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Eligible since: 1987 (The 1988 Induction Ceremony)

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Monster Mash (1962)

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Will Bobby “Boris” Pickett be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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"Monster Mash" Forever to be played...This is to to funny again I am the first to say anything....
I mean this is more Witchcraft , Halloween than Cove.. And Better.. Cove has what over 1000 votes?? LOL
Are you guys real LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 11.15.08 @ 10:56am

Also I am the first vote.... LOL
Hmmm strange I mean an all time classic "Monster Mash" and you guys talk and vote about a bunch of sheep copy cat rockers 50% of the time!!!!!Love Hollywood HYPED folks keeps the economy going

Carry on LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 11.15.08 @ 11:00am

I was the first to talk about KC & the Sunshine Band...where were you??? I am disappointed, mrxyz...!!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 11.15.08 @ 11:13am

A true TREAT..

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 10.30.09 @ 11:31am

Today on TCM there was a marathon of Boris Karloff movies. It was great!

Can't help thinking of the "Monster Mash".

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 10.30.09 @ 17:09pm

Today on TCM there was a marathon of Boris Karloff movies. It was great!

Can't help thinking of the "Monster Mash".

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 10.30.09 @ 17:09pm


Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 10.30.09 @ 18:41pm

Fun trivia note:

Elvis Presley called "Monster Mash" the dumbest thing he'd ever heard.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 10.30.09 @ 18:51pm

I think it's funny Elvis would say that, because "Do The Clam" has to be one of the dumbest songs I've ever heard...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 10.31.09 @ 05:16am

Maybe, but Monster Mash was three years ahead of the Clam, and it's possible Presley said it back in '62.

But Do The Clam's just another example of why Col. Tom Parker should be shot on sight if he comes within 100 miles of the Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 10.31.09 @ 14:35pm

Philip...don't you think it was weird that Col. Parker was listed as a "technical advisor" on all of Elvis' movies?

What a self-serving GOON that guy was...!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 10.31.09 @ 15:27pm

Just so sad that a tremendous talent was managed by such an evil man. You wanted Elvis, you played by Parker's rules. Do elsewise, and you get blacklisted from dealing with the King. Just ask Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 10.31.09 @ 17:03pm

It is a hit every year for over 40 years..YES he should be in...

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 11.29.09 @ 20:19pm

Bobby "Boris" Pickett? WHY??? His only lasting legacy on music was recording that one novelty hit (He may have had other hits but ultimately he is only remembered by anyone young in music nowadays for that one novelty hit if he is remembered at all). And before you go spouting it wasn't a novelty hit it IS classified as "novelty/pop" and the opening line of wikipedia states:"Monster Mash" is a 1962 novelty song and the best-known song by Bobby "Boris" Pickett."

At least Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky" was the first Christian rock song

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 08.28.10 @ 01:57am

Uh no, Tahvo, Norman Greenbaum was not the first. There's "Heaven Knows" by the Grass Roots, which while slightly ambiguous is still very much Christian in its lyrics. And if that doesn't float your boat, go back to the '50s with Pat Boone's "Wonderful Time Up There", which itself was originally known as "Gospel Boogie." Norman Greenbaum - Not the first.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 08.28.10 @ 03:13am

Alright, Philip wasn't familiar with that Grass Roots song and I'm not very familiar with Boone's catalogue as his music has never really interested me all that much, just not my thing but maybe I'm just being ignorant.

Seeing all of the discussion on the Bobby "Boris" Pickett page just surprised me, though looking through all the post afterwards I found mrxyz to be the only one who actually thinks he should be in

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 08.28.10 @ 03:28am

Or at least said so directly

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 08.28.10 @ 03:29am

Tahvo Un like many on this forum I look at the facts "facts" such as: creativity ,hits ,influence, the first etc.. He has it all. In my book creativity is a #1..

Posted by mrxyxomg on Saturday, 08.28.10 @ 18:24pm

How can creativity and influence be quantified and presented as facts? These aren't like measuring the volume of some chemical in a test tube are they?

Posted by interviewer on Saturday, 08.28.10 @ 21:03pm

Influence can be quantified by who cites them as a musical influence. Bobby "Boris" Pickett does not have that. "Creativity" or "innovation" can be measured by what's been done before. Bobby "Boris" Pickett did not have that either. Songs about monsters before "Monster Mash" include "Dinner With Drac" by John "The Cool Ghoul" Zacherle, "The Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley, "The Flying Saucer (Parts I & II)" by Buchanan And Goodman, "The Blob" by the Five Blobs, etc. He is not the first. And musically, "Monster Mash" is not creative/innovative either. The "Mash" part of the title is a reference to its rhythmic similarity (copycatting might be more fitting in this case) to Dee Dee Sharp's "Mashed Potato Time", which itself is a loose reinterpretation of the Marvelettes' "Please Mister Postman." (Hey, I only want Bernie Lowe in the Hall. Mann and Appell don't really deserve it, imo.)

Hits? He had few others besides this one, but this song is pretty much his legacy. Bobby milked this particular cow until its teats ran dry (but that in itself isn't really a crime either).

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 08.28.10 @ 22:52pm

"Bobby milked this particular cow until its teats ran dry (but that in itself isn't really a crime either)." - Philip

Yeah I don't see a problem with that, one can say the same thing about Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs and ? and the Mysterians.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 02.16.11 @ 09:31am

WHAT !?!?!?! the only thing he did was ONE SONG !!! it was a 'novelty' (not serious music) - ok so at halloween-time we hear it once again ... but what about the "ARTISTS" who made GOOD MUSIC - and made it continuously over the years ... truly contributing to music as an art and are not in The Hall !!!
I say NO ... there should not be a spot for mr. B.B.Picket.

Posted by robert on Sunday, 03.13.11 @ 05:23am

As a hardcore horror movie buff, The Monster Mash holds a great deal of interest for me. I don't reserve it for Halloween. It's one of those songs that I can listen to any time of the year. I especially dig the Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi impersonations.

However, Bobby Pickett has nothing else to his reputation besides The Monster Mash. A classic case of a single song defining and outliving an artist's career. But what a wonderful song!

Overall, I'd have to say no to Pickett's chances for induction.

However, I'll go on record and say right now that I think The Monster Mash is superior to the entire catalogues of overrated sacred cows like Neil Young and Led Zeppelin. Take that!

Posted by Zach on Monday, 07.16.12 @ 00:20am

A true trick and a real treat...He is a real graveyard smash
Hope he gets IN

Posted by Happy on Tuesday, 10.23.12 @ 20:50pm

HAPPY halloween..!!

Posted by Happy on Thursday, 11.1.12 @ 00:41am

It is almost Monster m
Mash time............ There must be room in the RRHOF..!

Posted by Happy on Monday, 10.28.13 @ 13:20pm

He should be in,,, A great Trick and Treat

Posted by BOO on Wednesday, 10.29.14 @ 15:41pm


Posted by Boo on Sunday, 10.29.17 @ 18:29pm

get ready it's almost Mash time Have fun that is what rock is about !

Posted by Boo on Monday, 10.30.17 @ 21:14pm

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