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Eligible since: 1994 (The 1995 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Johnny Winter be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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It's a dang shame that Johnny Winter has not been voted into Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. Geez.

Posted by Cutter MR.Cee on Monday, 07.17.06 @ 22:43pm

He has never been nominated and the ronettes and joe tex are nominated this year. I can't understand he's so important; he is one of them who have discovered SRV and is an amazing guitarist

Posted by roméo on Sunday, 10.29.06 @ 04:03am

johnny winter is one of the most influential guitarists on the rock-blues scene, and is considered an icon by many. At the crossroads guitar festival during the final jam everybody(clapton, buddy guy, john mayer, robert cray, jimmy vaughn, hubert sumlin etc.)all turned down and let johnny take a solo from his little chair in the front of the stage. The greats respect him, but I don't see why the hall of fame doesn't. I, as you can probably see, believe strongly in johnny winter's induction into the hall of fame

Posted by max on Friday, 08.17.07 @ 22:43pm

yes its a pitty, such a shame he hasnt been voted in, wake up call.. vote mr winter in

Posted by jackson on Sunday, 10.7.07 @ 13:25pm

I really don't know why Johnny has not been inducted, it blows my mind! Johnny is one of the most respected guitarists of all time and this by his peers. His versatility between rock and roll, blues and not to mention one of the best ever with a slide on his pinky, if not THE best. Please induct Johnny now and give him and his fans the recognition they deserve. He has given us over 40 years of incredible guitar playing!!

Posted by JR on Monday, 11.19.07 @ 12:36pm

Very disturbing. Anyone, and I mean anyone, that listens to Johnny Winter AND Live who does not feel the recording is one of the best rock albums of all times is crazy. This guy was one of the most sought after artists when he came onto the scene. And one of the premier guitarists then and now.
When I look at some of the crap that gets inducted while this Icon is overlooked I lose all faith in the industry. What a farce!

Posted by j scott on Saturday, 12.15.07 @ 08:02am

What IS the hall of fames "definition" of rock and roll.having seen johnny winter 79 times, I beg those involved to search there hearts,put the respect johnny deserves BEFORE the profits that spew from record executives back room payoffs.If EVER a ARTIST deserved a prime seat at the hall of fame its johnny.....or does the hall of fame exist for RAP artists??it's time for johnny, do it while he's ALIVE.......

Posted by chris kelsch on Saturday, 03.29.08 @ 09:33am

It is indeed a shame Johnny Winter hasn't been inducted

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 09.19.08 @ 18:05pm

"I Smell Smoke" is one of the best songs I've ever heard

Posted by King (The) on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 22:47pm

Three of the very best guitarists in the history of the instument are:

Stevie Ray Vaughn
Jeff Beck and

Maybe not the most in records sales and profits, but certainly recognized as legends among their peers.

Posted by JCR on Monday, 12.22.08 @ 15:28pm

Johnny can play.. End of story

Posted by JohnB on Sunday, 01.4.09 @ 15:39pm

Yes way over do 101%

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 01.27.09 @ 10:39am

Another year done gone on the county farm, more rap, other "genre" artist's being inducted, getting to reap the benefits of a place in the hall of fame, yet johnny is not even considred?How can the executives show there faces?Blasphemy of the term rock and roll?Sell outs??Time to change the criteria for induction ladies and gentleman...real rock and roll artists are not getting the respect.....hall of fame??shame on you.......hang your heads

Posted by chris kelsch on Tuesday, 01.27.09 @ 15:35pm


Posted by Nick K on Thursday, 08.13.09 @ 14:56pm

Now here is a real Texan Bluesman,, He has the touch not the HYPE

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 09.13.09 @ 10:45am

Indeed, Johnny Winter is a great player

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.13.09 @ 11:58am

Well not sure if this will be seen by those who SHOULD care. But Johnny is the the blues and rock of the USA. What a distinguished career, from producing his own albums to that of Muddy Waters, to contributing to the careers of his brother, Rick Derringer, Dan Hartman and much more besides. He was the best white blues guitarists ever, Clapton never came close. I'm from England and have been passionate about his music since I was 15, 40 years ago, WHY haven't those at the R&R Hall of Fame seen what we have all seen for nearly half a century? I'm disgusted.

Posted by Chris Wood on Sunday, 02.14.10 @ 13:51pm

He is #1 in my book for new blues players

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 02.14.10 @ 20:29pm

"new blues players"??? Winter has been around longer than dirt!!! My vote for best blues player from that era would have to be Mike Bloomfield...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 02.14.10 @ 20:46pm

"new blues players"??? Winter has been around longer than dirt!!! My vote for best blues player from that era would have to be Mike Bloomfield...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 02.14.10 @ 20:46pm

I think he meant like since the 60s, or in other words since rock started. Modern blues i guess.

Posted by Chris on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 13:03pm

YES he is NEW and Muddy is old ....

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 16:19pm

No, Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and Tampa Red are "old"...Winter wasn't even quite a generation behind Waters...

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 18:46pm

Son House...he's "old", too!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 18:49pm

Hear is another before SRV a newer bluesman that open doors to blues!! as if the door was ever closed LOL I would say YES in a Texas second

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 02.27.10 @ 23:36pm

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter not in the R n' R Hall of Fame? Well, F--- the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame!

Posted by Clark D on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 23:48pm

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be ashamed of itself. They can put Clapton in 3 or 4 times,(I lost count),for each and every one of his incarnations, but Johnny Winter can’t get in once! And any blues/rock fan worth his salt knows Johnny plays rings around Clapton.

Posted by Cozy on Sunday, 04.25.10 @ 13:18pm

screw the crooked corporate-owned,so-called R&R hall of fame!

Posted by jeff briston on Thursday, 02.10.11 @ 18:18pm

I noticed that there was only an 8% chanch of johnny ever being inducted? That's a load of crap!
He is a ICON & LEGEND in R&R and BLUES.
Now if you keep inducting Pop intertainer's and
non musician's and leaving out true greatness such as Johnny,I will never be able to take the
Hall of Fame seriously.

Posted by L.SteveT. on Sunday, 07.31.11 @ 13:52pm


Posted by terry on Friday, 09.16.11 @ 23:13pm

The "Rock and Roll" HOF is a farce without JW
Screw em

Posted by Steve on Friday, 11.11.11 @ 08:13am

I noticed that there was only an 8% chanch of johnny ever being inducted? That's a load of crap!

Actually, most of the induction chance scores on here are a load of crap. Kelis has 23% induction chances, 50 Cent has a 40% induction chance...

*shakes head*

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 11.11.11 @ 13:37pm

Sorry, quoting LStevenT there, should have clarified.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 11.11.11 @ 13:38pm

I'm not sure if it is still so, I doubt it, but at one point 50 cents induction chances were higher than Tupacs.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 11.11.11 @ 13:39pm

I'm not totally sold, but I wouldn't complain either. I personally believe SRV is more deserving. Winter's an artist I need to check out more thoroughly, but I'm not a big fan of his cover of "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

Posted by Philip on Friday, 11.11.11 @ 13:47pm

Yeah, I certainly would have nothing against Winter's induction. He has some really good tracks.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 11.11.11 @ 13:53pm

It's ridiculous that Johnny Winter is not in the R&R Hall of Fame. He was and is one of the top blues/rock guitarists ever.

Posted by JSinDover on Friday, 12.16.11 @ 21:42pm

After reviewing rolling stones list of greatest guitarists seeing how out of touch they are with alvin lee, carlos santana and johnny winter all below fifty it's obviously never heard before how else can somebody so great to be overlooked? It's a shame Johnny Winter is not in

Posted by greg on Saturday, 01.7.12 @ 09:49am

Its OUTRAGEOUS that JDW is not there!!! It should be called the hall of shame...

Posted by Patrick on Saturday, 04.7.12 @ 19:38pm

I agree

Posted by Happy on Saturday, 04.7.12 @ 21:36pm

Still think he should be in... I know many here think SRV should be in first, maybe so but maybe not so....
As far as new Texas type blues.. I would think it would go to the Winter boys before SRV. since they did it first,, Lets hope they all get in

Posted by Happy on Wednesday, 09.26.12 @ 17:06pm

"%*#!" the rock-n-roll hall of fame!!!....

Posted by bluzrocker on Tuesday, 10.23.12 @ 05:35am

RIP, Johnny Winter

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 07.17.14 @ 09:43am


A real blues player a real person

Posted by Happy on Thursday, 07.17.14 @ 11:48am

I first saw Johnny play in 1970 during Easter break at a large music festival outside of Orlando Florida. This was the last of the big festivals with Woodstock and Atlanta happening in 1969. Playing in a rock and roll band for years I was, as well as my band members, all simply amazed at Johnny's technical skills and virtuosity as a guitar player.

Johnny never seemed to run out of ideas on the guitar’s neck - just when you thought he can’t possibly do any more – he did and he did it over and over. The only guitarist to come close to Johnny’s skill in our life time was Stevie Ray Vaughn who we also lost too soon.

The act before Johnny was introduced as a new band from Malcolm Georgia that had an album that the MC (Wavy Gravy) stated was to be released shortly – it turned out to be the Allman Brothers Band. They played their first album start to finish with no breaks for applause- Whipping Post was the close – they received a half hour standing ovation (no exaggeration).

I had read an article in Rolling Stone about the "Great White Wonder from Texas" but had never heard Johnny play; just when I thought the concert couldn’t get any better it did when Johnny walked out onto the stage around mid-night and leaning into the mike said softly “what’s happening” –then broke into Memory Pain - it was the last thing he said to the audience and proceeded to play for over 2 ½ hours into early Easter morning receiving an ever bigger standing ovation than did the Allman Brothers.

I have never again seen such a performance and will always remember it. Johnny simply smoked each and every other guitar player of his day and yes he made it look easy!

I had the privilege of seeing Johnny play over half a dozen times throughout the years. The last was at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano 4 years ago where he was obviously not well and very frail. My favorite memories of Johnny were at Winterland and twice at the Stone in San Francisco; do to the intimate size of the clubs.

One night at the Stone I was sitting at a table not 6 feet from the stage he played Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo - Johnny was playing two identical leads an octave apart (it is called counterpart) that the Allman Brothers made famous with two guitar players playing the same lead. Here right in front of me Johnny was doing this all by himself – no loop no tape! I could not believe it as NO other guitar player in the world could do what he was doing -None! I got up from my seat and started to applaud. Johnny looked over and in appreciation mouthed the words “thank you”. That night at the Stone (~1995) I met a few young guitar players and they asked when I had first heard Johnny play I told them 1970 - 25 years before - they had just become aware of Johnny and were simply in awe of his guitar playing skills.

This is Johnnny's legacy as he is the guitar players consumate guitar player.

Does Johnny Winter belong in the Hall of Fame of course he does as he has become both an Icon and inspiration to generations of guitar players.

Posted by J Weaver on Friday, 12.12.14 @ 02:56am

I have pictures of Johnny Winter playing with Janis Joplin, Jimmi Hendrix playing bass for Johnny winter, and countless other pictures with numerous other Blues greats, over forty albums released and still no nomination. Wasn't he commercial enough for hall, only conclusion I can come to.

Posted by Rick s on Tuesday, 05.19.15 @ 13:38pm

Johnny impressed me in my teens saw him about 4 times and he always delivered. Listen to Boney Maroni,Cheap Tequila, Hustled down in Texas. The covers like Dylans Hwy 61 revisited and Rain are just made for Johnny listen to them.
Played with so many Delta Bluesmen, Muddy Waters,
Howlin Wolf heard recordings of Johnny with Jimmi
Hendrix. Johnny's recordings are truly blues based rock, he has lightning gituar licks, amazing slide and genuine raw vocal sound.
In the school of Rock my kids learn about Johnny Winter.

Posted by Steve Schw[nn on Wednesday, 01.27.16 @ 00:13am

Who decides who is nominated into Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame??? Sure, everyone has their favorites, but come on folks, some nominees, like JOHNNY WINTER, are ONLY LOGICAL. If they don't nominate the ones who were at the beginning, who were phenomenal artists, who are obviously GREAT, LIKE WINTER, then how does an institution have any credibility? They don't.

Posted by Lucinda on Sunday, 03.13.16 @ 13:20pm

Another year comes up and Mr. Johnny Winter won't be recognised again?
I do not understand how an organisation supposedly promoting Rock and Roll, it's history, the legacy of performers, and hopefully their impact on current and future artists, can continue to ignore this man.

Posted by Benita on Tuesday, 10.18.16 @ 16:26pm

He was still selling out venues around the world when he died at age 70. Played more than 100 shows a year up until the end. Poll how many guitarists list Johnny as an inspiration.

Posted by Darlene Kubeck on Tuesday, 10.18.16 @ 18:36pm

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