Jonas Brothers

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible in: 2031 (The 2032 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Jonas Brothers be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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youve gotta be joking, i mean seriously wow

Posted by blah on Tuesday, 11.20.07 @ 23:40pm

yyesss they should they r amazing!! i<3kevinjonas!

Posted by aliJ on Tuesday, 01.8.08 @ 12:01pm

anyone who thinks these guys deserve in, they are just, amazing.
They don't deserve in at all,
they're hardly a band,

Posted by bob on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 07:37am

if they make it i will riot on the day of the induction

Posted by connor on Sunday, 04.13.08 @ 20:05pm

'I <3 Kevin JOnas!' does not mean a thing.

how good the music is does not matter.
they made no impact on the rock industry..
theyre pretty much pop.

Posted by joe on Wednesday, 05.21.08 @ 13:59pm

maybe not right away but they definitely have unique and amazing talent that sets them out of the crowd and im CERTAIN that they should be inducted :)
They have tons of talent and can really give there all when singing and over time i definitely think overtime you will see how much influence and impact they will have had

...i know this doesnt matter or w.e but plus theyre gorgeous<3

Posted by Ricki jonas on Wednesday, 05.21.08 @ 22:21pm

they shuld definatly shuld be in the hall of fame. but not in 2031, they shuld get nominated in 2020

Posted by agratta on Friday, 05.30.08 @ 15:31pm

no they should not get in there just a bad imatation of the backstreet boys that only have jobs because of disney what's next hannah montanna

Posted by the pac on Sunday, 06.1.08 @ 17:53pm

Here is the good part about being an "old b*stard". I will be long dead before this disaster is even considered.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 05:39am

they totally should! They are amazing!!

Posted by Erin on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 20:48pm


Posted by Desireeee on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 20:55pm

OMG YES! they really do need to be in it! they are doing GREAT and doing it very BIG !!

Posted by Kristian on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:12pm

These guys deffinitely deserve to be inducted!
you guys who are saying no need to actually listen to the music and learn a little bit about htem before you judge them.
they are so much more then "another tween pop band"

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:14pm

anybody who doesnt think so is just hatin.

Posted by nunya. on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:25pm

of course i'm going to say yes because i'm a huge jonas fan.

and to all you haters, you are pathetic. These boys have been working their asses off since age 7 trying to make a career for themselves. They've done no harm to you so your little negative comments just add to their fire for being better and better. they've been a band since they were little, and now they're getting what they deserve.

Posted by Meghan on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:25pm

But you can't deny, they are incredibly popular.

Posted by Emily on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:26pm

Let's see if anyone remembers them in the year 2031...

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:30pm

the jonas brothers are amazing and deserve everything. they'll show all u nonbelievers what 3 guys can accomplish! just watch.

Posted by 2<3JB on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:31pm

If I don't agree, are you going to tell your mom on me? Just kiddin'!!

Does anyone remember Hanson? Another brother band, immensely popular for a couple of years, and all this same kind of talk was going on then. They don't seem to be around anymore, or at the very least been awfully quiet!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:40pm

These guys deserve it sooo much. They are amazing guys with great voices.

Posted by Lauren on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 21:49pm


They're amazing guys, who make wicked awesome music! That would be so incredible if they made it in. Those boys have made such an impact on all of their fans, they definitely deserve it!!!!

Posted by djdanger_89 on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 22:08pm

First of all, there's a 25 year waiting period from the time of their first exceptions. In the meantime, they have a LOT to accomplish to be considered (being affiliated with Disney doesn't help with overall acceptance).

The boys have some dues to pay, and some evolving to do. It's a long, tough road.

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 22:26pm

Based on what these guys have done thus far- a big fat NO to HOF chances. It has 23 years to make a big musical impact and shape things- don't see it happening. Just like the teen-pop acts of the late 90s/early 00s don't stand much of a chance. It's nice that these guys play their own instruments, all that, but the material isn't exactly stellar.

Posted by JR on Monday, 06.23.08 @ 23:15pm

Excuse the repeat comment!

Oh crap, I guess they let school out for the summer. Now where have I heard those words before? Oh right, a real performer who should have been in the Hall years ago. Hey kiddies, go buy an Alice Cooper CD this summer and get back to me in a few months.

Posted by blah-blah-blah on Tuesday, 06.24.08 @ 05:11am

NO. They are just manufactured...and they haven't done anything important. Saying "I LUV ____ JONAS" is not a reason...when will you fangirls understand that to make it in the hall, you need to be influential and innovative. And right now, it's not going to happen.

Posted by maplejet on Tuesday, 06.24.08 @ 11:34am

Sure, they are popular but so were Hanson, the Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC. The day these bands get inducted is the day the Jonas Brothers should be inducted.

Posted by HA on Sunday, 07.20.08 @ 21:01pm

I would like to retract the statement I made earlier. When Hanson gets inducted into the HoF that is when the Jonas Brothers should be inducted.

Posted by HA on Monday, 07.21.08 @ 16:35pm

Brittany, I DO know about THEM and THEY SUCK

Posted by Jonas hater on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 22:02pm

Just cause you think they're hot and don't know anything about music cuz all you know about music is Highschool Musical, then shame on you. :p

Posted by Big Deal on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 22:05pm

46% voted Yes?

People who don't know anything about music shouldn't talk. If the day those Jonas Shitheads even would be considered then that day would be worse then the day "Crank Dat" by Soulja Boy came out.

Posted by Wobbie on Monday, 07.28.08 @ 14:08pm

Oh god, please no.

Posted by Angel on Wednesday, 08.13.08 @ 18:27pm

Although they are great examples for kids nowadays, I certainly think that they DO NOT deserve to be inducted. To be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, you have to be influencial. Christina Aguilera's generation is the youngest generation that I think is eligible for the Hall of Fame. Thse boys have not accomplished anything in their mere 3 year career.

Posted by Chris on Thursday, 08.14.08 @ 13:20pm

I think Rolling Stone lost a lot of credibility by putting this "group" on the cover. I wonder how much Disney paid them? This publication needs to learn that they're not the final word in music, or anything else, for that matter!

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 08.23.08 @ 10:32am

It just confirmed what I've been thinking about those arrogant pricks in RS for a long time Gitarzan

Posted by Wayne on Saturday, 08.23.08 @ 12:03pm

All right, this is a complete joke. The correct order the votes should be tallied is:

Yes: 0%
No: 100%

The Jonas Brothers will NOT be inducted into the hall. These brain dead young hoes who are voting for them should go back to watching Gossip Girl and The Hills and stay out of voting on music which those pre-teen whores no nothing about. In their careers the Jonas Brothers havenít done anything except appear in a couple of little girl magazines and appear on TV with Miley Cyrus (gag). And Iím sure that in 2 or 3 years, those brats wonít even remember the Jonas Brothers. Iíve seen it happen before. Jesus, Jonas Brothers? What a joke.


Posted by Eddy on Wednesday, 08.27.08 @ 18:36pm

I finally had a chance to hear this band (if that's what you could call it) a few days ago. I don't know the song, but I know it wasn't too good. Judging by the fact that there is a relation w/Hannah Montana (I think?) and I see 9 yr old's flipping out over them, it gives me a vague clue of what to expect. The industry's been trying this stunt for a decade now, and they still don't get it. When will they realize the little kids should be playing w/toys and not running around like their 16-17? I imagine it must suck being a teenager now that pre-teens have all the power. Sweet Sixteen has somehow been replaced by what - the Terrific Ten's? Terrific Twelves? Who Knows.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 08.28.08 @ 17:10pm

You know, I just visited Rolling Stone's website and was poking around when I read that on this week's album chart Disney has 5 of the top 20 albums. Normally I'm not able to come back to a site after I leave it (time constraints) but I had to post this. Kind of makes you wonder whether were all a bunch of musical refugees on this site.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 08.28.08 @ 17:20pm

Hey, Cheeser!!! This kind of thing happens just about every generation. It's either "teen idols" or "boy bands" or some other contrived piece of work that someone has manufactured as "the next big thing". I once heard Eddie Van Halen say that every 15-20 years music hits rock bottom (I think we're real close to that now), then something happens to make it start to top out again.

I just can't believe Rolling Stone put them on the cover!! Who's next...Hannah Banana????

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 08.28.08 @ 18:44pm

Famous, yes.
Innovative and Influential, not so much.

Posted by Vicky on Thursday, 09.11.08 @ 19:14pm

NO WAY!!!!!!

They are fake disney pop teen stars.

If Black Flag and many other REAL bands dont get in, then why should those little kids get in for?

Listen to real music!!!!!!!

Posted by Jon on Tuesday, 09.16.08 @ 16:17pm

Hell no!
I doubt it matters anymore. Madonna's in, yet bands like Deep Purple and Yes aren't in??? Rolling Stone magazine has completely lost credibility and is killing rock 'n roll by putting these manufactured "teen idols" on the cover. If they ever get in the RnR hall of fame, it's lost its credibility too.

Long live [real]rock be it dead or alive!

Posted by Dan on Saturday, 09.20.08 @ 09:51am

I hope they disapear as fast as they have come
Not RRHOF worthy

Posted by Denise on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 19:30pm

It seems sad to me that the very generation that strived for innovation and tolerance is here today shutting down a couple of kids because they are teens.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all against the marketing monstruosity they belong to, but since when is it a crime to be a teen? and perhaps we should lend them an ear before unleashing our mouths? I still can't get over nikki SIXX preaching about, well anything! and I'll tell him that to his face!

Posted by GIGI on Monday, 09.29.08 @ 10:07am

Jonas Brothers suck on crap.

Posted by rocker on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 09:59am

The Jonas Brothers are a only male pussy band who only care about there hair

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 07:27am


Posted by Smiley on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 16:00pm

Jonas Brothers = Shit

Posted by Happy on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 16:13pm

As I read their name, I thought to myself "GOD NO."

Posted by DavidOrr on Saturday, 10.11.08 @ 14:01pm

Girls-They want them to go in because,they think the three of them are "So Cute",they never stop talking about them,and whenever they have nothing to talk about it is either Chris Brown,Rihanna,and the JONAS BROTHERS

Boys-They do not really give anything for them,boys think they are baby faces,they do not deserve to go in at all,boys hate them,and it would be kind of wierd if you like te Jonas Brothers and you are a boy (no offense to boy fans)

I hope I have a piont

Posted by David on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 17:25pm

Phils are 1 win away from knocking out the Dodgers.

Red October continues tonight.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 17:32pm

What do the Phillies have to do with rock but

Go Rays

Posted by David on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 14:21pm

OK baseball... Those Red Sox will come back. U R a little strange Cheesecrop!

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 14:21pm

Not strange, man - happy!!!

I'm using the Jonas site as a Phils take over cause nobody with a brain cell in their head would be writing anything worthwhile here. Last night was awesome, though it was a mess at Five Points. If there's footage out there on youtube or something like it you should check it out. I live a little ways north of there, and it was nuts.

Last night I got me a 48 hour flu, right around the time of that last pop-up. I just can't see myself recovering until next week.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 19:00pm

Matter of fact, I was right - there's already footage of the celebration up there. Check it out if you want to.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 19:07pm

I'll take this time to quote Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons

"I bent my wookie"

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 19:10pm

That reminds me, I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be back...

Posted by Blueby on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 20:33pm

I'm back..sucessfully I might add...

I think we have time for a joke now

Q: What did the egg say to the boiling water?

A: "I may take a while to get hard, I just got laid last night"

Posted by Blueby on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 20:37pm

no no no

Posted by akatsuki on Friday, 10.17.08 @ 04:43am

I think I'm gunna pass some gas...

...There it goes.....

Posted by Voodoo on Saturday, 10.18.08 @ 18:01pm

Since I strongly doubt is going to mind me jumping in here, I am know taking over the Jonas Bros. page.

In the name of all baseball fans on this site who love to root for the underdog (and that's what this site is to a degree, rock wise), as a duly appointed fan of the Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware region, I claim this site in the name of the 2008 World Series Champs, the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Anybody who wants to talk about the Jonas Bros., go move to the Disney site. This page belongs to Phillies fans now. I will continue to discuss anything rock-related, but for the meantime I wish to annouce I have set up a puppet state w/in this site.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 10.30.08 @ 17:02pm

What a day!

There had to be 2 million people, at least, on the streets of Philadelphia yesterday!

I couldn't even get down there to see the thing in person - you would've had to camp out the night before to get a spot. A 4 & 1/2 mile sea of red stretching from City Hall south down Broad St. to the sports complex.

I'd like to see old Chuck Heston try to part that Red Sea!
On the hip-hop comments on the Jay-Z site -

I definitely wouldn't put him in any Rock Hall, but as I've said before, certain rappers who took the time to add a rock element into their music should get a second look. They would certainly be challenging their core audience with those numbers.

I have no real clue what hip-hop's commercial future is, though musically I think it's been stuck in a rut for quite a while now. Oddly enough, the next big thing in hip-hop might be to incorporate rock, or at least a rock band mentality, to the form.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 11.1.08 @ 05:51am

Jay-Z sucks

Posted by JB on Monday, 11.17.08 @ 09:16am

Maybe the Boy Band Hall of Fame, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, NO!

Posted by SSR on Saturday, 11.29.08 @ 15:40pm

I hope i will be dead by that time if ever they will be inducted!!!!!!!!!
Jonas GAY Brothers in the same hall with Led Zeppelin!!
Black Sabbath!! Oh my God!!!! The Bands and People who are inducted in the hall are GODS!!!!Jonas bother in the hall will be the destruction of it.

Posted by KP on Sunday, 12.7.08 @ 05:19am

hell no, they're not even talented

Posted by Matt on Wednesday, 12.17.08 @ 12:58pm

21% yes votes? Some people are just asking to have shoes thrown at them

Posted by Firebrick on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 18:50pm

no nonono no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no times 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Posted by zane c on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 07:45am

Listen up you child provokers, the Jonases only just released their 1st album 2 years ago. The oldest one is still a teenager! How do you know what they will become? By 2031 most you old farts will be gone. You have no voice here.

Posted by Worm on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 09:03am

By the time they're eligible, people will look back on them the same way we look back on Vanilla Ice.

Posted by Randy on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 09:25am

(smile) Vanilla Ice, that is funny! Hearkens me back to Jim Carrey spoofing him on the tv show In Living Color. The difference is the Jonas Bros are not patent foneys just trying to cash in. I dont personally get into their music, but they are still very young.

Posted by Telarock on Wednesday, 01.14.09 @ 09:41am

People who just vote NO on the Jonas Bros, I say you are arrogant. Why do you sit and judge 3 teenaged boys? They are not even eligible until most you old farts are but lingering smells. Jonases might never become The Beatles, wait and see. How do you know? You don't. It's not time to vote on this group yet.

Posted by Worm on Thursday, 01.29.09 @ 16:41pm

Those boys are soooo cute.....mmmmmmm

Posted by HEYWOOD on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 16:46pm

By the way, why do they call you worm ???

Posted by HEYWOOD on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 16:49pm

Why Worm you ask? Worms are lowly but very beneficial creatures. By moving thru the soil they loosen and aerate it. And earthworms make compost. Their excrement actually makes soil fertile. Those kinds of useful functions I portend to do on this website.

Posted by Worm on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 19:07pm

shut your mouth hoe !!!

Posted by fgddgg on Monday, 02.2.09 @ 07:39am

Jay-Z sucks

Posted by JB on Monday, 11.17.08 @ 09:16am

What a ignorant statement.I'm sure you've never gave "Reasonable Doubt" a chance,or "The Blueprint" for that matter.Jay-z isn't a rnr hall of fame worthy guy but to say "eh sukz" is stupid,immature,and shows how ignorant and dumb you are.I'm 100% sure the only Jay-z you're familar with is his newer stuff and his pop-singles.

Posted by Eric on Friday, 02.6.09 @ 11:47am

Any person who likes them is wierd.

Posted by David on Monday, 02.16.09 @ 18:28pm

MAN WHO LIKES THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They suck al of them are possers.Who is going to wear a Jonas Brothers shirt in 10 years.

Posted by steven on Monday, 02.16.09 @ 18:40pm


(shut up)

Have you ever seen someone weara Kansas shirt? Boston shirt? Ted Nugent shirt? Dio shirt? No you probably have not and you probably don't know who they are. NEVER COMMENT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mike on Friday, 02.20.09 @ 07:40am

people actually like these guys
they SUCK!!!!!

put depeche mode and joy division in already and don't consider these no-talent posers

Posted by lame on Friday, 02.20.09 @ 23:32pm

Apparently these kids think they're real rock stars now. I don't think they would know what rock was if it hit them in the face.

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 02.27.09 @ 12:33pm

The Jonas Brothers...The JONAS BROTHERS!!!! Jesus Christ people! Why are they even here? They are the death of music? They are the plague! They aren't even human! They're just a new product straight from the Disney assembly line. Their parents were just their designers and Disney is the monkey with the remote! If these test tube babies get in...I'll shoot an old person!

Posted by Red Rooster on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 13:10pm

Oh no. No, no, no. Just NO!


Posted by Erin on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 03:02am

LOL this can't be real!! seriously this is a joke..right?

Posted by Jared on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 17:00pm

They are NEVER gonna make it. They are the worst band of all time. All you girls who listen to them haven't ever heard of real rock.

Posted by PunkRockFreak on Monday, 04.6.09 @ 15:38pm

your kidding me right?The Jonas brothers dont even deserve to be discussed about getting in
screw the jonas brothers

Posted by Joe on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 07:23am

the only people who are voting for this sad excuse for a band are preteen girls who somehow found this website

Posted by mat on Thursday, 04.9.09 @ 23:03pm



You know, I just realized she has no page on this site. Neither does Miley Cyrus. On behalf of everyone who visits this site, I'd like to thank the Site Administrator for not failing to correct this over-site.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 16:54pm

I like how their suggesting bands which the only people who have interest in them werent even alive when the music Meant for the hall was big. does ya'lls parents even know your on the computer?

Posted by joe on Tuesday, 05.5.09 @ 08:13am

Well, ya never know... they do sing well and they do have song power. Some cleancut teen idols have made it into the Hall... the Jackson 5, the Beach Boys, the Beatles (for example)... the Jonas Brothers are probably nowhere near that category, but give them a few more decades and who knows?

Posted by Timothy Horrigan on Tuesday, 05.19.09 @ 17:24pm

Tim, you forgot one: Ricky Nelson

Posted by Jonny on Tuesday, 05.19.09 @ 19:30pm

someone posted a little back saying that it'll be a while before they are eligible, and until then, you never know what kinda impact they'll have on the music biz.

that may be true, but as far as i can see, i highly doubt they'll all the sudden put out inspirational and iconic music as the others worthy canidates have done.

Posted by Justin on Sunday, 05.24.09 @ 16:05pm

jonas brothers dont deserve it, theyre just another manufactured object that disney has puked up. the thing is, not only do these guys not deserve to be in, they shouldnt even be allowed near a guiter. not worthy :)

Posted by mousey on Monday, 05.25.09 @ 08:45am

lol jonas bros sucks balls


Posted by mike Dowdle on Monday, 06.1.09 @ 16:49pm

it could happen. I think they have the talent but it will only be possible if they get out of Disney's and their church's leash. It's the only real way to get their creative juices flowing because the words rock & roll and goodie-two-shoeness never ever mix.

Posted by tshirt on Sunday, 06.7.09 @ 12:06pm

I think this says it all:

Posted by Philip on Monday, 06.8.09 @ 20:49pm

Who are these Jonas Brothers you speak of? I've never heard of them. Are they some kind of pre-historic race of humanoid eunuchs?

Posted by Cubix on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 19:52pm

Not quite (close, though)...but they somehow ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone a few months ago. they're a Disney discovery (right up there with Hanna Banana, or whoever she is), probably won't be able to find them on a milk carton in a couple of years...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 19:56pm

why would anybody even consider them? They suck they're just pop. and they suck.

Posted by Dan on Wednesday, 06.17.09 @ 17:00pm

"they shuld definatly shuld be in the hall of fame. but not in 2031, they shuld get nominated in 2020"

what i am wondering is, why not next year? sadly, everyone has to wait 25 years, no exception. until 2031 rolls around, work on your spelling, okay?

"you guys who are saying no need to actually listen to the music and learn a little bit about htem before you judge them."

believe me, i have. they are just another tween pop band. maybe the whole Disney thing is what tips most people off that they are terrible

"These boys have been working their asses off since age 7 trying to make a career for themselves."

is this to say that Boston, Journey, Huey Lewis, Steve Miller and many other deserving acts WEREN'T working their butts off to make a career for themselves? or ANY band for that matter (deserving or not).

"But you can't deny, they are incredibly popular."

again, so were Boston, Journey, Huey Lewis, Steve Miller and many other deserving acts. popularity ain't enough either.

honestly, Jonas Brothers get a big fat no. what are they doing that every other tween pop band aren't? Why should ANY tween pop band get in? what have they done for rock music?

Posted by Justin on Monday, 06.22.09 @ 22:47pm

Alright, here's an example of something that annoyed me so much I thought I would do the most reasonable thing and vent my disgust on-line to people who probably won't, but should care.

While reading the music section of a local paper today I came across concert reviews. One of the reviews was about this "group" from Wackoff (oops I meant Wyckoff) New Jersey calling themselves the "Jonas Brothers." Normally, I wouldn't waste my time reading about some "musicians" I don't have any respect for, but glancing through the review I noticed the word "Beatles." After that, a frown began to appear on my face as I was reading through and found a description that went something along the lines of "Not since Beatlemania has there been such a fan hysteria regarding a band." (It was at this point that my facial expression turned from a frown to a look of disgust).

I think comparing The Beatles to the Jonas Brothers is so wrong in so many ways that I could write a novel about it. So anyways, there's my rant for the day.

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 07.2.09 @ 19:02pm

The Jonas Brothers Have Destroyed Rock Music and artists like Hanah Montana Have destroyed music altogeather

Posted by Eagles Fanatic on Tuesday, 07.7.09 @ 22:26pm

Looks like some 11 year old girl just voted "yes" for the Jonas Brothers. I believe that would be their first "yes" vote in about what? A year perhaps?

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 07.9.09 @ 13:59pm

I think there might just be a God. The Jonas Brothers are now on the list called "Lowest Fan Approval" under this site's voting statistics

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 09:34am

I am curious about how the "Lowest fan Approval" works because they are some artists who have 100% no votes, but are not on that list.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 10:06am

I am curious about how the "Lowest fan Approval" works because they are some artists who have 100% no votes, but are not on that list.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 07.31.09 @ 10:06am

I think an artist has to have at least 50 votes before they can get on the list.

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 08.1.09 @ 09:11am

Thanks Keebord.

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 08.1.09 @ 11:39am

No problem

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 08.8.09 @ 03:45am

I didn't realize this site was visited by so many 12 year olds.

In absense of a "god no" button, I voted "no".

Posted by Gregory on Thursday, 08.13.09 @ 08:44am

People are saying that they are popular, that whoever doesnt agree with the induction is hating etc. but they have not realised what the induction means: the name of this site is Future Rock Legends... Jonas Brothers should first demonstrate a contribution to Rock before being on this site...

Posted by Filipe Amaral on Tuesday, 08.25.09 @ 13:27pm

Do any of the fans of that horrific 'rock' band even know what rock is? Honestly? They are not rock and roll, and should they ever become inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, if they are rock will have died.

Posted by JonasHater on Friday, 08.28.09 @ 12:26pm

Are you frickin kidding me?? Who is even going to remember the Jonas Brothers in 2031?? And they don't make rock music. They make bubble gum pop for god's sakes. Nope. They will never make it into the rock and roll hall of fame. And if they do, then music has officially gone to the dumps.

Posted by Rhea on Thursday, 10.1.09 @ 18:19pm

No way will they get inducted. They may be popular right now, but they'll be forgotten and will become a punchline in a couple years. It's happened to Pop performers before and it will continue to happen.

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 10.27.09 @ 16:11pm

Half of you actually like them.
Half of you must be trollin'.

Posted by persiaprince on Thursday, 11.12.09 @ 03:01am

The Jonas Brothers, in my opinion, sum up what is wrong with music today. It is all about the marketing. An artist could be making avant-garde classical music, and if it has a fashion image that teenage girls will like, it will sell huge. Real music should sound good whether there is an image or not. Dido for Britany, Justin, and the rest of the manufactured pop crap!!!!!!

Posted by hipbeat3001 on Friday, 11.13.09 @ 13:12pm

Ted Nugent did say:

Being so busy, the Nuge doesn't have much time to check out younger bands, but his two current favorites are just a tad surprising. "Even though I can't stand the songs themselves, I'm quite moved by what I've seen the Jonas Brothers guys do," he says. "They play with soul. I don't like the songs but they certainly play with a lot of authority and they seem to have good chops."

I'm not sayin'... I'm just sayin'...

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 12.15.09 @ 21:26pm

Oh and for the record HELL NO

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 12.15.09 @ 21:33pm

Isn't it a to decide whether a band still in puberty is worhty of the Hall of Fame?

Just a thought.

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 23:43pm


Posted by amy on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 08:58am

I am a nonbeliever.

Shun me.

But you all have my word... I am not "jealous of their fame" nor am I a "hater." I will not "dis." We are all entitled to our own music taste.

This coming from a 13 year old girl.

Posted by Turd on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 09:21am

I think by this point the teenybopper crowd has already moved on to Justin Beeber or what not. In an ironic twist of fate, this "band" and Hannah Banana have been shoved aside for the new teen idol. I give Beever a year and a half and then it'll be somebody else again

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 07.28.10 @ 09:32am

por dios nisiquiera son buenoss, no han hecho NADA para estar en el salon de la fama

Posted by FUCK JONAS BROTHERS on Thursday, 08.5.10 @ 19:57pm

The Jonas Bros. have no f**king talent and only deserve to be inducted into the Pop-Culture Garbage HOF.

Posted by Theguy on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 20:51pm

I will never support the Hall again if those little virgins get inducted.

Posted by Brittany on Friday, 09.17.10 @ 10:02am

Vote for some real music with real meaning like Green Day. Billie Joe is always real with what he puts out there for the world to hear. He doesn't sing about how he wants to lose his virginity to a 10 year old like the Jonas Brothers do. Please, who the hell wants to honor a bunch of goody-two-shoes who will be virgins until they are in their 70's...if that.

Posted by Brittany on Friday, 09.17.10 @ 10:05am

I'm pretty sure the 10 year old one was a gary glitter number, Brittany.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 11.12.10 @ 11:15am


Posted by Rush fan on Saturday, 11.20.10 @ 11:51am

Did the hall induct the Bay City Rollers?
No. The Jonas Brothers are just the modern equivalent of them.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 10.16.11 @ 08:50am

They're a shoo-in, clearly....

:rolls eyes:

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.13.12 @ 11:58am

I would say no to The Jonas Brothers if they were ever to be inducted into The Hall of Fame because the only reason they got famous was becuase of Disney along with Hanna Montana and all those other teen pop stars. Led Zepplin, ACDC, Journey and all the other 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s rock bands can write and sing better songs then these guys ever could.

Posted by Andrew on Thursday, 11.29.12 @ 13:15pm

Okay, really? Everyone needs to stop hating! I mean, yeah... they probably won't be inducted to the HOF. But, you have GOT to give them some credit.

Before they "made it because of Disney" they were a legit pop/punk band. Touring in a van, selling T-shirts for gas money. Signed to Columbia Records. Their album kept getting pushed back, until it was finally released... but, without proper promotion. Therefore, they were dropped from Columbia.

The Disney audition presented itself out of nowhere, and they saw it as a second chance. Which is rare in the music industry. THEY AUDITIONED AS A BAND. You can't hold the fact that they just so happen to be 3 good-looking brothers, perfect for the tween/teenage market against them.

If you even bothered to do your research before you jumped to conclusions.. you would know that they are in fact, talented. And, that Nick Jonas specifically is the chief songwriter and a multi instrumentalist.

I don't think it's fair that they get a bad rap because of where they're "from." It's all about where they're going. They've left Disney, they're on their own now, & they still have a HUGE fanbase. Who's to say that something they release in the future won't completely redefine them? Or break records? Or change your perception of them?

No one can say! So stop hating. You might be eating your words down the line.

Posted by B on Tuesday, 01.15.13 @ 11:33am

are you f***in kiddin me??

Posted by elisabetta on Friday, 01.25.13 @ 12:20pm

Having a a hugh fanbase still doesn't mean that the Jonas Brothers will be getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anytime soon.

In order to make it into the Hall of Fame, artists need to have a 60 percent vote or higher to get in and the Jonas Brothers don't have a high vote and I doubt anyone is likely to vote them in unless they're 12 year old girls.

"Rock and roll isn't gonna die!"

Posted by Andrew on Tuesday, 02.19.13 @ 11:59am

B, I don't give a care about the Jonas Brothers. Yes, they may be a band with a hugh fanbase, but as far as I can see, they are nothing more then a pop answer to Green Day. Personally, I'll take The Stooges and MC5 over these teenage idols.

Lastly, I wasn't hating The Jonas Brothers, all I was saying was that they don't belong in the RARHOF.

Long live Green Day!

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 08.21.13 @ 00:36am

NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! But at least they are more rock like than the Beatles. Which is ironic considering that I love The Beatles but not the Jonas Bros. PS. Who in your opinion is more rock like: Jonas Brothers or Beatles

Posted by Karl Singleton on Saturday, 05.10.14 @ 17:32pm

To answer your question, Karl, The Beatles are more rock & roll then these teen has-beens.

That being said, The Beatles did start out as the same kind of band and they did sing songs for teenyboppers, but they did eventually grow out of the boy band image and became a more experimental group, while The Jonas Brothers never amounted to much.

They were just Disney pretty boys who where trying to be a more kid-friendly version of Green Day. All and all, these losers do not belong in The Hall.

Posted by Andrew on Friday, 06.6.14 @ 20:52pm

Andrew, you obviously don't understand that there is a debate about whether or not The Beatles are rock. I was only saying that because, if you listen to what the guitars on Jonas Brothers songs, they sound very rock like. The Beatles got famous before distortion units were invented. So they played pop sounding guitar. The Jonas Brothers guitars sound like pop punk. Speaking of pop punk, when I was in 4th grade, at my school all the boys listened to Green Day, while all the girls listened to the Jonas Brothers. I was not really for either at the time because I didn't care much for music until I was in 7th grade, though I did like Elvis. However, the guitars are the only thing that make the Jonas Brothers rock music. So they should be locked out of Cleveland.

Also two last questions:
1. What do you think of my argument?
2. Which side would you have gone for at my elementary school, the boys side or girls side?

Posted by Karl Singleton on Tuesday, 07.1.14 @ 18:30pm

you obviously don't understand that there is a debate about whether or not The Beatles are rock. I was only saying that because, if you listen to what the guitars on Jonas Brothers songs, they sound very rock like. The Beatles got famous before distortion units were invented. So they played pop sounding guitar. The Jonas Brothers guitars sound like pop punk.

etc., onward...

Posted by Karl Singleton on Tuesday, 07.1.14 @ 18:30pm
I would never consider the Jonas Bros. for the Hall.

That being said, you've an interesting take on things here, & it's one that I sought to broach on the site. With the Beatles, the thorny issue is the beginning of their careers vs the end game. Somewhere on the Beatle page, I once made a note of what songs truly sounded like rock to my ears - this meaning what passed for rock to a person who'd done most of their listening in the 80's and 90's, and into the 2000's. I found that the earliest songs I could come up with came from around "Rubber Soul", and gradually progressed. Still, I wasn't able to come up w/a lot (personally) until at least "Magical Mystery Tour" or "The White Album".

I think a lot of folks don't want to admit that as the 60's went on, the Beatles were beaten at their own game by a lot of other artists. Hendrix, Cream, The Doors, Zeppelin, etc., all zoomed past them in those last yrs. of the decade. People are willing to let it slide when the Beatles surpass Elvis, but they get a little antsy when it's suggested the Beatles may have been surpassed along the way.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 07.2.14 @ 05:57am

Karl, to answer your question, your augment is quite valid. I'm sure that there are a lot of people who think that The Beatles aren't rock music. Personally, I've always seen the Beatles' music as rock n' roll, but it can be argued that the group's early material was very popish in it's sound. It wasn't until around 65' that they transformed themselves into a more experimental group. If I had gone to your elementary school in 4th grade, I would sided with the boys.

Cheesecrop, I do agree that in the 60s, there were bands and artists like Hendrix, Cream, The Doors, Zeppelin, and others that were able to beat The Beatles at their own game and create music that was equal to or sometimes even better then what The Beatles made.

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 07.2.14 @ 16:54pm

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