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Eligible since: 1995 (The 1996 Induction Ceremony)

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Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2011 (ranked #176) .

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970)
Tarkus (1971)
Pictures at an Exhibition (1971)
Brain Salad Surgery (1974)

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Lucky Man (1970)
Tarkus (1971)
From The Beginning (1972)
Karn Evil 9 (1973)

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Will Emerson, Lake & Palmer be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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number one band in the early 70's. sold 50 million albums. pioneer of the synth and progressive movement, enough said

Posted by brian eversole on Tuesday, 02.6.07 @ 19:19pm

number one band in the early 70's. sold 50 million albums. pioneer of the synth and progressive movement, enough said

Posted by brian eversole on Tuesday, 02.6.07 @ 19:19pm

According to Bob Moog, inventor of the 1st
electronic synthesizer:

"I was completely knocked out when I
listened to the test pressing. In a very
short time, Keith had figured out how to
work the synthesizer, and how to make it
sound really good! Keith used the
portamento (glide) to give a fresh,
exciting, and lyrical quality to the cut.
Today we are familiar with that kind of
sound, and those of us who are electronic keyboardists generally know how to produce
a sound like that. But back in 1969 and
1970, nobody had ever heard anything like
it. Keith invented it - and then he used it
to play a tune that, in a lyrical way,
really rocked.. That was an amazing display
of spontaneous creativity."

1 of THE most influential bands of the late
20th century without a doubt. Also 1 of the
few if only prog bands I know of that
didn't sell out. Never had a single song
make the US top 40-in contrast to the likes
of sellouts Yes, Genesis, Kansas, etc.

Their shows were fabulous too, so I'm told.

Posted by SG on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 01:55am

ELP is my favorite band of all time, and I think they should be inducted. However, I wouldn't say that they didn't sell out at all, there was at least one non-prog Greg Lake acoustic song on every album, and "Lucky Man", while it only reached #48, definitely was not typical of ELP's style. If you mention ELP to the majority of people, they think that "Lucky Man" is representative of their sound, so there's something to be said for that.

And while they didn't get super-commerical like Yes or Genesis did in the 80s, you also have to remember that they weren't around in 80s because they broke up, and Greg Lake himself admitted that times were changing when they broke up. So if they had stayed together through the 80s, they might have "sold out" just like the other prog bands.

Additionally, if you look at waht they did afterwards, Carl Palmer went on to form Asia (later joined by Greg Lake), an incredibly commercial, sell-out band, so ELP might not have sounded too different from that.

Posted by Mark on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 21:18pm

Like ELP or hate them, if you claim to have regard for music history you must put ELP in the Hall of Fame eventually.
Pioneering use of the synthesizer by Keith Emerson who worked closely with Robert Moog and in April of 2000 were inducted into the Smithsonian for Electronic music.

Keith Emerson influenced a wave of future keyboard players and programmers
some of which would later use such technology in genres like New Wave and even Disco that arguably ended the prog era.

¨Carl Palmer one of Rock’s most talented drummers (Inducted into Modern Drummer magazines Hall of Fame)and arguably one of the first to use synthesizer percussion in 1973.
ELP were one of the forerunners of progressive rock. which was battered by rock critics but a legitimate genre regardless.

Their album side suite Tarkus pre- dated similar Epics of the genre.

Genesis-“Suppers Ready”, Yes-“Close to the Edge”, Jethro Tull “Thick as a Brick” Rush-"2112"
And in the process was a Top 10 LP in the US. Charted # 1 in the UK.
Without a hit single!

---ELP from 70-77 constantly topped polls

In the Melody Maker, Sounds , Circus and even Playboy magazines readers polls.

Held #1 slot for Keyboards, Drummer, Producer, Band, Album, Arranger, Live Act.

ELP’s first seven albums charted #18, 9, 10, 5, 11, 4, 12,
These chart numbers from a band that did not produce hit singles.

1974 ELP were the 4th concert draw behind Led Zep, The Who and the Stones.

Estimated album sales exceed 50 million. So ELP was commercial successful.

ELP’s legacy : They introduced and educated more young people to the classics then any gaggle of music teachers imaginable.

OK you got influence, talent, innovation,longevity
and commercial success. so what's the problem?
Don't like them? Sorry thats not a good enough answer.

Posted by anthony rubbo on Tuesday, 04.3.07 @ 18:24pm

Is there is a bias against bands such as ELP? without whom there would not have been the acceptance of the electronic keyboard as a valid instrument. No sampling, no yamaha pianos etc. The organ itself was taken to its audio extreme. Others played it Emerson pulled it apart both musically and sonically. There is also the case of the pioneering tour setups which must have directly influenced what people do now, such as don't take an orchestra on the road with you. It may not seem relevant now but at the time they were revolutionary - was Elvis relevant when he was inducted - by the way I love Elvis too!

Posted by Russ on Wednesday, 05.2.07 @ 06:11am

Well put Russ. I never even bothered to post about the fact that ELP were touring pioneers. I always thought about it but felt my words would be wasted. I'ts refreshing to see your comment. ELP were pioneers in so many areas. They were at the infancy of FM radio. Began touring the US college circuits. Tarkus a 20 plus musical suite had the success it did with no hit single. ELP were one of the first to load up truckloads of staging equipment and put on massive gigs. Those gigs which seem small change now but were the blueprint of what not to do. As you mentioned -- atempting to tour with a handpicked orchestra and lose mounds of money in the process.
If I do not like a certain band but I am forced to admit innovations ,influences- and commercial success then I MUST vote for them because I care about MUSIC. So in the case of ELP and YES I just don't get it. These voters,writers and critics should know more about music then I? I am trying desparately to find out who they are. To talk to some of them. Can anyone tell me where I can get a list of the Hall of Fame voters. I want to at least create a demographic on them. Who has a influence on their votes? Then perhaps I can better understand.....
ELP,Chicago.ELP,Alice Cooper,ELP,YES,ELP,Moody Blues,ELP,N.Diamond,ELP,Rush,ELP,Jethro Tull,ELP,ELO,ELP,Genesis,ELP,Hall&Oates,ELP,Doobie Bros,ELP,Kiss all waiting to get in since the 1990's . --Good luck "Grandmaster Flash".

Posted by anthony on Thursday, 05.3.07 @ 12:51pm

Kiss is a musical act.What they did and are still doing is just an act.

Their music was nothing special in terms of influencing other groups or other musical styles.

I would liken them to Micro$oft,mediocre product that is well marketed.

Do they belong in the hall of fame simply because of the number of units they sell?

If we use that as a criteria ,then maybe we should look at Britany Spears or Back Street Boys as possible contenders.

Posted by pgm on Wednesday, 09.12.07 @ 22:03pm

ELP definitely was one of the true innovators in rock. They were among one of the first bands to fuse rock, classical and even jazz. In fact, they were even nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy. Unfortunately, they were beaten out by the Carpenters.

Too bad the snobs in charge of the hall will not put in any of the progressive rock bands because they definitely were innovators.

Posted by Brian Washington on Wednesday, 09.12.07 @ 22:52pm

ELP is in my top 5 of favorite bands ever
They are pioneers in progressive rock, snythesizers, covering classical music
Nuff said

These 3 fine musicians DESERVE a place in the hall, and shouldn't be beaten out by rap artists or political anti-Bush musicians

Posted by danny on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 08:16am

I hope by "anti-Bush" you mean H.W. because few of the artists criticizing our current President will be eligible for some time.

By the way, prog technically isn't "rock and roll" either. That was an all-around bad choice of a name in the first place, and they're rightfully ignoring it.

Posted by William on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 08:22am

Progressive rock is naturally a form of rock music - last time I checked, those bands use a guitar, bass and drums and are "plugged" in. Sure, it may not be rock and roll in the traditional sense, but it was and is a natural progression and offshoot of traditional rock music. It is not clear from your post, but you think bands like Moody Blues, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Rush, Jethro Tull, ELP do not warrant induction??

Plus, Pink Floyd was not ignored by them. If you are in fact dismissing an entire genre that is as big as progressive was and is, that is bizarre. And, one thing you should know, I am not even a big fan of progressive, as much of it is overblown and masturbatory.

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 09:22am

William's point is that the form originally termed "rock and roll" has been obsolete for sometime as all these little branches have emerged. If it was truly a strict "Rock and Roll" hall, inductions would've stopped after Buddy Holly.

Posted by Kit on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 11:40am

Well, yeah.....You would have to be pretty literal to think of stopping "rock & roll" at B.H.

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 12:07pm

this has nothing to do with rock & roll, but i'd like to advertise a new band called Working For A Nuclear Free City


see for yourself

Posted by liam on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 12:17pm

Liam or anyone else, try "Particle - Launchpad"...seesm you would like that a lot. It is sold at Amazon and you can hear sample tracks there. Just type in Particle and it comes up. Try tracks #1, #3, #4, and #10 to get a flavor. Seriously, do it and tell me what you think - I think it is right up your "alley."

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 12:34pm

its ok. bit too much funk and not enough elec for me, but its not bad

Posted by liam on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 12:45pm

Well, part of it is elec - the last song on the album goes into this electronic dance bit. You should def. buy the album - it is well worth the 12 bucks or so

Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 13:57pm

i might but in the meantime you should check out WFANFC

Posted by liam on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 14:04pm

Why doesn't the RnR HOF cut the bullshit with all the politics and induct these 3 fine musicians who've been in the music scene for 40 years. 3 exceptionally talented musicians whose music has stood the test of time and how they made classical music into decent RnR music. Jann Wenner and all the "anti-Rock" assholes, better get it to their heads that there is plenty of good RnR music out there that must be honored
I can't stress that enough

Posted by irving on Sunday, 12.9.07 @ 17:31pm

I cannot believe I have not left a comment here. So I will now because I know you all care so much about my opinion ;-)

Their shows were fabulous too, so I'm told.

Posted by SG on Saturday, 03.24.07 @ 01:55am

Yes SG, they put on a show that was amazing. The only bands that I saw who could match them were The Who, Queen and Cheap Trick. ELP were amazing. There music was innovative, they influenced many and all three were master musicians. I recently saw the Keith Emerson Band and he is still amazing. With all due respect to Bonham, Peart and all their fans, no one could do the things that Palmer could. And Greg Lake had a voice like velvet.

This band has met ever single criteria that one would need for induction and yet Wenner and Company have kept them out. So I ask those of you who believe that music writers and critics do in fact know better than the fandom; explain this omission?

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 01.6.08 @ 20:04pm

Great band! I just left the King Crimson page and saw some crazy talking over there. No one mentioned the Nice though.

Posted by Eric Draven on Thursday, 04.3.08 @ 05:01am

If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's criteria to induct artists is based upon the musical and cultural influence that they had, it's hard not to include ELP. They had a tremendous influence. Let's put them in.

Posted by Perry on Monday, 04.21.08 @ 01:39am

Can you believe that the Sex Pistols are in the Hall of Fame, but ELP, Genesis, Moody Blues,Jethro Tull and Yes are not. Not only is it an embarrassment, but an absolute disgrace. When will this be resolved? Keith Emerson, Greg Lake,Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Peter Gabriel ,Ian Anderson not in the Hall of Fame.A complete overhaul on the selection/election commitee needs to be addressed.Or better yet, abolish the current Hall of Fame and start a real one.

Posted by Ron Rowan on Friday, 04.25.08 @ 12:44pm

Best band ever! No one could compare to them musically. All 3 were tops in their musicianship. Greg Lake had the best voice in rock. Keith Emerson to this day, is still voted best rock keyboardist. This was the first and ultimate supergroup.

Its a shame the Hall of Fame doesn't appreciate true musicianship and innovative music. Instead they nominate Madonna and on what plain of existence would she be considered rock???

Posted by Linda on Sunday, 06.8.08 @ 07:55am

Yeah, why would they induct one of the most important and biggest influences in popular culture of the last 25 years, when ELP is still being ignored? It's an outrage!

Why would it matter that Madonna is not a rock act? It's not the Rock Hall of Fame, but the Rock AND ROLL Hall of Fame. Madonna's dancepop has just as much to do with Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly as ELP's progrock.

Posted by The_Claw on Sunday, 06.8.08 @ 08:28am

Soory Claw - but you are going to read things like that when some of the most well respected musicians and bands are ignored by this bias committee. ELP was as important a band as there was in the 70's. They belong and should have been in there while Madonna was still wearing her cone bra.

Whoever is voting no just has no clue.

Posted by Dameon on Thursday, 09.4.08 @ 19:37pm

Who the hell is voting no to ELP? Don't let me find out it is you Jimmy; then I might actually have to get mad at you.

Posted by blah-blah-blah on Friday, 09.26.08 @ 06:54am

" Don't let me find out it is you Jimmy"
This "jimmy" person ruins this site!
I'm new here and just taking a casual gander around.
He keeps bumping up that Coven thread.
Which is very annoying when wishing too read something new about OTHER bands.
Doesn't he realise (being i'm from that era myself)that they were small potaoes for people who lived through those times.
My friends and i put One Tin Soldier on par with the Carpenters.
I don't care about Coven,from reading the LARGE amounts of insults directed towards this Jimmy person it seems the majority here don't either.
Why doesn't someone ban him already?
He's making perusing the site an unpleasant experience that I'm sure is putting newcomers such as myself off.

Posted by Gary James from CA on Friday, 09.26.08 @ 09:16am

ELP should already be in there!!

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 10.3.08 @ 21:18pm

Yes, ELP should be in. No, they probably won't be because they are prog.

However, I would like to make a factual correction to an early post in this thread.

SG said they never had a song make the U.S. top forty. That is not correct. "From The Beginning" peaked at #39 in Oct. 1972.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 01.16.09 @ 20:15pm

No, never. This band is WHY people hate anything called progressive rock. You can have all the instrumental talent in the world but if you can't write a decent piece of music, and that's more than just pointless time changes, folks, it's completely meaningless.

Should Genesis and King Crimson get in? Sure, they deserve some props. Yes? Eh, a big maybe. Robert Wyatt? He'll never get in but Rock Bottom is superior to most of his contemporaries work. ELP? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

Posted by Elastic Man on Saturday, 01.17.09 @ 03:21am

I was enjoying your comments right up to this point when you state so foolishly that ELP ccouldn't write a decent piece of music. I won't even try and list it all, but Tarkus is a f'n masterpiece.

Posted by Dameon on Saturday, 01.17.09 @ 15:37pm

It is an embarrassment, or should be, that Progressive Rock is not represented in the Rock Hall.

Maybe if Keith cut himself and Gregg jumped into the audience while Carl pounded drums that spit blood in 5/4 time, they, and the other deserving Prog Bands would be in.

Being penalized because you can play. Yep, that makes about as much sense as punishing success.

Posted by danhat on Monday, 01.26.09 @ 14:36pm

ELP and prog rock in general is not even close to being my cup of tea...but I can still recognize the importance and influence of both the band and the genre....there are 3 or 4 prog bands that deserve immediate induction, and ELP is one of them.

Posted by John on Thursday, 01.29.09 @ 20:14pm

They were the best, and most musically talented group of the 70's. Emerson was a pioneer and genius on the keyboards. Carl Palmer was an excellent drunmmer and by far had the fastest solos. Gregg Lake was a talanted vocalist.
ELP should already be in the Hall of fame. Without ELP in the hall, it should be called the Hall of Shame.

Posted by Jim on Tuesday, 03.3.09 @ 18:38pm

All interesting observations. Having been around in the early seventies and been to many concerts by all of the "prog" bands mentioned, I disagree with many of the comments about ELP being a great band.

They were not a band, they were 3 great players that played to Keith Emerson's talents. I saw them in concert a few times in the 70's and frankly they made a lot of noise. Lake, an electric guitarist was forced by Emerson to play bass. This band would have been so much better live with a rhythm guitar player to play with Emerson.

On record, when Lake was penning melodies, there were some great songs, all time classics. But as far as them having a great chemistry between them and coming together as a group, no it didn't happen. Their tours weren't musical, they were more like a circus act.

Genesis on the other hand was a complete group effort. Many of their songs are simply "written by Genesis". Pink Floyd, while very commercial after DSOM, were also a band that played together. Waters' bass lines backed up Gilmour's wild guitar trips, Nick Mason filled in the backbeat and Rick Wright's gorgeous organ chords gave it an afterworld sound.

ELP produced some great sound but they just weren't really a band that meshed and played off of each other.

Posted by Ed on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 16:40pm

I completely disagree with you Ed

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 17:32pm

Dameon: Thats cool to disagree. Thats whats fun about these boards, expressing your views on what you experienced when you listen to certain bands

Why do you think ELP was better than Genesis?

I gave my reasons, mainly the few times I saw Genesis the music moved me and inspired me much more than I was at the 2 ELP shows about the same timeframe. Genesis music made me feel really good, ELP's made me feel overwhelmed.

When it comes to the talent within the bands I will be the first to admit, yes Palmer is a better drummer than Phil Collins, yes Greg Lake has a gorgeous voice, whereas Peter Gabriel's is just unique. Certainly Keith Emerson can play far more bombastic keyboards than Tony Banks can.

But what I liked about Genesis was the tightness of the band and the textures of their melodies. Very sophisticated songs with deeply rich word rhymes from Gabriel. Frankly Lake is not a very good lyricist. Lines like "Still You Turn Me On" are pretty cliche. All the great King Crimson lyrics he sang were written by Pete Sinfield.

If you saw ELP in the seventies Keith Emerson was trying to do on the synthesizers what Hendrix did on his guitar. That is make as much noise and distortion as he could to jack up the crowds. He succeeded and people went crazy at ELP shows. But wasn't a lot of it just noise? At what point does the music become noise? As much as I love Hendrix, his version of the "Star Spangled Banner" is mostly noise and distortion. I heard Keith Emerson do the same thing as Jimi did, he manipulated his instrument to make as loud and as intense noise as it could possible make. For some that may be enjoyed, to me, its just a guy up on stage making a bunch of noises that make no melodic sense.

Genesis on the other hand were more musical and they made music to inspire, not to overpower. They played together and prior to Gabriel leaving the band they were one of the tightest bands I've ever heard.

I have a lot of respect for ELP and love the first LP and Tarkus. I think in the studio ELP were at their best. But for my ears the sweet music of Genesis was more pleasing to listen to than the bombardment of noise that ELP made, which I can't blame on Lake or Palmer.

Posted by Ed on Wednesday, 03.25.09 @ 22:17pm

One last thing. ELP is better than Genesis when Phil Collins took over. There is no doubt. I saw Genesis in the late seventies without Gabriel and it was like listening to a completely different band. It was pedestrian where the 1970-1975 Genesis was celestial. Greatest progressive recordings:

King Crimson: In The Court of the Crimson King
ELP: First LP
Genesis: Selling England By The Pound
Yes: The Yes Album

Posted by ed on Wednesday, 04.1.09 @ 20:06pm

If being original counts as a criterion, then ELP definitely deserves to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. If being popular counts as a criterion too, then that's just another plus for induction since they've sold tons of music and played to massive crowds.

Maybe if ELP had simply quit in 1975. they'd be regarded differently now and they'd be inducted into the Hall. By 1975, they seemed to run out of ideas and seemed to lean on the ill-fated orchestra to bail them out. When the orchestral fragments of 1977 are combined with the uninspired "Love Beach" of 1978, we get the picture of a band that was too tired to inspire anymore.

However, if one just looks at their pre-1975 output, it's amazing! Karn Evil 9 stands as one of rock's truly unique creations. From the classically-inspired music of the opening, to the lyrics that tell of a desolate Dark-Age like society, to the Huxley-like carnival barker talking of the "show that never ends," ELP seemed to be talking about the history of mankind.

Actually, there are fewer rock artists, both revered and not, who so accurately caught the mood of the "entertainment-mad" world that we've become in our 24/7 culture than ELP. Karn-Evil 9's 1st impression perfectly captures the intensity of today's hectic life while the 3rd Impression accurately warns us, just like the movie "2001" did, that artificial intelligence via computers was on it's way.

Also, when one looks at the great short songs of Greg Lake, in addition to his beautiful "Take a Pebble," we get the picture of a band that had more than just the virtuosity of Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer going for them.

Come on guys...embrace Prog-Rock and allow groups like ELP, in addition to Jethro Tull, Yes, and Rush, into the hall. After all, if you can allow in Zappa and Floyd, you might as well get a few other aging progsters in there!

Posted by Perry Casilio on Sunday, 04.19.09 @ 00:49am

well said

Posted by Ed on Monday, 04.20.09 @ 16:33pm

I am an avid fan of all genre of music. The 70's started a creative outreach that continues today. EL&P were wonderful to listen to and watch on tour. I actually still listen to their music today and find it remains fresh and enjoyable. When I listen to the radio of classics etc.. It all seems to run together. EL&P's never does. When listening to their dynamic approach you can't stop mid albumn. They are that good! Emerson, Lake, and Palmer as individuals were great, but they were fabulous together. Putting them in the Hall of Fame is the only reasonable thing to do. I can think of no band that holds a candle to them.

Posted by Bruce Brown on Sunday, 04.26.09 @ 11:16am

Keith Emerson was to the synthesizer what Jimi Hendrix was to the Stratocaster.

They both knew how to make noises out of those instruments that no one dreamed could be made.

ELP were the "hardest" of the progressive bands.

Posted by Ed on Tuesday, 04.28.09 @ 17:57pm

elp hoort er zeker in thuis. ongelovig het geluid in die tijd was al uniek, luister maar naar welcome back, op genomen in kwardafonie en nog live ook geweldig.

Posted by hero broekmans on Saturday, 09.12.09 @ 03:22am

Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Category: If They Collaborated

If ELP were to do an album with Funkadelic, it would be called...

What is "Maggot Brain Salad Surgery"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 02.12.10 @ 22:24pm

I can certainly be persuaded to vote for them.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 02.24.10 @ 19:48pm

Can you believe that the Sex Pistols are in the Hall of Fame, but ELP, Genesis, Moody Blues,Jethro Tull and Yes are not. Not only is it an embarrassment, but an absolute disgrace. When will this be resolved? Keith Emerson, Greg Lake,Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Peter Gabriel ,Ian Anderson not in the Hall of Fame.A complete overhaul on the selection/election commitee needs to be addressed.Or better yet, abolish the current Hall of Fame and start a real one.

Posted by Ron Rowan on Friday, 04.25.08 @ 12:44pm

While I do agree that the prog bias is f*cked up, I object to the first bit. Yes, can you believe that one of the most influential punk bands out there has been inducted? What a farce! (sarcasm over)

Posted by Sam on Saturday, 04.24.10 @ 14:28pm

I question the Rock n Roll Hall of fame organization. You put in Iggy and the Ramones and leave out

Posted by Edd on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 14:16pm

Another case of "head up ass" syndrome. Or would it be "wannabe intellectual" syndrome? It can be difficult to have a reasonable discusssion when there's a lack of intelligence around?

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 05.16.10 @ 14:57pm

no no no

Posted by misterwho on Wednesday, 05.19.10 @ 12:39pm

Why not "misterwho"? Who would you like inducted instead?

Posted by Sam on Friday, 05.28.10 @ 18:45pm

With Genesis waiting 16 years to join Pink Floyd as the Hall's second prog band one can only hope Yes, ELP and Jethro Tull find their way into the RRHOF within the next decade

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 10:39am

I mean, don't get me wrong. I'd love for it to happen sooner but it's going to be tough with the current regime

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 10:40am

Oh and the Moody Blues ;)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 10:41am

and King Crimson

Posted by Gassman on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 11:08am

of course. How could I forget

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 11:15am

I'm not feeling optimistic about that.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 08.3.10 @ 16:51pm

ELP will NEVER be inducted because most of the panel consists of aging snobs from ROLLING STONE magazine who have personally always hated them.

Posted by zombi on Sunday, 09.19.10 @ 16:22pm

No me importa si la ponen o no , porque si se fijan en todos los rankings a las bandas de prog. ni las toman en cuenta , osea son muy burros , no entienden la musica los analistas.

Posted by lolo on Sunday, 09.26.10 @ 23:26pm

Hi all. I think that HOF is nothing comparing to ELP. Keith is a Composer - out of genre, their work is the Music. Period. Do we love them less because they are not inducted. No, we do love them. I grew up in USSR and I heard Trilogy first in 1975. I was amazed and my father who did not understand rock and roll at all was amazed too. I think it is time to form the people's hall of fame, and that's what I am going to start. I spoke with Carl's manager after the concert in B.B King club - he likes this idea. We can do two things - poke HOF with petitions and start our own HOF. I am ready. How about you guys?

Posted by RadioGlobus.com on Wednesday, 10.27.10 @ 21:40pm

So the Rock Hall doesn't like Prog because by drawing from classical elements, prog rock implied to some that rock itself wasn’t artistically interesting or important enough to contain its complex ideas. And for many critics prog strayed too far from rock’s African-American origins, reinforcing the stereotype that associated European music with the intellect and African music with the body. Prog rockers considered Bo Diddley too simple. In other words, Europeans use their heads to write music (that's Prog), while Africans use their private parts to write music (that's Rock). Furthermore, Europeans are intellectuals and Africans are sex crazed.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.20.11 @ 03:59am

Crudely put, Roy, but you basic premise is accurate. Progressive rock, being classically based, rather than blues based, tends to appeal to the intellect, rather than the groove of rock, blues, soul, R&B, and rap.

But classical music has tremendous beauty, as does progressive rock. Is there a lot of self-indulgent noise? Sure! But Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin, among many others, were also often self indulgent. Many jazz stars like Davis, Coltrane, Parker and others had compositions based on long diffuse soloing, yet they are beloved by the Consortium.

The Consortium (Wenner, Dave Marsh, Robert Cristgau and many others) have their open admitted prejudices of what they sneer as "Art Rock," and will never support their induction. Pink Floyd was blues based, while Genesis went pop, with a slight Motown horns influence. Both sold gazillions of albums, which cannot be ignored.

But the Corsortium will continue to ignore progressive rock. It is truly a shame.

Posted by Cavgator on Friday, 03.4.11 @ 16:39pm

Pink Floyd were psychedelic in their early days. Don't forget about The Doors and Traffic as well, even if they didn't have any classical influences and the former were rooted in normalcy plenty of times ("Roadhouse Blues"). Since Floyd, Genesis, The Doors and Traffic have all been inducted, it's incorrect to say that prog has been ignored. I'm not sure whether Christgau is on the committee, and the group you speak of is Wenner, Marsh and Jon Landau. Marsh has made his distaste for ELP known so they won't get it (I wonder who put their name in for consideration), though he did say if he was going to support Art Rock he'd be thinking about Genesis (since inducted), King Crimson and Roxy Music.

But your overall point is valid.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 03.11.11 @ 09:57am

I saw ELP in 1977 in Indianapolis when they were still touring with the choir and orchestra. To see Keith Emerson open the concert with his Piano Concerto No. 1 as the grand piano rose from beneath the stage was incredible. Name another rock group, before, during or since who could receive a standing ovation for a piano concerto! They clearly belong in the HOF and I refuse to visit it until they're inducted.

So many already in the HOF have had very little, if anything, to do with ROCK. I don't understand the mindset of whatever group decides who gets inducted.

Posted by axel on Tuesday, 03.15.11 @ 10:04am

ELP technically aren't Rock either, being mostly synth-driven.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 04.12.11 @ 12:38pm

Non c'è HOF credibile senza che in essa siano inseriti Elp. E' un fatto che ha a che vedere con la storia della musica. Si tratta di conoscerne e rispettarne il divenire, si tratta di onestà intellettuale e di cognizione sull'effetivo valore artistico dei suoi protagonisti.

Posted by Marco on Thursday, 04.28.11 @ 09:28am

Peter, Paul and Mary
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Earth, Wind and Fire

Posted by Roy on Friday, 06.3.11 @ 08:13am

Peter, Paul and Mary
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Earth, Wind and Fire
Crosby, Stills and Nash

Posted by Roy on Friday, 06.3.11 @ 08:23am

Influence: Don't know about this, can't find anything on it.
Innovation: Keith Emerson pinoneered the use of Synths.
Critical Respect: Oh, how they HATED this band.
Sales: 40 million sold.

I'd say a yes.

Posted by GFW on Wednesday, 06.22.11 @ 17:31pm

They and other “prog bands” have been called many things, but the one that kills me, particularly about ELP is how pretentious they are.

Is not Rock and/or Roll itself pretentious??
I play...I love music...all kinds of music.
And yes, I like to show off my skills, who doesn't? Human nature to to show off a bit, no?

Not sure how much they care about being inducted by this douc bag organization, but it has always pissed me off. Three of the greatest musicians in my opinion, let them in

Posted by Styles Bitchly on Monday, 10.3.11 @ 14:44pm

Agreed, I think that in terms of prog Yes should be in first though.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 10.3.11 @ 15:54pm

Improving on the one above.

Influence: ELP are a big influence on prog acts. 25
Innovation: Keith Emerson was one of the first musicians in rock to really use the synth as an lead instrument, they also helped dfine prog rock. 15
Commercial: Sold 40 million records. 20
Critical: Mention ELP to most critics and they'll recoil in disgust. 0

60, worth inducting maybe, borderline.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 10.11.11 @ 13:40pm

So let me get this straight. You're only allowed to use certain instruments in a strictly limited way and be liked by Dave Marsh in order to get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? ELP's omission is like saying let's leave Babe Ruth (extraordinary hitter and pitcher, flamboyant to boot) out of the Baseball Hall of Fame because Yankee Stadium had a rightfield wall that was shorter than in other parks and besides, the Yankees are too rich and gaudy). This whole exerices is purely arbitrary, totally subjective, and the damned thing is, frankly, a farce. Too many great bands have been left out while critics favorites get in. Guns n Roses is hardly groundbreaking, does one classic album, and they're first ballot Hall of Famers. Yeesh.

Posted by Old Fart at Play on Saturday, 12.10.11 @ 00:08am

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

01. Keith Emerson (keyboards; The V.I.P.'s, The Nice, Free Creek)
02. Greg Lake (vocals, bass guitar; The Gods, King Crimson, Asia)
03. Carl Palmer (drums; The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster, Asia)

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 04.17.13 @ 11:42am

About Prog:

The next two prog bands I would like to see inducted
would be Can and King Crimson. King Crimson should get in because they created the standard for the bloated, ponderous mess that millions have come to know and love as the "orchestral" wing of english prog. Larks Tongues In Aspic and Red are both a good deal better than the debut. As for Can, those german titans are a huge influence on a number of post-punk bands like Public Image Limited, and were quite ahead of their time(Tago Mago is a must-have. Let;s find a way get past genre prejudices and celebrate the powerful and compelling in all its forms, shall we?

Posted by Stuart Fishman on Friday, 06.14.13 @ 18:11pm

About Prog:

The next two prog bands I would like to see inducted
would be Can and King Crimson. King Crimson should get in because they created the standard for the bloated, ponderous mess that millions have come to know and love as the "orchestral" wing of english prog. Larks Tongues In Aspic and Red are both a good deal better than the debut. As for Can, those german titans are a huge influence on a number of post-punk bands like Public Image Limited, and were quite ahead of their time(Tago Mago is a must-have). Let's find a way to get past genre prejudices and celebrate the powerful and compelling in all its forms, shall we?

Posted by Stuart Fishman on Friday, 06.14.13 @ 18:14pm

Emerson, Lake & Palmer was progressive rock's first supergroup, combining the keyboard wizardry of Keith Emerson, the soaring vocals of Greg Lake and the overblown and bombastic percussion of Carl Palmer.

For several decades they have been viewed by rock music critics as the definition of pretentious.

Nonetheless within their vast catalogue of works, their music tends to vary from the sublimely beautiful, 'Take A Pebble' to the extravagantly grandiose 'Pirates' to the chaotic and uncompromising 'Tarkus' to the mellow 'Lucky Man.'

Posted by Enigmaticus on Friday, 01.3.14 @ 02:30am

RIP, H.R. Giger, the man who designed the "Brain Salad Surgery" album cover and later designed the creature in "Alien."

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 05.13.14 @ 23:49pm

How can there be a rock and roll hall of fame and not have ELP in it?? Come on, guys!

Posted by T Smith on Thursday, 07.17.14 @ 22:24pm

One of my favorite bands. Great lyrics and vocals and song writing. Keith Emerson's mastery of electronic keyboards mixing classical and rock with moog technology is sheer genius. I came to see the show in Seattle 74 amazing show.
The piano and organ became so much more important
to rock music because of ELP.

Posted by Steve on Wednesday, 01.27.16 @ 00:48am

Emerson Lake & Palmer were innovators and instrumental virtuosos of the highest order. They were early Prog leaders and have influenced just about every Prog musician from 1970 onward in some way. Greg Lake-A genius singer/songwriter, producer musician. He played bass and guitar and was an excellent singer. Keith Emerson-Brilliant synthesizer solos and music. Carl Palmer-Percussion Master. Lucky Man stands out and I will be adding Emerson Lake & Palmer to my Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees in 2016. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 01.27.16 @ 05:50am

Emerson, Lake, & Palmer one of the most successful Prog groups 70's. Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer created an innovative and influential catalogue of songs that have stood the test of time. These outstanding musicians have continued to create music in other projects since the early 80's and deserve RRHOF induction. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 01.30.16 @ 18:54pm

RIP Keith Emerson. Prog rock has lost a legend.

Posted by SotN on Friday, 03.11.16 @ 15:09pm

The fact ELP is not in the HOF is criminal, but I'm not surprised. The RHOF is a joke. Look how long it took to get Rush and Peter Gabriel inducted. Yes is still not in the HOF. ELP is on my top ten list of bands. I have seen them numerous times. I even saw ELP with Powell. I recently saw Greg Lake on a solo tour doing songs of his life with Q&A between sets. Their music and live shows were genius. Sadly one of the driving forces of the band is now gone, just like Yes.If the innovative music, the live shows and 50 million in album sales doesn't get you in what does it take?

Posted by GeePenn on Wednesday, 03.16.16 @ 22:58pm

Did Nick Rhodes the Duran Duran's excellent keyboardist ever talk about Keith Emerson as an influence? Can't believe Emerson is gone. Like a bad dream. Hoping Duran and Duran and Emerson, Lake & Palmer earn a nomination in 2016. Purchased a Duran Duran CD of their early hits. Nick has a blue head band on. Give it an A. Notorious is on this CD. Great song!

Posted by KING on Tuesday, 03.22.16 @ 23:00pm

Emerson,Lake & Palmer is exactly the band I expect to see in a Hall of Fame for Rock 'n Roll.

Posted by Diamond Dave on Tuesday, 06.21.16 @ 15:45pm

Unfortunately Jann Wenner and the Rock Hall of Shame is prejudice against some of the greatest rock musicians of all times. ELP, Yes, Moody Blues, King Crimson, Jethro Tull are all deserving to be in. Shame on them

Posted by Ken Marx on Monday, 07.25.16 @ 14:02pm

Two prog rock masters. The same band. The same year!

RIP Greg Lake. You will be missed.

Posted by SotN on Thursday, 12.8.16 @ 09:14am

Rest in Peace Greg Lake, 1947-2016.

Posted by Joe on Thursday, 12.8.16 @ 09:18am

R.I.P. Greg Lake

What a shame

Posted by Steve Z on Thursday, 12.8.16 @ 09:23am

R.I.P. Greg Lake. 2 Masters from the same band in the same year are gone. Its Sad. You will be missed.

Posted by Ben on Thursday, 12.8.16 @ 17:41pm

RIP Greg Lake ELP. A very sad day for KING as I think Greg Lake was an immense talent vocally and guitar. I'm hoping that the recent deaths of Emerson & Lake will bring more awareness to ELP music and hopefully their rightful place into the RRHOF. I'm a lucky man to have listened to Lake's music. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 12.8.16 @ 19:45pm

I am very saddened to hear about the passing of Greg Lake. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends. Not only was Greg Lake 1/3 of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but he was also the lead vocalist and bassist for the influential first King Crimson album, "In The Court of the Crimson King." He will definitely be missed! :-(

Posted by Enigmaticus on Thursday, 12.8.16 @ 21:51pm

I have not written that much about Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Their influence on major "progressive rock" artists has been quite important, overall.

When Keith Emerson had passed away earlier this year, the world of PROG had lost a very important talent. I regrettably had not acknowledged the passing of Keith Emerson on this website and I am indeed, very sorry about that. I would like to extend my belated most sincere condolences to his family and friends.

The recent passing of Greg Lake has given me reason to reevaluate Emerson, Lake & Palmer's position on my list of greatest PROG artists. As a result, they have moved from somewhere in the top 20 to sixth, overall. It also explains the necessary immediacy for inductions of more progressive rock artists into the Rock & Roll of Fame. I am saddened to say now that 2/3 of ELP are gone. This is indeed quite catastrophic to the PROG world. Emerson, Lake & Palmer was the world's first PROG supergroup.

Geddy Lee has recently said that both King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer were huge influences on Rush. If we add Yes, The Moody Blues, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Procol Harum, Jethro Tull and Duran Duran to that list, we now have 7 very deserving PROG bands who should have already been inducted.

In 2013, Rush had been finally inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Let's hope that more "progressive rock" artists follow in their wake, including: Yes, Electric Light Orchestra and The Zombies. Since all three deserve to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2017.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 12.10.16 @ 12:45pm

ELP should have been inducted LONG before this.... Sheer talent/skills alone are amazing. So sad to lose 2 of the 3 this soon.

Posted by ELP Fan on Tuesday, 12.20.16 @ 13:06pm

2016 was a hugely devastating year for prog. Carl Palmer is now the only surviving member left from Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Whether, I would like to admit it or not, unfortunately the recent passings of Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, probably put ELP in a good position, to be the next Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame "prog" inductee. I definitely would not be upset by an upcoming induction of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but I feel that it is quite unfortunate that they had not been inducted while they were still alive to enjoy it.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 12.31.16 @ 13:40pm

This is why I have never visited the rrhof and I luv in Ohio elp one or my favorite albums as a teen was triology from the beginning they were hall of famers the hall is a joke

Posted by Lawrence Wallace on Wednesday, 12.13.17 @ 09:38am

Although, I have not written nearly as much about the legacy of Emerson Lake & Palmer, as I have of: Rush, Yes, The Moody Blues, Duran Duran, or Sade, that does not necessarily mean that I do not enjoy their recordings. I think that it is very difficult to fathom the reasons why ELP had been so severely denigrated by the music critics.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Monday, 12.25.17 @ 15:58pm

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