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Eligible in: 2031 (The 2032 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Daughtry be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Much respect to your site for adding Daughtry as I requested. It is good to know that you take the requests seriously. Much love to Chris and the band, their debut album is AWESOME and I am sure they will keep us rockin' til 2031!!!

Posted by Dawn on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 22:14pm

Daughtry so deserves to be in this I can see them Rockin right up til induction time :-)

Posted by RockerMomInIA on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 01:54am

Thanks so much for adding the GREATEST band to hit the airwaves in years to your list of hopefulls!!!! I'm more than positive Daughtry will be rocking for years to come.

Much Love,

Posted by Heidi on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 07:55am

Thanx, this band rock and will keep rocking that I am sure


Posted by Welshgal on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 12:42pm

Wow this band wasn't on here earlier and I was disappointed. Thanks hopefully they will keep rockin, put out some more albums, then we can really tell if they are up for induction. I still say yes anyway but hey...

Posted by Photograph on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 22:34pm

Not to knock Daughtry or anything, but how can you say he's the greatest band ever when he only has one hit so far.
If he keeps on making good music further down the road, then yeah you can call this a great band.
Don't get me wrong, I do hope he gets in.

Posted by --------------- on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 21:32pm

I can only pray he doesn't get in. Yes, he sold quite a few rcords. So have Fergie and Nickelback, and they aren'y getting in for good reason. They suck, just like Daughtry. And it might be just me, but I could swear he actually sounds bored in most of his songs. Way too bland, way too safe to even step foot in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

Posted by Matt on Saturday, 06.9.07 @ 18:43pm

I do not think an AI contestant would ever get in...but who knows

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 09.16.07 @ 19:12pm

Daughtry should not be in the HoF, in my opinion.

Posted by JJ on Wednesday, 10.31.07 @ 21:29pm

Daughtry is a freakin' POSER of the first order. He should go into the copy-cat hall of fame with all the other chain wearing guy liner losers! LOL!!

Posted by yaya on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 13:03pm

The official Pseudo Rock Stars of America, otherwise known as the PWE's, told me to come here and say Chris will be in the hall of fame. And I do everything they tell me.

Posted by Jackie V. on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 14:02pm

Daughtry is a fine band, with staying power. They have had quite a few big hits so far, and are only on their first album. I think they will be around long enough, and remain good enough, to have a chance at the hall of fame.

Posted by Steve on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 14:16pm

Daughtry are the hottest rock band around, and those making negative comments are just letting their jealousy show again. Their first album is awesome, and there's going to be so much more great music to come from them, so I say yes, they will be in the Hall of Fame one day.

Posted by What an awesome band! on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 14:32pm

This sight has nothing to do with the Hall of Fame, so you fawning fans can stop with the over the top comments. Take them back to the Daughtry fan boards.

Posted by Travis on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 15:12pm

Daughtry is creepy looking and He just stands there and yells and screams!!! He really does suck...

Posted by hatesguyliner on Thursday, 11.1.07 @ 20:53pm

Sure they'll get in. But not until after Creed, Nickelback, POD, Fuel, Matchbox 20 get in. LOL

Posted by Chris on Thursday, 10.2.08 @ 18:33pm

So far the only comments I've seen on this page are "OMG they should get in because they're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!1111" or "OMG they shouldn't get in because I hate them!!!!!!!111" Now I think we need a more educated analysis; one which I think I'll provide.

As we all know, the RRHOF take mostly innovation and influence into account. That first one is where Daughtry really has to step it up. The band brings absolutely nothing new to the rock and roll breakfast table (if a Daughtry fanboy/girl disagrees, please comment on that). It's the generic post-grunge of the past decade. You either got generic, arena rock anthems or you have sappy, chart-topping ballads. We've seen it over and over again, yet for some reason it keeps on drawing the masses in.

Then we have influence. Now Daughtry may very well be influential, but this is why I like Chris' point. The other many post-grungers have to get in before them.

Posted by Chicken Kiev on Friday, 08.14.09 @ 19:27pm

All Daughtry's songs sound the same. And that one song isn't that good

Posted by Chylsy on Tuesday, 09.29.09 @ 11:02am

About as much chance as Nickelback- less so, as even less so, as it's a follower. The kindof wimpy, mainstream, middle-of-the-road music that also describes acts like Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, etc. Some listenable songs, but nothing special.

Out of all the ones mentioned, though, I'd say Bon Jovi had the best shot, but even that's not a given. Def Leppard, hair band as it was, even is struggling to get the HOF's attention.

Posted by JR on Monday, 02.15.10 @ 14:49pm

I would say no for Daughtry. As Chicken Kiev put it, this group has brought nothing new to the rock n' roll table. It's all the same family frendly pop rock that dosen't have any real meaning or soul behind it.

So all you Daughtry fans who say that this group is the best group ever, I say that there are groups like Band of Horses or Fleet Foxes who rock harder and write way better songs then these hacks ever will.

Posted by Andrew on Monday, 11.4.13 @ 19:14pm

"fleet foxes" "rock hard" lol

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 11.5.13 @ 12:54pm

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