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Spreading the Disease (1985)
Among the Living (1987)

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Caught In A Mosh (1987)

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Will Anthrax be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Inspired many with bring the noise w/public enemy and 1 of the big 4 of thrash metal

Posted by zach iuliucci on Wednesday, 07.19.06 @ 23:13pm

Always ahead of their time.Deserve it ten times more than the certainly inducted Metallica.

Posted by Norman on Saturday, 12.9.06 @ 13:13pm

As long as Joey Belladonna is not inducted with them ??? Then YES !!!

Posted by Dylan McLeod on Thursday, 02.22.07 @ 00:19am

They've collaborated with many rap artists and probably one of the first to combine rap with metal, so I say yeah.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 03.2.07 @ 06:12am

Anthrax 1983-2007. The one of the best metal groups to come out of the 80's. From "Madhouse" to "Gung Ho". You can't beat that.

Posted by Frank The Tank on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 15:23pm

Only the classic "Among the Living" (Ian, Benante, Bello, Spitz, Belladonna) lineup should go in.

Posted by Andy on Friday, 06.22.07 @ 12:24pm

this is not true Anthrax don't deserve it at all they were not such a major influence than Metallica

Posted by Pederas4etatakiva on Wednesday, 09.26.07 @ 10:51am

Anthrax along with Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer rescued rock n roll roll from crappy hair bands like Bon Jovi, Poison, Cinderella, Great White ect.

Posted by karl on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 03:26am

It's not just the rap rock thing, they also brought metal into they're own style and a lot of metal bands will tell you anthrax opened the doors for that. The induction line-up should be Belladonna, Spitz, Benante, Ian, Bello, and Bush.

Posted by SSR on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 19:50pm

Belladonna is ten times the vocalist as the crackhead from armored saint they have now! Anthrax deserve it!

Posted by wes on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 12:24pm

I think Anthrax should get in, only if both Belladonna and John Bush are in. Both are amazing vocalists, though i tend to like Bush better.

Posted by Senor Fronz on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 17:05pm

One of the 2 greatest speed metal bands ever. Megadeth being the other. Both Belladonna and Bush are excellent vocalists. There are not very many bands as great as Anthrax.

Posted by skull on Tuesday, 05.20.08 @ 21:33pm

anthrax definetly deserves it they are one of the best metal bands out there today

Posted by the pac on Sunday, 06.1.08 @ 16:37pm

Anthrax is one of the hardcore metal band the deserveit

Posted by ivan on Sunday, 06.15.08 @ 15:09pm

An artist shouldn't be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame because of who they worked with they should be inducted because of their musical talent and only southern rock, hard rock, punk rock, indie rock, rap rock or rap metal, and heavy rock or metal rock should be allowed in.

Posted by Slayer on Tuesday, 10.21.08 @ 13:25pm


Posted by Stevie Boone on Wednesday, 11.12.08 @ 16:44pm


Great White and Cinderella are freakin awesome! and anthrax runed the true metal, by combining it with rap shit. no for them.

Posted by AirSuppleee on Friday, 12.19.08 @ 04:01am

Great White and Cinderella are freakin awesome! and anthrax runed the true metal, by combining it with rap shit. no for them.

Posted by AirSuppleee on Friday, 12.19.08 @ 04:01am
The bands you brought up stink,and hair metal in general would make St.Anger look like "revolver" by comparison.
But you have a point with the rap comment.I despise rap in every way shape and form,and "Bring the Noice" was a top influence for the lame rock/rap band.
I say no,but not because of the rap/rock they might have inspired.They're insanely inconsistent.Persistence of Time and especially Among the Living are cornerstones of thrash metal but they've dropped to many bad albums to get in.

Posted by Manny on Wednesday, 02.25.09 @ 15:40pm

Top 5; 1.Bring Tha Noize
3.Caught In A Mosh
4.I'm The Man
5.Armed And Dangerous

Posted by S.R on Friday, 03.6.09 @ 16:12pm

I'm a huge Anthrax fan.
I don't want them to get into the lame corporate rock hall of fame as I call it.
Metallica only got in because of their 90s stuff.

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 03.15.09 @ 11:06am

I hope they don't get in! I hate thier guitarist!

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 15:53pm

I hope they don't get in! I hate thier guitarist!

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 03.24.09 @ 15:53pm

Now that's a good,reasonable explanation for them not getting in.If only more people gave such thought provoking reasons to back up their rightfully held beliefs.

(Note sarcasm)

Posted by S.R on Wednesday, 03.25.09 @ 18:04pm


Posted by OKTOBERFEST on Tuesday, 06.9.09 @ 17:52pm

Anthrax most likely won't get inducted, but they should because not only were they one of the "big four" of thrash, they also were one of the pioneers of rap-metal. Regardless, of how you feel about what they spawned, we can't deny that rap-metal was huge at one point.

Posted by Dude Man on Friday, 09.4.09 @ 21:27pm

Always ahead of their time.Deserve it ten times more than the certainly inducted Metallica.
Posted by Norman on Saturday, 12.9.06 @ 13:13pm

I nominate this comment as one of the top 100 most ridiculous on this site. I'm not that much of an Anthrax fan, but the "Bring the Noise" remake was certainly the inspiration for nu-metal (whether that's a good thing or not is debatable), and who knows how far Rage Against the Machine would've gone if not for "Bring the Noise"? Plus they have some classics and were one of the "big four" so I'm sure they have some influence. What no one's also talked about is how they brought mosh pits and hard-core elements to metal. They should be inducted, but the artists that paved the way for them were mostly more popular and have barely even been noticed so far, so I don't think they will.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 02.18.10 @ 16:51pm

I am a marginal no on this one. I think time has to still decide how much impact that they had on nu-metal and if this is the next of the big four to get in. I lean towards Slayer in that aspect, but this would not be the end of the world if they got in.

Posted by The_Avenger on Sunday, 03.21.10 @ 20:11pm

Lets leave it to the committee. But I think Yes, they can be. The source of the anthrax found in the 2001 anthrax attacks is still a puzzle to scientists and investigators. I found this here: <a title="Scientists not able to find source of anthrax used in 2001 attacks" href="">Scientists unable to find source of anthrax used in 2001 attacks</a> Bruce Ivins, a previous Army microbiologist, was the likely suspect as he worked with anthrax on a daily basis. The strain he was working with was comparable to the strain used in the attacks. Unfortunately, whether it was Ivins or not is extremely hard to know, since he committed suicide before he could be charged.

Posted by nayelistella v. on Thursday, 02.17.11 @ 22:43pm

I'm not an Anthrax expert here but they did help pioneer rap-metal and had their hits. They're one of The Big 4. And they deserve it more than Metallica? I wasn't aware that they had a record that sold more than 10,000,000 copies...

Posted by Bob on Friday, 07.22.11 @ 15:14pm

Join this group to petition metal in the Rock Hall of Fame!

Posted by Kyle on Tuesday, 11.22.11 @ 17:44pm

sure everyone of there songs is powerful :)

Posted by Dave Mustaine on Thursday, 05.17.12 @ 23:56pm

Public Enemy will get in before Anthrax and it will be totally disgraceful unless PE hooks Anthrax up by lobbying for an induction and to perform Bring the Noise and Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos with them.

Posted by Neckbeard on Sunday, 10.7.12 @ 10:52am

I would say NO RRHOF to Anthrax. Don't think they ever captured the world like Metallica did with their music.They had a few good songs but never could smash through.

They will score innovation points with their rap & metal fusion. Public Enemy has been inducted in RRHOF so maybe it helps that they collaborated with P.E. with Bring The Noise.

Maybe,it's my fault but I never understood Anthrax music. Similar to Queensryche. It seemed intelligently done but there was something missing for me. I liked the Indians song. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 01.29.14 @ 15:45pm

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