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Will Falco be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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... no. Never.

Posted by bleedin' quadrophenic on Thursday, 01.4.07 @ 13:55pm

Ha, 43% of mother####ers are all for Falco.

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 07:45am

heyyy i think falco was great!!he must!!!!!!!

Posted by chad k on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 15:48pm

He is, by no stretch of the imagination, Rock and/or Roll (maybe if there was a "one hit wonder hall of fame")

Posted by toyologist on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 16:21pm

You forgot that Falco wrote "Der Kommissar" and had another hit of his own with "Vienna Calling." "Der Kommissar" was the only hit for the British band After The Fire (which included former Yes guitarist Peter Banks)

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 03.18.08 @ 08:16am

Just because he hasn't been famous in america, doesn't mean that he did not have a big influence on music. In Europe and Asia he's been one of the best selling artists of the 1980's and for sure he has been one of the most talented at this time.

That's why I've been voting Yes.

Posted by **** Hall Of "Fame" on Monday, 12.22.08 @ 02:32am

Johann Hölzel, better known by his stage name Falco, was an Austrian, pop and rock musician and had four #1 Hits - "Der Kommissar", "Rock Me Amadeus", "Jeanny", and "Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2)". With "Rock Me Amadeus" he is the first and so far only artist to score a #1 Hit in the U.S. with a German language song. His albums and singles have sold about 80 million copies worldwide.
Falco must be inducted into the Hall of Fame!

"In Europa und Asien ist er heute noch ein gefeierter Pop-Superstar, obwohl er schon Jahre tot ist; seine Musik ist und bleibt einzigartig. Durch sein Musikalisches Werk hat Falco es geschafft, ewig zu leben!"

Posted by Robert B on Thursday, 12.31.09 @ 09:33am

"Rock Me Amadaeus" was in English... and I believe you're thinking of "99 Luftballoons" as that #1 song... that was by Nena, not Falco.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 12.31.09 @ 11:23am

Falco is unique. I vote YESSSS !

Greetings to all European Fans!!

Posted by Steve Mills on Sunday, 01.3.10 @ 07:03am

Falco hatte immer schon 2 Seiten:

- Kunstfigur Falco: neurotisch, exzessiv, abgehoben - einer, der selbst auf Kollegen oft präpotent und unnahbar wirkte.

- Und das des privaten Hans Hölzel: sensibel, verletzlich, liebenswert

Es ist unumstritten, dass Falco ein einzigartiger Popstar ist!

Posted by Reinhard Kranz on Monday, 01.4.10 @ 11:35am

Il a une voix hypnotique. Ne parlons pas de son? sourire et et de son regard ravageur. Merci Falco de nous avoir laissé ce bel héritage de mélodies.

Il est une légende !!!

Posted by Camille Fe. on Tuesday, 01.5.10 @ 11:22am

él es ingenioso


Posted by Edoardo Petje on Wednesday, 01.6.10 @ 02:29am

Als ich Falco mit seiner roten Uniformjacke das erste mal im Tv performen sah, da dachte ich mir "DAS IST EIN POPSTAR".
Das war das Lied Sound of Musik - Falco ist so cool, unnahbar und sexy, dass er jeden anderen Popstar blass aussehen lässt.

I love him !!!

Posted by Mandy Oberdorfer on Wednesday, 01.6.10 @ 06:02am

He is one of the most talented artists!

The Kommissar
Rock me Amadeus
Vienna Calling
Coming Home
Out of the dark
...much more...

Falco is unique !!

Posted by Steve G on Saturday, 01.9.10 @ 03:03am

<<He is one of the most talented artists!

The Kommissar
Rock me Amadeus
Vienna Calling
Coming Home
Out of the dark
...much more...

Falco is unique !!>>

I agree that he is (was) unique. The problem is, of the above songs, the vast majority have only heard of the first two (if that many). Not exactly a one-hit wonder, but close enough.

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 01.9.10 @ 17:41pm

Following his breakthrough hit single "Don't turn around, the Commissar's in town" and the overwhelming success of "Come on and Rock me Amadeus," the first German language song ever to hit number one on the US Billboard Charts in March 1986, he proceeded with the alienation of empty notions by filling them with new life. In 1986 he used the Trapp family musical "The Sound of Music" for a song title, shortly followed in 1988 by the use of the Strauss-operetta "Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood)" for his own song composition. One of Falco's trademarks was his English-German-Viennese word mix. He had been ahead of his time as one of the first rappers, although some would call him stutterer instead. His arrogance was legendary!

With worldwide sales of over 80 million records in total, Falco would become the biggest-selling Austrian pop musician of all time. As one of his most quoted song lyrics puts it: "What's typical about me is, I'm untypical by all means."

I think Falco ist the European "King of Pop"

R.I.P Falco

Posted by NoName on Sunday, 01.10.10 @ 03:30am

Rock Me Amadeus(「ロック・ミー・アマデウス」)は発売と同時にオーストリアでNo.1になり、アルバム『Falco 3』、続くシングルの「Vienna calling」(「ウィーン・コーリング」)、もオーストリアを始めヨーロッパ各地でヒットした。そして、86年の3月、アメリカでもリリースされた「アマデウス」は全米チャートで4週間連続トップを独走した。英語圏以外の出身アーティストによる外国語の歌が全米チャートで1位になったのは坂本九以来、史上2人目である。アルバム『Falco 3』も全米チャートで3位にランクされた。また、同年、WEA移籍後に発表された4作目のアルバム『Emotional』(「エモーショナル」)のリリースに伴い、ワールドツアーも行われた。86年12月にはツアーのために初来日を果たした。


We love Falco !!

Posted by Lin on Tuesday, 01.12.10 @ 09:26am

espectacular cancion de falco..y no se desafina para nada!XD..buenisiam


Posted by Liv on Wednesday, 01.13.10 @ 10:26am

Falcos musik war schon immer weit seiner Zeit voraus. Ich bin mir sicher wenn Falco damals den entschluss gefasst hätte nach Los Angeles zu ziehen, dann würden ihn die Amerikaner vergöttern. Für amerikanische verhältnisse hat er zu viel "Deutsch" gesungen, aber wie er einst sagte "entweder so, oder gar nicht!"

Würde Falco heute noch leben würde er vor 200,000 Leuten in Stadien spielen, weltweit. Was für Musik.

Mit ihm starb einer der größten Popstars den wie Welt hatte.

Jeder, der Falco nur ein bisschen kennt muss hier unweigerlich "YES" voten.

Falco, we´ll never forget you. R.I.P.
Your German Fans.

Posted by Theodor Gross on Wednesday, 01.13.10 @ 10:35am

Ich habe Falco immer bewundert wie er auf andere Menschen wirkte. Er hatte eine gewisse arroganz an sich aber das zu 100% nicht negativ - er stand immer irgendwie über den dingen. Selbst für Musikerkollegen wirkte er oft unnahbar.

Rein musikalisch finde ich das er im grunde seit den frühen 80ern einen gewissen Stil beibehalten hat - für mich war es schon immer unverständlich dass er in den 90ern nicht mehr so erfolgreich war wie in den 80ern. Seine Musik übertrifft einfach alles. Da könnten sich die aktuellen sogenannten "Popstars" mal n scheibchen abschneiden.

Falco is definitive unique !!

Posted by Stefan Wein on Thursday, 01.14.10 @ 09:36am

Falco was a great artist!
His music was huge in the North America as well as South America.

I like "Sound of Musik", "Emotional" and "Junge Roemer" ... and "Vienna Calling" ...and and and :-))
Super talented - he will be so missed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Falco, i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mandy Lo. on Thursday, 01.14.10 @ 09:55am

@ Philip: nur weil im Lied "Rock me Amadeu" die englischen Wörter "Come on Rock me" vorkommen, ist das lied noch lange nicht in englisch!!!
Auch ist der Name Amadeus kein englischer, er leitet sich vom Deutschen Namen Gottlieb ab (belehre ich euch hiermit ;-) ).

Rock me Amadeus ist offiziell der erste Deutsch sprachige song der in den Billboard Charts ein Nummer 1 Hit war - Falco schrieb damit Popgeschichte.

Greetings from Germany

Posted by Monika A on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 03:48am

"Junge Römer, kennt ihr die Sonne noch? Die Nacht ist Jung wie ihr.."

Bella ITALIA !!!!

Falco forever !!!

Posted by Fabrizio on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 08:51am

...why wasn't this man bigger in America?

Falco is amazing! Most of his songs were tbh. I wish they'd have his cds here. Ditto with any books/documentaries that were made about Falco. Not saying he has millions of fans in America but I'm sure he has enough fans to have this stuff here.

I love him - he is amazing...


Posted by J. on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 11:03am

@ Monika: Nur weil das Lied oft sang "Amadaeus", und "Amadaeus" eine deutsche Name ist, dass das Lied eine "deutsches Lied" nicht macht. Amadaeus is eine Name. Wir nennen ihn nicht die englische Meinung der Name "Amadaeus" (auch, glaube ich, es gibt keine englische Meinung der Name "Amadaeus"), aber das macht nicht das ganzes Lied "deutsches Lied". Die Geschichte der Leben des Mozarts is auch auf Englisch. Nur die Name "Amadaeus" ist in dem ganzem Lied auf Deutsch.

Vielleicht gibt es eine andere Lied (version?)... eine auf English fuer die Vereinigten Staaten und eine auf Deutsch fuer Europa. In der Vereinigten Staaten, nur Amadaeus is auf Deutsch. Alle sonst sind auf Englisch.

Auch, entschuldigen Sie mir mein Deutsch. Ich habe kein Deutsch seit achte Jahre studiert, und ich habe nur halb, was Sie sagen, verstanden.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 18:02pm




Posted by joker on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 22:41pm

Falco is great!


Posted by Sandy on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 10:54am

Why is there such a surge of interest in Falco all of the sudden? He was okay, had a couple of hits, but geez....!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 10:56am

Why is there such a surge of interest in Falco all of the sudden? He was okay, had a couple of hits, but geez....!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 10:56am
It all has to do w/the power of the powdered wig...

Anybody rockin' the power of the powdered wig bespeaks the truth. Of course, since you are corresponding from the Rocky Mountain regions, where there is a distinct conflict of interest between substances (i.e. powder vs snow), you are forgiven for this transgression...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 11:15am

Yep, the only "powder" you can get on your "wig" around here lately will give you terminal brain freeze...!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 11:19am

Um genio deste seculo, alegrou, uniu muitas pessoas com suas musicas, sentimos muita sua morte, mas será eternamente lembrado!

Falco +++


Posted by Marc on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 12:21pm

RIP Falco , you are always on people's heart...

Posted by Jim on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 12:25pm

Ich denke dass niemand diese Internet seite kennt (zumindest nicht in Europa). Ansonst wären hier schon 1.000.000 Millionen YES stimmen für Falco.

Ich hoffe dass die paar Menschen, die über diese Seite stolpern es dennoch schaffen Falco in die Hall aufzunehmen.

Falco, ich liebe dich !!!

Posted by Sabine on Sunday, 01.17.10 @ 23:49pm

Falco the best thing to come out of austria since amadeus mozart...

Falco is the "European KING OF POP"


Posted by Mel on Monday, 01.18.10 @ 12:48pm

Das stimmt !!

Bussi - Greetings

Posted by Walter on Wednesday, 01.20.10 @ 07:02am

Mes salutations en France. Vive FALCÓÓÓ !!! Sa musique est vraiment superbe.

Posted by Mik on Thursday, 01.21.10 @ 11:10am

We love you Falco
Te queremos Falco

From a fan of Argentina

Posted by Jo on Sunday, 01.24.10 @ 06:42am

Falco te amo simplemente, eres el mejor y el mas grande...

Posted by Moe Fr. on Monday, 01.25.10 @ 10:05am

Look at this:


Superstar FALCO !!!

Posted by Mike on Monday, 01.25.10 @ 10:34am

Es gibt und gab nur den einen!
Falco ist einzigartig,genial und unübertroffen!!

Seine Bühnenpräsenz war einfach phänomenal - ich habe ihn einmal live sehen dürfen und dieses Erlebnis hat sich in meine erinnerung gebrannt, wie keine andere. Gänsehaut pur! Falco Tour 1993,1994

Posted by Hans Kern on Wednesday, 01.27.10 @ 07:28am

Bei uns in Deutschland ist und war Falco schon seit 1982 ein Superstar. Er hatte in den 80er Jahren großartige Hits und in den 90er Jahren auch viele tolle Lieder. Er ist eine Legende!!

Wir vermissen ihn - er hinterließ in der deutschen Popwelt eine große lücke.


Posted by Daniel Maier on Wednesday, 01.27.10 @ 10:20am

Falco war einer der besten Musiker im Deutschsprachigen Raum, ein wahres Genie was Songwriting und Komposition anging. Seine Musik war abwechslungsreich, voller versteckter Botschaften und machte ihn unsterblich. Kein anderer Musiker heutzutage (jedenfalls aus Deutschland und Österreich) kommt an ihn heran, mit Falco verlor die Musikindustrie einen begnadeten Künstler und ich erwische mich manchmal, wie ich darüber nachdenke, was für geniale Songs er noch gemacht hätte... WE MISS YOU FALCO!

Posted by Pron Nick uebernomm. on Wednesday, 01.27.10 @ 10:31am


Damn I love this song! ... it just brought me back to when I was in VIENNA.
ienna = best and the most beautiful city in the world

I love you, Falco

Posted by Susan on Friday, 01.29.10 @ 11:46am

Vienna ;-)

Greetings from USA

Posted by Susan on Friday, 01.29.10 @ 11:47am

What's with all these people drooling over Falco recently?

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 01.29.10 @ 12:04pm

Well, he died recently. Anyway, I'd like to know what the foreign language posts say. Probably about the same as what the Perryphiles say, but I'd still like an accurate translation.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 01.29.10 @ 12:53pm

I thought he died 11 years ago?

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 01.29.10 @ 14:34pm

Falco was killed in a car accident in February, 1998. He was an interesting character....

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 01.29.10 @ 17:35pm

I like "Vienna Calling" and "Out of the dark".

I can't believe that more people (americans specifically) don't know who Falco was...

easily top ten artists of the 80's

its too bad that most of his american exposure was through crappy and usually nonsensical translations of his original tunes.

Posted by Ken on Sunday, 01.31.10 @ 04:31am

My bad on thinking he died recently. So I guess I don't know why we have had an infusion of Falcoites recently.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 02.1.10 @ 06:25am

Sound of Musik!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome song, I wish we had heard more of his music like this in the USA! This song is super uplifting and puts me in a happy mood.

R.I.P Falco!!

Posted by Sandra on Monday, 02.1.10 @ 10:07am

Hi !

For all European Fans: ich kenne Falco seit 1990, war damals mit meine Schulklasse in Germany und Schweiz. Falco lief damals immer im Radio mit dem Sound "Neo Nothing" - seitdem liebe ich Falcos songs und höre ihn fast täglich.


Posted by Steven on Tuesday, 02.2.10 @ 10:58am

He's one of the greatest rock personnality, has great songs, is very good looking.

I hope he will enter one day

Falco, we miss you...


Posted by Sue on Thursday, 02.4.10 @ 08:48am

Falco should totally get in.
I mean, come on!
He is unique and has great songs.

Ever seen "DVD Vienna Donauinsel 1993 - Falco live" ??

...people still love him!

Posted by Sandy on Friday, 02.5.10 @ 10:16am

Falco - Neo Nothing

Ich sprech mich aus dafür -
Nimm die Luft weg und flieg durch die Tür
Was will mein Radar blos von Dir?

Am Screen erscheint nur schwer -
Die Minusdichte bedaure ich sehr
Hof' das Orientierungsfeuer her

Du meinst es wäre hier?
Im Overground ist kein Platz dafür
Das heisst: Kommando back zu Dir

Don't you know
It's the "NOTHING" I won't let you go
The "NEO" is a sample of your soul
Wir überholen und längst wieder
sind "POST OF ALL"

Du - den Klang der Farbe kennst nur Du
Colours folding all over you
'Cause you turn the black into the blue

Dann - fällt die Nummer aus der Wand
Fällt und liegt fest in deiner Hand
Wer ist die Schönste im ganzen Land?

Don't you know
It's the "NOTHING" I won't let you go
The "NEO" is a sample of your soul
Wir überholen und längst wieder
sind "POST OF ALL"

Genialer Song - jedoch ist es wie bei vielen Falco songs von vorteil wenn man Deutsch und Englisch verstehen kann!


Posted by Sarah Wallner on Saturday, 02.6.10 @ 05:16am

Adventureland - the movie

*lol* :-)))

Rock me Amadeuuuuuuuus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Kim on Saturday, 02.6.10 @ 05:46am

i love Adventureland :-)))))))))
Amadeus Amadeus o ooh ooh Amadeus, ey...

Falco is cool

Posted by Agnes F. on Sunday, 02.7.10 @ 09:33am

Falco is famous enough to be in the Hall Of Fame.

Falco ROCKS !!!

Posted by H.P on Monday, 02.8.10 @ 09:46am

Ich liebe seine Songs; der Text ist "Literatur" ... er hat immer wieder sein Innerstes preis gegeben und so viele, vor allem nicht Deutsch-sprachige haben diese Genialität nicht verstanden. Leider.

Falco, du fehlst so!

Posted by Wolfgang Becker on Monday, 02.8.10 @ 10:36am

Falco: two-and-a-half hit wonder. "Rock Me Amadaeus", "Vienna Calling", and After The Fire's version of "Der Kommissar."


Posted by Philip on Monday, 02.8.10 @ 18:09pm

No offense folks, but can we get a little english translation here?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Monday, 02.8.10 @ 18:37pm

Rock me Amadeus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't music be fun like this again?

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 02.9.10 @ 12:22pm

enough with all the falco postings. He isn't getting into the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Brian on Tuesday, 02.9.10 @ 13:31pm

Let me see...
4 comments in '07
2 in '08
2 in '09

That means that, including this one, there have been 58 comments on Falco in the 41 days thus far in the new year. What has he done in the past month that suddenly warrants Falco getting any attention whatsoever???

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 02.9.10 @ 23:13pm

He was famous during his lifetime.. but more so after his death..

i like falco

Posted by Sam. on Wednesday, 02.10.10 @ 11:01am

Let me see...
4 comments in '07
2 in '08
2 in '09

That means that, including this one, there have been 58 comments on Falco in the 41 days thus far in the new year. What has he done in the past month that suddenly warrants Falco getting any attention whatsoever???

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 02.9.10 @ 23:13pm
My theory is that it all has to do w/the climate changes around the world. As more people have been snowed in due to these changes, they have more time to ponder artists like Falco.

For instance, here in Philadelphia we have had close to 70 inches of snow this winter. The city is in a state of emergency, the National Guard has been called in, & I'm sitting here commenting on Falco.

And so I say to one & all, Rock Me Amadeus.

This is Ice Station Zebra signing off...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Wednesday, 02.10.10 @ 20:16pm


You make me laugh, thanks for bringing some humor to all this serious music stuff.

Oh ya, who's Falco anyway?

P.S. Stay Warm

Sunny SoCal signing off...

Posted by SpaceTrucker on Wednesday, 02.10.10 @ 23:08pm


...very mystical...

4 comments in '07
2 in '08
2 in '09
58 in 2010

...how much in 2011?? --> ask Chris!


...i like him

Posted by Denise on Thursday, 02.11.10 @ 11:00am

Hallo / hi to everyone.

Hier kurz eine mögliche erklärung warum Falco plötzlich wieder in allermunde ist. Vor kurzen wurden verloren geglaubte Songs von Falco gefunden und diese veröffentlicht. Darunter auch der No.1 Hit "The Spirit never dies".

Falco has actually a no.1 hit in Austria - "The spirit never dies"

That is awesome!!

Posted by Gerhard Herrers on Friday, 02.12.10 @ 11:09am

Falco war schon immer seiner Zeit voraus; einerseits war das "Pech" für ihn, denn er hätte zu lebzeiten viel mehr Tonträger verkaufen können, andererseits machte ihn dieser umstand zur legende. Erst nach seinem Tode erkannte man sein Genie und schlagartig verspürte man wie sehr er der Musikwelt fehlte.

Seine Texte sind Lieratur und sein Stil, Wiener Dialekt mit Englisch zu kreuzen ist einzigartig.

Er ist zweifelsohne einder der größten Deutschsprachigen Künstler in Europa.

Falco hat es durch seine Musik ein Denkmal gesetzt, durch das er ewig leben wird!

Posted by Franz Becker on Saturday, 02.13.10 @ 01:43am


To Germany: Ich hoffe mein deutsch ist einigermassen gut. Ich war 1994 mit meine Eltern in Wien, Paris und Berlin. Mein Vater ist ein grosser Falco Fan und wir besuchten damals ein Konzerz. Ich weiss noch dass er eine ausstrahlung und eine buehnenpresenz hatte die einfach phänomenal war. Seitdem bin auch ich ein groser fan.

I love him - i miss him...


Posted by Jessy on Tuesday, 02.16.10 @ 02:20am

2009: Falco - Spirit never dies
No.1 hit in Austria/Europe.

Ever heard of "falco-tricks" ?? i love this song.
Falco Rocks the world... He was sooo ahead of his time...


Posted by Jack A on Tuesday, 02.16.10 @ 09:39am

...what an awesome rocker, why did he have to die??

Greetings from Ireland

Posted by Melanie on Wednesday, 02.17.10 @ 12:48pm

Out of the dark !!!!!!!!!

...my sexy Falco
i miss him
i love him

Posted by Kim on Friday, 02.19.10 @ 10:35am

I wish I would have seen him in concert when he was alive...

Posted by Mike M. on Thursday, 02.25.10 @ 09:26am

One of the greatest pop stars ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Falco's spirit will never die


Posted by Sarah Stern on Friday, 02.26.10 @ 09:50am


Wenn ich hier weiter oben lese dass Falco ein onehitwonder oder gar ein twoandahalfhitwonder ist dann muss ich entsetzt feststellen dass es Menschen gibt die Falco zu 100% nicht kennen. Schade für diese Leute!! Ich war 1993 bei der Nachtflug Tour dabei und bin seitdem ein riesen Fan. Falco hatte eine Bühnenpräsenz, eine Ausstrahlung und ein wirken auf sein Publikum wie ich es sonst nirgenst erlebt habe. Für mich ist Falco der größte Künstler seiner Zeit - eine Legende des Pop auf ewig!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Jenna Maier on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 01:29am

Falco e fanttttttttttastico

il migliore del mondo, Resta in pace, saluti d` Italia / Roma

Posted by Lu. on Sunday, 02.28.10 @ 09:48am

Oh how great he was!
God bless him!

Posted by Melissa M on Saturday, 03.6.10 @ 12:10pm

!! YES !!

*F*A*L*C*O* *F*O*R*E*V*E*R*!

Posted by smeke on Sunday, 03.7.10 @ 06:40am

Falco was such a cutiepie! I just love him!
RIP Falco!

You are missed!

Posted by Xenia on Sunday, 03.7.10 @ 07:24am

He's was so damn hot...

I love "Push Push", "Amadeus", "Sound of Musik" and "Mother der Mann mit dem koks ist da".

RIP Falco

Posted by Yu Li on Wednesday, 03.10.10 @ 10:50am


Falco war absolut genial und einzigartig - jemanden wie ihn wird es nie wieder geben...
Wer ihn kennt der liebt ihn, seinem charme konnte sich niemand entziehen.

Schade dass du so früh von uns gegengen bist.

Posted by Hans Gröbner on Saturday, 03.13.10 @ 04:09am

Falco did very beautiful songs,and he will always stay in the memory of his fans.

Posted by Lisa S on Saturday, 03.13.10 @ 09:43am

Rock me Amadeus, Jeanny, Emotional, Sound of Musik, Titanic, Vienna Calling, Out of the dark...

...the best songs that been ever produced! I think this guy was better than michael jackson!
--> and now a little bit German (i try):
Liebe Leute so meine ich das Falco hundert mal mehr als "only" 60 Millions Tonträger verkaufen können, hätte er seine songs nur in english gesungen, aber er liebte sein land und sein sprache, das muss ma akzeptieren und mehr noch ihn zu gute halten denn gerade das machte ihn einzigartig!!!!!!!!!!!
Gibt es einen geileren Typen auf der Bühne???

Falco had many, many talents that most famous American musicians do not have!

Listen to him...

RIP Falco - a lot of people miss you!!

Posted by Pcfreak1978 on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 12:55pm


I love his songs, his voice and himself.

His spirit never dies, he always be in my heart, as great singer and a great man.
I still feel little pain in me when I listen his songs...

-- Falco forever --
Celine, NYC

Posted by Celine on Thursday, 03.18.10 @ 11:26am

In Italy we loved Falco!!! I still do.
It's not strictly necessary to understand German... take Jeanny or Out of the Dark - the interpretation of Falco here is marvellous!

Falco we love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Jan on Saturday, 03.20.10 @ 02:30am

I love his new song "Kissing in the Kremlin"... and all other hits. I havent seen his grave yet, but i want to visit it. Hans "Falco" H. is a god!!

Greets from a french Falco fan

*** Falco Forever ***

Posted by *PAM* on Tuesday, 03.23.10 @ 14:10pm

Vienna calling -- best song ever.


love him
miss him


Posted by Karen on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 13:06pm

Falco war/ist eine große Persönlichkeit, nicht zu vergleichen mit heutigen "Künstlern", die kaum untereinander zu unterscheiden sind.

Er war ein Gott unter den Musikern, schade dass er sich mitte der 90er in die Domrep zurückgezogen hat, aber es sei ihm vergönnt mit seinem vielen Geld auch mal einfach nur zu genießen...

Ich bewundere seine übermenschliche Art heute noch!!

Wir sehn uns...

Posted by Michi on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 12:44pm

i dont understand a word but i love his songs...

rip falco


Posted by Sel on Thursday, 03.25.10 @ 12:59pm

Gegen Flaco kommt niemand an, schade um diesen intelligenten außergewöhnlichen Künstler! Gerade, weil er so ehrlich war und sich nix "geschissen" hat, war er jeden anderen in jeder hinsicht absolut überlegen!

Falco, du fehlst

Posted by Severina on Friday, 03.26.10 @ 11:13am

Hi everyone,

Ich war damals beim Donauinselfest 93` live dabei, und kann nur sagen, ich danke Gott dafür, das ich das sehen durfte......

Er ist einer der besten "Live Performer" die es gibt, oder geben wird, und dieser Mann hatte solch ein "Charisma" er hätte irgendwas singen können, und die Leute wären trotz strömendem Regen geblieben......

Posted by Clara Kern on Saturday, 03.27.10 @ 12:37pm

Coming soon: a Falco wax figure in Madame Tussauds Vienna.

Great !!

Posted by Sandra on Sunday, 03.28.10 @ 06:52am

My favorite song is "Emotional"

oooh !!

A superb song and video from the legendary Falco. I am a Falco fan from Malaysia.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 03.31.10 @ 10:12am

In 1986, the album Emotional was released, produced by Rob and Ferdi Bolland (Bolland & Bolland). Songs on the album included "Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2)," "The Kiss of Kathleen Turner", and "Kamikaze Capa" which was written as a tribute to the late photojournalist Robert Capa. "The Sound of Musik" was another international success, and a Top 20 U.S. dance hit, though it failed to make the U.S. pop charts.

My favourite: Sound of Musik


Posted by Ben1981 on Wednesday, 03.31.10 @ 14:11pm

...i think Falco Symphonic is the best of Falco

I have the Cd and DVD from Amazon Germany

Great Falco !!

Posted by Gibs on Thursday, 04.1.10 @ 08:48am

Ich war damals bei dem Symphonic Konzert 1994 in Wr. Neustadt dabei - mir kommen heut noch die Tränen wenn ich das seh - er war der genialste Musiker den Österreich je hervorgebracht hat!

Posted by Herbert Blask on Thursday, 04.1.10 @ 10:42am

Yes, i like Falco Symphonic too


Posted by Jo22 on Friday, 04.2.10 @ 10:02am

In 1992, he made a mid sized comeback with Nachtflug, which went to Number 1 in Austria. The single "Titanic" remained in the charts for 18 weeks, the album for 17. For the first time in 6 years, Falco went on tour again. After that, he again concentrated more on his private life for a couple of years, until he had another hit with the Techno-style single "Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da" (1995), which was especially successful in Germany.

In 1996, Hans decided to leave his beloved Vienna behind and moved to the Dominican Republic, fleeing from the ever indiscreet media in Austria. After another single release in 1996 ("Naked"), he worked on his next (and, as it turned out, final) album. It was almost finished and supposed to be released under the title "Egoisten".

Sadly, Hans Hölzel died in a fatal car crash in the Dominican Republic on February 6th 1998. A coach ran into his Mitsubishi Pajero while he was coming out of a parking lot. The new album was released post-humously as Out Of The Dark. So far, two singles have been released: Out of the Dark" and "Egoist", both of them entered the charts.

In order to make the most of the temporary craze, there have been quite a few releases of Falco-related stuff: a couple of books, videos, a previously unreleased single in January 1999 (Push Push) and yet another Best Of album (The Final Curtain), as well as a collection of video clips.

Awesome Popstar

Posted by Europefan on Saturday, 04.3.10 @ 04:26am

Falco ist für mich der grösste, ich habe auch einige Autogramme von ihm, die er mir persönlich Unterschrieben hat.

Grüsse aus Innsbruck

Posted by Michi Vogel on Saturday, 04.3.10 @ 12:32pm

"Kissing in the Kremlin" o ooh oh o ooh oh !!!!!!!

Posted by SexyJen on Tuesday, 04.6.10 @ 13:45pm

Falco was, without a doubt, a bit of a pop genius.

Posted by Heather on Wednesday, 04.7.10 @ 03:32am

Adventureland :-)))

Posted by Alisar on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 09:08am

Falco is a great singer and songwriter and puts on one of the best live shows I've ever seen (tour 1993)

I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Samantha on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 09:15am

Er hat alleine zu lebzeiten 60 Millionen Tonträger verkauft - hätte man seine genialität zeit seines lebens mehr zu schätzen gewusst, hätte er mit sicherheit weit mehr verkaufen können...
Manchmal muss man erst sterben, um zu leben.
Today is Falco more popular than at lifetime. HE IS A REAL POPSTAR !!!

Grüsse aus Wien

Posted by Bachtro on Friday, 04.9.10 @ 11:56am

Falco was very talented.


Posted by Yve on Saturday, 04.10.10 @ 11:23am

Falco war und ist einer der Größten und besten Künstler der Musikgeschichte!!

...wahnsinn einfach..

R*I*P Falco

Posted by Hans Kager on Saturday, 04.10.10 @ 11:54am

Just a ridiculous talent...


You left us great music!!

Posted by EPD on Saturday, 04.10.10 @ 12:17pm

EPD are you drugged???

Love the way he combined English with German.

Love love love... Falco


Posted by Sel on Monday, 04.12.10 @ 10:32am

Als er noch lebte war ich noch zu jung um zu erkennen wie genial er ist; jetzt bleiben leider nur noch seine Cd´s und DVD´s

.. er war einfach unglaublich

Grüsse aus Deutschland

Posted by Corinna on Monday, 04.12.10 @ 10:35am

My favourite is JUENGE ROEMER

Sein Italienisch ist einfach nur noch geil !!!!

Falco, we love you in Italy

Great Falco

Posted by Italia on Monday, 04.12.10 @ 13:53pm

Man müsste sich zurückbeamen können, ich hätte ihn so unglaublich gerne mal live auf der Bühne gesehen...so eine Ausstrahlung hat dieser Mann gehabt...unglaublich..

..wieso muss so jemand so früh gehen..????

Posted by Sandrana on Tuesday, 04.13.10 @ 11:49am

Falco war berühmt für seine Arrogante art, aber gleichzeitig war er irrsinnig charmant und kultiviert. Dafür liebten ihn millionen Fans und auch wenn nicht jeder seine Platten gekauft hat - gehört haben ihn alle!

Falco konnte sich niemend entziehen. Er war der inbegriff eines Popstars, der mit heutigen "Stars" nicht zu vergleichen ist. Einen wie ihn wird es nie wieder geben.

Falco, wir lieben dich !!

Posted by Isabella Aarens on Thursday, 04.15.10 @ 02:13am

Falco hat so viele Menschen Weltweit beeinflusst, er ist zweifelsohne einer der größten Popstars. Vor allem im Deutschsprachigen raum ist Falco nicht wegzudenken.

Für viele ist er ein gefeierter Held und sein Grab am Wiener Zentralfriedhof ist die Fan Pilgerstätte schlechthin.

Grüsse aus Berlin

Posted by MARKUS on Friday, 04.16.10 @ 09:37am

a very talented singer..

That's why I've been voting YES

Posted by Kim on Saturday, 04.17.10 @ 04:25am

Er war einer der größten und er wird mit sicherheit unvergessen bleiben. Für immer!

Grüsse an alle vom
Falco Fanclub Berlin, Germany

Posted by Thorsten on Monday, 04.19.10 @ 00:25am

Coming soon: Madame Tussauds in Vienna

...with a Falco wax figure

Posted by Jason D on Monday, 04.19.10 @ 02:24am

Johann (Hans) Hölzel (19 February 1957 – 6 February 1998), better known by his stage name Falco, was an Austrian, pop and rock musician and had six #1 Hits - "The Kommissar", "Rock Me Amadeus", "Jeanny", "Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2)", "Vienna Calling", "Body next to Body (with Brigitte Nielsen) and "The Spirit never dies (Jeanny final)". With "Rock Me Amadeus" he is the first and so far only artist to score a #1 Hit in the U.S. with a German language song. His estate has sold 40 million albums and 20 million singles to date, which makes him one of the best selling European singers ever.

I love his songs !!!


Posted by JO K on Monday, 04.19.10 @ 02:32am

i found my love in vienna...


great town... "Vienna Calling" ...great song

Posted by Owen on Monday, 04.19.10 @ 06:07am

Falco se parece a Charlie Sheen

Posted by WES on Monday, 04.19.10 @ 11:43am

I love his songs!

I think Falco is just so awesome! He's a great singer and a great innovator of music.


Posted by Nik C on Monday, 04.19.10 @ 23:40pm

RIP Falco. Thank You for such great music!
(i was ´93 in Greifenstein)


Posted by meta on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 04:12am

Falco war einer der wenigen Menschen die zugleich arrogant und charmant sein konnten - seiner Art konnte sich niemand entziehen!

Posted by Hans Hofer on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 11:32am

Falco war ein Wortkünstler der besonderen Art....

Wer sonst könnte solche German/English Songs hinbringen? Niemand! So mit Wörtern zu spielen, toll & absolut einzigartig!

Falco Forever!

Posted by Selina on Tuesday, 04.20.10 @ 11:42am

Je suis avec toi, tu es avec moi. Falco - il est avec nous. Il est parmi nous.

**Je t´aime, French Girl Falco Fan**


Posted by Dagmara on Saturday, 04.24.10 @ 04:29am

Es gibt nur wenige Musiker, die Künstler, genialer Songwriter, Performer und Kultfigur in einem sind.

Falco war so einer!!
Greetings from Austria

Posted by Sandy on Saturday, 04.24.10 @ 04:32am


Bin grosser Falco Fan aus Deutschland. Für mich ist seine Musik nicht wegzudenken, er war ein einmaliger sänger.

Nebenbei: Warum ist David Hasselhoff nicht in der future Rock Hall aufgelistet?? ...Will Smith ist es doch auch. Angesichts Hasselhoffs erfolge in Europa müsste er eigentlich hier vertreten sein!!!

Posted by Frank Malok on Sunday, 04.25.10 @ 12:11pm


Falco tour 1993 - i was there !!!
Greifenstein, Euruop, Autria


Posted by Lilia on Saturday, 05.1.10 @ 10:08am

Ich vermisse Falco definitiv mehr als Michael Jackson oder Kurt Cobain.
Falco ist eine Legende. & wir lieben ihn immer noch. Einen wie ihn wird es nie wieder geben!!

Posted by Lence on Sunday, 05.2.10 @ 11:20am

I suppose people in Austria do miss him more than they do here. He certainly wasn't a "legend" anywhere but Austria, though...

He was okay, though...not HoF material, but okay.

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 05.2.10 @ 11:43am

I like Falco -->Power Sound from Vienna !

Posted by MAC on Monday, 05.3.10 @ 11:41am

He's been dead 4 months now. Nobody cared when he was alive. Get over it already!

Posted by KornOnTheKob on Tuesday, 05.4.10 @ 12:45pm

KornOnTheKob ??????

Falco died in 1998 and everybody was shocked about his death in europe!!
His Grave in Vienna is amazing...

KornOnTheKob - how old are you?? 8, 9... you know absolutely nothing about Falco!!!

Posted by LIV on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 10:33am

I still love him...
in 1997 i met him in Canada


Falco, i miss you too!!!

Posted by Lolita on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 10:43am

Falcos musik war nicht 100% auf den Geschmack der breiten masse ausgelegt, sie war sehr eigen und speziell - und trotzdem oder vielleicht gerade dennoch verkaufte sich Falcos musik weltweit extrem gut.

Niemand hat Falco zu Falco gemacht, er war einzigartig. Mit seinem charisma das er an sich hatte kann bis heute kein anderer Popstar mithalten...

Posted by ZappiZZ on Friday, 05.7.10 @ 14:19pm


I think Falco is unique!
In Europe and Asia he's been one of the best selling artists of the 1980's and for sure he has been one of the most talented at this time.

Falco was from Austria - i love Austria!!!
God bless Austria!! :)

Falco, i miss you

Posted by Frank GG on Monday, 05.10.10 @ 10:56am

New Falco Single 2010: Kissing in the Kremlin


UDSSR forever!!!

Posted by shawn on Monday, 05.10.10 @ 11:30am

He must be in!!

Posted by Coco on Tuesday, 05.11.10 @ 12:21pm


Posted by HPB on Thursday, 05.13.10 @ 11:08am

"YES" no more is needed to be said... With out him it is an empty HALL!

Posted by Steve on Thursday, 05.13.10 @ 11:31am

Is it time for Falco to get the Coven treatment, so we don't have to see all these innane comments?

Posted by Ralph on Thursday, 05.13.10 @ 11:44am

Another artist that should've been inducted many years ago!
He deserves to be in...

Posted by MikeTM on Friday, 05.14.10 @ 11:47am

Falco is so underrated...

Posted by keyMAN on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 08:27am

In what way was Falco underrated? According to you, we should be listing him with the all-time greats, right?

Absolutely ridiculous statement...at least attempt to back it up with some sort of fact!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 08:30am

Thanks for that comment Gitarzan, I must say that all these people making statements like "Falco is so underrated," "He deserves to be in," "Legendary" or "He must be in" without backing it up with any sort of proof has begun to get on my nerves. This is exactly why fans aren't allowed to vote who gets in and who doesn't

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 09:35am

Is Falco dead??

Posted by Roadrunner on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 10:29am

Falco died of severe injuries received from a collision with a bus in his Mitsubishi Pajero near the city of Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic on 6 February 1998, just two weeks before his 41st birthday. It was initially reported that the autopsy showed high blood levels of alcohol and cocaine, however this was later dismissed. At the time of his death, he was planning a comeback. He was buried in the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) in Vienna, Austria.

--> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falco_(musician)

Posted by Silvester on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 10:36am

Falco war der Größte und Beste !!!

Posted by eva on Tuesday, 05.18.10 @ 04:11am

I have been a Falco fan for more then 20 years...
he is the best!!


Posted by Bill on Thursday, 05.20.10 @ 11:59am



Posted by Dizzy on Friday, 05.21.10 @ 05:52am

the most important and still most successful musician in the german speaking countries!! nobody out of the GSA has more Fans then him! he should be part of the hall of fame, for sure!

Posted by wolf on Saturday, 05.22.10 @ 12:50pm


rip falco

Posted by DocX on Sunday, 05.23.10 @ 01:59am

Ich bin ein sehr sehr großer Fan von Falco und liebe ihn sehr.
Er war ein großartiger Künstler mit einer charismatischen Ausstrahlung. Er war ein Ausnahmekünstler...ein Genie.
Bei dem Song "Out of the Dark" muß ich immer weinen, weil der Song mich derart emotional berührt. Tragisch sein viel zu früher Tod...

Posted by Petra Steinbecher on Sunday, 05.23.10 @ 07:49am

Falcos grave in Vienna - I would probably bawl like a baby if I ever went there!

..i miss him,.. he´ll be missed sadly.

Posted by Steven G on Wednesday, 05.26.10 @ 10:30am

Falco was such a cutiepie! I just love him!

RIP Falco! You are missed!


Posted by SexyHexi on Monday, 05.31.10 @ 11:29am

He´s good!What he reach,never reach sombody else.And at the moment,it seems that is far away that sombody els can reach only the half!!!He was that,what I call a real musican.He had wrote world hits.Great music videos,lyrics.He was truly a poet.It will be a sham,if he will not be in the Rock´n Roll hall of fame!!

Posted by Joana on Tuesday, 06.1.10 @ 21:19pm

Come on and rock me amadues
Falco didn't do nothing of note besides that one song and der komissar, which was made more famous by After the Fire anyway.

Posted by Brian on Wednesday, 06.2.10 @ 00:29am

YES --> It will be a sham,if he will not be in the Rock´n Roll hall of fame!!

and Brian... i think you know absolutely nothing about Falco!

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 06.3.10 @ 05:10am

.. he died to early, His voice was perfect.
.. he was, he is and he will be the best on the world!!


rest in peace

Posted by FalcoFanfromIRLAND on Thursday, 06.3.10 @ 09:57am

I have no way of proving this but I'm convinced that it's the same person posting this stuff, because there is no way that Falco had this large a following.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 06.3.10 @ 14:29pm

I was wondering the same thing, I can understand the large amount of comments in German since Falco is from Austria and all, but there is no way he was that popular anywhere else.

Posted by Brian on Friday, 06.4.10 @ 00:13am

Nena wasn't #1!! she was 2...and rock me amadeus was german AND english snd everyone in the us know this song so....YES!!!

Posted by Chadroxx on Friday, 06.4.10 @ 00:33am

I am learning Geram language hope someday i will understand all FALCO songs ;-)

Posted by Mike on Friday, 06.4.10 @ 10:38am

Where the hell are all of these Falco fans coming from? They really want to be rocked by Amadaeus.

Posted by Patrick on Friday, 06.4.10 @ 19:32pm

I don't know...could be better than being rolled over by Beethoven...!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 06.4.10 @ 20:32pm

Rock me Amadeus
Out of the dark

This is what I call music.
Falco was a great artist!

Posted by Anne on Saturday, 06.12.10 @ 00:39am

God bless Falco for he was a true Artist
...but not only that one of the best people to walk on this earth. I am sure he is a head of his time in heaven to.


Posted by Lilly on Saturday, 06.12.10 @ 13:33pm

FALCO was a punker, a rocker, a great musician, played lots of instruments, wrote great songs and lyrics, and no song was similiar to another, every song has its own style!
FALCO had hits in Europe and all over the world, remember UK Rock me Amadeus!?!? But FALCO was also MORE than Eock me Amadeus, The Commissar, Vienna Calling and Jeanny! No one could ever reach his ingenuity!!!!

Posted by BabyBlue on Friday, 06.18.10 @ 09:39am



Posted by ClarkKent on Friday, 06.18.10 @ 09:50am

Where are all of this Falco votes coming from? This reminds me of the Coven page. Perhaps the oddest page on this site (1500 comments, really?). But seriously folks, is somebody rigging the voting here? There is no way Falco can have so many different fan websites out there in the cyber world where someone has put a link to this page and encouraged voting. If that is the case I believe half the people here probably think they are voting Falco into the RRHOF

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 06.19.10 @ 04:50am

to Tahvo:
Oh yes, it can be true!!!! Wie are from Germany, from the Czech Republic, from Austria, from France and from Switzerland!
We are a huge Falco Fan Family! :-)
So yes, this is all absolutely true!!!
Believe it or not.
FALCO has thousands of fans ALL over the world.

Posted by BabyBlue on Saturday, 06.19.10 @ 05:21am

Tahvo...I think when this person says "we", it's like in the casr of Sybil...you know, multiple personalities...????

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 06.19.10 @ 05:39am

That's "case", by the way...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 06.19.10 @ 05:40am

I'm willing to bet your right Gitarzan

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 06.19.10 @ 05:57am

falco sucked balls rock me amadues migt just be the wrost song evr recorded and i'm froum austria and i think that

Posted by nodl on Saturday, 06.19.10 @ 20:43pm

I wonder how many languages one can find on here, so far I've found German, French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian and Polish. Now whoever is using google translate just needs to get to Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Iranian, Uzbek and Tamil and at least 20 other languages before he/she can really show us Falco's fanbase!

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 06.24.10 @ 12:37pm

Here's one for you Tahvo...

Նրա երաժշտական խայթոցների դեմ. Դադարեցնել փակցնելու է այս կայքում.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 06.24.10 @ 13:02pm

Sorry, what I meant to say was

Here's one for THEM Tahvo...

Նրա երաժշտական խայթոցների դեմ. Դադարեցնել փակցնելու է այս կայքում.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 06.24.10 @ 13:04pm

Most people just know two Austrian musicians: W.A. Mozart and Falco.

.. i think falco was great!!

Posted by Lucy on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 12:47pm

"Most people just know two Austrian musicians: W.A. Mozart and Falco." - Lucy

Because Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schoenberg weren't that big a deal, right? Lucy, go find Schroeder. He should be able to tell you all about them.

Posted by Chalkie on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 15:44pm

Falco, definitiv die coolste Sau im deutschsprachigen Bereich!
Wie alle Großen zu früh gegangen!!!

"Ein Star kann nur sein, wenn er die Gesellschaft und die Zeit geprägt hat."

...und das tat Falco, mehr als jeder andere!

Posted by Marcal Wenighöfer on Sunday, 06.27.10 @ 10:24am

fantastic falco
Hello world from Belgrade

Posted by KamA on Monday, 06.28.10 @ 12:39pm

He was a superstar
He was on Popular
He was so eccentric
Because he had flair
He was a virtuoso
Was a rock idol
And all cried,

... rock me FALCO

Posted by Lewis on Saturday, 07.3.10 @ 11:45am

Falco's great and he was very handsome in my opinion :-)


Posted by Helen on Monday, 07.5.10 @ 11:41am

It was 1998..
I think when he died I started liking him.
Before I didn't know him..
I love his Music..


Posted by Gis. on Tuesday, 07.6.10 @ 03:49am

I think some of the past inductees to the Hall Of Fame have proved that it is for much more than just rock-n-roll. In America, Falco may have been a one-hit wonder, but in Europe, he brought attention to Germany, Austria, and other parts of Europe who idolized him. He helped the proud people of those countries hold their heads up high and say "Our music matters too!" To the culture of Europe, he made a difference. Based on album sales, he made a difference. To me, an American fan, he made a difference.

Posted by Syd on Sunday, 07.11.10 @ 19:57pm

His style, specialy the way he was talking and playing with words and sounds was unique!

1998: "The James Dean of Vienna has left the stage..."


Posted by Lucy on Monday, 07.12.10 @ 11:12am

Falco died 10 years ago, the RIPs are getting pretty tiresome. Why don't you all head over to the Fugs' page and pay homage to a REAL rock 'n' roll legend/rebel/innovator, the late, great Tuli Kupferberg. RIP Tuli.

Posted by Chalkie on Tuesday, 07.13.10 @ 19:55pm

12 years ago, even longer.

Posted by Chalkie on Tuesday, 07.13.10 @ 19:55pm

I love I love I love his accent!!
One just cannot speak with this accent and still look and sound like a boring good-looker who takes himself seriously. A sense of humour is in the genetic code of this accent.

If you wanna know the definition of cool, this is! FALCO

Posted by Bill on Saturday, 07.17.10 @ 10:44am

La tragedia ocurrió de noche.
El auto que conducía Falco colisionó frontalmente contra un autobús.
Su muerte fue instantánea.

Posted by C´epe on Sunday, 07.18.10 @ 00:16am

The man was COOLNESS personified!

I´m going to visit his grave this Sunday. I´m a bit sad about going , but in honour of Hans..

Visit his grave - it is awesome!
Love from Denmark.

Posted by Jorg on Sunday, 07.18.10 @ 00:20am

Falco was definitely not a rocker...but if more people weren't lazy and actually dug into his vast catalog of songs you can see he wasn't a 'one hit wonder'. Maybe here in the US (I'm a Falco fan in the US) he was a one hit wonder but elsewhere he was a legend. Sure he sings in German but music is universal, if you let language be a barrier than you're not a true music lover. RIP to him and good day!

Posted by AJ on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 12:16pm

Falco ist noch immer der Monolith mit den Superlativa in der österreichischen Popgeschichte. Aus dem gewitzten Hans Hölzel formte er eine facettenreiche Kunstfigur mit bahnbrechender Wirkung. So war er der erste erfolgreiche weiße Rapper und schaffte es mit „Rock Me Amadeus“ als erstes und bisher einziges deutschsprachiges Lied die Spitze der US-Billboard-Charts. Bis zu seinem Ableben anno 1998 verkaufte er über 60 Millionen Platten.

Unerwartet gab es 2009 mit „The Spirit Never Dies“ einen starken Nachschlag. Die durch Zufall wieder gefunden Masterbänder aus dem Jahr 1987 wurden liebevoll in das digitale Zeitalter gerettet. Was damals als zu schwach bewertet wurde und damit in der Schublade landete, klingt heute im Vergleich zu anderen Werken der späten Phase durchaus akzeptabel. Diese Erfolge stammen von einem eigenwilligen Wiener Bassisten, der im Underground bei Bands wie der Hallucination Company oder Drahdiwaberl gerlernt hatte, zeitlebens seine Verbundenheit zu seinen Wurzeln demonstrierte. So sehr der „Falke“ mit Stimmungsschwankungen und wankelmütigen Aktionen seine Karriere immer wieder ins Wanken brachte, die Kraft des musikalischen Erbes steht ungebrochen in der vordersten Reihe Österreichischer Qualitäts-Arbeit eines besonderen Ausnahme-Könners.

Wenn man angesichts dessen was er geschaffen hat, heutzutage von irgendjemand hört das Falco ein - one hit wonder ist- dann fragt man sich leise wer das sagt, bestimmt jedoch keiner der Falco auch nur annähernd kennt, aber bestimmt jemand der zumindest ein Lied von ihm gehört hat :-)

Als, in diesem sinne liebe Freunde...

Posted by Rainer Hosch on Sunday, 07.25.10 @ 12:03pm

No one could be cooler than him! He looks amazing... nothing tops a legend like Falco. God rest the soul of Johann Holzel.

Posted by lilo on Monday, 07.26.10 @ 01:58am



Posted by Marcela on Wednesday, 07.28.10 @ 12:22pm

he was the sound of music

Posted by marie on Thursday, 08.5.10 @ 11:01am

No marie, Falco was not the sound of music. There are better German performers than Flaco like Kraftwerk and The Scorpions.

Posted by Gassman on Thursday, 08.5.10 @ 11:47am

Watch what you're saying, Gassman. Falco was Austrian, not German.

Come to think of it, so were the Von Trapps. And Julie Andrews' character was called Maria. Coincidence?

Posted by The_Claw on Thursday, 08.5.10 @ 11:53am

@ Gassman:

The Scorpions haben zwar bislang mehr Platten als Falco verkauft und sind demnach logischerweise auch Weltweit bekannter, aber bestimmt nicht beliebter - das kann ich die als Deutscher verraten!!

Kraftwerk reicht keinesfalls an Falco heran, da war Falco doch um einiges besser.

Falco ging 1996 ins exil nach DomRep, weil ihn die "Austrian Press" ständig verfolgte, im grunde war Falco in Europa ständig präsent und das von 1981 bis 1996 - produziert hat er aber bis zu seinem Tod 1998.

SO BELIEVE ME: FALCO is the sound of music !!!

Posted by FRanK on Friday, 08.6.10 @ 09:45am

The song "Rock Me Amadeus" was in German... Just the chorus was in English and this song was the (and is still) only German song which was #1 in the US. Falco was a great musican and he made his own kind of music. And he's not a "one-hit wonder" he could have been more successfull but he didn't want to do concerts in the US. And the USA is not the whole world, in other countries he had a gread success. I'm thinking about Europe and Asia!

Posted by Marco on Wednesday, 08.11.10 @ 16:13pm

Oh how great he was!
God bless him!

Posted by Gracia on Sunday, 08.15.10 @ 10:29am

it's a shame Falco had to die in order to live...

Posted by TheGirl on Wednesday, 08.18.10 @ 11:01am

i am happy to see that there are so many falco fans out there!

(i don't understand.. , but the song is really fantastic)

;-) Falco, i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Lotus on Wednesday, 08.18.10 @ 11:04am

Falco was so talented but had such a great sense of humour too and enjoyed performing and acting and being fun and silly.
Such a great loss of talent - what a character!

RIP Falco!

Posted by Baby Blue on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 11:06am

Es una pena que haya fallecido tan joven , tenia un gran talento musical . Falco : Verdammt , wir leben noch!!

Posted by Kim Knölé on Wednesday, 08.25.10 @ 11:03am

He is a real MAN ,unlike many singers.
we love you in RUSSIA, the great respect to you, man !!!!!!

Posted by sEn on Thursday, 08.26.10 @ 11:52am

Falco - Ganz Wien: what a great song.. It makes me want to speak German!!

Posted by LaBerto on Friday, 08.27.10 @ 08:05am

he was a REAL popstar,.. i love him so...


Posted by Francine Chalet on Friday, 08.27.10 @ 11:01am

Falco you are in my blood since i was only a child, i still can't belive you're gone but i'm sure that one day we will meet again...

Falco is pure musical talent

people still like him because of his music and his amazing voice

very different from many of the mainstream sellout-artists that exist today


Posted by Sean on Wednesday, 09.1.10 @ 11:30am

I am happy to see that there are so many falco fans out there !!

Posted by Ben on Friday, 09.10.10 @ 10:41am

..this guy was so out of this world. way ahead of times.


Posted by Leyla on Friday, 09.10.10 @ 10:46am

New on DVD in Europe: Falco, the Poet

I love him & miss him !!

Posted by BBmikeytheB on Saturday, 09.18.10 @ 01:07am

What the hell?
Where is this strange influx of Falco fans coming from?

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 09.18.10 @ 03:59am

He goes onto the street
doesn't say where to,
His brain's full of heavy Metal,
and his liver is gone
His veins are open,
and he reeks of formaldehyde,
but he doesn't worry
because he's in Vienna...

Posted by Sceneman on Sunday, 09.19.10 @ 10:44am

Falco was ahead of his time, a visionary.
He hit International charts with his music, filled stadiums, and wrote songs that will live on. How many musicians have been so well immortalized on The Simpsons?
He deserves this. He lives on.
Falco Forever. ♥

Posted by Marie on Saturday, 09.25.10 @ 19:43pm

Falco is my fav. German band, and it reminds me of happier times when I was still in germany.

Love your music so much... Vienna Calling, Nachtflug, Rock me Amadeus, Jeanny... Sound of musik - I STILL sing this song now in the shower, always loved it always will! :)

Posted by MF on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 11:13am

Rock me Amadeus!

Des is doch klar!

FALCO lebt

lg hans

Posted by Hans-Peter Gill on Friday, 10.1.10 @ 02:20am

Seal said: Falco is alive!!!


Posted by Henry on Friday, 10.8.10 @ 09:04am

Falco is awesone - let him in !!!

*Bussi* lol

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Posted by fortuna17 on Friday, 10.15.10 @ 10:40am



Posted by Emilio Italy on Friday, 10.15.10 @ 11:36am

er ist super superstar

Posted by helga on Saturday, 10.16.10 @ 06:56am

100% Falco:

on youtube: helden von heute donauinselfest

i love youuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!

Posted by Mindy24 on Friday, 10.22.10 @ 10:13am

With His Fusion Of Dance,Pop,And Hip-Hop,Falco Was An Under Appreciated genius In The World of Music may His Spirit live On Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Leslie Munsch on Sunday, 10.24.10 @ 20:59pm

Love&Peace from France!!

Falco Forever!!!

Posted by Franci. on Sunday, 10.31.10 @ 08:25am

This guy was really something!
Saw him 1994 live - i love his music!!

Neil, sweden

Posted by Neil on Sunday, 11.7.10 @ 01:07am

Der Größte internationale deutschprachige Sänger unserer Zeit.

Schade dass er nicht mehr da ist!

Posted by Johann L on Friday, 11.12.10 @ 11:52am


Get in, Falco!
I love you!!!!!!!!

Posted by Lolo on Tuesday, 11.16.10 @ 09:52am

Ich wär' eins von den Mädels, die sich um ihn gerissen hätten. ;-)

Hans ich liebe Dich unendlich, deine Lena!!

Posted by Lena on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 08:52am

Helden von Heute, Ganz Wien, Nachtflug, Egoist, ..

I didn't understand a word of this! however It was still nice to see him as a person. The impression I got was of a man who takes his music and art very seriously, but probably did not take himself too seriously,probably had a great sense of humour. ...and he was sooo gooood looking ;-)

What a tragedy he died so young!!

Posted by Vampiregirl on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 08:56am

Hans Hölzl war immer unantastbar und wird es immer sein!!
Er hatte Star Appeal, ausser ihm hatten das bislang noch 2,3 andere Künstler...


*Bussi aus Deutschland*

Posted by Gerlinde on Saturday, 11.20.10 @ 11:10am

I miss that guy; it's a good thing we still have some of his music to enjoy! God bless!

My fav: Sound of music, Rock me Amadeus and Sattelite to Sattelite

AWESOME!!!!!!!! ..Falco..

Posted by Mr. Addams on Saturday, 11.20.10 @ 11:14am

Falco rocks. I love his music.
He`s got a big influence.

Posted by Izzy on Saturday, 11.20.10 @ 15:04pm

My sister went to Germany for study abroad and before she went she was always listening to Falco and other German singers so yeah, I started to like him too!

Posted by David on Sunday, 11.21.10 @ 07:21am

"In America, Falco may have been a one-hit wonder, but in Europe, he brought attention to Germany, Austria, and other parts of Europe who idolized him. He helped the proud people of those countries hold their heads up high and say "Our music matters too!" To the culture of Europe, he made a difference."


Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 11.25.10 @ 22:08pm

I love Falco!!
I'm from Russia,but now I live in US.
..i love his songs while i see the videos of falco i could crying...

Best of the BEST in German 80´s and 90´s!!

Posted by icandoit on Friday, 11.26.10 @ 11:38am

I've gotta know... is it the same person posting all these comments about Falco?

Posted by Chalkie on Friday, 11.26.10 @ 11:41am

I like "Body next to body" with Brigitte Nielsen (song & video)

I remember hearing this song when I was like 10 or something..

Posted by MelKIM on Sunday, 11.28.10 @ 10:25am


Ich als Deutscher Falco Fan muss hier mal ein kommentar posten, dass ich auf einer Fanpage gefunden habe - ist richtig richtig geil und es passt 100% zu Falco...

Falco wollte gegen den Strom schwimmen, sagen was keiner sagen will und einfach seine Mucke machen. Damals angegeckt und heut von seinen damaligen Kritikern in die höchsten Töne gelobt sobald sein Name fällt.

Was ich damit sagen will ist das die besten immer erst nach ihrem Tod als Genies gefeiert wurden.

Und ich glaub Falco würd sagen:
"Jetzt wo ihr mir den Arsch küsst mach ich lieber was anderes, weil mir eure Liebhudelei zwar genehm ist aber nicht konform mit meinem Lebensstil"

...GENIAL ...like Falco was!

Posted by BCE on Monday, 12.6.10 @ 14:02pm

Falco was a genius man. no one can compare.

Posted by emistar on Saturday, 12.11.10 @ 03:55am

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I'm such a HUGE fan. He was so damn hot and such talent.

Posted by Linda on Monday, 12.13.10 @ 10:30am

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Posted by BreegeFep on Wednesday, 12.22.10 @ 05:11am

F3 is available again!!!

Merry Xmas !!!

Posted by falcofancanada on Friday, 12.24.10 @ 11:32am

Seems like this is another obsessive fanbase page like Madonna and Coven.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 12.30.10 @ 06:03am

Madonna has fans?? :-)

Posted by Wonderboy on Thursday, 12.30.10 @ 10:31am

Well someone gotta buy those 300 million records.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 12.30.10 @ 11:06am

yes... there are a lot of stupid people in this world!!

Posted by Joe on Friday, 12.31.10 @ 04:40am

If you wouldn't think of stooping to the Abba, Michael Jackson or Backstreet Boys pop level, Falco remains a confident (if temporary) exception for die-hard Rock `n Roll fans.
Yes, still with a commercial edge incorporated to the sound, but nevertheless a good career representation of a man who certainly gave his most with the relatively short time he had to live.

Posted by Jackie on Tuesday, 01.4.11 @ 08:18am

Falco was a austrian german hip hop king, pop and rock star. His albums and singles have sold about 65 million copies worldwide - he was the first white rapper with commercial success!!

Posted by AtariST on Tuesday, 01.4.11 @ 10:16am

Very sad that he did not live to see the huge success he had with his last record. Looking back now having 'grown up' with his music, Falco deserved a lot more recognition...
Very charismatic man too!!

Posted by Shanai on Tuesday, 01.4.11 @ 13:00pm

Austrian Pop Star Falco has a deadly accident Santo Domingo (AP) -Austrian pop star Falco died in a car accident in the Dominican Republic. As the Dominican police indicated on Saturday, the jeep controlled by the 40 year-old collided on Friday with a bus. The accident occurred on a road between the most popular tourist places of the Republic, Puerto Plata and Sosua.
Falco, which was the stage name of Johann Hoelzl, succumbed to the injuries in a hospital. The cause of accident was not immediately known. The bus driver was interviewed by the police; no charges were filed against him.
In the 80's Falco had a series of hits, including "Der Komissar", "Rock Me Amadeus", "Jeanny" and "Vienna Calling". The music was some of the first to be an individual mix of rap, rock, and disco music, in which synthesizer played a basic role. On February 19, he would have been 41 years old."


Posted by Princess on Thursday, 01.6.11 @ 04:11am

Don't want to be best!

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n lettered to plague
a bicycle? Did you oppress impeccably
from the primary point you sat on the seat?
When erudition a original
argot, imagine that you
choice make mistakes, a
nd don't be discountenanced past them!

Posted by callchepPar on Saturday, 01.8.11 @ 10:06am

Nobody has ever ever ever even touched upon the sound of FALCO - mixing Austrian rap, American rock, and classical music!
one of a F** KIND...uh huh

Posted by LABoy on Sunday, 01.9.11 @ 11:16am

Falco should be in the hall no doubt

Posted by seven on Monday, 01.10.11 @ 09:43am

Exceptionnel !!!

Falco est un être à part dans la galaxie musicale.. Un grand grand MONSIEUR!

Respects intemporels FALCO. R.I.P

Posted by SanD on Tuesday, 01.11.11 @ 09:25am

FALCO was born as Johann Hoelzel on February 19, 1957 and died on February 6, 1998. He was an Austrian classical musician and turned to hip hop, pop, and rock. He sold over 60 million copies of his records worldwide. Falco was born in Vienna and was the only survivor of triplets. He graduated from Vienna Music Conservatory in 1977. He was a member of the groups Spinning Wheel and Hallucination Company. He was also a bass player in the punk rock band, Drahdiwaberl from 1978 until 1983. He wrote and performed the song Ganz Wien. This song was also included on his debut solo album, Einzelhaft.

Falco’s first big hit was, Der Kommissar, which was taken from the album, Einzelhaft, in 1982. His record was about drugs and was in German. It was a combination of rap and sung chorus. The song made it to number one in many countries but failed in the United States. The group, After The Fire, recorded an English Cover version of the song and this time it reached number three on the U. S. Charts in 1983.

Falco released a second album called, Junge Roemer, and the record was a hit in Austria and Germany but failed in other countries. Falco began to work on songs with English lyrics. This resulted in his releasing of his most popular and successful album and single of them all. In 1986 he released the record, Rock Me Amadeus and it reached number one in the United States and also a hit worldwide. It stayed in the Top Hot 100 Billboard in the United States for 3 weeks. His album called, Falco 3 reached the number 3 position on the Billboard Albums chart. Rock Me Amadeus made it to number one in over a dozen countries. His follow up single, Vienna Calling reached number 18 on the U. S. Billboard charts and number 17 on the U. S. Cash Box Charts in 1986. His double A- side 12" single, which featured re-mixes of those two hits, reached number 4 on the Dance/Disco charts in the United States. His 3rd single release from the album was called, Jeanny, and it also reached the top of the charts but some radio stations refused to play it because it was told from the point of view of a rapist and murderer. Falco went on to release other albums and singles.

In 1998, Falco died from injuries from a collision with a bus, near a resort called Puerto Plata. He would have been 41 on his next birthday which was only two weeks away.

Falco was buried in the Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery), in Vienna, Austria. --> Visit his grave - it is a fantastic magical place!
He released a total of 18 albums and 35 singles during his musical career.

Posted by titan on Thursday, 01.13.11 @ 12:02pm

What's with all the Falco comments? He's never going to be inducted!

Posted by xdc on Thursday, 01.13.11 @ 18:48pm

i love falco and of course it will get in

Posted by silentio on Saturday, 01.15.11 @ 06:23am

...such an attractive, well spoken and charismatic man and talented artist!
I have being adoring him all my life!

In my country, Poland, loves everyone Falco, we can`t get enough from him.. thank you so much for all your music

Posted by Sandra on Saturday, 01.15.11 @ 13:08pm

i think that he was a great POP star, but a ROCK star??

maybe 10& Rock, 90% Pop ?

Posted by Silver on Sunday, 01.16.11 @ 09:46am

*lol* Yesterday seen on Vox; interview from 1997... Love the bullshit that reporter babbles, while Falco just ignores him the whole time.

Sheer class!

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 01.19.11 @ 11:39am

Falco died of severe injuries received following his collision with a bus in his Mitsubishi Pajero near the resort of Puerto Plata, in the Dominican Republic on February 6, 1998 at age 40.
At the time of his death, he was working on a comeback into the music world.
His last album OUT OF THE DARK was a big success!

Posted by Foxi on Sunday, 01.23.11 @ 09:20am

Not to mean any disrespect to Falco, but how many times are all these fans going to post the same thing over and over again on this page just worded differently? I mean seriously, this isn't the Falco fan page on facebook or anything. There are currently 276 posts on here and you could summarize them into maybe 2 or 3 posts

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 01.23.11 @ 09:25am

Tahvo, i think that someone posted this site on different pages.. but one thing is for sure - Falco had fans enough..

Posted by ChevroletX on Sunday, 01.23.11 @ 11:53am

Falco is actually historically the best selling white rapper of the 20th century!

Posted by Michael on Tuesday, 02.1.11 @ 11:14am

Tupac has sold 10 million more records than Falco, plus he's more influential.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 02.1.11 @ 11:27am

*lol* Tupac, the best white rapper ;-)))))

Posted by Gent on Tuesday, 02.1.11 @ 12:32pm

Falco wrote "Der Kommissar" and he had other hits like "Sound of Music", "Vienna Calling" and "Out of the dark" ..
He had a great style - i like him!!

Posted by Light8 on Wednesday, 02.16.11 @ 09:55am

In Germanischen Kreisen gelten seine Texte als Literatur, einen vergleichbaren Musiker gibt es nicht.

Hans Hölzel alias Falco ist devinitiv unsterblich

Posted by Dr. Volten on Friday, 02.25.11 @ 09:32am

In memoriam of FALCO Johannes Hoelzel (1957-1997)

We love you Falco, from a fan of Argentina

!!Te queremos Falco!!

Posted by Sando on Saturday, 02.26.11 @ 05:50am

the most underrated musican ever!!
he must get in.

Posted by JD on Wednesday, 03.2.11 @ 05:05am

Falco could never be replaced. He still lives on in his music and his fans. RIP

Posted by Geo on Thursday, 03.10.11 @ 01:58am

My favourite songs are Vienna Calling and Neo Nothing ..i am from romania and i am planning to go for study in vienna ...

Love Vienna, love Falco!!

Posted by Luna on Friday, 03.18.11 @ 12:51pm

Falco? tu musica estara por siempre con nosotros. Gracias por todo.

**Gracias, Falco**

Posted by Aron on Monday, 03.21.11 @ 12:16pm

I would love to see Falco in the hall of fame - he is very talented and he deserves it.
He has given us many enjoyable songs throughout the years and he has the MOST wonderful voice I have ever heard!!!

Posted by Luna on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 12:28pm

Falco was a genius, He was also batshit crazy. But hey he did things no other artist had done or have done subsequently.
Cudos mr. Falco!

Posted by XSteveX on Wednesday, 04.13.11 @ 13:06pm

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Posted by Biznesvs on Tuesday, 04.26.11 @ 18:17pm

**An artist truly unique ,there's anything better ,FALCO you'll lieve forever man!!**


Posted by Morris80s on Sunday, 05.1.11 @ 09:32am

Falco took the music world by storm when his song "Rock Me Amadeus" exploded and turned him into a global phenomenon - he is the only German-speaking artist to ever land a Number One Hit in America.

Posted by Zuson1 on Sunday, 05.8.11 @ 10:23am

Oh how great he was! ...saw him in ?? i think 1992 in L.A.

God bless him!

Posted by Samantha on Sunday, 05.8.11 @ 10:34am

The world lost a very special musician when Falco died

Posted by Mark1975 on Wednesday, 05.11.11 @ 09:57am

One of the things about Falco that I really liked about him was his charming personality.I know alot of women would have sold their souls for one night with Falco!

Posted by LisaPOP on Thursday, 05.12.11 @ 10:19am

Jemand wie Falco kann nur aus Österreich kommen, er lebte den Wiener Schmäh auf der Bühne, ich kann nur sagen "i find des herrlich".
Einen wie Falco gibt es nie wieder und wirds nie wieder geben - seine Art war einfach ZU EINZIGARTIG, seine Stimme unnachahmlich, sein Auftreten genial.. Er war einfach der Beste!

Posted by Wolfgang Thun on Saturday, 05.14.11 @ 11:48am

I dont know german, but I'm a great fan of Falco, the music is awesome

Posted by John on Saturday, 05.14.11 @ 12:15pm

este es un hijo de puta.
pero supre creativo original y excelente entertainer... desde hace anos, tenia unos 13 de edad,que conozco su musica... y el gusto por el me lo pego mi hermano mayor...

fuiste increible falco

Posted by Cuba66 on Friday, 06.3.11 @ 11:38am

Bought Falco 3, Emotional and Wiener Blut back in the 80s, when I was still at school, and collected the singles for a while. Didn't understand a word, still don't, but there are some great pop songs on those albums. And thanks to Youtube I've seen he did a fair few killer videos too!!! My favourite song is his last; "Out of the dark"
RIP Falco

Posted by SShawn on Saturday, 06.11.11 @ 14:52pm

Falco will go down in history for being such a wonderful musician. It's too bad that he was, in my opinion, a highly under rated one as well in North America.

Posted by Breaking BAD on Monday, 06.20.11 @ 12:10pm

Falco rocked this world.<3

Posted by Izzy on Thursday, 06.30.11 @ 11:55am

He's gone but in or hearts he and his music still living...
and Falco, das war Pose und Pomade, war Stil und Skandal, Exzess und Emotion. Falco war eine Kunst- und Kultfigur, wie es sie heute eigentlich nicht mehr gibt!

Rock me...

Posted by Luka on Wednesday, 07.13.11 @ 12:28pm

His music was so different from that of most all artist of his time, the way he mixed German and English and the.... Ahh I can't put it into words, he was a music genius and I cannot think of anyone who was his equel, I know he would think me crazy to say that but it is true. Also his personal coolness with the slicked back hair and the shades and his suits and the way he rolled his words of his tongue, every guy who wants to be cool should emulate him, the music world lost a genius!!

Posted by NIK on Wednesday, 07.13.11 @ 12:36pm

He is there already!

Falco´s best groupie <3

Posted by Darka on Friday, 07.29.11 @ 10:19am

Another no-brainer!

Posted by LisaPOP on Monday, 08.8.11 @ 06:24am

What does it mean? I think he was intentionally exposing a lot.

Posted by Lou3 on Friday, 08.19.11 @ 12:56pm

Adventureland ;-) Rock me Amdeussss

Posted by Hal01997 on Wednesday, 08.24.11 @ 12:41pm

Falco, like others have the ability to re-create themselves anew over and over . One style fits as good as anyother on some people. Falco had his own photogentic mystique but many men in one. His Own Style that said "Top That !"
Just look at all his music videos - they are ALL awesome..

Posted by Jimmy on Thursday, 08.25.11 @ 13:00pm

He is genius of music . I love his beautiful voice and charismatic look . His songs have spirit.R.I.P Falco . We miss you :)

Posted by KaterineStar on Sunday, 08.28.11 @ 08:59am

He was and still is awesome - he does not get the appreciation or credit that he should as an artist. I think Falco is unique; a great songwriter, a great performer.

Posted by Lion CC on Sunday, 09.18.11 @ 11:15am

...now i want to watch adventureland ;-)
Rock me Amadeus is my all time fav.

Posted by Siler on Friday, 09.23.11 @ 13:36pm

He was the first white rapper with commercial success and Rock me Amadeus was the first- and so far only song in german language on place 1 in the US billboard charts.

Christopher Lohan, Barcelona

Posted by Lohan CH on Saturday, 10.1.11 @ 11:55am

Falco was different, was unique, was something else. I think that people who reject him haven't actually stopped to listen to his music or watch him perform. He was ahead of his time. You may like him or not but he was a gifted musician, a stylish character, a very talented man.
I don't know whether he should or shouldn't be in this Wall of Fame, I don't think it's such a big deal, I mean, do all the artists that appear in the Wall deserve to be in it? I wonder....
But he is in my heart and forever will be. He was huge and even today, in 2011, 13 years after his tragic death, he is loved and rememberd and talked about; he has loads of fans all around the world who keep buying his Cd's and Dvd's. Last Saturday a statue of him -and in his honour- was unveiled in Gars am Kamp, his city in Vienna.
True success is meassured in the heart of the fans who, after all -without or without a Wall of Fame-are the only ones who keep the legend alive.

Posted by Laura on Wednesday, 10.12.11 @ 01:16am

Influence: Can't find much on this, I guess he was influential on the german music scene? 10
Innovation: None.
Sales: 60 million sold according to hsi estate. 30
Critical: Not rally, they didn't really care about him. 5

45, no.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 10.16.11 @ 09:48am

He is a legend! His music is so unique, his style.. - he had something special!

Posted by Butterfly on Sunday, 10.16.11 @ 12:10pm

Um, no. Not going to happen.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.17.11 @ 10:59am

Falco is the most underrated musican ever. Turn your brain ON!!!

Posted by Penny on Friday, 10.21.11 @ 10:11am

He is - and will always be brilliant! Through infinity and beyond, Falco is unmatched! RIP, my love!

Posted by Atraoviso on Tuesday, 11.1.11 @ 09:42am

It's hard to take your eyes off of him - there was something unique and so magnetic about him!
Falco was a great performer on stage!

Posted by TheB on Tuesday, 11.8.11 @ 13:48pm

Back when pop stars used to have talent. Why cant we have falco, kurt and micheal jackson, instead of crap like katy perry or rihanna or crappy autotuned manafactured pop stars??

Posted by AngusT on Tuesday, 11.8.11 @ 13:54pm

To GFW: look at Wikipedia or at youtube! He had more influence to the pop world than you know!!
I wasn´t really a fan, but i liked his music and style..

Posted by Lucy on Wednesday, 11.16.11 @ 11:48am

Íåíàäåæíûé äðóã õóæå ÿâíîãî âðàãà.

Posted by Accurnduh on Thursday, 11.24.11 @ 13:45pm

I was 20 during the eighties - time passes so quick; miss you, Falco my hero

Posted by FrancePopGirl on Friday, 11.25.11 @ 12:50pm

Falco created in the 80´s with his TV-show "Helden von Heute" the first Longform-Video in german spoken popmusic.

Posted by Legacy on Friday, 12.9.11 @ 08:41am

I actually used to not be the biggest fan of the Austrian/German language. Just always seemed so different to me growin up. But boy,he has a way of makin a girl melt when he sing or talks!!

Falco i miss you!

Posted by Linda32 on Saturday, 12.17.11 @ 07:43am

If he crossed over to the usa I think he would have been up there with Elvis Presley.

He should have had a better manager!!

Posted by Mingo on Tuesday, 12.27.11 @ 13:29pm

He is number 4 of the top 10 European Artists of the 80´s, but... highly underrated!

Posted by Tremo on Tuesday, 01.24.12 @ 13:49pm

I agree! I get so annoyed when Falco is referred to a "one hit wonder" over here in the US, and yeah, Lady Gaga can only wish to be this talented, shocking, and groundbreaking.
Most underrated musican, songwriter & popstar ever!!

He rocked the world, Falco eyyyy !!!!!!!!

Posted by AllanDanielle on Wednesday, 01.25.12 @ 13:36pm

right, what the hell did falco do that was so shocking?

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 01.25.12 @ 15:47pm

I think his song Jeanny was meaned? ..a number one hit in numerous European countries. Several feminist associations called for a boycott of the song. Some TV and radio stations in Europe and Russia agreed and didn't play the song "for ethical reasons", while others just played it on their charts shows.

Posted by Lotus on Friday, 01.27.12 @ 13:57pm

I can't believe it's been over 13 years since his fatal car crash. I still remember it, and his funeral on Valentine's Day, quite clearly, it was shocking... I admired his unconventional style as a teenager, loved his music, and still live on some of his songs..

Posted by Ron on Monday, 02.27.12 @ 14:24pm

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Posted by septic on Tuesday, 03.27.12 @ 11:58am

Falco is THE definition of cool... in the 80´s and today - he had grate, awesome videoclips!

Posted by tomato on Monday, 04.16.12 @ 13:38pm

His style, specialy the way he was talking and playing with words and sounds was unique!!

Posted by Gernenger on Friday, 04.20.12 @ 08:56am

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Posted by VPS Server on Saturday, 04.21.12 @ 03:43am

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Posted by ñóìêè on Sunday, 04.22.12 @ 01:19am

Love him or hate him!! ..if we, his fans, want and could to give him at least one year of our lives, he would live long and well to delight us with his music and his voice unmatched.

Posted by Tom on Sunday, 04.22.12 @ 14:17pm

Who else makes music like him today? No one.

Posted by Carisi on Saturday, 05.12.12 @ 07:02am

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Posted by ALCOTHWAW on Thursday, 05.24.12 @ 20:11pm

Falco created in the 80´s with his TV-show "Helden von Heute" the first Longform-Video in german spoken popmusic. He was also the first continental popmusican who knew to use the signs of the international video-clip-culture for himself and formed with world-wide.

Posted by Time1975 on Wednesday, 05.30.12 @ 14:14pm

My favourite song is Garbo (heared on the radio last year in France).

Posted by Sarah G on Friday, 07.6.12 @ 07:32am

He had a HUGE influence on breaking foreign language artists through in america... As well as a massive influence overseas... Falco should be inducted (R.I.P.) such a talent gone too soon.

Posted by Michael on Tuesday, 05.13.14 @ 01:36am

Falco was a truly great artist. His Symphonic is magnificent, especially Monarchy Now and Dance Mephisto. what a performer! he flashed across the skies, blazing like a comet. he was truly one of a kind, His voice could be mocking, teasing caressing, slightly mad to very crazy, He was larger than life. when he performed, he was in total command. I wish he were still alive. He was such a great talent, but like many musical geniuses, totally self destructive. Falco, I will always love you. You were a True Superstar. I hope you and Mozart have good talks in heaven!

Posted by Bevvy on Saturday, 01.17.15 @ 09:50am

one of the greatest Austrian musicians of all times. Such talent! he was a bright comet that flashed across the sky, and gone to soon, RIP, Hans, You are immortal.--ans smooth as silk.

Posted by Bevvy on Thursday, 02.5.15 @ 12:57pm

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