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Yay!! Glad to see that Oz reads my comments from now and again!! Thanks!

This was a pretty fantastic group, and badly overlooked. I'm sad, because I know that Devoto stands a better chance with the Buzzcocks (Spiral Scratch - EP).

But PLEASE get one of their albums. I suggest The Correct Use of Soap, even if it has dated a little badly...

Posted by Liam on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 14:00pm

Hey!!!!!!!! Welcome back, you rugby hooligan. No scrumming now, alright?
Praises be to OZ, for he is wise and merciful. I am still waiting for my brain, though.

So was Magazine the next manifestation if Buzzcocks, or something new and totally different? Whay do you say that "Soap.." may have not aged well?

Posted by Blue on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 15:30pm

The Buzzcocks and Magazine hardly resemble each other at all, really. Magazine was still punky, but it sounds to have been influenced by art groups like Roxy music, rather than the 60s pop and Krautrock influences on The Buzzcocks. I'd compare them (Magazine) to The "Rattus Norvegicus"-era Stranglers, Public Image Limited and The Fall.

The only time they did sound similiar would be on the "Spiral Scratch EP", which was (SURPRISINGLY) the only record that Devoto recorded with The Buzzcocks.

The reason that I think that "The Correct Use of Soap" (and quite alot of Magazine's discography) hasn't aged well is becuase it sounds to be stuck in that late 70s/early 80s era, where punk was morphing into post-punk. It still sounds great, though.

Posted by Liam on Wednesday, 01.30.08 @ 11:48am

What do all you people think of Magazine? Throw your opinions in here!! Last post by Liam was three years ago.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 03.7.11 @ 09:45am

Apparently nobody thinks about them much at all.

I don't think they're Hall of Famers, but that shouldn't surprise anybody. You could make a much better case for the Buzzcocks (but I think they'd still fall short, too), but I don't think there's much of a case for Magazine.

Posted by Ralph on Monday, 03.7.11 @ 13:38pm

yeah, I'm not sure if Magazine are Hall of Famers myself though I would hardly complain if they got inducted (which isn't going to happen unfortunately), the similarities (or lack thereof) between Magazine and the Buzzcocks has already been mentioned so I won't dwell on that.

For all you trivia buffs, it's worth noting that the guitar riff in Magazine's best known song "Shot by Both Sides" is also found in the Buzzcocks song "Lipstick."

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 03.7.11 @ 14:32pm

Just realized my contradiction (not discussing the similarities then mentioning that trivia bit), oops.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 03.7.11 @ 14:35pm

Magazine was one of the great post-punk bands. If their current reputation has faded a bit, it may be because while each of their first three LP's were very good (excluding the final one, Magic, Murder and the Weather), none was an absolute stunner like Unknown Pleasures, Pink Flag or Entertainment! Many of their best moments came on singles like "Shot By Both Sides" (the Real Life version doesn't match the original 45) and "Give Me Everything." Some of these 45 tracks have been added as bonuses to reissues of Real Life, Secondhand Daylight and The Correct Use of Soap; in that context, they feel like add-ons, not really the best way to hear them.

Also, while they were a ferocious live band at their peak (the three live tracks on the UK 12" of "Sweetheart Contract" -- "Feed The Enemy," "Twenty Years Ago," and "Shot By Both Sides" -- confirm their live prowess), the live album Play, recorded in Australia after guitarist John McGeoch had left, sounds distant, and doesn't do the band justice. The Complete John Peel Sessions album better represents Magazine as a live band, but it doesn't match the live tracks on the "Sweetheart Contract" 12" EP (recorded, by the way, in front of a hometown crowd at a Manchester club).

Finally, EMI/Virgin has largely botched its compilations of Magazine's relatively slender output. (The 2000 3xCD box, Maybe It's Right To Be Nervous Now, should have been the last word on the band, but wasn't.) In fairness, 2009's 2xCD Touch and Go: Anthology 02.78-06.81 covers most of the essentials, although it has no live tracks at all, and excerpts too generously from Magic, Murder and the Weather. It's a good value for the money (30 tracks), but there's still no single compilation that puts all of the band's best moments -- both live and in the studio -- in one place. Devoto & Co. have no 40,000 Magazine Fans Can't Be Wrong with which to convert the uninitiated.

As for the R&R Hall of Fame, let's be serious: after the Fall, Wire, Gang of Four, Mission of Burma and Pere Ubu all get in, then we can talk about Magazine. Meaning, approximately never.

And since the chief stated criterion for admission into the HoF is "the influence and significance of the artist's contributions" to the form, as much as I'm a post-punk enthusiast, both Can and Neu! should get in before any of the bands I've mentioned above, save the Fall. I can't imagine that MES would ever appear at something so...normal as a R&RHoF induction ceremony, but maybe he'd send Sacheen Littlefeather. She's still alive.

Posted by Gary in FH on Thursday, 05.5.11 @ 04:09am

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