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Will Dream Theater be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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dream theater is one of the most insane bands with musical talent I have ever heard or scene. they have stayed true to the fans and themselves over there long career. all there albums offer something new, innovative, and intensity/depth. I truly hope they will make it in

Posted by alex on Tuesday, 12.5.06 @ 15:49pm


Dream Theater deserve this.........

Posted by tawseef on Saturday, 02.3.07 @ 22:28pm

Me think it will be at least 10 good years before they get their best chance at induction.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 06:28am

I think their early career is a lot better , with images and words than their late achievement ... but still they are awsome ...

I'm going to see John Petrucci at the G3, with Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani the 3 april 2007 at Québec ..

Posted by xavier on Sunday, 03.4.07 @ 13:51pm

They most definitely deserve an induction. They are by far the most technically proficient and musically astounding band out there, and are undeniably the penultimate Prog metal band.

long live the greatest band ever.

Posted by musicfan on Saturday, 06.23.07 @ 18:51pm

If bland instrumental showmanship is all you're looking for, even these guys can be topped. Heck, some bands can be more technically proficient and actually write songs worth listening to. How 'bout that?

Nice use of "penultimate" Mr. Dictionary. Double-check what it means to see why your yourself have admitted they can't be the best.

Voivod >

Posted by William on Saturday, 06.23.07 @ 21:31pm

They are definitely talented and great technical musicians. But that in itself is meaningless. There is a thing called songwriting and appeal, which they lack....

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 06:47am

"There is a thing called songwriting and appeal, which they lack..."

Huh? Tell me another good one. Ever listen to CD2 of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence? How about we compare some DT lyrics to something like:

"Gimme Three Steps, gimme three steps mister...."

Need I go on?

Posted by jon on Tuesday, 07.3.07 @ 09:12am

I am a huge Rush fan, but Dream Theater's meandering, masturbatory music just does not cut it. Like I said, technical musicality is nice, but there are actually people listening...For instance, I love the song La Villa, but even Rush admits that it is really not "about the fans" when they say on the album regarding La Villa: "An exercise in self-indulgence." Notice the empahsis on "Self." That was one song, DT is basically all self-indulgence

Rush also figured that out when they came out with their brilliant album Permanent Waves (Yes, I love the albums prior, esp 2112). The cliche thing to say of course is that they became "sell-outs" at that point but in actuality that is when they started to write more appealing songs and when they hit it big time. And, of course the follow-up Moving Pictures really put them in the "Limelight." So, to answer your question, no, you need not go on....

Posted by Anon on Tuesday, 07.3.07 @ 09:23am

BTW, Jon when I was referring to "songwriting" I did not mean the lyrics - see, song writing means the music itself - you the know the notes, melody, song structure, etc. I figured most fans of music would know this. If I was referring to lyrics, I would have said so....so your reference above lacks any sense.

Posted by Anon on Tuesday, 07.3.07 @ 11:34am


Whoever is saying that DT doesn't wright good songs, you're sorely mistaken...They are not all instrumentation, they are fantastic songwriters, and there is a lot more to their songs than many other bands on here....Are you saying a Kiss song means much more than a DT song (or any other band's song for that matter)?

Go eat shit & die...:)

Posted by Bon on Sunday, 08.26.07 @ 03:55am

Actually, I made no reference to KISS at all, so your comments mean very little. Yes, they are great technical musicians. But, what Dream Theater lacks is what is referred to as "melodic structure." That is the "core" of the song - it is when you walk down the street and are able to whistle or humm the "tune." Try humming a DT song - you basically cannot. Now try humming Roxanne by the Police or Norwegian Wood by the Beatles. See the difference....

Btw, this is not only a problem for DT, but for many "progressive" bands. But, maybe it is not a totally fair criticism because progressive music IS about technicality, etc. and not as much about melody. But, I think the best progrerssive bands had both (i.e. see Moody Blues, Yes, Genesis, Rush).

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 08.26.07 @ 18:23pm

As an example, one reviewer wrote with regards to a progressive song: "The song really lacks melody, all instruments and vocals seem to do something different. It seems like the band wanted to write something 'difficult' and ended up with a very inaccessible track."

That essentially describes DT, lack of melody and integration in their songs. Thus, they are often inaccessible and not so good.

Posted by Anon on Monday, 08.27.07 @ 12:15pm

It is highly doubtful that DT will make it in because of the committee's general bias against prog. However, they most certainly deserve it in my opinion.

What is often overlooked about Dream Theater is that, unlike the vast dull swaths of prog metal bands who have simply tried to imitate the technical wizardry of Petrucci, Portnoy and co. is that underneath their sheer playing skill their music is very melodic and stunningly well composed in a classical sense of that word, probably stemming from the experiences of the members at Berklee/Juliard. Take a really close listen to Scenes from a Memory, and try listening not to the solos but to the bass lines, the subtler drum parts, the piano work in One Last Time, the lyrical flow of the piece as a whole, and above all the elegant transitions from one song to the next. Get past the aversion you have to technicality, deservedly built up from the legions of shredders who wouldn't know a melody from a melon and you'll see that, when you peek behind the solos that Dream Theater are, in fact, excellent songwriters and hugely innovative and influential musicians.

Posted by Colin on Sunday, 10.14.07 @ 16:04pm

Every musician in that band is great, but what did they do that makes them legendary?

Posted by SSR on Saturday, 10.27.07 @ 16:03pm

I am the drummer for Dream Theater. I live in Orangeville, Ont. I am sorry about the lie that the band has told, I had nothing to do with the lie. Needless to say I am no longer hangin out with the band mainly because they don't share. I'm supposidly a rock star but I have not been paid for the contribution that I made to the band and they are not interested in sharing with me. I'm sorry for all of my fans but I will never play with them or for them again, I contributed too much and was f***ed over now they have lost a friend and a drummer. God bless all of my fans but I'll never play again. It's been hell but life goes on without the band. Peace to all and to all a good life.

Posted by Alex Barnes on Saturday, 12.8.07 @ 22:11pm

Dear fans of DT

I love you guys. You are the best fans a band could ever wish for. There is something that you should know though, I am the real drummer for DT. Every song that we recorded was in fact done in one take in a basement recording studio with less than proffesional gear, they were not even my drums, I don't own any. I've only played the drums for about 15 hrs or so, but I like it. I don't know how I did it but I'm sure God had alot to do with it. I don't know who you have been watching at these concerts but I assure you they are imposters. The real band members names are Harry, Randy, Dan, Steve, Chris, Jim, Kevin, Perry, Laura, Candice and myself Alex.
The band has been trying to pull a practical joke on me and were succeeding but I found out what they were up to. I know that they are spying on me as unbeleiveable as that sounds, I mean how creepy can you get? They know that I know but because they are cruel mean people they are not doing the right thing and telling the truth, they are having to much fun being invisible( stay tuned for the truth about that). They should just tell the truth ASAP because I'm goinig to sue them for every day they prolong their lie. Remember fans always tell the truth no one likes a lier, judges especially. So untill they tell the truth or untill I take them to court(which ever comes first) see you all then. If you want to know more about this revelation send your comments and questions to your favorite DT website, perhaps the band will have the time to enlighten you.
All the best to the fans Alex

Posted by Alex Barnes on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 18:56pm

Dream Theater has been depressingly poor since Falling Into Infinity -- After they lost Kevin Moore, it started going downhill, and, since at least Sherinian was decent and could've kept them alive, they decided to twist the knife and introduce that godawful "musician" Rudess into the group.
Scenes from a Memory was terrible. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence was -alright-, but then Train of Thought was simply disgusting. Octavarium was pretentious, and Systematic Chaos is about the third worst album that's worth mentioning, ever.

Posted by Rapha on Tuesday, 04.8.08 @ 17:01pm

does the drummer (or ex drummer) actually live in orangeville on? lol

Posted by Mae on Sunday, 04.27.08 @ 13:22pm

Yes I do, so does the rest of the band except Chris, he hails from Midland.

Thankyou to all the fans, you guys are the best.

P.S. Be near a TV on July 04 08. I have been kept in the dark for years but that is when I believe the truth will be told and the Bands true identities will be unveiled. Also there is apparently another website that contains the truth but I can't find it, must be using the wrong internet!:)

Posted by Alex Barnes on Wednesday, 06.4.08 @ 14:25pm

DT on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Yes, that would be so ****in' awesome!

Posted by Kevin on Monday, 10.13.08 @ 18:15pm

Dream Theater is my favorite band, and I listen to a -lot- of bands.

Even I have to admit, however, that from Train of Thought and on something is lost. Perhaps it is because they abandoned their "innocent" sounding songs in favor of a more "dark" sound.

Clearly I'm no expert with musical terms, but I have a feeling some of you may agree with me here. I haven't given up hope yet that Dream Theater will return to their roots, but I won't hold my breath.

I voted yes. :P

Posted by Nick on Sunday, 01.25.09 @ 18:02pm

Good group...very talented musicians. If you like them, nothing wrong with voting "yes".

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 01.25.09 @ 18:11pm

They have about zero chance of getting inducted, but they are a fantastic band.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 08.28.09 @ 16:54pm

Actually, I made no reference to KISS at all, so your comments mean very little. Yes, they are great technical musicians. But, what Dream Theater lacks is what is referred to as "melodic structure." That is the "core" of the song - it is when you walk down the street and are able to whistle or humm the "tune." Try humming a DT song - you basically cannot. Now try humming Roxanne by the Police or Norwegian Wood by the Beatles. See the difference....

Btw, this is not only a problem for DT, but for many "progressive" bands. But, maybe it is not a totally fair criticism because progressive music IS about technicality, etc. and not as much about melody. But, I think the best progrerssive bands had both (i.e. see Moody Blues, Yes, Genesis, Rush).

your very simple minded and an udder idiot. dream theater is the definition of music. i dont wanna listen to a hook and the same intrument melodys over and over again. humming a dt song? yes i can do that but just because they dont sell out and start making poor half ass music for the radio doesnt mean they arent legendary, in fact that makes them much better.

Posted by ryan on Monday, 09.14.09 @ 04:07am

Dream Theater has several ballads you can get stuck in your head and hum down the street. Obviously some people have only heard the progressive side and choose not to explore some of their other stuff. They have some very good/powerful ballads.

Anyways, it's a sad day as Mike Portnoy has left the band. Hopefully one day their roads will cross once more and we will have the real Dream Theater again.

Posted by bc79 on Saturday, 09.11.10 @ 11:06am

Not a chance in hell. Rush, Iron Maiden, Yes, have all been excluded. I love DT but the hall of fame hates prog. Lady Gaga will make it in before them.

Posted by Antonio on Saturday, 12.18.10 @ 10:28am

All you D.T. haters suck ass. Dream Theater hasn't been around quite long enough to be in but they sure as hell will be. And if you don't think they have good songwriting listen to their older stuff (Scenes from a memory, images and words). Their music has inspired me my entire life. Granted, their later stuff (systematic chaos, octivarium) kinda suck they are still bad ass. Every band thats around long enough goes through a "dry spell" so give petrucci some time to come around. They are awesome and so is Rush. Go Rush. They are both rediculously good and even if they don't get in the B.S. hall of fame, at least we still have awesome music to listen to!

Posted by cgra on Friday, 01.14.11 @ 09:11am

These guys have been one of the strongest and most phenomenal bands. The drum solos, musicality and raw ability in this band is amazing. They will never be the mainstream because their music isn't tailored for everyone else, and they should be put in, but I don't know if it will happen since they aren't as mainstream as so many artists. I'm also concerned with the departure of Portnoy from the band and how their upcoming record will fair.

Posted by DC1984 on Thursday, 06.9.11 @ 15:07pm

I love it when dream theater fans call their haters close minded. Very amusing. The band isn't bad and awake is a great album, but the fanbase is among the most annoying ever

Posted by Pxgsgh on Saturday, 07.23.11 @ 12:55pm

Dream Theater's musicianship has always been top-notch, but the number of cringe inducing moments in their lyrics has been increasing exponentially since the turn of the century. They finally lost me with Systematic Chaos. Do they deserve to be inducted? Given that they raised the bar on technical proficiency and influenced so many other bands -- yes. But not until after Rush gets in.

Posted by Matthew on Saturday, 09.10.11 @ 22:47pm

I do not like criticism of Dream Theater that says they lack melody, have bad lyrics, and are all technique. Some songs and albums can be criticized like this, but what most people are really saying is that they are not taking the time to enjoy the many layers of DT's music. THey do have heart, melody, and quite a bit of emotion. I recall the same scenario with classical music. It takes time to get into the songs, it takes effort. You have to wait for those moments. WHen they come they are gigantic. Dream Theater demands that listeners take their time to enjoy the music. I love the more poppy prog bands, but I cannot listen to their music as repeatedly as other bands because they loose their ability to entertain me much quicker. On a different note, their ability to create a larger following each year while maintaining the older fans shows the sustainability of their music. IF any prog band deserves to get in, they deserve to be one of the select few.

Posted by Frochild on Thursday, 10.4.12 @ 07:04am

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