Cannibal Corpse

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Eligible since: 2015 (The 2016 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Will Cannibal Corpse be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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hell yeah. if any death metal band ever gets nominated it should be cannibal corpse hands down. by the way, petra sucks.

Posted by awesome D on Thursday, 11.20.08 @ 20:53pm

If those pussies will induct real metal CC will be there!!!

Posted by Hammersmashedface on Thursday, 12.11.08 @ 18:24pm

Cannibal Corpse? No! They're most gross band I've ever heard.

Posted by Gary on Saturday, 02.21.09 @ 21:18pm

I like metal but Canibal Corpse is the dumbest band I have ever heard.The only people who listen to this are immature teenages trying to be macho and tuff.No thank you.

Posted by Tony Walnuts from Brooklyn on Wednesday, 02.25.09 @ 17:44pm

These guys scare the shit out of me.

Posted by S.R on Friday, 02.27.09 @ 17:42pm

I think you could also agree that they have a terrible name marv (could be another Butthole Surfers story here)

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 07.4.09 @ 15:44pm

And awful album covers too.

Posted by Dude Man on Saturday, 07.4.09 @ 16:03pm

Couldn't agree with you more Dude Man. "Butchered at Birth" probably has the most disgusting album cover I've ever seen. Completely tasteless!

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 07.4.09 @ 16:06pm

Nobody over the age of 16 should take Cannibal Corpse seriously. They are a bad joke. The group members should be ashamed of themselves (at their age, acting like dumb adolescents)

Posted by Bluntman on Monday, 07.6.09 @ 14:54pm

Thier cover of "Zero the Hero" is easily one of the worst cover songs I have ever heard. Even Cookie Monster would be ashamed of how awful death metal vocals are(lol).

Posted by Dude Man on Monday, 07.6.09 @ 15:32pm

Despite the fact that some people don't take Cannibal Corpse seriously, they were the pioneers of gore metal. And to get into the rock and roll hall of fame you have to be unique. So whether or not you like Cannibal Corpse, the fact still remains that they created an entire genre themselves.

Posted by Nighthawk on Friday, 07.24.09 @ 08:59am

They must be in! They influenced pretty much every eath metal, deathcore, and other 'core' modern bands!

Posted by CorpseGrinder on Sunday, 08.9.09 @ 01:39am

"Despite the fact that some people don't take Cannibal Corpse seriously, they were the pioneers of gore metal"- Nighthawk

What the heck is "gore metal"? If this guy was refering to death metal he's wrong. Possessed, Death, Sepultura, Morid Angel, Obituary, Deicide, etc. all had albums out before them. Just vote no people!

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 09.4.09 @ 11:57am

I had thought Cannibal Corpse created a genre called "Brutal Death Metal" (basically, just pushing the limits of brutality), but I see nothing about it in the Wikipedia article on death metal.

Dude Man, I've also seen Cannibal Corpse linked to something called "Slasher Metal," but I would honestly have to agree with you: even if Cannibal Corpse was innovative, it doesn't seem they were innovative enough to justify induction in anything but a straight-up Metal Hall of Fame.

Posted by Ray on Saturday, 09.5.09 @ 01:17am

Good List. KISS and Starship should not be on there though. There is always Marilyn Manson

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 09.12.09 @ 11:47am

dude, these guys pioneered a lot of modern metal subgenres (death metal, deathcore etc.) i mean that counts for something

Posted by miguel on Friday, 12.18.09 @ 21:57pm

that counts for something

Posted by miguel on Friday, 12.18.09 @ 21:57pm

It does. But that something is definitely NOT the RRHOF

Posted by Bassmaster on Friday, 12.18.09 @ 22:19pm

rrhof will probably induct every hair metal band before real metal bands

Posted by sdfg on Sunday, 12.27.09 @ 12:19pm

I always considered real metal bands Sabbath, Zeppelin, Maiden etc... Not this try hard shit.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 01.11.11 @ 14:40pm

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