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Fugazi (1988)

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Waiting Room (1988)
Bad Mouth (1988)

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Will Fugazi be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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One of the treasures of the late 80s, made the Emo Scene (which no longer exists regardless of what MTV tells you), should definitely be in. But that certainly doesn't mean they will.

Posted by Kit on Wednesday, 11.15.06 @ 16:00pm

With all do respect... what the #### are you talking about? Fugazi was NEVER anything close to emo... they were good. There would be no indie rock after the 80's without them, but i fail to see any connection to emo - besides maybe that "indie" is a terrible name for a genre of music and because of that, it's basically come to mean "whiney little bitch rock" and not "Not on a major label."

Fugazi definately deserves it.

Posted by Ian on Saturday, 12.9.06 @ 12:45pm

I advise you to re-examine the history of Emotive Hardcore as a genre and then apologize to me personally.

Posted by Kit on Saturday, 12.9.06 @ 13:02pm

Ian, you do realize that Fugazi practically invented Emo . . . right?

Posted by Matt on Friday, 12.15.06 @ 11:24am

While Fugazi itself didn't really invent it, nearly everyone involved had already played in an early emo band (Piccioto and Canty from Rites of Spring, Mackaye from Embrace), so yeah, they were the forerunner of a genre whose name today gets misused constantly to label bands that have nothing in common with the '80s hardcore scene.

Posted by William on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 17:33pm

Kit's right, but it still feels uncomfortable to admit it. Holy crap, is this the same William who was against the Beastie Boys being inducted? I didn't know you could be right about things. Crazy.

This is not a Fugazi vote!

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 08:42am

"Holy crap, is this the same William who was against the Beastie Boys being inducted?"


Posted by William on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 22:35pm

Um...Fugazi was one of the bands who created the emo scene along with Rites of Spring (another band who should get into the RRHOF)

Posted by Orion on Sunday, 08.5.07 @ 20:27pm

Calling early-career Fugazi is debatable to a certain extent (Bulldog Front anyone?), but their career thereafter seems to be post-hardcore alt-rock to me.

But saying that Fugazi created the emo scene is ridiculous. The Revolution Summer (which most of the members were part of) was in 1985 and Fugazi didn't officially form until September of 1987.

Posted by Karl on Sunday, 10.12.08 @ 00:25am

To clarify the Fugazi/Emo thing...

The band members were in early Emo bands.
Fugazi itself isn't an Emo band.
Fugazi did have an influence on Emo bands but...
...So did many other post-hardcore bands.

I still listen to them occasionally but they've become increasingly marginalized chiefly because the post-hardcore influence on Indie music has died off since the 1990s and because of the whole modern Emo thing. It has wrongly tainted them.

Ian MacKaye and co. did push the DIY ethic to such an extreme degree that you must take notice but I think the music has lost some of its potency. It's a "maybe" but not a priority at this point.

Posted by Jonas on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 04:13am

fugazi most definatly deserve a spot in the rnr hal of fame. they feel and write their music in a unique way, there are battles within their sound and whats more real than that? they've done so much for alt music all though they are not credited nearly enough. one of the greatest bands off all time

Posted by jim on Sunday, 12.28.08 @ 16:52pm

Depressing thought of the day:

We live in a world that has the Bee Gees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and will likely leave out torch-bearing bands like the Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Fugazi.

Posted by Lex on Wednesday, 06.30.10 @ 19:32pm

There's nothing wrong with the Bee Gees' induction...I think they're most deserving. What I think is depressing is someone who chooses to bolster artists by putting down others...low rent!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 06.30.10 @ 20:17pm

Lex, there's nothing worse, IMO than slamming another artist to elevate another, if Fugazi should get in the RRHOF it's because they have enough Influence and Innovation to warrant consideration, NOT because "the Bee Gees were inducted."

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 07.1.10 @ 03:10am

Fugazi definately deserves it.

Posted by Ian on Saturday, 12.9.06 @ 12:45pm

Yes, they do!

Posted by Brett on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 15:49pm

Excuse me for having to be Mr. Cynic on the Internet with his crushed dreams of creating a Sonoma county punk scene and overly-eclectic musical taste, but the people who induct the hall of famers are rockists. They only take notice of bands that are on the majors (or a major subsidised indie), have fame in the magazines, and are favorites of the judges. They didn't put the people who started rock in the hall of fame. Why would they put Fugazi, or Go4, or Mission Of Burma, or Quicksand, or Rites, or Jawbreaker, or any of the bamds that really deserve to be in there? Even the Sex Pistols refused to appear at the induction ceremony. The place really is a piss-stain. They wanted the Sex Pistols in the hall of fame, but ignored PiL,

Posted by David Betz on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 18:39pm

Bullshit. The Hall is not "rockist." They have repeatedly rejected blues rock, punk rock, arena rock, progressive rock and metal and heavy metal/extreme metal. They have never inducted...
Deep Purple
Nine Inch Nails
Black Flag
Bad Company
Napalm Death
The Cars
Judas Priest
Dead Kennedys
Cheap Trick
Bad Religion
REO Speedwagon
Any 80s thrash band not named Metallica (Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth being GLARING exceptions)
Jethro Tull
Iron Maiden
Thin Lizzy
Dire Straits
King Crimson
The Fall
The Pixies
Steve Miller Band
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Bon Jovi
Blue Oyster Cult

I could rattle off another 30. Half the bands in the rock and roll hall of fame are not even close to being rock acts.

Posted by Hunter Morrow on Sunday, 09.1.13 @ 14:55pm

Wow...emo? Ian Mackay would laugh his arse off if he heard that. I challenge you to name one single song that deals with anything close to Emo...
This is the remnants of Minor Threat and the Teen Idles for shit's sake. Totally disrespectful "In My Eyes" (if you don't get that pun, you dont know what your talking about, and should hold any pseudo-intellectual statements or replies to yourself)
I know people feel the urge to pigeonhole and label all music they hear, but Fugazi was in their own class. They invented a new type of music and left it at that. Just because someone was in a "previous band" does NOT mean that's what they carried over to aanother band (Hootie for example haha!). Just let them be Fugazi, one of the great bands of all time who never had to sell out, be labeled, and who fought the industry (remember Ian buying all their albums in that record shop when they priced them over $7?). Nobody will ever be like them again, so let's show real respect by letting them be what they were....perfect

Posted by juasone on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 20:20pm

Anyone who doesn't know punk inside and out can't say that Fugazi didn't have a tremendous influence on the underground punk movement in the 80's is completely ignorant of the genre. Ian Mackye who formed The Teen Idols as well as Fugazi changed the whole scene paving the way for the grunge movement. Without Fugazi there would have been no Sonic Youth, no Circle Jerks, and the biggie No Nirvana. That whole genre rested on the shoulders of the underground punk movement in the 80's that built up and finally exploded and killed the Horror of Hair Bands that dominated so furiously and wreaked havoc on music. I am thankful for Fugazi for leading the way for the music that finally ended the era of the worst music since Disco. Because of Fugazi I no longer had to hear crap like Poison, Warrant, Motley Crue and the rest of the garbage. They were crushed and forgotten. It was a happy and victorious time for people like me who wanted music back. Induct Fugazi. FUGAZI FOREVER! !

Posted by PUNKATTITUDE on Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 20:26pm

Fugazi is brilliant the notions that they used to display their morals and ideals were revoloutionary. 13 Songs is one of the best compilation albums I have ever had the fortunate opportunity to listen to. Ian Mckaye is also quite an intelligent fellow with many assets that put him and his bad well above their contemporaries. Despite that being said they will most likely not be present for not as many casual music fans have heard of them. The rock hall panders too much in my opinion.

Posted by jdog on Monday, 12.21.15 @ 22:10pm

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