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Will Buckethead be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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why WOULD you vote buckethead in?

Posted by curt on Sunday, 12.10.06 @ 10:15am

because he is an absolutly AMAZING guitarist and song writer

Posted by god on Sunday, 03.25.07 @ 15:11pm

He should get in just for assisting with the Power Rangers theme.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 05.25.07 @ 12:25pm

well hes allready in the KFC hall of fame....so why not go for this one.....

Posted by rick on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 18:30pm

he should get in someway because he is the best guitarist ever after hendrix

Posted by Senor Fronz on Thursday, 08.16.07 @ 12:29pm

you people must not own a dozen or so of his albums. Jimi doesnt even compare to Buckethead. I sense a strong existance of ingnorance on this page.

Posted by Fritz on Saturday, 08.18.07 @ 13:25pm

OK, Buckethead may be a crazy shredder but I've seen faster. Yngwie Malmsteen or Michael Angelo Batio anyone? As for Buckethead being better than Hendrix, he just shreds mindlessly. That's Jordan in a nutshell. Hendrix has rhythm and he has awesome skills, like the teeth playing and the behind the back thing. And while I can't deny Buckethead being in the Hall of Fame, he's just not influential and big enough. He was in Guns N' Roses for 5 years from 1999-2004 so he might get in when GN'R does, which they obviously will. But yeah, that's te noly chnace he's got. Oh, and he's only in the KFC hall of fame because the bucket on the head of Brian Carroll (his real name) is a KFC bucket. Also, go to Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists ever and you will see Buckethead isn't on there. Duane Allman was rated the 2nd greatest guitarist on there, then Clapton, then B.B King.

Posted by MaulYoda on Tuesday, 09.18.07 @ 19:37pm

Actually, what I meant to say was while I can't deny Buckethead's awesomeness and originallity, he's just not influential and big enough to be in the Hall of Fame. Bottom line, he's just not going to be in there unless they start as "Greatest Shedders" induction thing, he's not going to be in there, EVER.

Posted by MaulYoda on Tuesday, 09.18.07 @ 19:39pm

"Also, go to Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists ever and you will see Buckethead isn't on there."-MaulYoda

That's not really all that important at all. I do agree that his chances of getting in are fairly slim unless he manages to gain a lot of followers in the next ten years, but he might be able to slip in with Praxis or something.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 09.18.07 @ 19:49pm

You think Rolling Stone top 100 means ANYthing ? They could care less about progressive rock and skill shredding. That's not a barometer for anything.

Posted by What on Friday, 11.9.07 @ 18:51pm

first, i meant that jimi hendrix is better than hendrix, by a lot.
and also, the rolling stone top 100 is a pile of crap. they have eddie van halen as number 70 if thats anything to say about them.

Posted by Senor Fronz on Tuesday, 11.20.07 @ 23:11pm

I wouldn't rank Eddie in the double digits at all. As many problems as that list may have, putting him too low certainly wasn't one of them.

Posted by William on Wednesday, 11.21.07 @ 00:25am

I cannot believe there is even a discussion about this. He may be a great musician; well, fast at least, but HoF. (better than Hendrix) - Please stop!

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 12.23.07 @ 19:22pm

Buckethead is very talented but unlike Malmsteen, Van Halen or Hendrix, he will not be regarded as a legend. Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarist was a joke but I can't argue with #1. Hendrix deserves to be there.

Posted by danny on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 13:53pm

buckethead owns hendrix

Posted by schnox on Thursday, 01.17.08 @ 18:09pm

buckethead owns hendrix

Posted by schnox on Thursday, 01.17.08 @ 18:09pm

I am sure Buckethead owns every album that has been released by Hendrix.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 01.18.08 @ 04:51am

buckethead isnt the best guitarist since hendrix. Slash is way better

Posted by teacher on Saturday, 01.26.08 @ 14:03pm

Buckethead is very good, but nowhere near the best, Hendrix was sloppy but fairly skilled, still nowhere near the best, and Slash is a joke.

Posted by William on Saturday, 01.26.08 @ 14:43pm

Buckethead is very good, but nowhere near the best, Hendrix was sloppy but fairly skilled, still nowhere near the best, and Slash is a joke.

Posted by William on Saturday, 01.26.08 @ 14:43pm

I also noticed that you are not a fan of Van Halen. Who do you think are some of the great Rock and Roll Guitarists?

There was a concert tour (ARMS) many years ago that featured Beck, Clapton and Page. It was a benefit for the late Ronnie Laine. Everyone I spoke to after the show all were amazed at the playing of Jeff Beck live. Page and Clapton were made to look like amateurs when they all shared the stage together.

Posted by Eric on Saturday, 01.26.08 @ 15:37pm

he must be at the pedestal of hall of fame. why? as for me who plays guitar for a long time, i found uniqueness and great notes in right and exact chops in this man... his versatility was superb, the only problem is, he is not as popular as other.... but, if you do know what music is, and you play stringed axes for a long time, buckethead might be one of the best... For me, popularity is nothing, talent is the best basis for choosing the best of the best....

Posted by cinderella on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 04:05am

Cinderella - The problem with Buckethead is not whether his guitar playing is olympian class; it is. IMO, the problem is his music so far is not as easily identifiable or everlasting. I play guitar as well and have heard his playing. But I have heard nothing that makes me want to constantly listen to the music itself over and over. If there was a Guitarist or Musician Hall Of Fame - I would have no problem with him being enshrined - But his music and the bands that he has been affiliated, IMO, have not had any kind of everlasting effect on the music scene, at least as of yet. When they talk about Hendrix, they also talk about his songs and riffs. Everyone knows when Purple Haze is being played. 10 y.o.'s know the song and it was recorded almost 40 years ago. Will they ever be able to say that about Buckethead? Personally, Jeff Beck is my favorite guitarist, but I kind of understand why he will never be inducted as a solo performer. His overall output as a solo artist wasn't that impressive. Personally, I loved the work, but I can see how others may view it as nothing special. The good thing is that Buckethead is still relatively young and I doubt we have heard the last from him or his extraordinary playing.

Anyway, this is just my opinion.

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 01.29.08 @ 06:43am

Dameon...I agree, its all about being innovative, being an original! Buckethead, although he is very good, sounds like a lot of other shredders. When I first heard Hendrix, I thought someone from Mars had learned the blues, because it was so "out there", nothing like anyone had ever heard. He may not have been technically as good as some, but he was DIFFERENT!!!

Doesn't seem to be a lot of pioneering going on right now. But when you least expect it...

Posted by Terry on Monday, 02.4.08 @ 19:33pm

I agree i listen to songs by buckethead ove and over

but, until i heard his song Soothsayer, that song just has so much feeling, its like when somebody close to you dies and you see them in the morning alive and kicking.

Posted by robert on Thursday, 02.7.08 @ 18:55pm

I would never say Buckethead isn't a good player...on the contrary! I feel you really have to stand out, contribute, and stand the test of time. I think he needs to get rid of that "gimmick"...it detracts from what he's really accomplished at. I remember seeing people absolutely mesmerizes by SRV. No gimmicks, just by his playing.

Posted by Terry on Thursday, 02.7.08 @ 20:42pm

Mesmerized...need to learn to proofread!! I play guitar okay but can't type a lick!!! Go figure...

Posted by Terry on Thursday, 02.7.08 @ 20:47pm

I dont think that Buckethead has a gimmick, that mask and bucket is just part of his music, nto a gimmick. and yes soothsayer is his most amazing song, pretty dang good. i think buckethead should but wont get it in because hes not 'popular' enough.

Posted by Senor Fronz on Monday, 02.11.08 @ 12:48pm

What does he do? Take drumsticks and beat on the bucket? Don't think its part of his music...

Posted by Terry on Monday, 02.11.08 @ 18:48pm

The bucket "gimmick," from what I understand, has more to do with him not wanting to spread his identity around. A few people know his name (it's not terribly hard to find) and his face, but it's not instantly recognizable. He could walk down the street without getting mobbed, I'm sure.

The important thing is that the gimmick itself is not the reason people admire him. People might go see Kiss because of the makeup and pyrotechnics, but no one goes to see Buckethead just to see a guy with a William Shatner mask and an upturned KFC bucket for a hat.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 02.12.08 @ 06:24am

"no one goes to see Buckethead just to see a guy with a William Shatner mask and an upturned KFC bucket for a hat."

You never know...

Posted by Liam on Tuesday, 02.12.08 @ 09:46am

"buckethead isnt the best guitarist since hendrix. Slash is way better"

Slash himself said Buckethead was better, Buckethead plays a different style anyway.

Posted by Kizzle on Wednesday, 04.9.08 @ 21:56pm


Posted by Buckethead on Wednesday, 04.9.08 @ 22:02pm


Posted by Buckethead on Wednesday, 04.9.08 @ 22:02pm

what are you guyz talking about, pete wentz rules all.

Posted by wezly on Monday, 05.5.08 @ 18:24pm

"He should get in just for assisting with the Power Rangers theme."

He didn't do the Power Rangers theme.

Posted by mike on Friday, 06.13.08 @ 15:07pm

he does things with a guitar that I have not seen anybody else do and his music is depp and one of a kind.

Posted by Blake Peters on Tuesday, 06.24.08 @ 00:02am

Any list that Rolling Stone comes up with is a joke, and unfortunately most people judge his skill and creativity on Jordan, which IMO is a okay song but is definately not even close to being one of his best songs.

Posted by Dylazodelan on Tuesday, 06.24.08 @ 16:45pm

To whoever is arguing Buckethead is nothing but shredding/has no soul in his songs... if Jordan is the only song you know and heard from Buckethead, your opinion is not valid. Try listening to other music by Buckethead.

Jordan isn't his only song you know, and probably not one of his better ones (imo).

If anything, all Jordan did was make a vast population of gamers and pretty much the whole world aware of Buckethead's existance. People love the song because it's rated the most difficult in the game. If people will remember the song, they'll remember the artist.

It's hard to say he's "influential to the Rock scene" because he's very underground. Lately people have been judging him by a SINGLE song when Buckethead has been around for a loooong time.

Posted by GenoGar on Sunday, 07.27.08 @ 05:11am

get a grip - not a gripe !!! Buckethead is the mostest awesomest everest !!!

Posted by theAMAZINGcool on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 09:51am

IGNORANCE! this page reeks of it. Buckethead has released almost forty solo albums. These are so difficult to find as well. in 2007 he was part of at least 25 albums by himself, either solo or part of DCK or anyone else. he is a truly mind melting musician. and before you criticize him,listen to a song other than jordan. guitar hero is not a way to learn guitar or understand it either.

hail les claypool, lol.

Posted by collonell claypools bucket of bernie brains, YEAH on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 12:18pm

Oh, i forgot, jordan was made just for that game, the only studio version of it.

Posted by ccbbb on Wednesday, 07.30.08 @ 12:22pm

buckethead is an amazing guitarist as well as composer. but you have probably heard that many times on this website.

to everyone that thinks that buckethead is JUST a shredder...you are mistaken.

listen to whitewash, cruel reality of nature, too many humans, some of the stuff he did with guns n roses. ok maybe he didnt fit as well with GNR as slash did, but it was still good.

Posted by me on Friday, 08.29.08 @ 15:52pm

He really is an amazing talent on guitar.

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 08.29.08 @ 18:38pm

saw him with primus at ozzfest and it was amazing to watch him play, he can do and play anything with a guitar not to mention all the albums hes made. hes earned it

Posted by superduper on Tuesday, 09.9.08 @ 19:30pm

i will agree noone can compare to hendrix, i mean come on the guy could carry a tune on the guitar with his teeth, but anyway buckethead deserves it, i got to see him live and hes one of those select few guitarist that can either shred or play with tons of emotion. not alot of ppl aside from the serious guitar players realize the countless albums this guy has put out, he may not be the fastest but hes always been very creative.

Posted by argh on Wednesday, 09.10.08 @ 13:01pm

buckethad is more original than many guitar players out there today and i don't know why people try to compare him with other players when he plays a wide range of styles and he does it with a skill none can touch

Posted by kreo on Friday, 09.12.08 @ 12:31pm

hmm tough one. I would vote him in, but don't know if he would make it.

don't call him a die hard shredder, because if you do anyone who knows buckethead will disregard your opinion. even though he can shred very technically and fast, i wouldn't consider that his strong point.
don't count him in or out because he can shred, and this is why:

a lot of peoples top 10 buckethead songs comprise of rather normal to slow tempos (Padmasana, whitewash, plastination station, too many humans, are a few songs that a shitload of people have on their top 10 that are pretty normal to slow songs)

I myself have 7 rather slow songs on my top 10. it's about his emotion and composing talent that is his strong point. it's not about speed. unfortunately, not a lot of people know him, thus making him rather unpopular. i hate to say this, but guitar hero is probably his best chance of great recognition, and that might just get him in the hall of fame

Posted by antiguy on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 18:15pm

YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,,YES, buckethead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 20:21pm

Mike I know Buckethead can play anything, I know he is going into the hall of fame but, there are better guitarist than Buckethead!!!!!!

1.Angus Young
3.Jimi Hendrix
4.Jimmy Page
5.Jerry Garcia

Posted by David on Monday, 10.6.08 @ 12:59pm

David...Jerry Garcia wasn't even the best guitarist in his band (I always thought Bob Weir was better). It's really hard to say who's better than Buckethead...he is an incredible player, very unique and innovative. Time will tell if he's HOF material.

Posted by Gitarzan on Monday, 10.6.08 @ 17:32pm

Yeah but,Buckethead is kind of like a differnt style of guitar playing

Posted by David on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 12:46pm

David...that's exactly my point. I consider him a great player not only because of his technique, but because he's unique. I think all the really great players are unique and that's what makes them stand out. I would never say one great player is better than another, only different.

Now, as far as Gerry Garcia goes, I've never considered him anything more than just an average player. It doesn't help that the Dead's music always grated on me a bit...I could never understand the attraction. But a lot of people followed them all over the country...all the time!!! Different strokes, I guess...

Les Paul once said to a fellow player (I believe it was Pat Martino)..."You have great riffs and great chops...but does your mom recognize you when she hears you on the radio?"
I think that's a good way to seperate the great ones.

Another bonafide Gitarzan opinion...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 18:47pm

David I know who is better then you.
BUCKETHEAD! Angus Young is better but that's because AC/DC is a sick band. Jimmy Page is awesome too. Jimi Hendrix I can deal with but Slash would get a heart attack trying to play what Buckethead could play because Buckethead can play anything (he only sucks in Welcome to the Jungle). But Jerry Garcia can't match The Funeral Master. I bet you if Buckethead was in the orginal Guns N' Roses (Axl Rose, Duff, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, and Dizzy Reed) Guns N' Roses would be in the Rock and Roll of fame and would probably release more albumes then Appetite for Destruction, GN'R Lies, UYL One, UYL Two, and the Spagetti Incident.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 14:58pm

Buckethead Top 5:

1.Nottingham Lace
2.Welcome to Buckethead Land
4.Three Fingers

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 10.11.08 @ 17:39pm


Posted by David on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 17:49pm

David...define "better". I see 2 great players with totally different styles, but how can you dictate one being better than the other? I've played for over 40 years, and have yet to say one great player is "better" than another. I can play "Welcome To The Jungle"...what's the big deal? It's not that hard of a song to play, basically. I'm sure Buckethead probably plays it differently from Slash because he's going to play it HIS way...he's not going to try to be a Slash clone. If you replace one great player for another in your band, expect your band to sound TOTALLY different...great players have a tendency to do that very thing.

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 18:32pm

I'm with Gitarzan. Buckethead can probably play any thing Slash throws at him like the over rated November Rain solo. Angus Young is sick in both ways but many people see him the best in AC/DC.

I just thougt of something. Buckethead doing the Estranged Solo. Instead of coming out of water he'll come out of the KFC Funeral bucket filled with chikins and have chickins dripping off his guitar.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 14:03pm

I do not even know what you said

Posted by David on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 14:16pm

Guitarzan,I kind of agree with you but,if you played for over 40 years

How old would you happen to be?you do not have to answer if you do not want

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 18:03pm

I don't mind...I'll be 53 years young on Monday. Please, no 2x4's...lol!!! It'll also be the 41st anniversary of when I started playing...go figure!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 10.16.08 @ 18:48pm

Buckethead is light years ahead of slash. Slash is the main reason I started playing guitar but saying he is a better player than buckethead is ludicrous. First off Buckethead was taught by Paul Gilbert and Shawn Lane. Shawn Lane and paul gilbert probably werent even mentioned in some stupid ass rolling stone list. Are they guitar players ? Are people really close minded enough to form their opinions from a magazine ? Go check out paul gilbert or shawn lane. Two of the best ever. Also Jason Becker while you are at it.

Posted by Andrew on Monday, 10.20.08 @ 20:34pm

Andrew...okay, Paul Gilbert is a very good player, as was Shawn Lane, but I think that a widely made mistake is being made here...you're confusing being very fast with being great. In my experiences, there just aren't a lot of players who play at MACH 10 that I would consider "great", or on a list of "best ever".

Take Michael Angelo Batio, for instance. Not a lot of players faster than he is, but he's almost turned into a sideshow act...and the novelty is wearing thin.

If I had to pick a couple of players who are very fast, but also considered on a list of "best ever" I might start with Eric Johnson and Al DiMeola, who are both lightning fast, but get your attention in other ways with their playing.

Don't get me wrong...Gilbert and Lane, VERY good players. On a list of best ever? It takes more than speed....

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 10.21.08 @ 18:20pm

I have to be real here. Slash is more poupular and more credited but Buckethead is a better guitar player. If Slash went solo, what would he do? It's amazing isn't it.

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.27.08 @ 13:47pm

I saw a video on Youtube of Bickethead playing Immigrant Song but when I looked at it a second time it was taken off.


Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 11.11.08 @ 09:36am

When Buckethead was a kid other kids tried to light him on fire.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 11.20.08 @ 19:18pm

listen folks...

buckethead is one of the greatest (not fastest) guitarists to ever live.

enough said.

Posted by Aunt Suzie on Monday, 12.8.08 @ 17:01pm

I agree with you Aunt Suzie but Buckethead is one of the fastest guitarists in the history of R&R.

Posted by Mike on Wednesday, 12.10.08 @ 07:02am

Listen to Soothsayer and tell me that Buckethead shreds mindlessly.

Posted by Ethan on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 02:07am

my buckethead top five:
1. Soothsayer
2. Nottingham Lace
3. Padmasana
4. Ballad of Buckethead
5. Bug Sur Moon

Posted by kreo on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 08:44am

I agree with Kreo. It's not just mindless shredding. There are so many songs where you can see his melodic talents. Soothsayer is brilliant. Listen to it with the lights off and your eyes closed and it'll take you somewhere else.

Posted by danny on Tuesday, 12.23.08 @ 18:37pm

Try to listen to Spidercrawl

Posted by Nick on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 20:31pm

Unfourtunatly Soothsayer is not on I Tunes yet.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 13:22pm


*1 "Too many humans"*
*2 "Soothsayer"*
*3 "Machete"
*4 "Citadel" <--for my really fast days
*5 "Electric tears"
*6 "big sur moon"
*7 "She Sells Sea Shells By The Slaughterhouse"
*8 "Jowls" <--again fast days...

Oh... Buckethead KILLS *wishing i can make caps bigger* EVERYONE *again* EVER!!!
ESPECIALLY SLASH (he really isn't that good.)

and as for this "Mindless Shredding" UNH-UNH!
he is the best guitarist ever (next to jimmy page
of course) you people just heard some of his faster work because thats what he does live and
that is what everybody tells their friends about
cuz they get exited! (guilty) XP!

Posted by teknik on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 20:00pm

OH and making a response to antiguy he is so unpopular because he releases his albums in secret,
lets them spread by word of mouth.

AND THAT is one of the things that makes him so good (HE'S AN UNDERGROUND ARTIST!)

Posted by teknik on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 20:06pm

teknik...hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Slash is a VERY good guitarist (take it from someone who plays). I've learned to never put down one player just to bolster another...it's just not right. I'm sure Buckethead would say the same thing...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 20:11pm

You lost me right after you said he was the best after Page. Don't get me wrong, Page was excellent and one of the reasons I first picked up the guitar. But his strengths were more towards guitar arrangements and melodies. Page is no Jeff Beck!

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 20:13pm

yo guitarzan i would never very well "put down"
slash im just telling it like it is. hes overall
good but his solos have been all the same since he quit gnr and i dont see much complexity in his work
and as for you dameon, up until today ive never even heard of jeff beck. i saw the word beck and im wondering what beck who wrote "loser" is even doing anywhere near the hall of fame (don't get me wrong
beck kicks!)
but buckethead kills them all. (im not putting any guitarists down im raising others up) ",.,"

Posted by teknik on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 20:46pm

teknik...If you've never heard of Jeff Beck, then you're probably not qualified to have a learned discussion about guitarists. It's good that you like Buckethead...he really is a very good player. The really great ones seperate themselves by being unique...and he definitely is.

Les Paul once said to jazz great Pat Martino; "you've got great licks and chops...but can your mom recognize you when she hears you on the radio??". There's a lot to be said for that simple statement.

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 21:19pm

comment #1 I am actually pretty darn well-learned
about guitarists you can give me a quiz if i know my guitarists and I *promise* i will be honest.

comment #2 im not doubting the skills of jeff beck
(if he played with the yardbirds hes gotta kick.

comment #3 im not going all "5 year old" saying buckethead is the *ONLY* good guitarist.

Posted by teknik on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 21:34pm

but buckethead kills them all. (im not putting any

guitarists down im raising others up) ",.,"

Posted by teknik

I agree Twnknik any guy that can play as good as he does with a bucket on his head is HOT...!
I like him as much if not better than Stevie Ray or even 2U... He is right up there with the best..I would like to see Jeff Beck get on stage with a bucket on his head an hear how good he plays.. !!
So many of these guitar players need a gimmick to just be seen less heard .. Buckethead..is beyond the gimmick he is HOT and he knows IT!!!!


Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 23:01pm

es Paul once said to jazz great Pat Martino; "you've got great licks and chops...but can your mom recognize you when she hears you on the radio??". There's a lot to be said for that simple statement.

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 21:19pm
I am not sure what Les Paul means by that..

I will give you a quote by Max and Noah Shark {Tom Petty} producer "Tuning is for sissy's.."I think Buckethead could understand that...
Buckethead is beyond anything Les Paul knows,Was Les in the Yardbirds or even The Slaughterhouse ??? I doubt it...
Get with IT Buckethead Kills!!! he not into all that phony stuff..!He mean business ..!
I like Buckethead..!!!

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 23:25pm

teknik - I was not comparing Buckethead to Beck - I was comparing Page to Buckethead. Your comment stated that Page was the greatest in your eyes. And all I am saying is that Page cannot play with Beck. Oage himself has said that Beck is the best.

Just stating the facts.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 03:51am

Ooops - clearly my mind wasn't working well this morning - damn that Jack Daniels.

I meant to say that my comment was Page vs Beck. Since Page admits to Beck's superior abilities, then that should answer your question on the greatness of Jeff Beck. Especially since you rate Buckethead over everyone except Page.

Personally, I have no issues with Buckethead's playing. He is a master musician. But in my opinion, he is still not in the conversation when it comes to Beck, Hendrix and Duane Allman. I admit that my opinion is subjective because those three influenced my generation and me personally as a musician. There is nothing those three couldn't do.

Perhaps if I was younger, it would be different. All B.H. does for me is entertain with his musicality and inspire me to get KFC.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 05:28am

*being glad i started all this ruckus*
I meant to say that my comment was Page vs Beck. Since Page admits to Beck's superior abilities

really?! he did? i will youtube him...


Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 01.20.09 @ 23:01pm

well we have a new president *maybe obama plays guitar XP* (sounds like a presidential campaign)

o btw G&D " Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up. :Jesse Jackson (not a fan but love the quote) screwing a guitarist over to make others look better goes against EVERYTHING i stand for. i would never do something like that.
but then again... is this not the BUCKETHEAD page?!

that is what this page is meant for.

i would never say anything bad bout` jeff beck
he most likely *in one way or another* influenced
Dan Donegan, Brad Delson Michael Angelo Batio
Yngwie, and even buckethead.

"I Just Want Peace" :Teknik The Great ",.,:

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 08:24am

Wow.......this is an interesting piece.

Hey Tek.....go to the Jeff Beck Page and you will see.

Posted by Blah-blah-blah on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 09:14am

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 08:24am

I Just Want Peace" :Teknik The Great ",.,:

Gosh me also..!
I like Buckethead. I have to say.. he is the first to my knowadge , To paint himself white and wear a bucket on his head...Thsat is so deep and chill..
You talk about cutting edge stuff..! I wonder if he is a circus clown gone wild..? As far as his sound goes..huh..?

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 09:25am

"I wonder if he is a circus clown gone wild..?"
Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 09:25am

no. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 10:07am

Wow.......this is an interesting piece.

Hey Tek.....go to the Jeff Beck Page and you will see.

Posted by Blah-blah-blah on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 09:14am

i will.

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 10:10am

personally and honestly buckethead aint mah favorite musician but, ya know i gotsa stand by him.

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 10:17am

. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 10:07am

The Dark Knight huh...I didn't know Dark Knights needed protection..

I guess that bucket really can protect..From the light getting into his mind ..? He sould try a tin foil hat,,It protects from Space people and UFO 's ..also the CIA can't get into your brain.. It really works try it...It may help with his sound also.. less RF. bleeding into his amp..


Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 10:17am

could be he REALLY likes or hates KFC.

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 10:19am

Too bad he is all Hollywood Hype.

Posted by Brian on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 13:52pm

Too bad he is all Hollywood Hype.

Posted by Brian on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 13:52pm

NO, He is anything but that.

Posted by teknik on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 15:51pm

could be he REALLY likes or hates KFC.
Posted by Brian on Wednesday, 01.21.09 @ 13:52pm

HE HATES KFC!!!!! He was raised in a chikin coop and they were his only friends in childhood.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 18:30pm

Buckethead song may have strange names but every single one has meaning.

COLMA- This album talks all about his parents and how happy he was to have them. This album also talks about dreaming of not being picked on.

ENTER THE CHIKIN- This gives Buckethead's feelings on living with the chikins and when he begin Buckethead Land by playing the acousic guitar in a grave yard with a halloween mask and K.F.C. bucket on his head.

MONSTERS AND ROBOTS- This album talks about how sucsesful Buckethead has been and the revenge on the childhood kids.

BUCKETHEADLAND 1&2- This album is about atractions in Buckethead's theme park Bucketheadland and talks about the first struggles to create it.

Posted by Mike on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 18:39pm

Hey Mike I never posted that, it was teknik

Posted by Brian on Friday, 01.30.09 @ 18:49pm

Folkz just call him Buckethead!!!!!

Posted by Mike on Friday, 02.13.09 @ 17:37pm

Buckethead deserves to get in for he has worked with many different artists like Les Claypool, and many more. He also plays on ten of the tracks on Guns N Roses new album Chinese Democracy and has writing credits on two of the songs

Posted by Cliffdude on Friday, 05.8.09 @ 17:26pm

K, I'll tell you what. The best Guitarist since hendrix? shouldn't this be... like.. hmm. let's see.. Jimmy Page? and if not him, then Kirk Hammett? and if not him, then Jack White? Cmon people. You are forgetting Jimmy Page, which, by himself, was one of the greatest guitarist of all time. (I'd only rank him below Clapton and Hendrix). And Jack White is amazing, also, and freaking Kirk Hammett! What is wrong with you guys.. I'm still awed and appalled by this argument..

Posted by Calzone on Saturday, 05.9.09 @ 18:02pm

Calzone...as I've stated on this site before, I just don't see how anyone can label any single player "the best since..." Hendrix was a great innovator, but was by no means "the greatest ever"...there's just too many great and unique players to label just one "the greatest". I've seen lists where Page has been called the 'best...AND the "worst". It's all subjective, and I've learned a lot from numerous great players over the last 40+ years.

You did mention some players that I also deem great players, though... If I started a list of great players, it would be very long and a lot of names on it would be unrecognized by some who frequent this site.

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 05.9.09 @ 18:52pm

Ok i know this is wayy late..

Buckethead is NOT a mindless shredder-- anyone who says that obviously hasnt listened to anything other than jordan from guitar hero. he is so unique compared to other guitarist cuz he plays a lot of different genres. waht mauLyoda said a couple years ago is wrong by all means. buckethead is way more precise and faster than malmsteen.

In addition.............bh has so much more emotion than any other guitarist. try aunt suzie, the whole population override album, i love my parents, most of electric tears, whitewash, sketches of spain, wondering.....i could go on and on. point is, Buckethead can shred and play with more emotion than slash or anyone else. he is the best virtuoso ever behind the late randy rhoads. bh deserves an induction more than anyone else

try nottingham lace, azzims lectures, or night of the slunk for more hard rock shred type songs

or go to my youtube account for a huge playlist of bh www.youtube.com/zoloz123

Posted by zoloz on Monday, 11.23.09 @ 17:50pm

well I mean we're talking about 2 diffrent things here, if your talking about the fastest then yes its Buckethead.

If you're talking about the most original and who puts the most soul and feeling into his music....yes also Buckethead lol

Seriously, i am a HUGE guitar nerd, and doubted him for years until I hear his extended work (he is on almost 100 diffrent recordings)
IMO arguably the greatest guitarist of all time.

Posted by steve on Tuesday, 12.22.09 @ 23:25pm

Actually, Michael Angelo Batio is probably faster...which doesn't really mean much...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.23.09 @ 00:35am

Anyone who knows nothing or hardly anything about Buckethead, just leave from here. Jordan was specifically made for Guitar Hero so it was SUPPOSED to be fast. I mean come on, you guys think all he can do is shred, as soon as you say that, a giant sign stamps to your forehead saying DUMB ASS. The mask and Bucket...not a gimmick...his reasons are actually genius, he created his own character...here let me get you quotes from him...:

"I play all this weird stuff, but if I just look like me, it just isn't going to work. But if I'm, like, this weird freak.... It opened the door to endless possibilities."
AND "I can work anything into that character and make it totally work: all the things I love in my life, like Disney, Giant Robot, Texas Chainsaw,"
AND "Even though I'm wearing a mask and have a character, it's more real, more about what I'm really like, because I'm too shy to let a lot of things out. Every reason I became Buckethead and am Buckethead has to do with the way I live. It's not because I thought it'd be successful. I never use anything that isn't part of what I really loved as a child or love right now."

There ya go, not a gimmick, its a character. Besides how is it a gimmick if it drives people away? No one thinks a bucket and mask on a person looks cool, so how exactly is it a gimmick? Come on people, THINK before you speak. Take it from me, i know so much about this guy, his technical skills with the guitar are through the roof, not to mention hes fast as hell. But, screw the fastness, thats not why he should be inducted. Hes got so much genius work in all his other albums that show soul.
Yes, hes a totally different style, but first you say Hendrix is so good because he was different? Well wtf? Buckethead is different and now different is bad? Make up your mind! This forum isnt about Hendrix or w/e, theyre already in the damn Hall of Fame, this is about Buckethead being inducted. If you keep comparing guitarists to people who are already in the Hall of Fame, then you know what youre gonna get? A big Hall of Fame full of the same shit, similar styles. Buckethead even made his own genre of music and actually pulled it off really well, doesnt creating a new genre of music add another reason for him to be inducted? I think so. All you people who call him a freak show are no different than the losers who only want to see a pretty face but care jack shit about the human behind that face. Judge him by how he looks? Well thats just sad.
Now ill end this long ass comment with a list of the greatest songs by Buckethead (not in any particular order, just a list). Theyre of songs that hes played with other artists and on his own, check them out:
1. Padmasana
2. Soothsayer
3. Dragons of Eden- The Brain and the Chariot(fusion jazz with Travis Dickerson, awesome stuff).
4. The entire Population Override album
5. Nottingham Lace
6. LAST LIGHT (from the insearchofthealbum, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THAT SONG, i love it)
7. The entire Shadows Between the Sky album (new) as of 2010.
8. The entire Real Diamond in the Rough album (2009)
9. The Blind Watch Maker
10. The entire Colma album
11. The entire Electric Tears album
12. Another new album of 2010: Iconography, more fusion jazz, but thats mostly Travis Dickerson's album and Buckethead doesnt feature on ALL the songs in that album, but he does in most.
Hell, ill stop here, he has too many great songs to mention and this comment is already long as hell. But it covers almost everything. Read this, listen to the songs i listed, after that you can say what ever you want about him.

Posted by Guy on Saturday, 03.6.10 @ 05:23am

"why WOULD you vote buckethead in?"

-b/c he might just be the greatest guitarist of all time, i think that might, just might be enough to be in the rock and roll hall of fame..

Posted by bob on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 15:50pm

He's very fast and very talented...but nowhere CLOSE to being the greatest of all time.

Of course, you could always talk to Rolling Stone Magazine...he could be part of the "greatest of all time du jour" club...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 16:20pm

Consider the fact that there are players equally as fast who don't trill, hammer on ,fret tap, sweep pick, or use any other gimmick...they pick EVERY note...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 16:22pm


Posted by LIL JON on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 17:24pm

^^shut up

Posted by bob on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 18:19pm


"Consider the fact that there are players equally as fast who don't trill, hammer on ,fret tap, sweep pick, or use any other gimmick...they pick EVERY note..."

Now, I'm not one to say that speed is everything. I don't care about speed....BUT....I did feel the need to chime in to say that although Buckethead makes good use of the techniques you mentioned, he is also quite capable of picking EVERY note at a very high velocity.

Take Big Sur Moon, for instance. Not only is every note picked, but every note is picked on an UPstroke.

He's got some amazing technical abilities, but he is also simply an amazing and incredibly versatile musician. It's very easy to be dismissive because it can be hard to see past the Buckethead character. I know this because I used to be dismissive of him myself. Now that I've listened to a wide sampling of his music with an open mind, I can honestly say that I do believe that he truly ranks among the very greatest of the great guitarists.

Posted by piehead on Sunday, 04.11.10 @ 04:40am

Have you ever tried to PLAY any of it? He does a lot of trilling, hammering, tapping, sweep picking, etc...which doesn't mean he's not a great player. My suggestion would be to listen to some of the others I've mentioned...extensively...or better yet, try to actually play their material. Maybe then you'd find out just how much of an exclusive club players deemed "legendary" are in...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 04.11.10 @ 07:10am

...please don't mention the wide variety of effects and pedals Buckethead uses, though. Some would compare him (unfavorably, I might add) to those old, half talent blues players...most of whom couldn't play with themselves right!

Of course, I'd listen to Buckethead all day before I'd listen to a minute of some squawking like "I Can't Be Satisfied"...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 04.11.10 @ 07:26am

I don't want to give you the impression that I'm a huge rock-n-roll fan. I like rock-n-roll music as much as anyone, but my musical tastes are pretty varied. Honestly, my favorite guitarists are probably Les Paul, Chet Atkins, Buddy Guy, Pat Metheny (who recently recommended Buckethead on his own website as one of his favorites), and many others. Buckethead wasn't even on my radar until (relatively) recently.

I just feel that you are selling him short, that's all. One of the things I've enjoyed about him is his willingness to play to the needs of the song rather than simply show off his technical prowess, which is why I am surprised to hear people who say that the only impressive thing about him is that he can "play fast". Comments like that merely show that they aren't acquainted with his body of work (not singling anyone out, as several have made comments in this vein).

In addition to being skilled and versatile, he's also extremely prolific, so getting acquainted with his work is quite an undertaking. He typically puts out 2-4 albums per year.

Posted by piehead on Sunday, 04.11.10 @ 14:31pm

<<<Consider the fact that there are players equally as fast who don't trill, hammer on ,fret tap, sweep pick, or use any other gimmick...>>>

most people wouldn't call those things "gimmicks".....we just call them "techniques", eh?

Posted by senor coconut on Sunday, 04.11.10 @ 19:13pm

first off without G N R slash would still be doin his little bmx thing whereas buckethead came into the public eye entirely based on his abiities to play any kind of music effortlessly which is why he is on so many recordings.
top five:
brewers in the air
nottingham lace
for mom

Posted by negativo on Thursday, 08.5.10 @ 12:51pm

Bucket head is one of the best guitarest in the world atm and for those of u show say he just does mindless shreding and has no heart to his music OBVISLY havnt listen to any of his music except for jordan or guitar hero! go listen to some of his reall songs and u will see what we are talking about!!!

Posted by zer on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 01:07am


Posted by Mike on Friday, 11.26.10 @ 06:56am

This man is an artist. Some of his stuff sounds like crap, but only because all he does is experiment. I think that shows that he doesn't really care about what the world thinks. Not influential, but by far, the most talented person i've ever seen.

Posted by George on Tuesday, 10.18.11 @ 20:56pm

How sad it is to see how many people here are not recognizing the avant-garde autistic savant genius who even cared about rock music . . . He could have just gone for classical, but no, he actually CARED about ROCK music! An savant! And for all of you guys saying he is just fast . . . Well I listen to Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Paco De Lucia, etc. and I must confess, Buckethead has 10 times more emotion than all of them combined, it's just that you people have the mentality of a 21st century man and Buckethead is way ahead of it. I pity all of you . . .

Posted by Djordje on Saturday, 11.12.11 @ 04:13am

hmm... I'll give you a troll rating of 7/10. You were quite convinving until you said he had 10 times the amount of emotion than all of them combined, that gave you away.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 11.12.11 @ 11:58am

I was a bit sarcastic at that part just to show how much others are over reacting in different direction . . .

Posted by Djordje on Saturday, 11.12.11 @ 17:18pm

If you think Buckethead is a mindless shredder then go listen to his acoustic shards and some of his other work, nearly 30 albums worth. He is far more diverse than guys like Malmsteen. He definitely deserves to be in the R&R hall of fame. And if you think he can't hang with shredders like Malmsteen then go listen to Buckethead's demo album From The Coop and listen to Disebodied Part 1 and 2. Enough said.

Posted by Erwin on Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 15:28pm

As for Hendrix he was a sloppy guitar player, and he couldn't pull off half of what guys like Buckethead, Shawn Lane, Vai, Satch, Jeff Loomis, Gilbert, Petrucci, Impellitteri, Stump, Batio, and on and on.. could play. He was Great FOR HIS TIME and came first therefore he will always be number 1. but technically he'd not even in the top 20 by today's standards.

Posted by Erwin on Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 15:38pm

Those guys are great if you like listening to utter instrument wank.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 16:23pm

Hendrix wrote great songs, was a true innovator, and (unlike all the guys you mentioned) his playing had soul while they just play numbers.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 16:40pm

I'm not too familiar with Buckethead's material. I had the displeasure of screening one of his albums for our college rock station at Mich. State, and found the whole to be just plain creepy... not haunting or spooky like a dark tune that's still beautiful, but creepy like it's hovering over your shoulder and pummeling your soul from behind while you're listening to it. But that's my only experience with him. However, going by what's being said here, it sounds like he's the Harlem Globetrotters to Hendrix's Detroit Pistons. Like the Globetrotters, Buckethead excels primarily in showmanship and razzle-dazzle, parlor tricks, if you will. That's not to say they're not good... Buckethead is a very able musician, just as the Globetrotters are quite skilled athletes, but it's the Pistons/Hendrix players that are the REAL pros, because they play to win titles/make real music, rather than show-off. And yes, Hendrix liked to do antics on stage, just as an NBA player will show off with a flashy slam dunk if he's got the chance, but ultimately, that's not what they're about.

From what I'm getting, that's the difference between Hendix and Buckethead... and why Hendrix is in the Hall, but Buckethead doesn't have a serious chance.

Posted by Philip on Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 20:22pm

No offense Philip but you obviously don't know anything about bucket then. Go listen to live songs like Whitewash, soothsayer, and etc. Listen to albums like a diamond in a rough or Colma. Or Disembodied part 1 and 2 Not to mention that he was with GNR

Posted by Erwin on Sunday, 12.4.11 @ 16:25pm

Chalkie: "Hendrix wrote great songs, was a true innovator, and (unlike all the guys you mentioned) his playing had soul while they just play numbers."

That's funny, many people who don't know the players I mentioned Shawn Lane, Vai, Satch, Jeff Loomis, Gilbert, Petrucci, Impellitteri, Stump, Batio like to try and use that same comparison Hendrix and etc play with soul while they simply play fast. Go listen to songs like Whitewash or Soothsayer live by Buckethead or his bass and acoustic, and banjo playing. Or listen to songs like Always with You, Always with Me and Rubina by Satriani, or Tender Surrender and For the Love Of God by Steve Vai, I can go on.. Or Listen to Batio's Randy Rhoads tribute. These guys are light years ahead of guys like Hendrix and Clapton (all around)

Posted by Erwin on Sunday, 12.4.11 @ 16:38pm

Bucket deserves it. youtube.com/watch?v=8akmP6Sjv2o

Posted by Erwin on Sunday, 12.4.11 @ 16:46pm

Soothsayer live, if this playing doesn't qualify for the R&R Hall of Fame than I honestly don't know what does I'm done with this debate, the video speaks for itself.. youtube.com/watch?v=_Et6BSDMNLY

Posted by Erwin on Sunday, 12.4.11 @ 17:15pm

theAMAZINGcool endorses Buckethead since 2004...LOOK it UP !!!

Posted by theAMAZINGcool on Monday, 06.24.13 @ 13:33pm

To stir up something different about Big B, check out Buckethead playing "The Thrill is Gone" on Youtube. It is at a wedding reception and the sound mix is not great, but you can certainly get a feel for his soulful playing. Who else would or could come up with this rendition? Make comments afterwards :-)

Posted by Jiminy C on Wednesday, 09.17.14 @ 12:34pm

Buckethead is awesome period, he stacks up to the best. His biggest problem is he does tend to sound repetitious, especially using track loops. He has SO many albums it's hard to assess his playing unless you focus on the really good ones...like these, which show his true genius:
-Elephant mans alarm clock
-Giant robot NTT
-giant robot
-Decoding the tomb of the bansheebot
-crime slunk
-Inbred mountain
-Population override

Posted by NoelM on Saturday, 02.28.15 @ 15:56pm

Buckethead Pike 71 "Celery" makes me cry tears of joy. Takes a minute or three for him to get going but when he does... no mere mortal can play guitar like that. If Clapton is God, then Buckethead is God's Superman.

Posted by M on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 13:50pm

P.S. or SuperGod... Well... Whatever... Nevermind....

Check out Buckethead's Pike Series. Over 200 thirty minute albums in the past three years. Not all of 'em are my cup 'o tea, but the majority of them are excellent.

Posted by M on Tuesday, 01.26.16 @ 13:59pm

There on wikipedia u ll get buckethead's discography....extreme vast variety.260 whatever u could ask for whatever right now..come and debate against him only when u ve heard all of them...what i cn make a guess about comparison in his styles is either satriani or hendrix.....and for the sake of music plz plz dnt compare popularity to work and skills ...its a request to your ideology. please please must listen to these songs project little man, electric sea ,i love my parents, and watching the boats with my dad.

Posted by Hendrixroach on Thursday, 04.14.16 @ 04:46am

Why wouldn't you vote Bucket head in?!? What do you vote somebody into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on? Pure talent? Ingenuity? How masterfully they play their instrument? It cannot be based on record sales alone. That would be absolutely ridiculous.

Posted by Ryan on Wednesday, 04.19.17 @ 20:12pm

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