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Eligible since: 2007 (The 2008 Induction Ceremony)

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Do You Really Want to Hurt Me (1982)
I?ll Tumble 4 Ya (1982)
Karma Chameleon (1983)

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Will Culture Club be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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If they do win, for some pathetic pandering reason, please throw away the award, so Boy George can find it as he is sweeping the trash.

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 08.15.06 @ 21:12pm

Wouldn't be shocked to see them nominated. They were popular and the Hall Of Fame lately hasn't shown much love for the underground crowd of the era........but no way do they warrant or will receive an induction.

Posted by Casper on Tuesday, 12.12.06 @ 03:00am

Culture Club wrote some amazing timeless songs that stand the test of time. Of course, they deserve to be in the rock and roll hall of fame. Anyone that says anything different is just showing their own narrow mindedness.
Yes, Boy George has done and said some strange things, but don't let that get in the way of the appreciation of the music, which is amazing and timeless.

Posted by Fiona on Tuesday, 01.23.07 @ 10:30am

Culture Club is the best band ever who wrote well crated pop song from the soul and heart,it don't get any better than this

Posted by Gail on Tuesday, 01.23.07 @ 17:00pm

I hope they do they deserve it just as much as anyone else.Some people make it sound like that Boy George is the only superstar ever to break the law.

Posted by debbie on Tuesday, 01.23.07 @ 17:32pm

Culture Club, had and has everything, great songs, a great image, and lots and lots of talent...Sure they deserve to be included in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame...Growing up in the 80's would not have been the same without Culture Club and Boy George...

Posted by Flemming on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 02:42am

I wonder how familiar with Culture Club's music some people here are in order to make such negative comments. CC were one of the most influencial and popular groups in the 80's and wrote some timeless, amazing songs. There's far more to the band than just ''Karma Chameleon'', curiously NOT a favourite among the fans.

The fact that radio and tv stations don't play them shouldn't be used against them. Even though they've only released 5 albums in their 25 year-old career, it doesn't mean they haven't produced good songs.

The sole reason why CC are hardly mentioned by the media is that Boy George has been a severe critic of the methods used by radio and television to promote bands. The same thing Madonna said in her ''Hollywood'' track (''Radio stations always play the same song''), Boy George said way back in 1983! There's a massive boycott towards him and CC. Let's be honest: unless your song is played on the radio and/or tv, there's no way you can score a hit. Sad but true.

Posted by Cesar on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 05:00am

The Eurythmics deserve this a thousand percent more than Culture Club! They did more for music than Culture Club!

Posted by Dodge on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 05:05am

I hope if they are inducted that Boy George doesn't grab the limelight and make the rest of the band be ignored again, as happened with their recent Q Award. Ater all, the whole band were responsible for the past hits and they've continued on with a new singer since George left. Hopefully to have even more hits in the future.

Posted by Carrie on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 19:05pm

How could they not be included?! This award is supposed to be given to those who were and continue to be an influence in musical history. As far as I am concerned, they were responsible for changing people's perceptions and were all inclusive of all people. And they make GREAT MUSIC!!!

Posted by DepecheKarma on Sunday, 01.28.07 @ 11:27am

They deserve this award more than almost anyone! They sold more records at the height of their success than the Beatles, with 6 top ten hits in the US and 7 in the UK! Their music and look changed the entire face of the 80's. It paved the way for a new British invasion and opened the door for groups like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Eurythmics. Culture Club and Boy George finally should be allowed the respect they and their music deserve.

Posted by Shelley on Sunday, 01.28.07 @ 18:22pm

Culture Club do deserve this simply for the music they made and sold by the bucket load all over the world.They might not sell loads these days but they still sell albums.

Posted by jabellafella on Monday, 01.29.07 @ 04:53am

There is no doubt that CC haven't to be included ,even they have made the history of 80's music.

Posted by vasanzio on Monday, 01.29.07 @ 06:17am

I think Culture Club totally deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. They made MTV, sold 10s of millions of records, had loadsa hits and were one of the most influential and successful bands of the 80s...

Don't let George's outrageous persona overshadow the band's contributions to music...

Posted by Skully on Monday, 01.29.07 @ 06:48am

Despite all, Boy George and his band Culture Club deserves to be inducted. The songs he wrote with the band were so relevant for the music industry. Agreed, they have made the history of the eighties's music. It was the outrageous persona, the lyrics, the music and the hard work the elements for the band success. When that day comes Boy George must to be there with the original band, that was the band of the 80"s.

Posted by Esfinge on Monday, 01.29.07 @ 07:44am

Culture Club deserves to be in the hall of fame without a doubt. They were massive all around the world. The music was fabulous. George's beautiful face stared out at you from every magazine rack in the country. The first time they appeared on Top of the Pops was a defining moment in British Pop History.

Posted by Julia on Monday, 01.29.07 @ 12:32pm

yes they should get recognition they were worldwide hit makers at one time and georges new material is fantastic just search it out

Posted by mandeeka on Monday, 01.29.07 @ 20:30pm

Certainly, they deserve to be included! they changed sereo-types in everyway! George's voice is amazing, and jon,roy,Mickey and Hellen are just brilliant! they all make culture club be Simply THE BEST!

Posted by Lydia on Monday, 01.29.07 @ 23:54pm

I would not have predicted this sort of groundswell for Culture Club. I mean, they're alright, certainly not as bad as the gimmick bands they unfairly get grouped with, but there are literally a ton of more inventive, more influential, and just plain better post-punk bands we have to get through before there's enough justification for a Culture Club invite.

Posted by Kit on Tuesday, 01.30.07 @ 12:51pm

They have cheered me up for a long time as has boy georgeWhen I feel depressed I can always play a song. Some acts just have that majic and for me they have

Posted by tryer on Tuesday, 01.30.07 @ 16:19pm

I m a Boy George Fan.
He is still a very talented artist, singer, songwriter.
"Time Machine" with Amanda Ghost (Duet) is awesome.
And Culture Club already left alot of Pop Classics.
Uwe in Berlin, Germany

Posted by UweB on Friday, 02.2.07 @ 02:06am

Go back and listen to all the music. It not only captured the era of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, but are pop classics with hooks and sing a long choruses galore.

Posted by Jack on Monday, 02.5.07 @ 12:45pm

Apart from Boy George, who's one of the most amazingly talented people in the world, Culture club was a band that made 5 great albums and had many top 10 hits all over the world. We all know the timeless songs, we can all still sing a long & cling a long. Their looks and music influenced many people around the globe!! They shold win!

Love, Edwin Taboo.

Posted by Edwin Taboo on Saturday, 02.10.07 @ 01:53am

Of course Culture Club deserves to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Culture Club was one of the few truly original acts who defined the 80s decade. The world was captivated by the band's catchy songs as well as by the band's flamboyant lead singer, Boy George. Culture Club's music crossed generations. Young teenagers, their mothers and grandmothers loved Culture Club's music as well as Boy George's soulful voice and ever-changing image.

Plus, Culture Club started the second British Invasion. Their debut album, "Kissing To Be Clever" scored 3 Top 10 hits on Billboard, an achievement no band had done since the Beatles in 1964.

Posted by Radiogal1 on Wednesday, 02.14.07 @ 19:42pm

Of course they should be included. The music is wonderful full of soul and emotion and Culture Club's first appearance on Top of the Pops was a defining moment in British pop history.

Julia XXX

Posted by Julia on Thursday, 02.15.07 @ 11:18am

It seems criminally wrong that Culture Club have been, in the main part, ignored by the music establishment. This band played a crucial role in the 80s and Boy George was a source of joy, inspiration and hope to many growing up in those bleak Thatcher-led-days. OK, so maybe since then George has done some pretty daft things, but you can't re-write history after the event just because someone messed around with some drugs - the Boy and his band figured highly in music charts around the world for a few glorious years in the early 80s and DO deserve to be recognised for that - let's face it, when George was the biggest music star on both sides of the Atlantic everyone was quick to cash-in and make a few bucks. It's only fair that we now thank them for this.

Posted by Lee on Sunday, 02.18.07 @ 07:49am

Culture club should ,very much be recognized in the hall of fame.Boy George is a very talented song writer,his albums ,cheapness and beauty,and never to straight ,shows georges talent with blending rock ,pop soul reggae,and techno.
His acoustic album never to straight is on fire,and should have been heard!!
Barry Hanover IN.

Posted by Barry hebner on Sunday, 02.18.07 @ 10:35am

Culture Club ignored by the music establishment? PLEASE. Who won the Grammy. Now the Euythmics is another story. They deserve to get in. Who is more talented Annie Lennox or Boy George? Maybe Boy George is more talented scoring drugs.

When was the last hit Boy George had? Look at Annie Lennox SOLO and with the Eurythmics. NOTHING compares.

Go pick up your rent boys. George won't be alive by the date of his possible induction.

Posted by Rose on Wednesday, 02.21.07 @ 04:24am


Culture Club is so amazing! That´s the best Band ever!! They wrote history.
I am gladly that it gives it.
They enlarged us by their music.
I hope they wins :)

Greetings from Germany !
Jenny xxx

Posted by Jenny on Thursday, 02.22.07 @ 09:21am

Oh please... Culture Club is a minor act - and I'm saying that even though it hit the charts when i was in my mid-to-late teens, so I actually DO have a soft spot for them. But they're hardly representative of their era, nor were they particularly significant or innovative.

Bands like Cure or Duran Duran have so much more magnitude than Culture Club...

Posted by Thomas on Tuesday, 02.27.07 @ 06:56am

There's no better representative band of the 'New Romantics' era than Culture Club. They not only made into the charts succesfully worldwide, but Boy George was and still is an icon... he besides Princess Di, was the most photographed person in the 80's, he is an outspoken person for people's rights (not only gay people).
They deserve in justice, their place in the Hall of Fame.
(If you think they don't is because you're one of those narrow minded persons that has a lot of prejudice to accept a fierce band that opened to many doors...)

Posted by Jorge Alberto on Wednesday, 02.28.07 @ 00:12am

No, Jorge, the quintessential New Romantic band was Duran Duran. They do not deserve induction into the Hall of Fame. I like their music, it is more soulful than many people give it credit for, and Boy George was an excellent singer in his day. But their real impact on rock and roll, beyond being 80's kitsch, is negligible. Look, you can really like an artist but also deny them a place in the Rock Hall of Fame. You will never find a bigger Men At Work and Colin Hay fan anywhere, I will argue about their greatness all day, but there is no way that Men At Work deserves a slot in the Hall. You have to separate your status as a fan from an analysis of the band in the grand scheme of things. And the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is about the grand scheme of things.

Posted by Dezmond on Wednesday, 02.28.07 @ 08:29am

Culture Club really deserves to be inducted they were and still are very influential in music industry Boy George's such a great singer and he definetly deserves to be recognized just like the guys like Jon,roy,mickey and helen terry

Posted by rosie on Thursday, 03.1.07 @ 21:08pm

Culture Club deserves to be inducted!! they're music's so sweet and great and just like Jorge albertos says there's no better representative of the new romantic era than culture club...they really really deserve to be inducted

Posted by jackie on Thursday, 03.1.07 @ 21:12pm

Yes, besides of their great music and their fame, they made their contibuition to rock music incorporating to it caribbean sounds (like reggae and calypso)... maybe they we're not the first ones, but the ones that took this kind of music to the mainstream.

Posted by Jorge Alberto on Monday, 03.5.07 @ 23:18pm

Dezmond, you couldn't have said it better. Dezmond said it all.

Posted by Richard Christie on Wednesday, 03.7.07 @ 05:57am

Thanks, Richard.

Jorge, The Police were the band that really helped bring reggae elements into rock/pop mainstream. Bands like Culture Club and Men At Work followed in their wake, but The Police deserve the credit for that, not Culture Club.

Posted by Dezmond on Wednesday, 03.7.07 @ 12:58pm

noone's saying that culture club must be inducted because they incorporated reggae into music or if they followed the police bla bla bla they deserve to be inducted for so many other reasons, reggae and all that stuff is just an example

Posted by lydia on Wednesday, 03.7.07 @ 23:22pm

What are these "so many other reasons", then? Other than you really like them alot.

They were a good 80's pop band with a soulful sound. That's it. And Boy George, mostly due to his famboyant and, for the time, controversial public persona got a lot of press. Much of it had nothing to do with the music, though. That does not bring them to the level of RRHOF induction. It just doesn't.

Posted by Dezmond on Thursday, 03.8.07 @ 08:35am

OK if you just DO NOT like them....then why are you here all the F***** time!! just get over it!!
They deserve to be inducted and you just DON'T ACCEPT IT!

Posted by lydia on Thursday, 03.8.07 @ 22:28pm

Lydia, I do not think that you are picking up on all of the nuances of what I am saying. I do like them, they were quite good. But just because you really like a band does not mean that they deserve induction into the Hall of Fame. One does not correlate with the other. As I said before, there are lots of bands that I like, but at the same time I would deny them induction. Recall the criteria for induction. It is a matter of influence and contribution to the progression of the music. Culture Club is just not there. Fame alone does not equal influence on the music.

I am here a lot because I am a music fan and I care about rock music. That's why. I will discuss almost any band, not just Culture Club. This just happens to be where the more lively discussion is occurring at present. A couple of weeks ago it was Rush, now it is Culture Club.

And what exactly am I supposed to "get over"?

Posted by Dezmond on Friday, 03.9.07 @ 07:52am

Culture Club deserve more than many others.YOU get over it.BOY GEORGE IS THE BEST & ... the rest

Posted by wittmann on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 08:43am

OK that's your point and NOW i respect it! hope you respect MINE, it's good to see you here saying your opinion just as i'm saying mine! i think Culture Club deserves to be inducted and that's all! you think they don't and that's OK with me! ;)

Posted by lydia on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 16:54pm

Dezmond once again I have to agree. The Police just got back together and their tour is completely sold out and they are playing major arenas. When Culture Club got back together in the 90's they did not have the draw that the Police had. They didn't play major arenas and their tour wasn't sold out.

Don't get me wrong. I like Culture Club. Saw them several times in concert. They were a fun 80's band. However, besides a song like "Karma Chameleon" which can't hold a candle to any Police song, what are they known for? Old Police songs are still played on the radio every day. Even on XM Satellite radio (the 80's station) they don't play Culture Club. Nevermind "regular" radio.

There were many "fun" bands of the 80's. Culture Club, The Thompson Twins, Men at Work, Bangels etc. However, the Hall of fame is not a popularity contest. It is based on merit. Culture Club just doesn't have the staying power of a band like the Police. We won't even compare the solo efforts of Sting Vs. Boy George.

Posted by Richard Christie on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 18:29pm

Culture Club in the RRHOF? You must be joking.

Posted by Stan on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 17:43pm

No offense, but Boy George is known more for his drug use and community service then his musical work. He had a failed solo career.

On the other hand, Sting had a highly successful musical career. After a long hiatus with the Police, they are selling out arenas all over the world. Culture Club doesn't have the staying power of the Police.

Posted by Richard Christie on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 19:59pm

We are talking about whether Culture Club as a band should be inducted. I really don't see the relevance of whether Boy George has had as successful solo career as Sting, since we are talking about inducting CC the band, not BG the solo artist. Also George's drug use and community service has no relevance, either. Why punish the other members of CC for George's misdeeds? And if drug use diqualifes you from being in the Hall, it would have no members.
Also the fact that the Police may sell more concert tickets today doesn't make Culture Club underserving. Didn't someone say it's not a popularity contest? Well then, why is it relevant that the Police make more money today?
I think CC was an amazing band. I have some issues with the choices George has made as a solo artist, but that does not take away from the fact that CC was a great band consisting of four people that deserve to be recognized.

Posted by Gloria on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 08:43am

For who think they not deserve to be there.
Shut your mouth.
They were the best band in 80's and now HISTORY they made a history,so many poor bands are there,culture club was a phenomena and now,people who don't like happy songs or romantic sounds or pop are kidding here saying they not deserve,Britney spears should be there hã?
they MUST be there.
Just it.

Posted by Hey on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 18:37pm

The Police at 83 was like,something like rollings stones and culture club was beatles man!
WAKE UP culture club was the most popular Band in 80's it's fact man! The cure take it, 30 years of career and then? they don't sell a half of culture club sold with colour by numbers,then MAN RELEASE THIS!
Culture Club It's too POP and this make the change for this hall.

Posted by hey on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 18:45pm

I was stunned to see that Rolling Stone had listed Time (Clock of the Heart) as one of their best 500 Rock songs of all time.

A lot of these artists made such an impact that seeing them for the first time, many people stopped in their tracks in awe or horror. If anything, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? and Karma Chameleon are both excellent songs - two of the best in the 80's - and my parents hated this group. If that's not rock and roll, what is?

Posted by Moni3 on Saturday, 05.5.07 @ 20:18pm

culture club is the best band of the 80s.after 55 million copies and many top 10 world wide,must be get in rock&roll hall of fame.the music is power ,soul,regga,rock...thats perfect.the voice and the style of boy george is phenomenon on the 80s....its history

Posted by panos on Saturday, 07.7.07 @ 15:45pm

Oh be for real! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wseems to have lost its purpose. With people like the following:

John Landau - Bashed/Slamed Dylan, Cream & Stones
He shold be banned. Does not
know Rock if it bit him.

John Sykes - MTV is PUKE! If you have to use Video's to get people to listen to your music it's not worth listening to. A video of a live concert is fine but all of that theatric stuff is just crap or an excuse for garbage that someone is trying to pass off a music. All it has done is undermind society and young people's respectability and morals. It's discusting.

Bill Adler - has no place in Rock and Roll

Joe Levy - Critis do not belong, only musicians and writers.

Toure'- Ger a last name would you, or is it a first name. He is not Rock & Roll!

Craig Werner - Egghead give it a breag. Your brains are scrambled and you on too many causes except the one that count's and that pure Rock & Roll! You know, the sound and the thing that built the business, you people are just sponging off of it. Try to create a new sound and call it somthing other than Rock & Roll.

Do not let people on the selection committee that represent Music Lables either or anybody who could potentially profit from some group being selected. If if they have a chance of receiving increased royalities. Also, critics are critics because they can't do anything else, they need to go. Another thing MTV only wants people to get in they can market and make money off of. Their PUKE is killing real Rock & Roll!

Posted by StarMan on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 13:57pm


Posted by KEVIN O DOWD on Saturday, 11.24.07 @ 10:18am



Posted by liam on Saturday, 11.24.07 @ 10:22am

If Boy George, the queen of pop (okay, the DRAG queen of pop) gets in, it will make for an interesting induction ceremony!

Posted by Joe on Monday, 12.24.07 @ 09:11am

Their music was fun and had that 1920's appeal that anything goes ... whether you like BG and his band or not, they did crash through the glass ceiling barring men who dared smoke the mirrors for definitions about what a man should look like or be. I think the shock America got from this group is historically ground breaking enough for induction-- their music made millions sing silly, happy little tunes about love and the slings and arrows of love. Boy George is the Tammy Wynette of British popular music of the 1980's Go Go Boy go! Do the right thing and induct Culture Club

Posted by Rob on Monday, 04.14.08 @ 22:14pm

sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CULTURE CLUB , they deserve to be included in rock & roll hall of fame .
George .

Posted by george ( Argentina ) on Wednesday, 04.23.08 @ 17:00pm

At the age of 10 it was 1980, at the age of 20 it was 1990. I was influenced a lot by music as most of me generation was at the time. There were many bands who rose and fell. Most of the music wasn't that compeling and most was full of glitz with big hair! Culture club was more than an image. I wasn't entirely a fan but, the music was deeper than most expected and I think because there was the underlining homosexual overtones it turned some people off.You will not find the level of creativity with music today. You will not hear lyrics sung with that much emotion today. You probably never had at the time either if you listened to ALL of what they did...not just the huge hits, and yes they were globally huge at the time. They actually were our first glimpse at the future pop bands of much media coverage that anyone in position must have felt so much pressure. They are to be applauded for everything that was accomplished eventhough it all fell apart, but truthfully a lot was learned from them and truely there has been nobody like them since. The last of the true rock/pop stars who created themselves and made some spell binding music at the same time. Induct them into the Hall of Fame....and take time to listen to the music.

Posted by glynn on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 05:22am

Hi Barry Hebner, I've been looking for you on the web!! You were my 1st love remember me? email me sometime.

Posted by Gienna Smith on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 14:01pm

I am not Barry Hebner, but I can pretend to be if you want.

Posted by Worm on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 15:45pm

Boy George & CC are firmly in the "why not" category. Along with Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, and Eurythmics their music and videos made the early MTV era fun.

I'm not so sure if he was as influencial musically as he was in terms of fashion, but the same can be said of Madonna.

CCs melodies were engaging, Boy George's voice was soulful in the same honest andreal way as many black singers form the '60s. He may not be first-tier like Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, & Prince but he's certainly second-tier, as are many soul singers from 20 years earlier who have been inducted.

Keep in mind that many acts who began in the early '80s who are just coming into eligibility have not yet been considered because there is still such a backlog of deserving '60s and '70s acts who have not been inducted.

Lauper, Duran Duran, Squeeze, and The Boomtown Rats are other acts from the same era that the hall just 'hasn't gotten around to' considering yet. Maybe they drop the five per year restriction and go back to the old format.

CC deserve to be in and I think they eventually will be.

Posted by Scott McNeely on Tuesday, 09.21.10 @ 14:36pm

Culture Club deserve to be inducted but i think Duran would beat them to it if they ever get some consideration (which i doubt). In terms of the 80s, bands like the Cure, Depeche Mode and New Order are a shoe-in, they made more serious music and outlived the 80s (Depeche Mode are still a million-selling band today). Culture Club were not very critically revered and didnt really have much influence, well unless you count Boy George having an influence on lady gaga but thats not something to be congratulated for.
Still, i think they were a great band, wrote great songs (Time is a masterpiece), but chances of induction are slim.

Posted by Paul on Monday, 02.7.11 @ 08:33am

Didn't have much influence from what I know of and didn't really innovate anything. All they have in their favour is sales.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 15:58pm

see... boy george...

Posted by mmarcco on Thursday, 06.16.11 @ 19:03pm


Posted by cultureboy on Tuesday, 10.18.11 @ 15:33pm

They had a handful of catchy of tunes, but it's a No from me.

Posted by Marissa on Tuesday, 10.18.11 @ 15:40pm

I wouldn't have a joint nomination and induction for Culture Club/Boy George. That would be ridiculous. Culture Club was much bigger than Boy George solo, and Boy George solo was not important. He didn't really accomplish that much. Plus, the members of Culture Club didn't perform on any of Boy George's solo albums. This was a completely solo effort. I wouldn't even nominate Culture Club. I wouldn't compare Culture Club and Boy George to Wham! and George Michael or to Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estefan. The appropriate comparison would be to The Police and Sting. Sting though, deserves a solo induction, Boy George does not.

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 02.25.12 @ 08:17am

Culture Club

01. Boy George (vocals)
02. Roy Hay (guitar, keyboards)
03. Mikey Craig (bass guitar)
04. Jon Moss (drums)

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 04.3.13 @ 18:59pm

Culture Club definitely deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Early in their careers they had more Top 10 hits than the Beatles. MTV's popularity was fueled in part by some of CC's videos. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs to get off of its stodgy backside and vote these guys in on the strength of their music alone. Their induction is long overdue.

Posted by Myles on Monday, 12.23.13 @ 02:28am

I think Culture Club falls short of RRHOF induction. Many posters brought up some good points on their number of Top 10 Hits & millions of album sales.

Do U Really Want To Hurt Me? Miss Me Blind, Karma Chamaleon were excellent songs. I think Culture Club falls into the category of a very good band that doesnt make the Hall. Boy George remains a lightning rod for those who love him & his music & those who can't stand him. It's a shame because they had a nice sound Culture Club. KING

Posted by KING on Thursday, 01.30.14 @ 18:10pm

If they ever do get inducted (or a nomination) it will be a while for that to happen...Bands such as The Smiths, The Cure, and New Order would probably get in first due to their long lasting influence.. but this would open the door for artists such as Culture Club, B 52s, Eurythmics, and even Cyndi Lauper.

But one thing is for certain, their first two albums are definitely regarded as 80's classics.

Their song Time (Clock of the Heart) is probably their best...

Posted by El_Jesus on Tuesday, 05.6.14 @ 16:42pm

Original Culture Club Lineup Reunites for First Time in 14 Years

Beloved Eighties pop outfit will tour North America this fall with new album to follow

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 08.13.14 @ 08:32am

Something tells me they will never be inducted, but honestly I would like to see them get in. I mean, they made some pretty good music, but weren't around long enough to make a lasting impact.

Posted by Christian on Tuesday, 09.13.16 @ 17:11pm

Something tells me they will never be inducted, but honestly I would like to see them get in. I mean, they made some pretty good music, but weren't around long enough to make a lasting impact.

Posted by Christian on Tuesday, 09.13.16 @ 17:12pm

Something tells me they will never be inducted, but honestly I would like to see them get in. I mean, they made some pretty good music, but weren't around long enough to make a lasting impact.

Posted by Christian on Tuesday, 09.13.16 @ 17:12pm

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