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Singer/songwriter/keyboard player/guitarist Bill Champlin has been a rock journeyman in a career dating back to the 1960s. Starting in 1966, Champlin was the pivotal figure in a San Francisco-based group called the Sons of Champlin that existed and made records off and on for over a decade without gaining a great deal of notice. In 1981, Champlin became a member of Chicago, with whom he has recorded and toured ever since, while releasing the occasional solo album, sometimes only in Japan. He scored two singles chart entries in 1982 with "Tonight Tonight" and "Sara," duetted with Patti LaBelle on "The Last Unbroken Heart" from the soundtrack to the TV series Miami Vice in 1987, and sang with Brenda Russell on jazz saxophonist Tom Scott's Keep This Love Alive album in 1991.


01. 1982 - 178 Runaway


01. 1982 - 61 Sara
02. 1982 - 55 Tonight Tonight


1979 After the Love Has Gone - Best R&B Song
1982 Turn Your Love Around - Best R&B Song

Bill Champlin wrote After The Love Has Gone for Earth, Wind & Fire and Turn Your Love Around for George Benson. Bill Champlin also sang the theme for the TV show In the Heat of the Night.

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Bill Champlin
Geoffrey Palmer
Bill Bowen
Terry Haggerty
David Schallock
Al Strong
James Preston

One of the last and more obscure bands to emerge from the late-'60s San Francisco psychedelic scene, the Sons of Champlin were relatively unusual among Bay Area bands for favoring heavily soul-influenced material and employing a prominent horn section. Their more introspective songs can recall the more subdued efforts of Quicksilver Messenger Service and Moby Grape, and their longer compositions boasted unusually complex song structures and tempo shifts. Revered by some collectors, their work hasn't aged as well as the best of their peers; the vocals weren't gritty enough to carry the R&B-based material and the ambitious longer tracks were prone to some half-baked songwriting and meandering jamming. Their first three albums (issued on Capitol between 1969 and 1971) are considered their best, though they recorded some other LPs in the '70s with shifting personnel. In late 1997, the Sons of Champlin reunited for a series of hometown reunion concerts, resulting in the release of their first-ever live LP a year later.


01. 1969 - 137 Loosen Up Naturally
02. 1969 - 171 The Sons
03. 1973 - 186 Welcome To The Dance
04. 1976 - 117 A Circle Filled With Love
05. 1977 - 188 Loving Is Why


01. 1976 - 47 Hold On
02. 1977 - 80 Here Is Where Your Love Belongs

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22 Chicago Songs by Bill Champlin

Chicago Songs Written by Bill Champlin

01. Daddy's Favorite Fool (1982: Chicago 16)
02. Sweet Marie (1984: Chicago 17; unreleased track; live)
03. I Believe (1986: Chicago 18)

Chicago Songs Co-Written by Bill Champlin

01. Sonny Think Twice (1982: Chicago 16)
02. We Can Stop the Hurtin' (1984: Chicago 17)
03. Remember the Feeling (1984: Chicago 17)
04. Please Hold On (1984: Chicago 17)
05. It's Alright (1986: Chicago 18)
06. Come In From the Night (1988: Chicago 19)
07. Runaround (1988: Chicago 19)
08. Hearts In Trouble (1990: Days Of Thunder Soundtrack)
09. Somebody, Somewhere (1991: Twenty 1)
10. Who Do You Love (1991: Twenty 1)
11. Holdin' On (1991: Twenty 1)
12. Plaid (1992: Stone Of Sisyphus)
13. Cry For the Lost (1992: Stone Of Sisyphus)
14. The Show Must Go On (1992: Stone Of Sisyphus)
15. Bethlehem (2003: What's It Gonna Be, Santa?)
16. Why Can't We (2006: Chicago XXX)
17. Where Were You (2006: Chicago XXX)
18. Already Gone (2006: Chicago XXX)
19. Better (2006: Chicago XXX)

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RIP Alan Thicke

Co-wrote Sara with Bill Champlin

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