music. The former ages well over time and you don't "grow out of it". It applies to a wider variety of emotion and expression. It is not lifestyle based. The latter feeds on the base desires and instincts of its audience (usually angst.) It's histrionic and lacks perspective. The modern popular rock landscape is filled with it from nu-metal a decade ago to today's pop-punk/modern emo. This stuff is often attached to a person's lifestyle.

I don't hate Manson's music, some of it is okay (Mechanical Animals.) I just don't find shock artists helpful, especially in an age when kids take that stuff so seriously (too seriously).

Just a thought in relation to all of my posts on the Manson board: Bob Dylan completed his seventh and arguably best record, Blonde on Blonde, at the age of 24. Look at the kind of stuff sub-25-year-olds are writing today. What happened?

Posted by Elastic Man on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 06:27am

Sorry if I touched a nerve but I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Posted by Elastic Man on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 06:27am
Don't be freaked out for touching a nerve or offending someone. It's all freedom of speech. The way I see it, so long as you don't directly point a finger at someone and say something like "I think you stink becuase..." and so on, you're well w/in your rights to say what you want freely.

Two things... first, you've no proof on Nirvana being the last big thing, & I'm for definitely hoping they aren't. Some younger fans might say Radiohead right now, though I won't go out on a limb & speak for all of them here.

Second... what happened? Simple - times change. You talk of how immature music is histrionic & lacks perspective. (continued on next post - the site nailed me earlier for alleged spamming - rather Monty Pythonesque, if I do say so, hmm hmm)

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 10:04am

continued - listen, Elastic, I wanted to talk about histrionics & lack of perspective, & I've been trying to do so for a little while, but there's a limit to what you can say on here before the site declares it to be too much spam.

I know I'm a wordy son of a gun, but I honestly don't think I should have to apologize for that. I don't know how the Site Administrator figures out how much is too much, but I got nailed twice for attempting to continue my post, once on this page & once on the Bill Doggett page - figured I'd drag the Manson thing over here to avoid potential spam messages, only to get nailed.

Sorry if this is coming out this way, but it's the truth. Sometimes I say goofy things, but I'm sure as heck not mean spirited like some others.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 10:36am

So...are we to start referring to you as "Spamcrop"??? Had kind of a nice ring to it, I don't know....?????

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 10:42am

That's happened to me a couple of times, but I asked the Web Adm. to review it, and he usually allows it...even if it's "long-winded".

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 10:44am

I find that if you tried to drop an F-bomb or use words like "p0rn" it gets you the spam message.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 10:48am

O.K. how do you do that? I've never been sure how any messages I post anywhere work. Is there a delay time while someone is reading my potential posting? It doesn't seem that way. All I see is a message that says SORRY, THIS LOOKS LIKE TOO MUCH SPAM, and then it's gone.

I think the Site Administrator knows I follow the rules he/she/they have laid out. I tend to follow all of the rules, I don't curse anyone out, I try to behave myself... actually, now that I look at it, I'm kind of a wuss here...

ANYHOW, I'd like to figure this out.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 10:53am

If you get the spam message, just go to "Contact Us" and ask. He's gone on to post my message in the past...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 10:56am

I just went there a minute ago and dropped a line about the spamming.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 11:04am

Hey guys... Sorry you get hung up on the spam filter occasionally. Nothing personal.

Cheesecrop, there's not a message length limit. Like Philip said, there are certain keywords that the spam filter picks up on. Also, don't try to post more than one url in your message.

I'll review the message that got tripped and post it.

Posted by Future Rock Legends on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 15:16pm

Site Admin.:

I'll try my best to avoid those words the spam filter will nail me on. Thanks for getting back to everyone.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 17:46pm

histrionic & lacking perspective... doesn't it all lack a certain perspective? In some ways, all generations are built in w/out the ability to see things clearly, & it's what makes rock work so well. It's all about the immediate. Was Bowie not histrionic? Heck, all of glam is sort of histrionic. Axl Rose threw fits left and right when he wasn't throwing lefts and rights while in a fit. Jim Morrison was so histrionic he couldn't even be himself, he had to become the Lizard King (the current incarnation of which sells Geico Insurance, btw...).

It's what I've always been saying about the young being in control. They'll say it their way, & that's a good thing... I suppose.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 05.10.09 @ 21:18pm

Sure, there will be prominent, important, and influential bands but I don't think we'll see anyone described as epochal or pivotal in the way Nirvana was. The past decade has completely altered the way that the music industry operates. The access one has to music and the way it spreads makes it difficult for any one thing to be singled out and hoisted above the fray long enough to make an impact. Radiohead could and has been called the most important band of this generation but their shift in approach hasn't made other experimental or electronic music more palatable to a wider audience neither has it really affected the progression of these types of music. Nirvana marked a sea change in consumer trends, found near unanimous critical support, redirected popular and underground tastes, and assumed the "spokesmen of a generation" title the way the Beatles had a quarter century earlier. When you ask people about 1991 they're going to say Nirvana. Radiohead has critical clout but not the overarching domination. This hasn't been replicated since and because of how music is disseminated today, I somehow doubt it ever will again...but I could be wrong.

I believe the upside of this fundamental change in the industry is that it is more difficult for the mainstream to manipulate genuinely good artists and water down the type of music they play but the downside is that the consumer must be far more engaged and critical to discover good new music.

I draw a line between dramatic and histrionic; they are similar but I think the latter is disproportionate to the subject at hand. Bowie and Morrison were theatrical and full of personality but its effect complemented the music; it didn't overshadow it. Manson's theatricality is intended to shock first and foremost even if it does relate to the concepts Manson creates for his albums.

On the subject of Emo: Even though this stuff is often more tongue-in-cheek than people realize, it's still taken very seriously by the people who listen to it (though never to the extent of the caricatures that people have in mind; I've never met anyone like that.) The depth of the music never goes far beyond the break up pains of youth. Maybe that's the kind of thing kids can relate to but the emotion conveyed by the singer and musicians is far over the top considering the size of the problem. These songs are written by people who should be beyond these experiences. They sound as if they're still living it.

The Beatles wrote about young love but there was a distance between the performers/performance and the content of the song. Add that to the genuine pop euphoria that existed back then and you've got music that lasts beyond the immediate experience of youth. It could be nostalgia of any kind but it still works because it doesn't overplay its hand. It has more universal appeal. The kids listening to emo will eventually grow out of it as they mature and learn more about relationships. The Beatles (and others) simply wrote great songs about the subject of young love, the average emo band relies on the "authenticity" of the emotion attached to the song, even if it isn't warranted.

Bob Dylan and Lou Reed were masters of introspective songwriting but rarely displayed emotion blatantly. Blonde on Blonde is the most thorough examination of relationships on record. Songs for Drella aptly captures the iconoclastic nature, humanness, and vision of Andy Warhol. Kurt Cobain's vocals on Nirvana's unplugged album are an example of how emotion can amplify the themes (Cobain might not have been conscious of it but the unplugged album is one of the best musical portraits of a man trapped in the existential middle ground; I compare its emotional impact to No Country for Old Men.) In these cases, the artists make the right choices in presenting their vision. It works.

Of course, not all music has to be as fitfully artistic as Dylan, I certainly listen to a lot of things that are purely entertaining, but I think emotion needs to be handled with greater respect. I guess I would classify stuff like Manson or emo as manipulative. It's the interplay of emotion and intellect, reflection, that makes art.

I don't know if this helps clarify my position in a simple way but I'd prefer someone love the Kelly Clarkson song Since U Been Gone over a Panic at the Disco song. Since U Been Gone has quite a bit of that pop euphoria I was talking about. It's everything that's right about non-art minded popular music.


Posted by Elastic Man on Monday, 05.11.09 @ 00:58am

I certainly enjoyed reading your take on this subject matter. I am not sure I agree with you completely; but it certainly was a good read.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 05.11.09 @ 06:44am

A gifted singer

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 10.21.09 @ 01:13am

I would say that Manson has definitely earned a spot in the Hall of Fame. Manson is awesome!!

Posted by Taintedsoul1031 on Friday, 11.20.09 @ 10:25am

I enjoy some of MM's early stuff...But I think Alice Cooper needs a place in the hall of fame before Manson

Posted by Lotte on Wednesday, 01.6.10 @ 21:29pm

There's no denying Marilyn himself was an idol and icon of sorts for tons of teenage kids in his heyday (which I would say has long since passed...). And I would also say he is most certainly HOF material. Whether or not one wants to acknowledge it or considers him an artist, Marilyn Manson has left an impact all his own and an influence all across music through his sound and image. That much is obvious, and one is kind of blind to ignore it.

Nothing MM is emo though. At all, none of the music. Not image wise either...He and the band have always had/used a goth, horror kind of imagery. Sorry :P

Posted by thriefena on Wednesday, 01.13.10 @ 21:44pm

I like some of his music, but he's basically just Alice Cooper for troubled teens (not that there's a problem with that.) There's still 9 years for him to do something groundbreaking, or something to get himself back in the spotlight, but no artists seem to have come up in his wake, and since the early 2000's his albums have been tanking (his new one hit the top 10 but was gone after 4 or 5 weeks.) For these reasons, he becomes more and more irrelevant with each passing year, and you have to wonder how many people will care about him by the time he's eligible. Because there's still time I'll say maybe right now, but if things are the same in 2019 I'll say no.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 02.8.10 @ 20:59pm

He deserves it. He is so inventive and creative. Not to mention his music kicks @$$!

Posted by Celina on Wednesday, 05.26.10 @ 14:43pm

His music's great, but nothing really groundbreaking. On the surface you'd think that combining shock rock with industrial was innovative, but White Zombie were combining shock rock, industrial and metal in the late 80's. At best he could be credited with some sort of perpetuation for bringing shock rock back to the mainstream. Then there's the fact that he's only a minor influence. Whether things change will depend on how much influence he develops over the next nine years.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 05.28.10 @ 20:37pm

While his music has been lacking lately - it's hard to deny how much of an impact he had in the mid-late 90's . . . even into the early 2000's. Sure, his style is a definite revamp of Alice Cooper, right down to the theatrics, but there's more of an artistic presence than most people seem to realize.
MM has so closely stitched religious themes and ideals into his music, album art, music videos and stage theatrics that it qualifies as nothing less than genius - even more-so for it to go so unnoticed by the vast majority of the public (even his own devout fans). To really be able to grasp the extent of this artwork, one really needs a solid background in not only the works of the bible, but the vast works of the apocrypha, alchemy, kaballah, and various other gnostic beliefs. Thankfully for most that don't have such extensive backgrounds, a fansite has been compiled that very thoroughly explains the majority of MM's references and imagery, and how they relate to his current theme of the moment:

That, IMHO, is what art is and is about. To be able to convey one's ideas, thoughts, emotions, etc. through a form of medium . . . in MM's case, music.

I've yet to see another other "artist" go to such extent.

Posted by imperialreign on Friday, 06.11.10 @ 20:54pm

Rock and Roll was changed the very second Mr. Manson shocked the world with his views on spirituality and religion. He challenged everything Christians stood for and won. He definitely deserves to be in the Rock 'N' Roll hall of fame. Picking a favorite Manson album is impossible each of his albums have their own unique sound. Not once has he ever repeated a style he once recorded. Alice Cooper may have started being the poster boy for shock rock but Marilyn Manson definitely took the torch and carried it proudly throughout the 90's and finished it strongly. In my eyes by the time the 2020 introduction comes around Manson will be even more renowned than he is now.

Posted by Blake on Thursday, 10.14.10 @ 23:56pm

I think Marilyn Manson is a physco, but I voted yes:-D

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 10.25.10 @ 18:56pm

Manson was all about shock and nothing more, the music is just terrible and i will never forgive him for the botch job that was his cover of Personal Jesus by the great Depeche Mode.

Posted by Paul on Saturday, 11.13.10 @ 13:34pm

no matter what you're opinions are on manson, one has to respect and appreciate the superior artistry, charisma, and talent of Marilyn Manson. The man became America's Public Enemy Number 1 after only two albums! He used an intellectual approach to gain attention but only for the purpose of spreading his important messages. BOOM.

Posted by George on Tuesday, 12.7.10 @ 12:21pm


-Best Regards,

Posted by labarre insurance california on Friday, 12.10.10 @ 15:40pm

Marilyn Manson the band and Marilyn Manson the man. There is an Alice Cooper thing going on here.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 02.1.11 @ 15:46pm

Influence: Marilyn hasn't really had much of an influence outside the modern metal audience and even then not much. 5
Innovation: I guess he helped push the whole shock thing in rock a little further. 5
Critical: He's pretty cooly recieved. 5
Commercial: He's sold around 30 million worldwide. 20

35, nowhere near worthy.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 12.27.11 @ 11:11am

i dont care what you guys say about mm and u think that his music is makeing kids be bad/what ever u want to call it but if you listin to what most kids listin to today there listining to rap thats talking about kidnaping rapeing drugs money and haveing unprotected sex! common people why hate him rock is to express your self and thats what mm is doing and he dose deserv a spot in the hall of fame.

Posted by Billy Austin on Thursday, 02.9.12 @ 08:58am

I am actually surprised Evangelist hasn't said anything on this page yet.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 02.9.12 @ 09:27am

erm, no that's just what the media makes you think is rap. No popular rap now, or probably ever, has ever talked about rape in a positive light.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 02.9.12 @ 12:00pm

Which members of Marilyn Manson will be inducted?

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 03.27.13 @ 20:07pm

Likely none of them.

Posted by DarinRG on Wednesday, 03.27.13 @ 23:48pm

Marilyn Manson is one of the true rock stars of the 1990's and early 2000's. Yes he has faded a bit but his music now is more artistic than ever. In reality the guy and the band is iconic. Now that Alice Cooper is in, the way should be paved for MM. He may not be a first balloter, but I think his ticket is already punched. There are few bands currently still making music now that I would say that about (that are not already in).

Great music but Marilyn Manson also has somewhat of transcended the rock scene. Go ask someone random on the street if they know who Marilyn Manson is and they will likely at least heard of him (and probably detest him if they are a Sunday church goer). You can't buy iconic status like that!

Posted by Justin on Sunday, 04.7.13 @ 11:48am

Is he considered tame by today's standards? Yes. However, when Marilyn Manson hit it big during the 90's on MTV, people were astonished and mortified, or otherwise rocking out along with him. Marilyn Manson was willing to say and do things that other artists at the time were much too afraid to try, and opened the doors creatively and stylistically for a lot of other bands today. While he might not have kept up with his initial burst into the music scene, everyone remembers who he is and what he's done. Besides the fact that The Beautiful People is awesome, his covers of Tainted Love and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) are iconic in their own right. I'm not the biggest Manson fan, but I recognize the impact he has made on mainstream society and in Rock and Roll as a whole, and on that level, he completely deserves to be inducted.

Posted by NixtonV on Saturday, 07.5.14 @ 13:24pm

If you look past the weirdness and shock factor, and just focus on the music, there's no question that Marilyn Manson should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The music and ability to collaborate with many artist is just phenomenal.

Posted by Redcloud on Tuesday, 06.2.15 @ 13:38pm

It would be a travesty if Marilyn Manson doesn't get in! What he accomplished during the "Triptych" era (Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holy Wood) should be enough to land him in the Hall of Fame!

Posted by Realist on Friday, 06.19.15 @ 03:47am

Manson is a strange dude , but belongs without a doubt in The H.O.F. when his time comes

Posted by CANDYMAN on Monday, 01.23.17 @ 01:55am

From a religious standpoint, i can't stand him

From a music standpoint, yes to the HOF, he's a vary talented musician, singer and songwriter, his influence on rock and pop culture is undeniable, he's a legend no matter how much i detest his religious views

Posted by Timothy on Sunday, 06.18.17 @ 09:39am

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